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I got the paper towels!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Xerus, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. rexcrk Active Member

    What?! What is it?!

    :concern: Nothing.. I've always wanted to say that

  2. Maybe you expected me to go HOG-wild? Maybe you could bring home the BACON! Ahhh... the sounds of love: su-EEEEE! Oink, oink!
  3. Yaa da poppin' corn is... 3D! Da corn is popping in your face inna... 3-D!
  4. You keep outta this! He doesn't have to shoot you now!
  5. You don't want a chicken, son.
  6. rexcrk Active Member

    "I wanna try something different!"

    "Put some Jell-O down your pants!"
  7. Their already down there!
  8. rexcrk Active Member

    Ya can't take no for an answer! :D
  10. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Stop the Presses!

    Bea:zany:{and I said, Look Philo, please stop with the multiple posts before Phill has to stop this thread too}anice
  11. rexcrk Active Member

    Dear bears and chickens and things
  12. TennisMuppet New Member

    "Kermit, you need to take care of your eyes. You have wonderful eyes. They are like......two ping-pong balls floating in a sea of mildew."
  13. No, I have the paper towels!
  14. ryhoyarbie Active Member

    Look buddy, i'm not taking my clothes off for anyone, even if it is artistic.

  15. rexcrk Active Member

    :p Are they here yet are they here yet? Did I miss it? Am I late?
    :( No they'll be here any minute
    Oh boy me can hardly wait!
  16. ryhoyarbie Active Member

    Isn't this exciting?
    It's the wedding of the year.
    Well can't we start without them?
    No you can't until they're here.
  17. rexcrk Active Member

    I thought Gonzo was gonna play the minster :concern:
  18. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    They're finally getting married :zany: :zany: :zany: Nooooooooowwwwwwww
  19. rexcrk Active Member

    Hey look Waldorf! It's the pig and the frog!
  20. Yeah, looks like there in love.

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