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From the Waters of the West I Come

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Is Esker suggesting what I think he's suggesting?
    UD: That would explain how she...
    Shh, don't give it away, let Kelly tell her story her own way.
    Cantus: We all tell our stories the way we have to tell them, no other way but our own.

    More please?
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Since my laptop was mindwiped, I lost my notes about how this was going to go, so even I don't know the particulars, LOL.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, I kind of got the implication that Esker's suggesting Mizumi do to her mother what she did to her daughters, if that's where you're going.
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL, you're so smart. :)

    While the particulars are new due to the laptop crash, it was always my intent to have her mother look similar to Drumlin. It's just now I get to add another reason why. :)
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 16

    Esker sat on a small patch of bright green moss in front of a roaring waterfall. He said something to Mizumi as she kneeled in front of him, but she tilted her head quizzically, for the rush of the frothy foam surrounding them deafened her. He finally frowned and grabbed her hand and forcibly held it up to his forehead, wincing as a fine mist started to swirl around him.

    The toddling Esker applauded happily to himself as the small minnow frosted over.
    Suddenly the applause was joined by another, much louder than his. Turning, Esker looked up to see the gaunt features of an elderly man with a black robe draped around him. The man smiled. “Such a bright young lad,” he told the boy, rubbing the shiny black hair of his head.

    The man kneeled and stared into the boy’s eyes. “I see a bit of myself in you, boy. You are of Moraine.”
    The boy nodded. “I am of Moraine,” he repeated proudly. “I am going to wear a crown, too.”

    The man laughed. “Are you, now?”

    Esker nodded again and jumped into the man’s lap as he reached for the elder’s lips as though to peer down his throat. “My crown is gonna be white an’ I gets to have armor an’ I gets to wear big boots an’ then I’m going on a mission an’ I wanna come back with freslin.”
    The man shoved the boy off and grabbed him by the throat. “HOW DO YOU KNOW OF SUCH THINGS?” he screeched.

    Esker pushed Mizumi away, gasping. His face hurt, as though weevils were burrowing just underneath his skin.
    Mizumi panted, taken aback by the vision. “What is freslin?”

    Esker shrugged, trying to catch his breath. Why did his face hurt so? He couldn’t bear to look at her. “I had never heard it before, Princess. I remember thinking of the word when I sat on your father’s lap. It had something to do with pleasure or love or something. Perhaps it was a potion. At any rate, I doubt you’ll find any in Moraine.” He looked at his hands and was shocked to discover pieces of loose flesh hanging from them. Looking over at Mizumi, he noticed her face was white with horror.
    The transfer wasn’t going well.

    “You must continue, Milady,” Esker nodded, wiping his forehead only to discover in revulsion that some of his forehead draped over his fingers. “Please continue, or all will be for naught. To find the King of the Universe, you must do this … you must protect Moraine at all costs.”
    Mizumi hesitated as she held out her hand, unwilling to touch his face. The mist began to form, without her doing so, however.

    Much older now, the still young Esker ran as hard as he could into a swamp, scattering small goblins away from him. No matter how much the swamp made his nose retch, he had to continue, for he could bear the visions no longer.
    The other citizens of Moraine, especially those inheriting the royal talent for manipulating water, might be content to live blindly, but the visions haunted him of the king hovering over a young girl with white hair, as though he were not the Black Heron but a horrible, terrible smoke dragon slobbering over a large, unprotected egg.

    The image of him was as though his arms were arching over her, an image of a pendant he once saw when some female classmates were bragging about a pendant they saw in a storybook about the King of the Universe.
    He leapt onto the girl to protect her from the sharp beak of the Black Heron, crying out with each blow.

    When his back began to numb from the pain, he awoke in his own bed, with his gentle mother soothing his wounds. “Such a strong boy,” she said sadly. “Ydra forgive me for telling my precious son, but I have no choice: your strength will place you in the king’s wrath and you shall find your end in his grasp.”
    Esker cried out in agony and fell to the ground, the rushing water drenching his head for a few seconds before Mizumi pulled him away, gasping and trembling.

    Esker sat up and felt a clarity he could only imagine before. Glancing at the surrounding water of the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, he found his head to be as white as the froth, smooth as a river pebble, his skin so taut it appeared to be merely a skull barely attached to his shoulders.
    He looked over at Mizumi and bowed before her. “I live to serve Her Majesty,” he gargled softly.
    The Count likes this.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry for not reading sooner, I was otherwise entertained last night.

    Freslin... Write that down, that could be important.
    *Chuckles at the pendant reference.
    Smoke dragon indeed.
    *Marvels at the flashbacks adding glimpses of depth to the story.

