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Five Ball Cha-Cha

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    "That had been a monumental between his parents."
    Er, monumental "what"?

    Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Robin's got stuff he needs to figure out, good thing he's got Scooter as his Jedimaster. *Laughs at Robin's reply when sent off to get the set designs, is he a frog with a floorplan or a lizard with a ladder.

    *Loves the direction you're taking Scooter and Amanda into, this is how you earn your ushgush chops, or so I've been told by the grand diva herself.

    Please, continue the story.
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    UGH! I swear I read this twice before posting and I still miss stuff!

    :rolleyes: Ju do a lots of work, hokay?

    I know that!

    Um, let's see...that probably should have been a 'monumental disagreement'? maybe? Yeah, that sounds right.

    For some reason, the episode where Kermit hurt his flipper (Kenny Rodgers?) where Robin comes out and is the 'heir apparent' was stuck in my head as I wrote that. Robin could be funny and snarky as a kid, so I'm just gonna up his dosage as a teen :D

    Glad I've got the ush and the gush going and it's not too mush or muck!

    0.0 That made better sense in my head.

    Anyway, as I said earlier, Chapter IV will have Gonzo revealing a secret, Scooter talks to Floyd, and learns about love at first sight from Kermit! And...of course I'm gonna have to show you a little bit of this Valentine's Day show (and yes, I do have a playlist for it), so here's a crowdsource for you all -

    So, I really did try to find some new pop star to incorporate and I just couldn't find anyone that I liked. Just not into the kids' music apparently, so if you could sum up love and happiness with a singer, who would it be? I think for an hour long show, there should probably be a guest star, but I haven't come up with anyone :(

    That's not true; Donna Summer came to mind earlier and I had to nix that for obvious reasons. In fact, I had a couple of people, but....yeah. They are all performing in the great gig in the sky, so they were out.

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm, lemme think... Air Supply? The've done a couple of Valentine's concerts here, I went to one of them, it wasn't so much Valentine's specific as much as it was a basic concert. Molly Shannon? Oh, you want singers, right. Erg, Demi Levato? Honestly I don't rully know If you can't find a suitable guest, then try doing it Muppets-only and see if you like it that way instead.
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Before I forget - in this case, Robin HAD been living with his mother, but now is currently on a temporarily permanent basis with the frog and pig. Leaper died and Jimmy is AWOL.

    And yes, Amanda is definitely in love. She - like Scooter - hasn't told him yet. But she will.

    Another chapter...maybe later....

    The original thought was to do a Mups only, especially when it was going to be a shout out to their fans, but then I thought there's gotta be some star that I could use and actually be proud to use and Demi Levato is not it.

    I know The Muppets are now a Disney property, but can we honestly say that the Disney stars are gonna be remembered in like two days? I think not. I did have Aerosmith in mind, but um...many of their songs about love and loving are not child appropriate, which sadly I wish I could look at this like a child, but just can't anymore.

    Well...as I said, I do have a playlist and it's pretty long, so I could probably get away with just the Muppets and really, when you tune in, are you there for the guest star? Noooo....
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here's Chapter 4 everybody!


    Tuesday began with a bang.


    Crazy Harry had rigged one of the orchestra pits tubas to blast away anytime the player played a D on the instrument. This of course was the worst thing possible when trying to play the Toccata Fugue in D.

    Basically, it was a typical start to the day at the Muppet Theater.

    Tuesdays usually didn’t see that much activity, with many acts not coming in until the next day or having past their acts with both the director and stage manager on Monday. Tuesdays however were the days in which Nigel ran the Muppet orchestra through their paces, rehearsing for each number that they would play in.

    It also meant double duty for those members of the orchestra who were also members of the rock band, the Electric Mayhem. Dr. Teeth also ran rehearsals for the band on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though he was understanding in having his rehearsals well past the time Nigel wanted them on stage.

    Tuesdays also marked the day that the Great Gonzo found time for a little preventive measuring. In order to avoid the great wall disaster of 87, Gonzo made sure to take great care of all of his equipment that he would use, could be using, and thought about using in any of his acts.

    For Sunday night’s show, he thought he had come up with the coupe de gras, if he did say so himself. Being the romantic that he was, he had decided he wanted to serenade his favorite chicken with a song and he would sing it to her center stage. Now Gonzo didn’t want to just sing any song and certainly, any song wouldn’t do for his little chickadee.

    No, sir.

    Gonzo’s song for that week would be Duran Duran’s “Electric Barbarella”, a nice poppy song about a man who was obviously in love with a mannequin. Why Gonzo thought this was an appropriate song and why Camilla even let him choose it was between the two, but often times they understood each other better than anyone else could.

    That understanding also extended to the very concept that Gonzo had in terms of performing this number. Gonzo’s grand scheme was to have the stage somehow rotate around, in the air, while he jumped from floating podium to floating podium. Granted, this idea of his had been around for quite some time, just in different context and the daredevil felt he had finally beaten Kermit far enough down that the frog had just said yes, thinking one, Gonzo would leave him the heck alone and two, the idea was so preposterous, it couldn’t be done.

    But Gonzo knew people and the people he knew were good at what they did. So with some help, the daredevil was able to get a slight modification to his original idea.

    The platform itself would be split in half, with an inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring would be where Camilla would stand. The outer ring was sectioned into smaller rings that would then rotate around the inner ring and also had the ability to move up and down, giving the rings an uplift movement.

    The whole idea wasn’t cheap in any sense of the word and Gonzo was fairly sure the only reason Kermit had even given his consent was the fact that the former plumbing magnate had offered to buy all the materials and pay the workers.

    Scooter found the weirdo in the basement of the theater, in the area right under the stage. He had given Kermit his word that anything mechanical would be looked at and analyzed with a fine tooth magnifying glass before the frog would let Gonzo use the thing and the page was down there to do exactly that. Well…not just that.

    The assistant had decided to take Rowlf’s advice. It made sense, of course; who else would be better at knowing how being in love and being loved felt than the very couples he was surrounded with every day? He had wanted to talk to Floyd first, but Scooter knew Nigel ran an unusually tight ship around the orchestra players, so he would need to wait until the Mayhem started to practice.

    That left trying to decide between talking to Gonzo or Kermit. Truthfully, Scooter wanted to speak to Kermit last; maybe it was because the frog held the unique situation of having loved and lost and then regained, but the assistant also needed to ask Kermit some other things and he didn’t exactly want to announce his intentions to everyone.

    That ultimately meant that Gonzo was the first on his list that day.

    It was no secret that Gonzo was very much an equal opportunity ladies man. The weirdo held a deep appreciation of the female form and he held no embarrassment in admitting that the appreciation was for every female form. Gonzo was the only person he knew that could literally say they had dated just about every species known to man, woman, or Muppet kind in the world. But even with a wondering eye and sometimes a wondering hand or arm, the daredevil had none the less been captured by one Camilla Clucks.

    If the term opposite attracts ever held, it held in the case of these two. Oh, Kermit may have stated up and down the coasts that he and Piggy clearly had nothing in common with each other (which was, of course, a big fat lie), Gonzo and Camilla were completely outmatched with each other. Gonzo’s eccentrices had caused the best of people to question his sanity; his love of danger and the everlasting thrill had certainly turned off more women than the sight of a naked Donald Trump.

    Camilla, by contrast, held the same type of grandiose style that Piggy had perfected. She was a professional, she was talented, and she was well aware of it.

    What the chicken saw in the daredevil, no one knew, but it was obviously something that kept her with him for so very long. They only had at most a few months officially on the frog and pig and they certainly were in the running for longest interspecies relationship, probably better than their spokespeople were.

    Scooter could admit that when he got stuck on something and needed an idea, Gonzo was the best person to talk to. The majority of his ideas and plans were so out of left field that it would jump start the creative processes; when the Muppets had broken apart, the red head had tried to find a replacement, only coming as close as Plan 9 From Outer Space, but it wasn’t the same. Scooter needed the real deal if he was ever going to come up with something that would so impress Amanda that, if his declaration of love failed, he would be able to cover up the mistake.

    “I see the frog sent you down to make sure I didn’t blow up the theater. Again.”

    “Right you are,” the manager replied, watching as Gonzo went around the large platform and checking on various screws and hinges. “However, I like to call it part of my investment.”

    The one detail that neither Scooter nor Gonzo happened to mention to their frog boss was that Scooter had been the one who hired the mechanics who worked on the platform, while Gonzo was the one that paid their wages. It had been a mutual decision by both – Gonzo would get his platform and Scooter saw an additional use for the thing sometime down the line.

