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It Happened on Monday

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ironically, I was going to take a break from writing when this little gem decided that I needed to write it down. This is - for Mr. Count Moderator guy - story 2a in what I call the Monday series; while reading both of the previous stories will help with the understanding, it's actually the second story in which this idea stems.

    In that, I had Gonzo make a comment to Kermit which implied that the constant in (and out) fighting that he and Piggy did would sometimes split the Muppets as a whole into Team Kermit or Team Piggy (and sometimes Neutral). It was an idea that occurred to me while writing the second story and seemed to bloom from there. Also, in planning and writing this, I realized that I'm kinda telling a one-sided story here, but after careful thinking I realized that we get a glimpse of the other side in the 2011 movie.

    And so, here is another fic from me. I've gone ahead and included said quote from 'Monday Dinner Date'

    Gonzo & Kermit, after Gonzo has punched him - Monday Dinner Date

    It Happened on Monday
    It happened on a Monday.

    At the weekly Monday morning meeting, to be exact.

    Things had been in a state of literal free fall for the group known collectively as The Muppets; professionally, their popularity was waning despite their last few endeavors to the contrary. But even those endeavors seemed to be less than stellar and their profit margins showed it. They were most certainly in a professional slump, however that wasn’t the whole picture.

    True, professionally they weren’t on top any more, but they still had enough fans that tuned in to whatever project they did, regardless if it was good or not. That wasn’t the problem. The problem wasn’t on screen, it was off. The dynamic that had made the group so popular in the first place seemed to be fractured, splintered, and plain just coming apart at the seams.

    In their interviews and appearances, they put on the happy faces and made the jokes that everyone wanted to hear; they were actors and actresses after all, however once the camera was off, the true problems that were going on couldn’t be hidden as well. The public wouldn’t know about the split until many years later, however the group had known about it far in advance, probably even before that fateful Monday when everything changed.

    Monday mornings were typically started with a meeting in which the group went over some of the behind the scenes issues, like finances or business matters, props, and even wardrobe. Usually an open forum, it seemed to be standard faire that certain performers were at every meeting and often were the reps to the rest of the group – Rowlf the Dog and Dr. Teeth, of the Electric Mayhem, were often the voice for the musicians and orchestral players from the old show days and were usually involved with many parts of the musical accompaniment that went with their movies.

    The Great Gonzo was known for his more outrageous stunts and was counted on as a representative of what could and could not be done to one’s body while doing a stunt. They also counted on him to supervise any detonations or explosions that were to happen on set.

    Fozzie Bear was the group’s resident comedian and while having a comedian as part of a senior staff of sorts may have seemed odd, the bear also had a dual role of being one of so called, ‘minders’ – a person who was adept at keeping order and control when dealing with a rowdy bunch of Muppets. Or tried to anyway.

    Next was that of Andrew ‘Scooter’ Grosse, the former gopher who had since rose in the ranks to become their director’s administrative and personal assistant, as well as right hand man. There wasn’t anything that Scooter didn’t know that was going on in the theater; more often than not, he was usually a part of whatever mad capped scheme was going down and usually tried his best to keep it from their director and leader.

    Also in attendance was the group’s self-proclaimed leading lady, Miss Piggy. Well before their first show, Piggy had deemed herself the star and dared anyone to prove her wrong; while she could often run afoul both cast, crew, and guest star, the diva not only had acting ability but popularity. The others often called her their head of and single resident of their marketing department.

    Lastly was their producer, director, and leader, Kermit the Frog. Usually seen as the captain on the MSS Insanity, Kermit had been a beloved member of television audiences for years, beginning with his first initial start in a show called Sam & Friends before meeting Rowlf and the two of them pitching a new children’s show called Sesame Street.

    The Monday morning meeting had become somewhat of a tradition and would be held regardless of location and regardless of who showed up. It was the Monday morning meeting when the first big cracks started showing up in the group. Kermit and Piggy were two halves of a relationship that most people didn’t understand, not even the two who were in the relationship.

