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Guess it's about time: From the REAL Greg Berg

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by gregishere, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    Hi Followers andFans,

    I registered to 'pop in' while I can and say 'HI, THANKS and WOCKAWOCKAWOCKA!'

    Last time I got to mingle with some big Muppet fans, was actually at the 1st(and only)Muppet Convention in Santa Monica,CA early 2000's!
    Sure would be nice if the Disney Co. would dust off the Muppet Babies Shows and re-air them on ther upcoming new Channel for pre-schoolers- of which I just heard.

    Thanks fans/MB lovers for any petitions generated to bring the viewer demand to the company.
    (I understood, they had thought there was complicatons clearing the use of the popular live action film clips show throughout all the episodes, so, hey, if that's the current problem behind releasing the shows anew, maybe.....On the new channel,why not chop the show into mini clips as 'Muppet Baby Moments' featuring the lessons included on some episodes..such as how fun it is to visit the dentist, don't let Earthquakes frighten you, and maybe let the songs accompany the the clips?) Hopefully,the 'mouse-ears' pick up on this idea as an option?

    Well,I'm trying to revive interests with this first chat of mine..
    As my schedule is quite busy at the start here of 2012,I'll see what can do about chatting further on your various topics and threads where I can.

    Keep the Muppet Babies alive!
    Greg Berg (voice actor)
  2. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Thanks for stopping by. I always loved Muppet Babies
  3. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, MuppetFest in 2001 and you just now found us? I need to talk to someone in marketing... oh wait that's me. :o

    Glad you joined us. We just happen to have one particular Muppet Babies fan here in our house. Every morning our 3 year old wakes up and asks for "Scooter's Hidden Talent". Would love to see Muppet Babies make an 0n-air revival!
  4. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

  5. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Welcome very much Greg!! Cool to have another Muppet Co. aficionado here on MC. ;) Have you any news on future releases from Disney? Or better yet, do you know who we NEED to contact? Lol.

    I have a question about your time with Muppet Babies, if you please. When you were hired to voice Fozzie and Scooter, did the voice talent have any 'sit-downs' with the Muppet performers to get the Baby voices just right?

    I ask this, because it's very apparent to me that all the Muppet Babies voices' sound just like I would imagine them sounding. You guys did a really fantastic job!

    Here's looking forward to Muppet Babies on DVD in the near future. Cheers!
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  6. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    Thanks for the responses...

    1.Re: Muppet Monsters....was a surprise to me as a Muppet watcher as well. I figured the 'creative' people behind the scenes' knew what they were doing, probably tested the idea, then determined it was network worthy??
    As one of the newcomers to the 'animated voice' business..my first series, (and it was very high profile), I didn't want to rock the boat, and was happy that our segment would continue, plus we were to do other voices! And who was I to them other than the voice?

    I recall speaking, maybe with another cast member or the director, upon hearing the title including 'Monsters', may cause the grown ups with children,to not watch.
    I recall being told: 'they're cute monsters'...well,we saw the result.

    When growng up, seeing Snookums on the Ed Sullivan TV Show, was a bit frightening to me, as he was shown occasionally running down the theater aisle.
    Another 'odd' feelingI had was when they showed the characters legs in the animation segment with grown Fozzie and Kermit.

    2. When starting the show-speaking for myself-I was familiarwithmany of the characters from earleir shwos and appearances...as a teen, I had hoped to do Muppet type voices or even work with/for Jm Henson..however, I didn't study puppeteering and they were in NY, I was in Ohio, and planned to study acting in Hollywood, the mecca for tv/film acting),which I hadmyeyesset on pursuing professionally.

    So, to get familiar with the characters I was hired for, I was given VHS tapes to look over. I loved getting to be Baby Fozzie, as I had previously worked in a comedy group and experienced standup comedy at the World Famous Hollywood Comedy Store. The script was already written, I just had to deliver the material well.

    3.Jim Henson may have reviewed some shows and gave his input on the material and voice performances..again, I was brought in to voice and did not know anything of the creative process otherwise.
    No, we never me the originals for coaching..then eventually Jim Henson honored us with a visit during one session.
    A moment that still gives me an emotional thrill!