    “Well as you can see,” the daredevil replied, coming around to stand next to the red head. “Your ‘investment’ is doing just fine and is going to look great on stage. I’ve already got Sweetums and BD on hand to get it upstairs.”

    “Can’t wait to see it,” the assistant murmured. “Listen Gonzo, there was actually another reason I came down. I uh…I wanted to talk to you about something.”

    “Alright,” Gonzo replied. “What about?”

    Scooter shrugged. Why were these talks so hard? He had known Gonzo for a good portion of his life! It wasn’t like he was talking to a stranger, the blue stuntman was practically family!

    “You know,” he said. “About…stuff.”

    Gonzo looked at him shrewdly. “Didn’t we already have this conversation with you?”

    Maybe talking to a stranger would’ve been better.

    “Not that,” Scooter huffed. “And yes, for your information, Kermit did go over that with me and I reiterate, it was the worst thirty minutes of my life and something I have tried years to forget. That is not why I came down here.”

    “You sure?” Gonzo asked. “Cause Amanda is a one fine looking woman and…”

    “Watch what you say about my girlfriend, Gonzo.”

    “Boy,” the daredevil chuckled. “You do have it bad, don’t you?”

    “Apparently.” Scooter sighed, a little despondently. “Seriously, Gonzo, I need some help with all this.”
    As much as it would have been fun to continue teasing the boy, Gonzo never the less patted his shoulder in a friendly fashion. “Aw, come on, kid,” he said. “Don’t get so down. You just tell Uncle Gonzo what the problem is.”

    As ridiculous as that entire sentence sounded, Scooter couldn’t help but laugh. Gonzo always did manage to find a joke somewhere, though it was usually Fozzie they turned to in order to get a laugh in any situation. “There’s no problem,” he began. “Not exactly. Gonzo, you and Camilla have been together for a while, right?”

    “We’re only second to the pig and frog for longest interspecies relationship,” Gonzo stated proudly. “Though I do call foul when you consider that we started dating before they did, but I guess that’s neither here or there…”

    “How did you tell her?”

    “Tell who what?”

    “Camilla,” Scooter said. “How…how did you tell her about how you felt about her?”

    Gonzo shrugged. “Swallowed a bunch of red hots and managed to breath ‘I love you’ in flames.”

    Scooter looked at him. “If you’re not gonna take this seriously…”

    “I’m being serious!” Gonzo proclaimed. “I’m totally serious! I had this whole fire act planned out, using just some atomic fireballs, a match, and a body meant to be set on fire. I didn’t think Camilla would be in the audience, but there she was sitting front row center and looking as though… “

    “As though what?”

    “As though she wanted to see me,” Gonzo remembered, fondly. He could easily draw the picture from memory – a tiny little show room, blurry lights, and Camilla sitting happily in front of the stage. That was back when Gonzo still did his stunts outside of the Muppet Show, usually testing to see which ones worked and which didn’t.

    On that night, he hadn’t expected the cute little chicken he’d managed to spend most of his time with to even be there, but there she was. In hindsight, he hadn’t been the best of boyfriends to her – something he ultimately shared with a certain commitment fearing frog – and he was remiss in stating that Camilla hadn’t been the only girl he had his eye on, but there was something about her that he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about.

    And seeing her in the audience that night, even after the jerk he had been, and some of the unnecessary things he had put her through…she still managed to come to one of his craptastic shows.

    “Needless to say,” Gonzo replied, coming back to himself and the current conversation. “I had run out of fireballs and only had red hots. Seeing her in the audience, I did the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

    “And that’s saying something.”

    “Don’t interrupt me, Junior,” came the retort. “Anyway, seeing her in the audience, I decided that enough was enough and I swallowed the red hots, followed it up with some cinnamon and a match and whoosh. I still don’t know how I was actually able to spell ‘I love you’ and I obviously can’t do it again.” Looking at the manager, he finished with, “It actually takes quite some time for the cells in your mouth to regenerate once you’ve shot a stream of flammable projectiles through your teeth.”

    Scooter just looked at him. “You’re a lunatic.”

    “Don’t knock it till you tried it,” the daredevil stated. “Camilla loved it.”

    “Then you’re both lunatics.”

    “Hey, I didn’t hear her complaining on our wedding day.”

    That stopped both of them from replying. Scooter swung a stunned look towards Gonzo, while the stuntman grimaced at his lapse of holding his tongue.

    “I’m not sure I heard you correctly.”

    “Well,” Gonzo began. “That all depends on what you heard.”

    “Did you just say that you and Camilla got married and didn’t bother to mention this to anyone?”

    “I…don’t remember saying it like that…”


    “Now hold on…”

    “Are you seriously telling me that you got married and one, you didn’t even bother to invite any of us, but two, you haven’t even bothered to tell any of us!?”

    “Well, if you keep shouting like that, then everyone’s gonna know,” Gonzo retorted. “Now before you get your big boy pants in a twist, just let me explain.”

    Scooter folded his arms across his chest, making a fairly imposing figure, despite the fact that Gonzo was one of those people who were immune to this act. “Start explaining.”

    “Hey,” Gonzo replied, sternly. “Knock it off. You don’t get to be huffy with me, though I’ll allow some huffiness in this matter. Look, it wasn’t like we snuck around everyone and got married behind your backs; don’t you think I wanted my best friends, my family, at my wedding? What was I gonna do? The only person who I knew for sure where they were was you.”

    “I could’ve found everyone,” the red head muttered.

    “I’m sure you could have,” the daredevil agreed. “And then my wedding would’ve been a complete disaster and you know I’m right. It may not have been much, but that was her day and I wasn’t going to inflict or bring about pain, disaster, and destruction. Besides, it’s not like I can go around proclaiming it and you know why.”

    Scooter couldn’t help but sigh. As much as he wanted to be upset about this, he knew Gonzo was right. The discord and disharmony that was the Muppets from the time of their very last movie to now had been the very reason they had split apart in the first place; coupled with California’s stance on marriage that was outside of the ‘norm’, the manager had to begrudgingly admit that the stuntman was correct in his assumptions.

    “I know,” he sighed.

    “It’s bad enough Piggy would kill me if she heard.”


    “Oh come on,” Gonzo huffed. “If Piggy ever found out that Camilla and I got married before her and Kermit, she’d blow such a gasket, Yosemite could take lessons.”

    “I don’t think you’re giving her enough credit.”

    “I give Piggy the same amount of credit that relates to how far she can throw me,” Gonzo stated. “And as you can attest, it’s pretty darn far.”

    The stuntman couldn’t help but sigh. He hadn’t meant to say anything in regards to Camilla and himself and he certainly hadn’t meant to bad mouth the show’s leading lady, especially not in front of her favorite Muppet pupil. Throwing an arm around the stage manager’s shoulders, Gonzo gave him a small shake.

    “I’m sorry, Scooter,” he said. “You didn’t come down here for all of that. Look, you want my advice?”

    “Of course I do.”

    “Then just do this,” he started. “If you know you love this girl – and obviously you do or you wouldn’t be asking me for advice – then you have to tell her.”

    “But how?” Scooter whined. “And what she doesn’t feel the same?”

    “First,” Gonzo started. “I can almost guarantee she feels the same because if she doesn’t, there will be heck to pay should the Axis of Evil find out. Second, the how part – you’re a smart kid; I know you can figure out something using that genius brain of yours. Work with what you got; women are surprising creatures and actually like simplicity. But they like creativity too.”

    “Creative simplicity?”

    “By jove, I think you’ve got it!” the weirdo exclaimed. “Exactly. Of course it helps to know what Amanda likes and all, but I don’t think you have a problem finding that out, right?”

    Scooter nodded, slowly, that genius brain of his working out a few details. Despite the oddness of the conversation, which always happened when speaking to Gonzo, the weirdo had given the red head another direction that he could possibly use.

    “Thanks,” he murmured, heading towards the stairs. Stopping however, he turned to look back. “Hey Gonzo?”



    The weirdo smiled, shyly. He had meant what he said, he had never meant to go behind everyone’s backs and he certainly had wished that he could’ve given Camilla the wedding she deserved, with everyone they knew, but at the time…bringing the Muppets back together, before the time had been right, could have been disastrous and the daredevil hadn’t wanted that.

