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Happily EVER after?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by green stuff, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. green stuff Member

    Happy Birthday, Nick! Hope this chapter is to your liking! :)
  2. The Count Moderator

    Absolutely loved the update. More sad stuff from Robin's past. More meltyness with Megan... More heartwarmingness when Rob comforted Mindy, his brother's girl. Thank you, please post more when you can.
    *Leaves cookies. Don't worry, those are real choc chips, not ingredients better suited for frogs.
  3. Nick22 Active Member

    AWESOME chapter! lots of tears. i can't wait for the nest one.! keep up the great work! :) this story just keeps getting better.
  4. green stuff Member

    Well, I've been keeping you waiting for much too long now, haven't I, Nick? How about another chapter? :)
  5. Nick22 Active Member

  6. The Count Moderator

    What do we have to do to get this new chapter of which you speak?
  7. green stuff Member

    Oh, wait, I think...one more day..patience is a virtue, yes?
  8. The Count Moderator

    Either that or a curse... But please, post new chapter soon!
    Us fanfic monsters are soooooo hungry!
  9. Nick22 Active Member

    i'm ready for another chapter!
  10. green stuff Member

    Good, cuz I'm ready to post one soon!
  11. Nick22 Active Member

    like, how soon?
  12. green stuff Member

    The Panda With Spots

    And speaking of China, back in the past....


    ’'Frank, are you sure about this?’’ Penny asked apprehensively. Never had she been so uncertain of anything in her life. Her fingers drummed nervously on the arm of the green cushioned chair that she was uneasily seated in. In her other hand, she fiddled with the ruffles of her mint colored dress, and stared down at the ground. Penny had made big movements in her career before, but never anything like this. This morning, on the other half of the world, Penny the Panda Bear was being advised on a huge career decision by her agent, Frank. Penny was quite a successful actress in China, much like any mentionable movie star that can be named in America. Despite the fact that she was not human, she found herself in success’ doorway almost immediately. However, this was exactly why she was in Frank’s office in the first place. Frank was trying his hardest not only to convince, but to actually make her see that Penny had gone as far as she could have in China. Almost effortlessly, she had reached the top, and now she could go no farther as far as her career was concerned. So now, if Penny really wished to continue to expand her talents and build her career up, she would have to branch out- to America. Unfortunately, the mere thought of moving to another country, especially for the sake of work, scared the living daylights out of Penny.

    ‘’Penny Baby, I’m telling you, this is the only way you’re gonna truly get to the top. China’s got nothing left for you, America’s got everything.’’
    ‘’But Frank, my family, my friends! My whole life is here in China; I cannot just uproot myself like that without any real thought first! And what about my daughter? I cannot make her move now, this is her last year of school before she goes to college. Her life and all of her friends are here as well. What will she think?’’

    ‘’Penny, just think about it. I know your daughter is making friends and becoming popular, but there’s nothing saying that she can’t do that in the United States. And you, the offers you’ll get in America will be much better, not to mention you’ll get bigger parts in the movies, and many more chances to branch out. And- and, you’ll earn more money. That’s more money towards a better life for you and your family-- and your daughter’s college fund.’’
    That thought got Penny stirring a bit. It was true that going to America would make more money for her daughter’s education, but she herself really had no use for money, she was a very simple panda bear; not high maintenance at all. The fame and fortune that had been so quickly thrust upon her really had no affect on her; she still went to public places like the library, and still shopped at the local thrift stores that she used to before she became ‘’famous.’’ In fact, she didn’t even like to be referred to as famous. Yes, she admitted that she was successful, but anything beyond that, she denied whole-heartedly. If she had to describe herself and her career, she would say, ‘’ I’m just an ordinary panda doing extraordinary things.’’

    Penny’s daughter was no different. Beside from the fact that she had to put her in a private girl’s school because of her fame, she was no different from any other teenage girl. She loved shopping, hanging out with girl friends, cooking, playing soccer, roller blading, and of course, dancing. Dancing was her forte. She had such grace and style in every movement that she did; she could captivate any audience with a simple sashay. And, as a reward for her high school graduation (or fourth year finishing school -- in China, it's not called high school) Penny had saved virtually all of her pay to buy her daughter the nicest and best car that she could afford. While this was all good and well, this put a rather sizable dent in the amount of money that she had left for her college fund. Now that Frank was so insistent on her going to America to rebuild her career, that seemed to be null and void now as well. (If Penny and her daughter were to go to America, her daughter could never drive it there-the steering wheels are on the right in China.) And as for the rest of her family…..well, suffice it to say that they weren’t so easy to leave either.

    ‘’Jen-Li,’’ she whispered. Penny then heaved a heavy sigh, and smoothed a hand through her beautiful dark braided hair. She looked straight into Frank’s eager eyes. She knew that he was just trying to encourage her and look out for her well-being, but it just wasn’t that easy.

    ‘’Well, Frank, thank you for laying out the possibilities for me. You’ve given me quite a lot to think about. But I’m afraid I cannot make a decision right now without discussing it with my daughter first. If I go, I want it to be a yes on both of our parts; this affects her life as much as it does mine. But I promise, I will call you this weekend, and I will give you my decision then.’’
    ‘’Of course,’’ said Frank patiently, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. He then took her hand, helped her out of her chair, and walked her to the door. With a wide grin on his face, he opened it for her. He then gave her a look that said everything. Everything he did say, and everything he wanted to to further convince her. Penny saw it, and it made her just a little uncomfortable. He responded with a smile, and moved a little closer to her.

    ‘’America has plenty of opportunities for you, Penny. Don’t be afraid to take them.’’ Penny’s only reply was a smile as she walked out the door and through the massive hallway that led to Frank’s office.

    ‘’Think about it, ‘’ he said, half to himself. He then watched the most deserving and talented client he had ever had walk away with the biggest decision she would ever have to make in her life.
  13. green stuff Member

    some of you may recognize this chapter..it was from my last story, but you see...I've found a way to integrate my last story into this one...so for those of you who are familiar, enjoy the refresher course, for those who don't know it, then enjoy!
  14. The Count Moderator

    Thank you vewy much. *Is glad to see Penny, and Zhen-Yi later too, again. *Still needs to know if Megan will be all right. *Leaves cookies in hope of more story being posted soon-soonish. :insatiable:

    BTW: Just found out... Happy birthday!
    :zany: tosses cue card saying "Yaey! ! !"
    *Wheels in cake with candles from the bakery in town.
  15. Nick22 Active Member

    great chapter. i was kinda confused at first, but them i read yer post about it going along with what you've written so far. so yay! i'm excited to see what happens next! ! !

    and it's yer birthday! YAY! happy birthday! ! ! !
  16. green stuff Member

    Thanks everybody for the comments and birthday wishes! They are always appreciated. While I enjoy Count's birthday cake, I will try and drum up the next chapter as soon as I can.

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