    Thank you for posting. *Leaves mug of hot chocolate before the rock freezes to a standstill on the solstice.
  7. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL, well, to be fair, I only wrote it last night. :)

    Some of these terms I admittedly get from a list of slang on Farscape's Wiki. They have some great words there, LOL.

    Getting Esker's flashbacks was annoying, in that I hadn't yet really planned on what his background would be (and my laptop was wiped of any hints I had saved up). I just tried to let his story flow so we could find out how he looked the way he did in Return to Labyrinth as well as some of his issues in both that story and my universe.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Figured that was where you were going in developing that character. I'm enjoying what you write and look forward to what's next.
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Next victim's coming up. Decided to use some bamboo stencils in my room at the moment. I have the chapter after this one in my head, just not ... well ... this one, LOL.
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 17

    The large throne room glistened in shining ice draped all the ceiling and the furniture, throne, banisters, flags, etc. All the towering windows were let open to let the sunlight dazzle the partiers, for this was the winter solstice, and the kingdom feared not the ice as they felt it was terribly beautiful, a promise by nature that the chaos of liquid can yet become solid and orderly once more.
    The king had not yet arrived, but the Queen of Moraine sat comfortably on a silvery sled inside the throne room, sipping tea as the revelers danced and sang and made merry.

    Suddenly Mizumi stood next to her mother, causing the latter to frown briefly. “I seek knowledge, Mother.”
    The Queen sipped some tea thoughtfully, her eyes glistening.

    “Have you nothing to tell me?” Mizumi asked, her jaw set, her eyes piercing. “Darkness overtakes the Kingdom of Moraine, and you … you can’t even fear it.”

    Her mother sighed, taking the teacup from her lips. “No, I cannot, my daughter, for when I do, darkness shall consume the kingdom.”
    Mizumi took her mother by the hand, causing the latter to gasp silently.

    The slightly less rotund form of the female fae not yet Queen stared into the lake, breathing deeply, letting the mist rise into her nostrils, her eyes taking on a grayish hue. She could see the starry sky, a world far from anything she had ever seen in the vastness of space. She had lived amongst humans, deep in the frozen tundra, but after kidnapping a child, assuming the dreams of the child would summon the King of the Universe, she was later banished and on the run from furious humans. She found a small icy cave and, in fatigue, rested against the arch, which transported her to a wondrous cave filled with tunnels as far as the eye could see. Lights, brilliantly colored, led her to a large tunnel where snowflakes flurried. Entering, she found herself on the wintry coast of the lake of Moraine.
    As she wandered the coast of the lake, a man appeared to her, dressed in a black robe. He took off his hood and smiled the smile of a predator. Sensing the power within, she immediately declared her love of him and they were forever after the Black Heron and the Snowy Owl, the latter a chubby little bird of prey with piercing eyes and snow-white feathers accented by black, as though being in love with the Black Heron had amalgamated her coat.

    Mizumi let go of her mother’s hand, panting with effort. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.
    The Queen sniffled and sipped some tea, calming instantly. “My precious daughter, trolls had provided many magic mirrors. Some could see the future, some the past, and some, like the one I had experienced, made humans see the vile natures within themselves. The dreams of the child had indeed summoned the King of the Universe, but it was Hunger, not Hubris, I had summoned, for the dreams were, in fact, his greatest nightmares. I had offered up the boy’s soul and instead brought disaster to the world.”

    “The King of the Universe created the Underground, though.”
    “Indeed, daughter, but it was, as the Gorg kingdoms say, Sir Hubris who opened the portal to the other world, who ablated the planet and provided a means of escape for all those whose lives could not last in the growing sentience and hostility of humankind. However, Hubris does not wish to share his power, being what he is, so with Hunger present, Hubris is Heaven-knows-where, and there is nothing else I can do for my kingdom save protect as many as I can.” She raised her teacup. “There are plants in this Underground with profound abilities, such as turning your heart to ice and removing all fear. Without fear, Hunger cannot harm me.”

    Mizumi stared at the sled, oblivious to the well-wishers who cavorted around her. For several moments, nothing existed except her own heart, a small crystal against the backdrop of nothingness.
    “My father …”

    The Queen placed Mizumi’s hands on her heart, wincing as her knowledge poured into her daughter’s soul. “Mal … dis,” the Queen whispered and gasped, suddenly slumping forward.
    The party turned to chaos as screams overshadowed the music and frivolity, as Mizumi crumpled in agony, the entire universe coursing through her young veins.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Finding a new chapter of yours has made me smile. And after the mid-afternoon I'm having with constant computer crashings, I needed a smile.

    Thanks. :)
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 18

    The crushing waves swirled around her. Thoughts could barely form. There was nothing but the darkness that inundated her with profound loneliness.