    Especially if it meant bringing together two of the most volatile people he had ever known, to his wedding, with the underlining understanding that they weren’t married and apparently weren’t ever going to be.

    Yeah, that would’ve been a day to remember.

    “You know,” Gonzo began. “We’ll need help in order to organization the bigger and better wedding.”

    Smirking, Scooter shook his head slightly. “You know I’m not the one to go to for wedding planning.”

    “As her assistant, I expect you to be able to at least get a head start.”

    “We’ll see,” the page joked. “Thanks, Gonzo.”


    It was early afternoon when Scooter made his way towards the music studios that sat on the Muppet Studio lot. He had gotten a lot done in terms of administrative work that he and Kermit usually took care off during the week when they weren’t leading the group away from certain death.

    The time alone actually did give Scooter the change to actively think about what he wanted to do for Amanda that weekend. Knowing that he was in love with her pushed his original plans out the window, at least for the celebration of Valentine’s Day. No, this Sunday had to be special because it held many special things on it – it was a day of love, it marked four months in their relationship, and Scooter was in love.

    That was much more than candy and flowers could really say.

    Once again, Gonzo had managed to talk some sense into the boy through his own weird personal story. The red head was luckily too distracted with his own love life to begin to harp on the fact that he hadn’t been invited to the stuntman’s wedding, but the daredevil’s tale of stating his love for his new wife had started an idea within Scooter that he didn’t think he could ignore.

    From the first time Amanda had seen him perform on stage, she had been asking him when he planned on doing it again. While Scooter did enjoy being on stage, he preferred the behind the scenes work that he did as both the stage manager and production assistant, but he couldn’t deny that the thought of Amanda sitting in the audience and proudly watching him do his thing gave his ego a boost.

    With the foundation of an idea in place, the red head went in search of Floyd Pepper, bassist for the Electric Mayhem, in hopes of some extra guidance and maybe furthering some of the ideas he had going through his head. He knew the Mayhem usually practiced well into the night, especially if they were having a good night.

    Strains of music were coming from the studio, the sounds of a much slower song happening, but one that still had a rocking beat to it; or rather, a rocking beat courtesy of the Mayhem. It sounded as though Scooter had walked in on the middle of Floyd’s verse and while that wasn’t unusual, the following lines he heard did cause him to pause as he walked through the doorway.

    “How to tell you girl,

    I wanna build my world around you.

    Tell you that it’s true.

    I wanna make you understand that I’m talking about a lifetime plan.”

    “Life plan! Life plan!” Animal shouted, causing the group to halt the song.

    “Aw Animal,” Floyd complained. “You came in too early, man.”


    “Well, if it isn’t our honorific manager and young ward,” Dr. Teeth proclaimed when he saw the assistant at the door. “How may we assist you on this melodious day?”

    “I was just passing by,” Scooter began, easily being interrupted by Floyd’s throaty laugh.

    “Passing by or fleeing in terror?” the bassist asked.

    “I’ll have you know the frog and pig aren’t even on the lot today,” Scooter said, matter of factly, though there was a slight grin on his face. “I have no idea where they are nor am I going to bother to find out.”

    “Like, sometimes I wonder who’s really running the show around here,” Janice joked, giving a hug to her favorite non biological brother.

    “I’d say it was a free for all,” the assistant quipped. “But if I had to guess, I’d say Piggy. And then me.”

    “I think you might have to rewind that back,” Teeth chuckled.

    “Hey,” Scooter protested. “Piggy’s owns my soul, so of course she’s running things around here.”

    “Thanks a lot.”

    “Aw Jani,” Scooter cooed. “You know you own my heart.”

    “Liar,” the blonde giggled, tousling the boy’s hair. “And don’t let Amanda hear you say that. The girl’s like totally commando and stuff. I’d definitely want her with me, if like I’m ever in a dark alley.”

    “Gee, thanks babe,” Floyd pouted. “I thought I was your knight in shining armor.”

    “You’re the shiniest, honey bunch!” Janice replied, leaning over to peck her boyfriend on the cheek. “But Amanda could protect both of us without breaking a sweat.”

    “Alright children, gather ‘round,” Teeth replied, gathering everyone together. “I don’t know about you, but my stomach’s playing Beethoven against my ribs. Why don’t we breath a little lunch into ourselves before we start rockin’ again?”

    “Awesome,” Janice sighed in delight. “I’ve so been craving a veggie wrap. You in, lover?”

    “You know what I like, babe,” the bassist nodded. “The kid and I are gonna tune up.”

    Scooter looked at his fellow red head, always amazed that the bassist seemed to know when the younger Muppet needed to talk to him. They waited as the others filed out, all heading towards the shops that were lined along the street across from them.

    “You need help tuning your bass?” Scooter asked.

    “Just keeping you on your toes, man,” Floyd replied, handing over his bass to the assistant. There were very few people that Pepper allowed to handle his axe – Janice was one and Scooter was the other, only because the bassist trusted them implicitly to handle it with care.

    Scooter obediently threw the shoulder strap over his head, settling the bass against his body and began a walking blues rift, the very same one that Floyd had taught him years ago. It was the perfect warm up exercise, especially when Floyd insisted that the boy do the rift in every key.

    “Something on your mind?”

    “Couple things.”

    “I noticed,” Floyd chuckled.

    “Am I really that transparent?” asked Scooter.

    “Only to the folks that know you as well as we do,” Floyd nodded. “So? What’s the beef?” He sat down on the nearby couch they had, Janice’s guitar in his hands, and began improvising over the bass line that Scooter was giving to him.

    “Valentine’s is this week.”

    “The day of love and roses,” Floyd replied. “This is your first with your lady, right?”


    “Got something planned?”

    “No,” the assistant sighed, switching keys. “Yes, I don’t know. I had something planned, but…I kinda…realized something so that changes everything.”

    “If I’m not mistaken,” Floyd said, grooving to the new key. “There’s love in those baby browns of yours. Ain’t nothing better than knowing you’ve been caught by a fine woman.”

    “So what do I do?” Scooter asked.

    “Well, you tell her, man.”

    “I know that,” the page huffed, changing keys once again. “But how? What did you do?”

    “My girl is a music lover, as you know,” Floyd said. “So I got the band together and serenaded her.”

    Scooter looked at him skeptically. “With Zoot?” he asked. Janice and Zoot had been an item when the show had first started up, but had soon dissolved, which allowed Floyd to pick up the slack.

    “Sure,” Floyd nodded. “He was the one who suggested it. They had a good run and they’re obviously still friends, so I just asked him what he thought.”


    “Zoot’s a good guy,” the bassist continued. “Skips a groove every once in a while, but he’s solid. Anyway, he tipped me on how to get a good woman like Janice on my speed dial, you dig?”


    “So I picked a little Motely Crue, stood outside her window – not an easy feat when you live in a high rise apartment – and told her I was digging on her.”

    “And that’s that?”

    “No reason to get all complicated, now is there?”

    The two managed to finish their impromptu song in the key of G, leaving Scooter a little more solid on his own plans. “No, I guess not.”

    “Right on,” Floyd replied, standing and placing Janice’s guitar back where she had left it. The elder red head stood before his younger counterpart, taking the bass back and looking him in the eye.

    “Don’t over complicate,” he whispered, patting the assistant on the shoulder.

    “A song would be enough?”

    “As long as you pick the right song,” Floyd nodded. “I gotta couple in mind and you know Ol’ Brown Ears has a million of them to choose from.”

    “It’s that simple?” Scooter asked.

    “Love is always simple, baby,” the bassist replied. “It’s us people that make it complicated.”
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here are the videos to go with the above -

    Gonzo's act: Duran Duran - electric Barbarella

    The song the Mayhem are praticing: Little River Band - Reminiscing

  7. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Thank you for posting, Gina! Those are great songs! My dad was always a fan of Little River Band and sometimes Duran Duran.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    We're moving right along! Here's some steam to start up chapter five!


    Wednesday mornings usually found the Muppet Show director and the stage manager meeting to go over the theater and the studio’s finances. Sometimes, it was just an excuse for the two to get together for breakfast or lunch, a moment for just the two of them to be out of the limelight and normal people who happened to run a group of Hollywood stars.

    And then there was a day like today.

    With the approaching hour long show, the entire cast of the Muppet Show seemed to be going all out in making sure their performances would be solid. It was also the perfect day for any costume fittings that anyone needed. Kermit had been talked or rather, hesitantly agreed to be in the show this week, hoping that his trusty assistant could handle any madness that went on backstage.