    They were known for not only being a loving couple, but also being a combative one; no argument was too big or too small for them to get into and any place and anywhere were perfect times for them to start arguing. And maybe that’s why the rest of the group, so used to their arguments anyway, were too slow on the uptake to see that there was anything wrong. Kermit was a fairly private person, especially when it came to the state of his affairs, while Piggy was very grandiose in her overatures that when the hammer dropped, it sent shockwaves throughout.

    As mentioned, this Monday was to be no different than any other or rather, it was to continue an increasing new trend for just about every meeting that had taken place the last few months. The usual suspects were gathered, all except one, and the meeting had of course started with a spat between their leader and their leading lady.

    “Yay,” Scooter muttered. “Just what I wanted to wake up to, another argument.”

    “Cool it, cats,’ Dr. Teeth rumbled. Normally a very outgoing and gregeious individual, even he was tiring of the constant arguments that seemed to plague every meeting he attended. In fact, he planned on telling the others that this would be the last one he would attend; he had conned his band’s bassist to at least take the next one until their gig officially started in Vegas.

    He planned on telling the group that this morning too.

    “Tick tock on the o’clock, Kermit.”

    “Right,” the frog sighed. The state of Muppet affairs had been weighing on him for quite some time, years maybe, and truthfully he was becoming a bit more agitated than normal. Opening his mouth to say something, he looked around instead asking, “Where’s Gonzo?”

    “He had a doctor’s appointment,” Fozzie piped up. “He wanted to get his knee looked out after that stunt went badly yesterday.”

    A miscalculation on Gonzo’s part had sent the blue weirdo missing the targeted trampoline he had set up for one of his stunts. He had stood up and declared himself fine, though the others noticed he walked with a slight limp for the rest of the day.

    Kermit nodded at the information before stating, “Okay. Anything new before we get started?”

    “I have an announcement, Kermit,” Piggy replied.

    “Big surprise.”

    “Contrary to belief,” the diva retorted. “You’re not the only one that has something to say at these meetings.”

    Kermit turned to reply, but was interrupted by Scooter’s mumbled, “Here we go.” Leaning back in his chair, the younger Muppet groused, “Are we gonna listen to you two argue all meeting? Cause I have stuff to do.”

    “Oh I’m sorry,” Kermit shot back, sarcastically. “Are we keeping you from something?”

    “Yes,” the assistant retorted. “The rest of my day.”

    “Hey,” Rowlf said. Like Dr. Teeth, Rowlf’s mood had slowly soured when attending these meetings and he often found himself giving out stern warnings to the trio that usually sat at their head of their table. “Be nice.” Waiting to see if Scooter would say anything in return – he usually didn’t – he went on with, “Go on, Piggy.”

    “Thank you, Rowlf,” the diva whispered, demurely. Clearing her throat, Piggy was all set to read the speech that she had so carefully wrote out and memorized for this very moment. As prepared as she thought she would be, it was clear that she really wasn’t. On the second try, she managed to get out the most important aspect of that speech.

    “I’m leaving.”

    It wasn’t a statement of ‘I’m leaving on vacation, this week, sniff you jerks later’ or even ‘I’m leaving this room until we can pretend to pretend to be civilized’, it was the very statement of finality, as in ‘I’m leaving and not returning.’

    It wouldn’t have been the first time that Piggy had branched out on her own, they all did, but eventually they would all come back together again for whatever new project came their way. But this was the end, at least for her, of the joy ride that had started way back in Bogen County when she ran across a frog, a bear, and a whatever. And the statement itself was so far out of right field that no one reacted for a good two minutes; not even Kermit who should’ve been the most aware of what Piggy was doing, seeing as he lived in the same house.

    “What?” Scooter breathed.

    “I’m leaving,” she repeated.

    “You’re leaving?” Fozzie gasped.

    “Well,” Piggy giggled, nervously. “A star like Moi can’t be to…um…attached to one thing or another. Must…must move on and all that.”

    Once Kermit had regained the bodily function that rendered speech, he surprised himself with, “Well, I’m sure we all wish you luck, seeing as you’ll be someone else’s headache for a change.”