    And yet she was standing upright, was she not?

    Mizumi cracked open a swollen eye as much as she could without screaming in agony. Her chest and her legs were cold.

    Too cold.

    Filthy ice, gray from the waters of the lake, pressed her against a wall.

    “Could it be, you are awake, my love?” an elderly voice called out with a chuckle.

    Mizumi grunted.

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” continued the male. “For a brief moment I thought you were my dear Queen. After all, you seem much more like her lately.”

    Mizumi struggled to open her eyes. Before her stood her father, decked out in flowing black robes with a frilly collar. “Father,” she gurgled with hatred bubbling in her voice.

    “ ‘It’s not true … it’s impossible’ … is that what you are going to tell me, John?”

    “You have lost all your senses,” Mizumi grumbled in confusion.

    Her father turned toward her. He bowed his head slightly and shrugged. “Apologies, my precious daughter. Having … dealt with … our wise and venerable Guardian of the River of Time, I find myself quite out of place every so often.”

    Mizumi gasped. “You killed Ydra?”

    Maldis nodded. “What can I say, my dear? She was so unpleasant, wasn’t she … always saying things to frustrate and anger you?” He paused and approached her, whispering into Mizumi’s ear, “Has she not mocked you for your quest to sleep with the King of the Universe? Has she not confirmed you are to destroy the universe itself? Without the rational flow of time she is out of a job. You were her biggest threat, not me.”

    Mizumi spat in his face, a bloody smear dripping down his aged cheek. “You are the Lake of Moraine. To commit such heresy shall ruin us all!”

    Maldis scoffed and walked toward the throne. “Heresy is a silly game played by humans, dear daughter,” he told her. Inhaling deeply, he nodded. “You cannot stay the hand of destiny. What is left unsaid is that you can be destiny!” Whipping around with a flourish, he added proudly, “Everyone has heard the tales the Gorgs chant, that the King of the Universe crowned one of their own and left him to rule the universe! What utterly pathetic creatures they be – but a vast reservoir of information, nonetheless! For the King had to have come to this lowly little planet in order to do such a stupid thing! The Crown is here somewhere! For centuries I have bided my time, and then when your mother swooned in my glorious presence, I realized the Underground is the perfect place to spread terrors throughout! I would spread my hunger throughout the universe, but I needed a key … a door … a singularity … something … to get me back!” He stopped and glanced out the window as the skies turned black with storm clouds swirling and churning overhead. “That toad was to give me all I desired and more. A creature so used to the depths of the scum of the world would surely know things such haughty faes would not.”

    Mizumi chuckled. “She spurned you.”

    Maldis sighed, shaking his head. “I would’ve thought such a frail, fickle thing as a toad, so vulnerable to poison and pollution, would beg me for mercy. To think of such … such hubris.”

    Mizumi laughed despite her pain. “So difficult to find good help these days.” Frowning, she glared at her father. “So painful is the loss of loyalty.”

    Maldis raised an eyebrow and slowly approached his daughter. “Indeed, but I am so very proud of you, my precious Mizumi. That you would torture your most loyal subject and kill your mother, absorbing them both, just to spite me … now that puts a certain warmth in my heart.”

    I am nothing like you!” she screeched.

    He patted her on the head condescendingly. “You hunger, Mizumi. You always have. I have spread myself throughout this entire kingdom, but you … you I spared … because I sensed a true kinship in you. Your mother could never understand, though her girth suggested otherwise,” he added, chuckling. “The others, like Esker, have some of my powers, but you … you would consume the very universe if it suited you! You are not some trifling woman seeking favors from the celestial benefactor, this ‘King of the Universe’,” he said with some disdain. “You, my precious Mizumi, believe you should be one with him. You wish to consume him into your being! What else can this be but the presence of my heart within you?”

    Mizumi’s eyes watered. “To what end?” she whispered softly.