    After he had thought about it, the frog liked the idea more and more and thought it would be a great excuse to spend some time with his favorite people. He couldn’t remember the last time he had done any type of act with Gonzo or Fozzie and couldn’t remember when they had done an act together; he had gone to his two best friends and asked what they should do.

    And when they couldn’t come up with anything, they went to Rowlf.

    Rowlf, who was equal parts Muppet therapist and music historian, had suggested that the three do some sort of group dynamic before the quartet had initially agreed that the answer lay in the form of a musical quartet and what better musical quartet was there then the Fab Four themselves? Kermit had stated that love wasn’t always about getting the girl in the end, sometimes stuff happened in between or didn’t happen at all, an assertion that the dog had whole heartedly agreed with.

    That statement had not only helped to get the quartet to pick a song to do together, but had actually helped Rowlf pick the song he planned on doing as well.

    And because it was such a formal night, it seemed everyone had opted for some sort of date night attire – most of the male cast would be dressed in suits or tuxes for their numbers and their female co-stars had decided this night above all was perfect to show off any evening gown that had been sitting in the closet.

    Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie were still trying to figure out what looked better for them on stage – a jacket, a vest, or suspenders. Kermit wasn’t exactly opposed to the jacket, as he was probably going to be wearing one for his number with Piggy, but Gonzo was really pushing for the suspenders, only because it made it easier for him to change once his number – which was first – finished.

    Fozzie couldn’t decide, based on the fact that he had trouble tying his tie.

    The frog decided that the best thing to do was ask an outside opinion and who else to ask but the fashionista?

    Heading upstairs with vest in hand and already dressed with suspenders, Kermit didn’t bother to knock, just opened the door and shut it behind him, calling out, “Darlin’, you in here?”

    Piggy, who was behind the dressing room’s screen, sent a glare at the intruder. “No, please come in,” she replied sarcastically. “Not like I’m undressed or anything.”

    Kermit regarded her for a moment, a small smirk on his face. “Are you?”

    The diva huffed before muttering a string of phrases in French, all about frogs who thought they could just barge in on a lady, with no announcement what so ever, and then had the audacity to inquire if they were dressed. Unbelievable!

    Kermit had no other choice, but to stand there and listen to the tirade. Secretly, he loved when Piggy spoke French, especially when she spoke it for him and in such a way, she literally melted him in a pool of goo.

    This didn’t sound promising though. It was amazing how the closer to show time, the more excitable and irritable everyone got, no exceptions made for the frog of course, however this week, the closer it got, the happier he got.

    And the happier he got, the more flirtatious he was with Piggy, which ordinarily had met with approval most of that week.

    Today, maybe not.

    He waited until she had thrown on some silky lavender robe and left the cover of the screen to approach before he said anything. “I have no idea what you said,” he began. “But I don’t think I liked your tone.”

    Hands on her hips, the diva impatiently waited for the frog to explain himself, while Kermit did his best to keep his eyes above the neck.

    “Can I help you?”

    Holding up the vest in front of him, he asked, “Vest?” He then lowered the piece of clothing and gestured to the suspenders he was currently wearing. “Or suspenders?”

    It took the sight of Kermit looking quite dapper in a blue dress shirt and slacks to keep her holding her tongue against the annoyance of being interrupted. She had two songs to rehearse today, along with at least two skits thrown in the mix, and having her frog disturb her to ask what looked better was a bit of a stretch in terms of importance.

    But he did look cute and for that, she wouldn’t hurt him. Too much.

    Walking over, she replied, “Vest,” before pulling one of the suspenders and letting it go.

    “Ow!” he cried, rubbing the sting from his chest. “You best be nice to me.”

    Grabbing him by the tie, she hauled him closer and growled, “Or what?”

    The frostiness in the room melted and warmed by at least a hundred degrees. Whatever argument had been planned on happening wasn’t going to happen.

    “You’re gonna be trouble,” the frog stammered, trying his best to maintain the very little composure he had left. It didn’t help that Piggy was obviously aware she had the upper hand at this point.

    “Is that right?”

    Never let it be known that these two didn’t have an equal share of one upping each other; that was the only way to explain how they were always able to get in the last word with anyone else. It also helped that neither one of them liked to lose.

    “I don’t have the time,” he replied, undoing the knot to her robe. “To show you exactly how much trouble you’d be in.”

    Raising a slim eyebrow, she countered with, “Then I suggest you remove your hand from where you’ve placed it.”

    “I’ll put my hand where ever I want and so far, I have yet to hear you complain.” Grinning at the small gasp that came from her, he asked, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

    Kermit didn’t keep his lead for very long when he answered his question with a gasp of his own. “Hey now,” he said. “That’s not fair.”

    “Turnabout is always fair play, Kermie,” she murmured. “Now who’s in trouble?”

    Five minutes alone with Piggy was never just five minutes alone with Piggy, as Kermit quickly rediscovered as he made his way from her dressing room, hurriedly throwing his tie over his head and rushing to the stage. He wasn’t sure how she had managed to divest him of the suspenders or how she got his shirt untucked, but there were just some things he never bothered to question about her.

    Skidding to a stop next to Gonzo, Kermit quickly tried to right his appearance while casually saying, “She liked the vest.”

    “Really,” the weirdo deadpanned. Glancing at his watch, he retorted, “And that took thirty minutes to find out?”

    Shrugging, Kermit continued to get dress. “Women.”

    “They do seem to take a long time getting dressed,” Fozzie noted.

    Gonzo stopped the wildly inappropriate comment about women getting undressed and instead turned to pat Fozzie on the shoulder. “One day, we’ll have a little talk,” he said. “Or better yet, we’ll get Kermit to tell you, seeing as he’s apparently giving them out to everyone.”

    “Shut up, Gonzo.”
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    Ooh... Er, more of the steam and you'll end up with a good foggy sauna.

    :): Ah Tish, I love it when you speak French!

    Nice touch of naivety with Fozzie at the end, and a clever quip by the weirdo (he seems to get a lot of those in your fics).
    Thanks, more please?
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here is the rest of chapter Five!

    The usual Wednesday meeting between Kermit and Scooter took place that day in the balcony that was set center stage. The frog had found that sitting up there gave a sense of privacy, depending on where area you sat in, while also giving someone the full view of the stage that was better seen at a higher level than that of the ground floor seats.

    Kermit had purposefully made a break for it a little after lunch, calling Scooter to come with him as they headed out into the audience. The frog had gotten the sense that his assistant had wanted to speak with him all morning and with everything going on, this would probably be the only time in which the director could devote his undivided attention to him.

    Taking two of the front most seats, the two sat back, the younger Muppet propping his feet up on the edge, mindful of the fact that his boss could tell him to put his feet down at any moment. Kermit stretched, feeling some of the aches that were associated with standing at a desk all day. “Everything alright?” he asked.

    “Yeah,” the assistant answered. “Actually, I wanted to ask you something.”


    “Bang, bang.”

    “Cute,” the frog smirked. “Real cute.”

    “Anyway, can I be in the show this week?”

    “Sure,” Kermit shrugged. “I don’t see why not. You got an act all ready?”


    “And you’ve rehearsed and everything?”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Okay,” the frog said. “I think we were running a little short anyway.”

    “Precisely why I asked and why I managed to get two songs in as well.”

    “Smart boy.”

    “So they tell me.”

    The two were content to watch some of the acts below, calling out when Link missed his mark and ended up knocking over his own set piece. Scooter called for his padawan, whom he had since promoted to that of ‘minion’ to help out in fixing it and then stating that once they got downstairs, he was first on the list to show the two acts he was doing.

    “Do you believe in a love at first sight?”

    “Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.” The two looked at each other before Kermit chuckled. “Sorry,” he said. “I thought we were starting a song there. I take it you’re asking in regards to a certain red head of our acquaintance?”

    Scooter nodded. “Our anniversary is this weekend.”



    “I can tell the two of you are really close,” the frog continued, sending a side glance towards his companion. “From what I saw the other day.”

    The comment hit its mark as Scooter fought down a blush to his cheeks. “We’re not…we…nothing…” he stumbled. “Didn’t I say we were to never have conversations like these again?”

    “Vaguely remember you saying that.”

    “Well, you don’t…there’s no worry for that…for…for at least another few…”

    “What?” Kermit teased. “Hours? Days? Minutes?”

    Huffing, Scooter decided to turn the tables. “Have I ever mentioned that I hated being an only child?” he asked.