    “You know,” Piggy quipped. “Most people would say ‘goodbye’, oh but not you. No, no, ‘goodbye’ would be beneath you. Sounds similar to have your nights have been lately.”

    “Yes,” Kermit smirked. “I’m finally getting a goodnight’s sleep.”

    “And just like that,” Scooter muttered, standing to get himself a cup of coffee. “This conversation has taken a turn towards mental torture. Glad you’re sleeping, Frog, cause the rest won’t be able to now.”
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  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Is there more? Sorry, bit tired. But good start reintroducing the main players the way you did. Thanks and keep posting cause we want to keep reading.
  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Piggy's leaving? I don't belie this! Well, mre plz! Thanks!
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And here is our second section. It's only the first part, but enjoy!

    The Great Gonzo was in top spirits. He had just come from the orthopedics’ office with the good news that he hadn’t completely shattered something in his leg; he was of course given the warning that any more stunts and he’d find himself in a full body cast and that he was crazy, stupid, or both if he continued, but Gonzo brushed it off.

    He was a daredevil! Crazy and stupid were requirements and he took those requirements seriously.

    In hindsight, it meant that he missed the morning office meeting, but he was headed over to the head honcho’s house anyway, where he hoped to get all the details. Rowlf had sent him a cryptic text message stating that he had missed a dozy of a meeting and that he should probably talk to Piggy at some point. As strange as that was, Gonzo certainly didn’t mind speaking to Piggy; he had no idea about what and really wished the piano playing dog had thrown him a bone in that department.

    It was no secret that he and Piggy were not close – he had assumed that his Avant garde lifestyle was in complete contrast with her high life living, however he was pretty sure that the fact his feelings went a little south of friendship was the whole reason. He could honestly – now – state that his feelings for Piggy were completely and utterly platonic, but he couldn’t lie if asked if there wasn’t a small part of him that was still crazy about her.

    But Kermit was one of his best friends and as that best friend, Gonzo knew when to stomp out feelings that would never go past start on a game board. He was okay with that; after all, he had found Camilla and the weirdo didn’t think he could be happier with anyone else, not even Piggy, even after all this time.

    He was happy in the notion that they had moved passed being enemies, though they weren’t actually in friend territory – they really were frienemies, when he truly thought about it; the type of person you’re constantly trying to annoy, but would probably do anything for.

    Arriving at the home that Kermit and Piggy shared, Gonzo was once again reminded just how much that pig was in love with that frog and most times, the weirdo was convinced that the frog loved the pig with as much fervor that was lavished on him.

    Taking the side entrance that would allow him to bypass the security gate, Gonzo made his way to the front door and rang the bell. He actually expected Kermit to open the door, so he was bit startled when Piggy answered it instead.

    “Gonzo,” she sighed, turning away from the door and allowing him in. “What can I do for you?”

    “I was actually looking for Boss Frog,” he replied, walking in and closing the door behind him. “Apparently I missed one heck of a meeting this morning.” Noticing the luggage by the door, he then asked, “You going somewhere?”

    “I’m leaving.”

    “Yes,” he deadpanned. “I could see that from the luggage by the door. So again, I ask, you going somewhere?”

    “I’m leaving, Gonzo,” the diva reiterated, heading back into the bedroom to continue packing.

    Never let it be known that the Great Gonzo knew anything about personal space, especially not when it came to Piggy or anyone for that matter. While anyone else may have stayed in the living room, the stuntman followed in the pig’s wake to that of the house’s master bedroom.

    Normally a well done up room, colored with beige walls and furnishings to match, the bed was currently littered with clothing, with a large suitcase sitting open on top of the bed.

    “What?” Gonzo chuckled. “The house? The country? The Muppets? What?”

    “Yes, yes, and yes,” Piggy stated, turning to find the daredevil behind her. She wasn't exactly surprised at his presence, however the way the smile and joking nature seemed to drain from his face did cause her to pause slightly.

    “That’s…what you missed in the meeting this morning.”