    Maldis caressed her flinching cheek. “To become destiny, what else? The universe itself cannot sustain me forever. I must be destiny. I must form universes on which to feed. The Eidelons in their stupidity sought mere Peacekeepers, puppets in law enforcement, but the King wanted more. He realized his might trumped them all. They betrayed power incarnate.” He laughed. “They shall see: we shall regain our stature and evolve beyond it and crush the universe, reforming it in our whims.” Quietly, he stroked her hair. “My presence is the Lake of Moraine, Mizumi. Before your very eyes, behold as my presence strikes fear into the entire planet, for water belongs to a cycle, and that cycle encircles the entire globe, those parts ruled by human and fae alike. Your final test, my loving future Cup, is to let the blood of the world spill into you … and then … and then I … finally … might drink my fill before the sun sets.”
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  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Reels from the chapter. That's heavy Doc.
    :confused: Why do you say that? The earth's gravitational force has nothing to do with this situation.
    Had to reread the bits to make sure I understood what's going on. I recognize some Farscape references, but why's Mizumi thinking of "John"? The n you go and explain Mizumi in a way that I think captures her essence, she hungers, to consume the entire universe just because of her whims of consumption. Er, are we doomed to suffer the wrath of a great flood? *Makes sure everyone's inside the floating hydrofoiled helicarrier castle, locking all the hatches and lower openings. *And since we don't want to die, we offer up a rubber chicken so you can work up an act for a traveling mock-Swedish show hosted by Olaf the Frog. :zany:
  14. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Mizumi wasn't thinking of John. Sorry I didn't make that clearer. What Maldis is implying is that after killing Ydra, he's having trouble realizing where and when he is, hence he thought he was mocking John Crichton with a Star Wars reference. Apparently you don't just go killing the Guardian of the River of Time without some nasty side effects. And the castle isn't actually floating ... yet. It rests on the boulders, but the boulders are currently resting within the lake. Uh ... it won't stay that way, LOL.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, figured one or the other was a little delirious, thinking they were talking to someone else in their vocalized diatripe.

    :confused:, *accidentally spoiled a plotpoint. *Awaits whatever comes next for the ruler of Moraine.
    *Gets drenched with rain cloud shower. Okay, I know that's a bad pun on the level of King Arfur's domain.
  16. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 19

    Mizumi groaned, feeling the crushing weight of the ice. Her father, Maldis, the Black Heron, the River that fed the Lake, the Cup of Moraine … he was revealed to be little more than a spurned child of a slave race from the stars. He was going to destroy Moraine and perhaps everything else with it. Even goblins were not so destructive. Her face reddened as she thought about the kingdom promised to her that she was about to lose, and she found herself crying. No mockery greeted her, as her father had retired to the highest tower to watch the world cower before him. She couldn’t even slump from sorrow, as the ice pinned her tightly to the castle walls.
    Was that all she was? Was she little more than just the next vessel, a sacrifice to satiate hunger incarnate?

    The throne room vanished in glittery light, dazzling the young princess. She found herself free of the ice, walking in a daze toward the lake of Moraine. How strange, she thought briefly, the castle is not here.
    A robed figure rose from the shoreline, covered in mud. She could not see his face, but the voice was smooth as silk and as deep as a ram’s horn. “Quench thy thirst, Traveler,” he told her, revealing a crystal ball in his gloved hands, which warped into a small wooden goblet. “Take off thy icy dress and warm yourself with my robes.”

    “Who are you?” Mizumi asked in wonder.
    He chuckled. “You’re not much for small talk, are you, Traveler? I merely wish to be hospitable. Time has been reordered, space turned upside down. You wish, deep down, to be complete, but I cannot understand why one goes to so much trouble over such a little thing.”

    “Am I doomed to destroy the universe?” Mizumi asked bluntly, tears in her eyes.
    The robed figure turned from her. “How can I help when you cannot grasp the simplest things?” He whipped around, tossing the goblet to the ground. “I care not for your fears, Traveler, but for your DREAMS.”

    Mizumi sobbed, turning from him in shame. “King of the Universe, I cannot stay the hand of destiny.”
    The robed figure nodded. “Indeed, for what’s said is said, though one wonders if destiny is ever completely honest.”

    “What do you mean?” she begged, getting on her knees. “How can I protect Moraine, nay the Underground, nay, the Universe?”
    “Is that what you REALLY want?”

    “Whatever evils I commit in the future I cannot undo. I tire of fearing such profound losses, for I am already filled with regret before I ever commit them.”
    “But do you hope?”

    “Do you dream?”

    “I shall dream whatever it takes, Your Majesty,” Mizumi offered, bowing her head and touching it to the shore.
    The robed figure laughed and disappeared, his voice reverberating through the air. “Then confront your loss, Mizumi, for what one throws away, from what I hear, soon returns once more.”
  17. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! This chapter is pretty amazing! Mizumi encounters with the King of the Universe. I can hear Jerry's Pa Gorg in this chapter.

    I wonder what Mizumi is going to do next?
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Er... You do know, if you've been reading, Pa Gorg isn't the king of the universe? That title is Jareth's. Just thought I'd help clarify for anyone else who might have the same confusion.
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, that Jareth is the robed figure who would be from the Labyrinth. My apologizes, Count!
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this is a prequel. It takes place towards the end of the 7th century AD. Pa Gorg hasn't even been born yet. That will take another 3 centuries. :)

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