    “Can’t say you have,” the frog replied. “Grosse, where exactly are you going with this?”

    “I don’t know, Frog,” the assistant retorted. “Where do you think I might be going with this?”

    “If the word ‘figs’ is a part of this conversation…”

    “Not a lot,” the assistant continued. “I don’t think I could handle more than two, maybe three.”

    “The older you get, the snarkier you become.”

    “And here I thought you were going to say annoying.”

    “That too.”

    “I really think it’s the people I hang out with.”

    “That’s a distinct possibility.”

    Again, the two were content to watch the changing of set pieces, as Link’s was discarded for that of a smoky bar atmosphere, where Piggy was rehearsing her number with Rowlf. Their piece was something they had wanted to do for a while and just had never gotten around to fitting it into a show until that one. Kermit enjoyed watching their interactions, really most of the pieces and sketches she did with Rowlf always seemed to put her at ease.

    There was a freeness that the pianist seemed to bring about in her that the frog found fascinating and even alluring.

    “So everything’s okay with Amanda then?” he found himself asking, though his eyes were fully trained on what was happening below.

    “Things are great with Amanda,” Scooter whispered. “I really love this girl, Kermit.”

    The admission was a bit of a shock to both of them; it was the first time Scooter had actively stated, out loud, that he loved her, a secret he had been trying to keep to himself until the ultimate reveal that weekend. For Kermit, it wasn’t exactly a startling revelation; he was aware that Scooter seemed to be showing those taletele signs of puppy love – he had seen it before – but at some point, the younger Muppet had gone past that point.

    Honestly, Kermit was having a hard time separating this Scooter with the teenager he had known years ago. He was having the same problem with Robin, trying to wrap his mind around this teenaged version of his little nephew. So caught in his thoughts, it took the frog a moment to realize that Scooter had continued speaking.

    “I think I’ve always loved her, from the moment I saw her,” he said. “Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever fallen head over heels with just one look?”

    Kermit went to answer, but was distracted by the song that Piggy and Rowlf were performing below. Ironically, the frog didn’t see the current stage below, but one that he had happened upon many years earlier. Conflicting senses of direction, the inability to read a map, and one car accident had led himself, Fozzie Bear, and the Great Gonzo to a little known fair and annual beauty contest in the county of Bogen.

    “Just once,” he muttered, brought back to their present time and conversation.

    In all of his life and in all of the relationships he had been in, Kermit the Frog could honestly say that he had only fallen in love on sight just once in his life. And judging by his recent behavior, it was a pretty clear indicator that he was no doubt falling in love all over again.

    “And I’ve been paying for it ever since,” he concluded, though he had a dreamy smile on his face when he said it. Turning to glance at his companion, he wasn’t surprised to see the smile on the red head’s face. “If you tell the pig that, I will hurt you.”

    “Secret’s safe with me, Boss.”

    “It had better be.”

    “How was that?”

    The question came from the stage, where the song had ended and the leading lady – who had noticed the audience above her – was wondering how the set had gone and sounded from the balcony. The two watchers quickly leaned over, ready to give their critique, even if they didn’t really have one because they hadn’t really been paying attention.

    “Beautiful, sweetheart,” Kermit replied.

    He had heard the song once or twice and had seen the set design, but had yet to actually see how those two had put this whole thing together. He was actually disappointed that he had been daydreaming – about her, no less – that he hadn’t been able to actually see it. However, they would do a complete dress rehearsal on Friday and he hoped to fully see it then.

    “As always.”

    “I like the dress,” Scooter said, commenting on the black number that Piggy had chosen.

    Everyone likes the dress,” Floyd chuckled from the orchestra pit.

    “Why Floyd,” the diva said, sweetly. “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. You really do have a heart.”

    “Oh, it’s beatin’ for ya, mama.”

    “Hey!” Janice cried, giving her beau a shove. And within minutes, the whole stage had dissolved in laughter, quips, and joking and relative pandemonium.

    What's coming up next, G?

    Well, we got some dress rehearsals to get through and of course, our big Valentine's Day show! And we still have questions to answer! What's Scooter's plan of action? Will he be able to tell Amanda he loves her? How will the frog and pig celebrate the day? Will Piggy ever find out about Gonzo's marriage? And why does Kermit need to call in the Unholy Trinity of Evil Goodness??

    All coming up on Soap! Wait, no! I mean, 5 Ball!
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    *Blinks. Rully Gina? And I thought I was the only one who ever watched that show.

    Me likes this muchly. Kermit's daydreaming helped sell the talk he had with his assistant. Good banter between them too, you're finding your footing quite well. Please post more when you can.

    *Checks if :hungry: still has any pumpkin cookies left to hand out.
    :insatiable: Cookies?
    Yeah buddy, here, we got some chocolate chips just for you.
    :insatiable: Oh! Thank you. *Omnomnomnom.
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    Nope. Used to watch it as a kid. Once, I got the theme stuck in my head and for the life of me couldn't remember what show it was from.

    If you think that's good, check this out!


    Thursday mornings saw an early start for Amanda. Those were the days in which she was physically in the office in order to work on paperwork, make phone calls, and general other managerial tasks. The great thing about being able to not only work in the family business, so to speak, but having the ability to make her own schedule when she needed to come in as well as the advantages of being able to work from home some days definitely came in handy.

    This week for instance had been spent trying to get as much done as she could so that she could get the night off for Sunday. Luckily, bars and pool halls weren’t that popular when it came to couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, in addition to the fact that they were usually dead on Sundays helped; it helped so much that her father had decided to close the bar for that night, allowing the staff to spend time with their significant others.

    On these types of holidays – those that were focused on spending time with loved ones – Amanda did get a sense of sadness that her father was all alone, especially now that she was spending a lot of time with one Scooter Grosse. Chase Cosgrove had once been a happily married man until his wife died and granted, there was a long period of time in which he couldn’t think of ever trying to replicate what he had with his beloved wife.

    That was probably why he surprised his daughter with not only being in the bar Thursday morning, but apparently whistling.

    Amanda had already been suspicious on the sudden decision to close the bar that Sunday, something that was just uncommon, when they had never closed on this particular holiday and on a Sunday no less.

    “Alright,” she announced, seeing her father behind the bar, apparently doing inventory. “The jig’s up, old man. I know you know something and I want to know what it is.”

    Chase looked up to give his daughter a look. While the Whatnot’s looks were all her mother, the personality was his and his alone. “Do you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?”

    “All the time,” she retorted. “Seriously, Daddio, what’s the skinny? You’re here on a Thursday, you’ve got the bar closed on a Sunday, and you’re whistling. What is going on here?”

    “Alright,” the bar owner sighed, in comical fashion. “You got me. My happy mood, which is not attributed to you this time, and why I’ve gone and closed the bar…I got a date Sunday.”

    “Pull the other one,” she countered.

    “I’m being perfectly serious, young lady.”

    “With who?”

    “Surprise! A woman.”

    “What’s her name?”


    “What’s her last name?”

    “What’re you?” he scolded. “The Spanish Inquisition?”

    “You’d never suspect me if I was.”

    Chase shook his head, sadly. “Your mother was right,” he sighed. “You’re getting more like me every day.”

    “And that’s a bad thing?” she chuckled. Patting him on the arm, she whispered, “Seriously, Dad, you know I worry about you.”

    “I know you do,” he replied. “I don’t know why, but I do know. And before you ask, yes I really do have a date on Sunday and I’m not just saying that cause my favorite girl is ditching me for some live show.”

    “You could go if you wanted.”

    The elder Whatnot shook his head. “I’m sure Grosse is performing just for you,” he said. “And quite frankly, no father enjoys seeing lust in the eyes of another man, especially when it’s pointed at his only daughter.”


    Chase huffed. “As if you haven’t noticed,” he said. “And like I haven’t noticed you noticing. Listen, I want grandkids someday, but not tomorrow or next week.”

    “Dad! Honestly!”

    “Your uh…your Aunt Maggie did give you that talk, right?” he asked, hesitantly. “About…you know, the differences between boys and girls?”

    “Yes Dad,” Amanda sighed. “And at this moment, may I just say that I don’t ever want to have this type of conversation with you again.”

    “Well, that’s too bad,” Chase said. “You’re my little girl and I’ll have this conversation with you whenever I feel like that. Maybe I should talk to that boyfriend of yours, remind him that I’m ex-military.”

