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Funniest Fraggle Rock Moment!!

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by SillyRed, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Harold43

    Harold43 Member

    I don't know if it's the funniest moment but I always enjoyed the moment (if memory serves me correctly, Episode 118: The Minstrels) where Murray expresses his doubts about the Fraggles to Cantus. Cantus gives some sort of philosophical response and then leaves. Murray then turns to the other Minstrels and asks if Cantus answered the question, to which everyone shakes their head negatively. Murray then replies that he thought as much.

    For it's time, that was a rather sly and mature joke for a show aimed squarely at kids.
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  2. Beige Fraggle

    Beige Fraggle Active Member

    Actually, one of the minstrels nods while another shakes their head, giving Murray a mixed yes/no reply. That's really what made the moment funny, IMHO.
  3. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    In "Wonder Mountain", Gobo, Wembley and Boober are stuck with Lanford while Red follows Mokey, the part where Gobo uses baby talk to feed Lanford cracks me up every time!

    "Scared Silly" is a funny episode, but whenever Wembley gets scared by Boober, his reactions are priceless!

    Anytime Wembley dances and makes the noises he makes, it makes me laugh.

    In "Playing 'til it Hurts", the whole time Boober is trying to take care of Red even though she protests everything he's doing, the exchanges between them is funny especially, "You're going back into ol' Mr. Beddy Bye" "Right after I introduce you to Mr. Fisty-wist!"
  4. superboober

    superboober Well-Known Member

    The aforementioned Convincing John as Poobah scene, plus Boober getting "bamboozled" by Red's dummy in Playing Till It Hurts ("Red, this is terrible; Red has slipped into a coma...!")
  5. fizzingsoda

    fizzingsoda Member

    very late reply is very late- but it's alright!
    it's barely visible, but the third one exasperatedly shrugs- he tilts his head back and throws out his hand! though it's really the only way to show it - they are puppets, and all - it seems very exaggerated. and that just makes it funnier! :coy:

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