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I hope Sesame Workshop never sells the company

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by Disneys Muppets, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    I signed it, saying:
  2. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    >>There are many things about current Disney I might not like, just like current Sesame Street, but unlike Sesame Street, Disney has not seen a need to bury its past.<<

    Once again, are you familiar with Song of the South, WW II cartoons, or basically any animated series they've made before 1998?
  3. GeeBee New Member

    Yes, I am familiar with them. Some content of Disney may be controversial by today's standards because of old stereotypes, but let's face the facts, as a whole, vintage Disney has been much more widely available than vintage Sesame Street.
  4. Dantecat Active Member

    Gee Bee,Were you just the 808th person to sign this petition??
  5. GeeBee New Member

    No, that wasn't me, but I did sign it. We've got to keep trying.
  6. Just imagine if Disney bought the rights to Sesame Street! But if Disney owned the rights to Sesame Street, would Sesame Street still air on PBS? And would Disney give Sesame Street more than 26 episodes?
  7. McFraggle Active Member

    I doubt it would be on PBS if Disney bought SW. But who knows?
  8. But would Disney give the show all the classic clips like the Martian Beauty, Alligator King, We all Live in a Capital I, etc.?
  9. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Personally, I really doubt that they would. SW has more of a chance of rereleasing or reshowing the the old skits than DIz... personally, I feel they'd take the time out to plug as many Disney TV shows and stufff as they can via guest shots....
  10. Well, what network would Sesame Street air on if Disney bought Sesame Workshop-ABC?
  11. Would Disney release DVD box sets of Sesame Street episodes by season?
  12. GeeBee New Member

    You know what might be cool? A DVD series called "Big Bird Meets Mickey Mouse." Each one would contain new footage of Big Bird and Mickey as the masters of ceremony, introducing vintage Sesame Street episodes and vintage Disney cartoons.
  13. Dantecat Active Member


    That Definately AWould Be Cool But Would It Just Be Vintage Mickey Mouse Cartoons :confused:
  14. Dantecat Active Member

    I Mean "Would" Sorry For The Mistake! :o
  15. McFraggle Active Member

    That sounds cool. :)

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