    “Don’t you dare!” she cried, trying to lunge for him across the bar.

    “You get those short little arms from your mother!” Chase shouted back, as he easily moved from out of her reach and tried to hurry back to his office.

    “Daddy, you get back here!”

    “Dang, you’re fast.”

    “Or maybe you’re just old.”

    “Old!?” Chase protested, stopping abruptly and catching his daughter as she ran into him. “I’m not too old to give you a smack bottom!” Which he proceeded to do, smacking her bottom once, causing her to cry out amidst her laughing.

    “Stop!” she giggled. “Okay, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! You’re not old!”

    “And you best remember that, too,” he said, righting her. He didn’t stop the hug she gave him, adding to her giggling when he lifted her slightly off the ground. Chase gave his daughter an inquisitive look. “You really sweet on this guy?”

    The red head couldn’t stop the shyness that seemed to come over her. “Yeah, Dad,” she whispered. “You sure you wouldn’t mind little Scooter Grosses running around?”

    “I wouldn’t mind having another little you running around,” he corrected. “After all, that’s when I liked you the best.”

    “So funny you are,” she joked, slapping him on the shoulder. “You like him, don’t you, Daddy?”

    Giving her middle an affectionate squeeze, he said, “I like him cause you like him. But I guess in the scheme of things, I wouldn’t be opposed to having him as the father of my grandchildren. But I meant what I said, Amanda Lilith; I’m too young to be a grandfather. You’d better not come to me in the next week, saying you got a bun in the oven cause I will make sure that kid never cooks again.”

    Saluting, she said, “Yes sir, Captain!”

    “Now listen up, Lieutenant,” he continued. “I am going to be having dinner with Dorie on Sunday. And if, if you’re a good girl and you don’t do what I just said, maybe I’ll introduce the two of you. Make a nice night of it, alright?”

    “Can I invite Scooter?”

    “I guess,” Chase sighed, dramatically. “Seeing as you seem determined to keep him around.”

    “Well,” she replied. “If Sunday goes right, I’m hoping to keep him around for a very long time.”

    “No babies.”


    “I’m serious,” the elder reiterated. “And you tell him that. You tell him I said he’s not to touch you until I say so.”

    Amanda glared at her father. “Then he’ll never touch me.”

    “Even better.”
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    This chappie was loads of laughs all rolled into one.

    Her dad's going on a date with Dori.
    Amanda: What is she?"
    Gosh, please don't let it be that Ellen DeGeneres fish. *Hates EDG vehemently.

    At Chase's remark... "Noone expects the Spanish Inquisition!"
    *Insert Uncle Deadly *maniacal* laugh icon.

    If he's going to imagine little Scooter Grosse's running around—not to mention little Amanda Cosgrove's—don't forget to add little Skeeter Grosses too since they're twins and all.

    Thanks, sorry to not reply until now, my net was down all day yesterday since noonish. :fishy:
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    While this is a Scooter feature, I thought I'd throw in some Amanda time. I figured that as a father, Chase may like Scooter, but that doesn't mean he wants him looking at his daughter or touching her for that matter.

    It's short for Doris or Delores, can't remember what I finally decided on yesterday. *shakes head* Just do not understand your dislike of her. She's hilariously funny and goofy and quirky.

    I guess I like goofy and quirky.

    The line came to me, so of course I had to finish the line. Terribly sad that we couldn't name our guild that in WoW, but I think there actually was a guild by that name on some other server, but I never could find them. :(

    *throws chair against the wall*

    There will never, ever be any inclination of a Skeeter. Ever. I've never liked her. I didn't like her in Muppet Babies and I will never like her in anything. From here on out, Scooter is an only child.

    In fact, I have stated as such throughout this series - once in 8 Ball and again here :

    So there. But to give you a hint - these two are having boys. I can not say how many or their names cause...well, that will come later.

    Stupid internets! Obviously, I've had that problem enough times coming into work that I've just started leaving my laptop here and am so very glad that I have a Galaxy Nexus should I be forced to head somewhere else.

    Up next - Friday morning hijinks! Scooter's stress levels skyrocket, Kermit & Piggy can't keep from giggling, and the countdown to showtime begins!
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    Dude, this story to me is like Piggy to chocolate!

    Or me to chocolate...

    More please!
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So you've not even read the Family Reunion arc of the Muppet Show Comics from Boom!?
    That had a grown-up Skeeter as the main connection through all four issues. We met other relatives as well, like Beauregard's Cousin Mo, Mrs. Emily Bear (Fozzie's Mom) and Dora a potential romantic interest for Fozzie, and a carpeting saleswoman with crossed eyes in a story where Robin thought he was being sent away.

    But hey, is your ficverse, so it's your rules.
  17. WebMistressGina

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    Here is our conclusion to chapter six! So I started chapter five with a bit of steam and I'm ending this chapter with some steam as well. Bring out the fans!

    Friday was the start of what people called the weekend of heck.

    With a show only two days away, Fridays and Saturdays were usually the busiest and hectic of the week; this week was even more so, as the Muppet Theater went into overdrive to set up their first hour long show. Despite doing several seasons of the original Muppet Show and being stars of the big screen, the Weekend of Heck always felt as though it was the first weekend of their very first show.

    Fridays were the absolute last day that acts could try to butt their way onto the schedule, as well as being the last chance that those who have been given tentative nods had to polish up to make sure they were ready for Sunday; it was also the last day that the secondary acts – those that were deemed as replacements – could throw their names into the ring.

    After some of the disasters from their previous show, Kermit and Scooter always made sure to have available acts waiting and willing to go on in the case their first strings didn’t make it. That was actually how many of their popular skits had gotten on stage in the first place.

    This particular Friday seemed to be the worse day of Scooter Grosse’s life.

    Usually, the two days before the show, many of the performers were fighting with their nerves or anticipation and anxiety, that tempers flared more than usual. Scooter normally took those Fridays all in stride, doing his best to keep things together before things fell apart; it was much like his role during a show, where he tried to keep Kermit as sane as reasonably expected.

    This Friday was not like other Fridays.

    This Friday, the tension that was usually felt wasn’t there; in fact, most of the acts were joking around, having a good time, and generally looking forward to Sunday’s show. Scooter, on the other hand, felt and acted like a nervous wreck. Kermit, who would performing in at least two numbers and sitting in for one, had decided to continue this ‘promotion’ he had given to Scooter and put the younger Muppet in the seat of director and manager.

    To be fair, it was a role that the red head had been doing for years, ever since the original show, and it was something that he also excelled at. On those rare occasions when Kermit couldn’t be at the forefront, his duties were usually split between the senior most members, however it was still Scooter that they called on to manage some of the more unruly of acts.

    And because this was a role that he had been performing literally since his teens, it was assumed and expected that he would continue to fulfill that duty. But today, it wasn’t going to happen.

    Already, the stage manager had turned his anxiety into wrath and had flung it towards anyone that got in his path. Pepe and Rizzo had seen the bad side of the kid when their side bet on just how far Link Hogthrob would get through his set had gotten heated and they had dared to try and rumble in the middle of the penguin chorus line.

    Kermit and Piggy, who were currently on stage rehearsing, had picked the worse day to be in the kind of mood they were in. Both had gotten a bad case of the giggles, which was compounded by the fact that they had seemed to have taken their backstage flirting from Kermit’s office and Piggy’s dressing room to that of on stage.

    All of that was only made worse by their song choice – an up tempo jazz version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” as performed by Louis Prima and Keely Smith.

    “Come on, you guys!” the red head shouted. He had taken a position right in front of the orchestra pit and had been there all morning, shouting up at the acts on stage, while making suggestions to Nigel in the pit offstage. Nigel, at this point, was outright ignoring him, even once going as far as to pretend he was the recording off an answering machine.

    Scooter didn’t think that was funny and ‘left a message’ that he had been thinking about firing the English Muppet that day and that if he could get back, that would be great. That’s when the two stopped speaking to each other.

    “Sorry,” Kermit chuckled. He didn’t know why he was so giggly today and Piggy certainly wasn’t making it any easier because every time they looked at each other, they’d burst into laughter. “We’re sorry, Scooter.”

    “Sorry doesn’t get your act together,” Scooter admonished. “I would think the two of you would know better. And where is my minion? Minion!”

    Robin popped out from backstage. “Yeah?”

    “What happened to my backdrop for this?”

    “It’s back here,” the frog replied, pointing towards the backstage area.

    “Why isn’t it out here?”