    A rare cast photo may be up on my Facebook page:
    Greg Berg

    And for those in more on my early career start AND hear samples of my character, spokesman, and sound-alike demo's to give you an idea of my abilities, for fun or if you need a voice for any creative projects:

    (don't leave messages on MYSPACE though)
    Email Contact: idovoices@yahoo.com
  7. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    Thanks for enjoying the show!
  8. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    see latest post...still learning, I could have just replied to you
  9. DannyRWW

    DannyRWW Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting. Really neat to hear all this.
  10. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    Oh, heard about this site that was trying to bring attention to re-air the show thrua petition campaign..not sure of it's effectiveness,( as to who delivers it and to where..??)But letters to Disney TV animation programming may know more?


    Luckily, voicing OTHER prominent projects have kept my talents out there..
    Gave exclusive news to MuppetCentralNews...did you see The Muppet Movie?
    I was heard in it!
    There's the tease, hopefully MCN writes about it. Or I could, should anyone comment?
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

  12. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering about this. I'd checked out your Wikipedia page to see what else you'd done, and saw you listed for "The Muppets" as the announcer, something like that. So were you the voice that we all thought was Jerry Nelson?
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  13. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    Thanks for Joining us! I remember watching Muppet Babies when I was younger, after all these years it still feels as funny and relevant as ever! I do think Disney needs to put it back on the air! And who knows, with the new Disney Junior channel coming soon airing Bear in the Big Blue House, anythings possible!!!
  14. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    The 'scoop' on Disney 'The Muppets' Movie.. I was asked to record the voice of the 'stage manager', in the critical scene of the Telethon starting on time-a very small clip, but to get ANYTHING in that show was a 'gift',withallthe celebrity stars it was packed with.
    The gang is rushing around,Gonzo,I beleivesays15 seconds,..they hear me countdown '2,.. 1,.. and CUE SCOOTER!' (Later, when they have to get back on the air after the power outtage, they show a speaker and I'm heard giving the countdown to begin. As the movie listed the 'recognizable' names in the show, they were not obligated to list mine..thus uncredited..BUT the voice is heard!

    I guess for the 'MUPPET MAVENS', they will savor this inside 'trivia' ort of the situation should they wish to stump another by asking WHICH MUPPET BABY ACTOR, WAS THE ONLY ONE FROM THE ANIMATED SHOW, TO DO A VOICE IN A LIVE ACTION MUPPET MOVIE??

    At first I wondered if they wanted a 'character' voice, but then was infromed,.. 'No, just do your own voice, they like that one!"
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  15. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    They should be just as entertaining..but unless the 'powers that be' agree or they realize the public would want the same..I don't understand the hold up..Although I've read an article stating how the Disney Studio wanted to keep behind the franchise, but after the changes in management, some extra business diverted the talked about push.
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  16. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

  17. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Greg! I don't have a lot to say except that I think it's cool that you're here, and I enjoyed Muppet Babies. I have a bootleg DVD set, and would gladly replace it with a legal one if only I could.
  18. gregishere

    gregishere Active Member

    Well, I had seen something of the sort online,and knew WE didn't get word of DVD release, so someone must have taken to make a buck or wanted to keep the show out there in theri way??

    Even DVD's haven't been released, now THAT makes one wonder what maybe happening behind the scenes??

    I recall hearing a talking story book was made or some item recorded that used other Non-Union talents to sound like us(?)..one dayanothervoice talentaskedmeif I was doing that new item and I had no idea of it..but never heard where the project went after it was complete. If anyone hears a program, with the Babies that may sound a little off, that maybe someone 'trying' to make a little extra..but hey,if Henson's/Disney okays it, the fans may have the final word.

    **Someone wrote commenting on a credit they've seen for MONSTER'S INC. Video Game.. YES! I voiced Frank Oz's character FUNGUS. For whatever reason the company had to get a soundalike, I'm glad they chose someone,(me), from the voice pool of those respectable to sounding like Frank Oz and his characters.
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    That reminds me of a question I was going to ask... I recently stumbled upon a Muppet Babies book and Tape recording that had Maurice LaMarche as Baby Animal (but the rest of the cast, including yourself, was the same). My question is, if you can remember, was this before or after Howie Mandel left, but before they cast Dave Coulier as some of his roles?
  20. CaseytheMuppet

    CaseytheMuppet Well-Known Member

    Will Muppet Babies Return to TV? I would love to see the whole series someday. :)

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