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Frog Of Thunder.

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by TommyTheMad, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. TommyTheMad New Member

    I am working on a couple of Kermits for my Doctor Doom fan film. I'll explain later how Kermit fits in. Anyway, I'm making a few of them so I can get ONE good one out of the bunch just in case the others are failures.

    I'm making my own pattern as I go, so hopefully they won't suck too badly.






    More shots as I go along.
  2. TommyTheMad New Member

  3. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    You need to find the henson stitch.
  4. Super Scooter New Member

    Well, I don't think the "Henson stitch" would hide the seam on that kind of material anyway.

    Neat project. They look pretty nice.
  5. TommyTheMad New Member

    Yeah, these aren't the right kind of fleece. I had someone recommend some stuff to me, after I dropped the cash for the stuff I'm using. I am confident though over time, that the fleece I'm using will pill up a bit, and hide the seams a bit better.
  6. Blink Member

    It may be worth it to stop at this point and rethink all of the work you are doing. You are not too far in to hold up.

    You may have to wait to get your order of antron, but you might be much happier with antron fleece.

    Funny, but I think the fleece that you have is ironically "anti-pill polar fleece".

    But ultimately they are your puppets, your prerogative.
  7. TommyTheMad New Member

    No, actually this stuff pills up pretty nicely, even when you don't want it to.

    I found a place to get Antron Fleece, so that shouldn't be a problem, just a waiting game is all.

    I wanted to make these, just to get into the practice of making a Kermit that looked right. I'll let everyone know how they turn out after things are said and done.
  8. Blink Member

    Well, I am glad it is not the anti-pill fleece. I wish you the best and you are definately getting great practice.
  9. TommyTheMad New Member

    I'm learning a lot about muppet construction. I want to actually be decent at it when I get the right materials.
  10. CoOKiE Member

    I'll have to take your idea on the pupils. I ended up having to do paint cuz the ideas i was trying out were failures...

    I used fleece. And tho the seams show like crazy... it being my first time trying him... i thought it was a good idea for the practice, since its cheaper and also because i can get my hands on the material just by going to the store and buying it
  11. Kuriboh Man Active Member

    What kind of fleece would you need for the Henson Stitch to be effective?
  12. TommyTheMad New Member

    Antron Fleece. Have to wait until after the first of the year to buy it.
  13. yetiman Member

    Are there links or phone #'s for the best place to buy antron? I am making some puppets and was looking at the regular fleece, wondering how different it looks. Is there any way to stitch the regular fleece that will do a pretty good job of hiding the seams, or is that just a losing battle?
  14. TommyTheMad New Member

    I poured the silicone for my eye molds today. So no more cutting up ping pong balls.
  15. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    There is a place but I cant think of it.I know the lady's name is kathy and I think it is something like La Stage.I will see if I can find it.
    It is www.gastage.com
  16. TommyTheMad New Member

    Not sure how many people need ping pong ball sized eyes, but I have a mold made, and can make them.
  17. TommyTheMad New Member



    Torso Fronts, and eyes prior to the silicone for the mold.
  18. TommyTheMad New Member

  19. Kuriboh Man Active Member

    Wait a minute what about Antron Fleece?
  20. TommyTheMad New Member

    Apparently Antron Fleece is what they make the Muppets out of.

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