    “Cause we took it down in order to rework it,” the young frog answered. It was obviously the wrong to say at that.

    The rush of heat seemed to start from the manager’s toes and traveled upwards, causing his face to match that of his reddish mop. “Are you kidding me!?” he exclaimed. “You go and take that apart now? I’m trying to get this act together and you…you…you’re killing me, Smalls!”

    “Sorry Boss.”

    It was clear to everyone that, unless something was done, their young manager was going to blow a gasket and he was starting to get a good steam going for a Kermit like tirade. Throwing a look to her captain, Piggy suggested, “Perhaps now would be a good time for lunch, Mon Capitain.”

    “How can you possibly be thinking about food at a time like this!?” Scooter cried.

    “No, I think she’s right,” Kermit replied, nodding his agreement. “Why don’t you take lunch, Scooter?”

    “Kermit,” the red head whined. “We’re in the middle of rehearsals and I got set design to redesign, apparently –“ he threw a look towards Robin. “I can’t take lunch now!”

    “Andrew,” Piggy stressed. “That wasn’t a request.”

    At any other moment, Scooter would’ve gotten the message loud and clear; Piggy, who was probably the only person who used his first name on a semi regular basis, utilized it when she wanted to get her point across. It was a testament to just how stressed and distracted he was that the red head all but ignored the warning and turned to his commander in chief.


    The frog shrugged. He had seen the plot for what it was and really, thought it was a great idea. Knowing that Scooter was trying to plan something romantic for his first Valentine’s Day, while also trying to come up with various ways of stating his feelings to his love was nerve racking at best; trying to do so while also overseeing a show only made it ten times worse.

    Kermit was kicking himself for not making Scooter take the day off.

    “You heard her,” he said, watching as his decision literally caused the younger Muppet to deflate slightly.

    “Fine,” Scooter huffed. “Why don’t we all just take lunch? Not like we have a show or anything to get ready for.”

    “Food, Andrew,” Piggy said. “Go fetch it.”

    “Yes Mistress,” he said, sarcastically. “Why don’t I just get lunch for anyone? Not like I have anything to do or anything.” He continued to murmur and huff and complain as he made his way backstage in order to get his car keys and wallet.

    “Wow,” Robin breathed. “I’ve never seen Scooter so…”

    “Obnoxious?” Piggy filled in.

    “I was going to say harsh,” the young frog replied. “But we can go with that.”

    “Leave him alone,” Kermit said, diplomatically. “He’s got a lot of stuff on his mind.”

    “Dollars to donuts everyone knows what,” Piggy replied. “Or should I say, ‘who’? No worries, boys, Moi knows just the solution to our problems.”

    As she spoke, the diva began to rifle through the inside pockets of Kermit’s jacket.

    “What are you doing?” the frog inquired, watching as she went from his left side pocket then to his right inside pocket. “The answer to our problems is in my jacket?”

    Pulling out her cell phone, which she had placed in said jacket pocket, Piggy said, “Yes.”

    “Wondered why my jacket felt heavy,” Kermit muttered. Both he and Robin watched as the diva seemed to be calling someone. “Who’re you calling?”

    “I’m not calling anyone.”

    Both frogs looked at one another before they both stepped closer to the pig in order to see what she was doing. As she said, she wasn’t calling anyone, but texting someone and they both knew who that someone was. “Ooooh.”

    “And all this time,” Kermit replied. “I’ve been dating her for her body.”

    Piggy rolled her eyes. There were times when her frog’s humor and sarcastic wit were not appreciated, kinda like now. “I see your wit hasn’t gotten better with your age,” she retorted.

    “You weren’t complaining about my age earlier this morning.”

    “Hello!” Robin exclaimed. “Young, impressionable mind! Standing right here. By all that’s holy, please stop. Right now.”

    “I don’t remember you being so bothered by this when you were younger,” Kermit said.

    Robin looked at Kermit in such a way, it actually startled Piggy somewhat in how much the teen looked like his uncle. “A lot of things didn’t bother me until I turned fifteen,” the teen stated. “Puberty does that to you.”

    “Puberty does a lot of things to you,” Piggy smirked.

    “So I’ve noticed.”


    Scooter was still in a huff by the time he arrived at the little Italian place they all like to frequent. He wasn’t sure what his problem was that day and he knew at some point, he’d probably have to apologize to people – a lot of people – but his mind seemed to be on other things and every little thing drove him to tears or exasperation.

    He had concluded this must be how Kermit every day of the year and perhaps next week, he’d resolve to take more things off the frog’s shoulders.

    Still in a stew, when he heard his phone go off, he didn’t bother to look to see who it was, just answered in the standard, “Grosse here.”

    “And hello to you too.”

    “Oh,” he sighed, some of his tension ebbing away. “Hi.”

    “How’s it going, handsome?”

    “Okay, I guess.”

    “Something wrong?”

    “No,” Scooter whispered, shaking his head. “Just…just a little stressed, I think.”

    “About the show?”

    Chocking out a laugh, he said, “No, actually. Ironically, the show’s okay. It’s…I’ve been thinking about you.”

    “Oh,” he heard her chuckle. “So I’m the one stressing you out.”

    “What?” he exclaimed, causing a few people to look at him as he sat and waited for his order. “No, baby, no. I mean…”

    “I’m kidding,” she said. “Well, I was kidding, but now I’m wondering if I’m right.”

    “You’re wrong,” he whispered. “It’s just…this is our first Valentine’s Day together and it’s our anniversary. I just want things to go smoothly.”

    “Oh Scooter,” she sighed, dreamily. “They will, cause it’s you and you always put your all in to everything you do. I hate that I can’t see you for two days.”

    “I know.”

    “I miss you,” she whispered. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

    “Amanda, I love…this…restaurant, that I’m at.” Scooter balled a fist at his slip. Not being able to see her should’ve worked out in his favor, but not seeing her and thinking about her were actually doing the opposite of what he wanted.

    “Getting lunch?”

    “Yeah,” he said, taking a deep breath. “Kermit…kinda…sent me out to pick up some.”

    “Well, I’ll let you go. Just wanted to say hi.”

    “You know you can call me anytime, Gorgeous,” he whispered. “Are you coming to the show Sunday?”

    “Of course,” she said. “Can’t wait to see you, Scooter.”

    Maybe he was imagining it, but he swore there was a slight purr in her voice when she said that and it had his mind racing. “Things I want to do to you…tell you!” he corrected at the last moment. “Tell you,” he said. “Things I want to tell you. I meant tell you. Don’t know…where that other thing came from.”

    “Freudian slip?”

    “Among other things, I’m sure.” He listened to her response, a flash of heat coloring his face as she finished. “That’s not a very nice thing to say to someone in a public restaurant.”

    “Well then, I hope you’re sitting down.”

    “I was,” he muttered, hearing his name as they brought out his order.

    “Deep breaths, baby.”

    “Still not helping.”
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I has heard about them, thanks to the Muppet Wikis. I actually had gone there to find out where exactly Fozzie's mom was. Those were the ones where Fozzie has a dad or sisters and brothers, right? Or am I thinking of another comic series?

    As much as I'm a stickler for canon, Skeeter isn't really canon (though it depends which Muppet canon you're going with). Muppet Babies, which I have always loved, doesn't feel like it places anywhere other than something they lent their voices to, but never actually happened in the scheme of 'real' Muppet world, you know?

    But even if I were to incorporate it, never liked Skeeter. I never thought she fit in with the rest of the group and wished they had more Bean, Janice, and baby Bunsen and Beaker (whom I loved! the whole reason I liked Bunsen cause he was adorable as a baby Muppet)
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    Fozzie's Mom first appeared on The Muppet Show, but wasn't named or developed as a character until A Muppet Family Christmas in 1987 and The Muppets at Walt Disney World in 1990.
    Fozzie's Dad, that's another subject. If you mean Mr. Bear, that's from the Muppet Kids series of storybooks, a sort of older-aged continuation of MB (Muppet Babies) where we see families of the characters including Scooter's Dad. (Still will always love Sadie, Scooter's Mom from ReneeLouvier's fic series). However, there's also Fozzie's and Kermit's Dad as seen in the framed picture on Mike Tarkanian's desk in TGMC.

    MB "could" fit if you read a few of the theories floating around here like the afore-mentioned Sadie's Stories or RedPiggy's Realizations. But I understand your feelings, heck, I myself hate EDG as previously stated.

    *Leaves to reconstitute self after the heat from that phone call between the lovebirds.
  20. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And to end the day - here's chapter 7!


    Saturday began as it always did – with some sort of crisis.

    That morning’s crisis was a missing Link; that is to say that the star and captain of the Swinetrek – Link Hogthrob - had failed to appear at that morning’s rehearsal and now Julius Strangepork was getting a bit concerned, especially when Link was always at the theater, regardless of whether he needed to be there or not. Strangepork had called the male diva several times already that morning and was now at the point of just driving over to his apartment to see where he was.

    Kermit, who was already trying to figure out how and why Pepe had gotten trapped in a closet, had handed the issue off to Fozzie Bear. Fozzie was now trying, without much success, to convince Piggy to call Link because he would answer the phone for her.


    “Please Piggy!” the bear pleaded, falling to his knees and pulling on her pant leg.

    “Let go of me!”

    “Herr Bear may have a point,” Julius replied, coming over to stand next to the two. “Linkie may actually answer for you.”

    “What part of ‘no’ do you people not understand?” she asked. Turning to Strangepork, she batted the hand that had been waving a phone in her face. “I’m not calling him, Jules! And you! Get off me!”

    “Piggy, just call him!” Scooter shouted at her, as he quickly began to dial a locksmith, the seventh one that morning. Apparently, locksmiths in California did not go to work before eleven am.

    “He likes you,” Julius replied. “Perhaps if you use that feminine charm of yours, he’ll answer.”

    “First of all,” the diva proclaimed. “Fozzie Bear, if you do not release me this instant, you will not live long enough to perform tonight.”

    The comic immediately let her go, though he stayed close in the case he had to beg again.

    “Secondly,” she continued, this time turning her ire on Strangepork. “Link and I do not like each other and we will never like each other, so why you seem to think that my calling him will do any good, I don’t know.” She did however pull out her phone and started to dial. “However, I am not in the mood today to even begin to deal with this.”

    Placing the phone to her ear, she waited until Link himself picked up. “Where are you? Whatever it is, I don’t care. Shut up. Now you get down here, Hogthrob, because if I have to leave this theater to come get you, there will be trouble. Get dressed and get here. Now.”

    Hanging up, she could feel the hug from Fozzie probably before he even thought about hugging her. Holding up one finger, she replied, “Touch me and you will never touch anything again.”

    Fozzie wisely pulled his hands and arms back to himself.

    “Kermit!” she shouted, causing the frog to turn towards her. “Dressing room. In five.”

    “I’m kinda busy here.”

    Abruptly turning from her path up the stairs, she turned irritated blue eyes on the director. “Did I ask you what you were doing?”

    Pretty much used to the threatening tilt that her voice took when she got angry, Kermit didn’t even bat an eye or move from his position. “Well, if you’re going to be all huffy about it, I’m just gonna stay right here.”

    The diva glared at the frog. The frog looked at the diva.

    “If you’ve got so much excess energy,” Scooter quipped, the phone up to his ear as he waited for locksmith number ten to answer. “Why don’t you come down here and open this door?”

    “Why don’t I come down there and punch you in the throat?”

    “Like to see you try.”

    “Okay wait, hold on,” Kermit interrupted. “Everyone calm down. You,” he said, pointing at Scooter. “Say you’re sorry when you’re done and you,” he continued, pointing at Piggy. “I will go up there when I’m done here. Now everyone, back to your designated corners.”

    “Hey!” called a voice from inside the closet. “What is happenin’ out there? Are jou getting me out already?”

    “I have half a mind to leave you there!” Kermit shouted. “That’ll teach you to hit on the chorus girls!”

    “Look, I cannot help if they are attracted to my Guatamalaness, h’okay? The womens is always about my hotness.”

    “Let’s just leave him in there,” Scooter muttered. “No locksmith in his right mind would let him out.”

    “Don’t tempt me.”


    Saturday afternoon was less dramatic and hectic than the day’s morning. Against their better judgment, Scooter and Kermit had opted to get Pepe out of the storage closet, though it cost them nearly fifty bucks to do it. In hindsight, Kermit almost wished he had put Piggy’s unspent energy to good use on that door, though he ultimately did put it to good use later.

    Despite the morning basically going the way they expected it to, the afternoon started with official dress rehearsing, with all acts going in show order. In many of these performances, those who weren’t planning on being on stage until later usually took a seat in the theater seats and enjoyed the show as though they were the audience. It actually did provide a somewhat tangible feeling of actually performing to people, rather than just an empty house.

    Scooter, who had elected to perform his numbers at the end in order to conduct his role as manager and day director, was seated out in the audience, sending a quick text to Amanda. It was incredibly rare when the two didn’t see each other throughout the week and over the weekend, but with the show being half an hour longer and Cool Pool being closed the next day, the two found themselves without time for each other that weekend.

    Scooter hoped the loss of seeing her would be worth it. He had put a plan in place and thanks to some very helpful people, it would all – hopefully – come together tomorrow night. It still didn’t mean that he wasn’t missing her terribly though; he had been gazing at her contact picture for a few minutes - envisioning her hair, her eyes, her smile, her laugh – when he felt the smack on the back of his head.

    “Ow!” he cried, turning to see the culprit sit down in the row directly behind him.

    “Brat,” she muttered.

    “You’re one to talk,” he retorted, turning to speak to her.

    “You better be nice to me, boyo,” came the retort. “Or else I’m not gonna give you that present I bought for you.”

    “You mean the present that I bought?” he asked, turning around in his seat so he could talk to her directly. “So you got it then?”

    Piggy gave him a look, as though he was stupid to even ask. “Of course Moi got it,” she huffed, leaning forward and towards him. “You owe me lunch.”

    “I’ll owe you dinner,” the assistant said. “Tonight, if you want.”

    “You aren’t having dinner with Amanda?”

    “No,” he said. “She has to work.”

    The red head looked so sad and so pitiful, it was all Piggy could do to not hug him. The way he was looking brought back memories of a younger Andrew Grosse, who would give her that look when he really wanted something from her.

    “Poor baby,” she cooed. “This has been a horrible week for you, hasn’t it?”


    “Even when you’re a brat, I still like you,” she muttered, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a black, felt box. It was of medium size, slightly bigger than a ring box, which she handed to him.

    Opening it, Scooter gave a sigh of relief. He had seriously been afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get this in time for Valentine’s, but leave it to Piggy to work angles that he hadn’t even thought of. “You are the best.”

    “I know this,” she replied, sitting back in her chair.

    “Seriously,” he continued. “My soul? Yours. Heart and admiration? Yours.”

    “I’ll buy that first one,” she quipped. “But I haven’t had your heart and admiration for months now.”

    “For good reason.”

    “Moi will concede on that point.”

    “Robin, you all set?”

    “Ready, Uncle Kermit!”

    The frog in question was walking down Scooter’s row, slipping past his manager, and taking the seat next to him. “Remind me to call in the upholstery guy to re-cushion these seats,” he complained.

    “Want me to bring you a pillow, baby?”

    “Stop trying to get on my good side,” he retorted. “You’re in trouble. Shouldn’t even be down here.”

    “I keep telling you time out doesn’t work on her,” Scooter mentioned.

    Their attention was diverted as Robin walked out on stage, decked out in a nice cream suit with matching vest and slacks. Obviously the look drew attention, because it caused the orchestra and those who had quickly gone to take a seat to whistle and cat call the young frog. As with a good portion of those performing, Robin had two songs in the show tomorrow.

    His first song was from the popular band, The Killers called “Everything Will Be Alright”, a song that seemed to resonate with the young frog in terms of his own emotional rollercoaster and actually reflected the feeling that Kermit felt when they lost one of their partners. Just before Kermit learned about Leaper, he had been notified that one of the workers from Sesame Street had just recently passed and it was someone that the Muppets had worked with as well.

    The younger frog’s second song was a more romantic one, as was as demonstrated by the way he was singing it now. Robin had always held a good following with their fans, especially some of their female fans.

    “We’d better hope there aren’t any teenage girls in the audience,” Piggy murmured in the elder frog’s ear.

    Kermit went to say something, but then stopped. She actually had a good point and from the way his nephew was playing to the audience, the elder frog could easily see the younger frog playing to the teen girls in the crowd.

    Turning slightly, he asked, “Is there a way I could get an audience with the leader of the Muppet Axis of Evil?”

    “Moi will see what she can do,” she whispered back. “And they change their name. It’s the Unholy Trinity now.”

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