    Gonzo stood with his mouth open in shock for about forty five seconds before he spurted, “You’re not serious. You’re joking.”

    “Does it look like I’m joking, Gonzo?” came her reply. She had busied herself with removing clothing – hers – from the closet, folding them, and putting them in the suitcase on the bed.

    Again, Gonzo’s brain frantically tried to reconcile her actions and what she had said. “You can’t do this.”

    “Please remind me when have I ever done anything you’ve told me to do?”

    “Piggy, I’m serious,” Gonzo stressed. Did she not know the consequences this decision could have? On everyone? “You cannot do this. This will destroy Kermit.”

    “Oh yes,” Piggy replied, cynically. “The frog is in such dire straits. Let us think about Kermit in all of this because we know how much Kermit is suffering here.”

    “Hey, I’m thinking about you!”

    “Well of course you are,” the diva shot back. “I haven’t known you to do anything else since I first met you. I’m surprised anything else gets through!”

    That stunned him, probably more than it actually hurt him. In all the years they had known each other, Piggy had never once thrown Gonzo’s feelings for her back at him. Oh, she may have been annoyed by them, irritated by them, and maybe even a bit bemused, but she had never been so callous as to throw those feelings back in his face before.

    “That’s low, Piggy,” Gonzo whispered, hurt evident in the slight growl to his voice. “Even for you.”

    Whatever fight Piggy had left in her seem to deflate almost immediately. She wasn’t angry at Gonzo, certainly he knew that, but even still she had surprised herself with her own words. Leaning against the wall next to the closet, she whispered, “I’m sorry.”

    Gonzo thought he knew Piggy pretty well – well, as well as frienemies could know each other – and he was pretty sure this wasn’t just another opportunity to branch out. He originally thought that she would be leaving for a while, which probably would destroy Kermit, but now he was beginning to realize this was more than a professional departure.

    “This isn’t strictly professional, is it?”

    Piggy hadn’t looked at Gonzo once during this conversation, even when she had opened the door to her home to him, it had been a fleeting glance once she was aware who it was. Now, she turned saddened blue eyes on him and he knew immediately this wasn’t about a job.

    This was about Kermit.

    “I can’t do this anymore, Gonzo,” she whispered. “I can’t.”

    Sighing, Gonzo took a seat on the bed next to a half filled suitcase, saying, “I know, sweetie. Sometimes I could just strangle that frog.”

    “Don’t say that.”

    “It’s true.”

    “He’s one of your best friends,” she said, going over and placing a few more items into the suitcase.

    “Yes!” Gonzo exclaimed. “Yes, he is! He is one of my best friends and I love him, but I love you too. Some days, I have to force myself not to punch him in the face for the way he’s treated you over the years and I’m not the only one. You have no idea how many of us would side with you over Kermit, in a heartbeat, any time and any day of the week.”

    This was certainly news to Piggy, who had always felt she had only a few associations within the group itself. Primarily her own doing, the diva had subscribed to a role and that role had taken her well beyond them and their name, but she had always been surprised in discovering that the others cared about her as she pretended not to care about them.

    Gonzo, for instance, was probably the most unlikely ally to her at times. When he wasn’t lusting after her – or anyone else – and he wasn’t trying to break the record for most suicidal attempts at killing oneself, the daredevil had always proven he had her best interests at heart and that he would protect her from anything, sometimes doing a better job than her froggy main squeeze.

    And in thinking that, the small little kernel of happiness was quickly swallowed by the mouth of despair. She didn’t want the others to take sides, especially in something of this magnitude! Fights between her and Kermit, while legendary, were often fairly short and easily resolved, but this was a fight like no other. Never had she threatened or even planned to ever leave him or the Muppets, not like she was doing now and she couldn’t think of one time in which Kermit had been as callous to her as he had in the last couple of weeks.

    “I don’t want you guys to choose sides,” she whimpered.

    “Sweetie,” Gonzo cooed. “It’s already happened.” Glancing away for a moment, he whispered, “It’s never been this bad before.”

    “Yeah well,” Piggy chuckled. “Kermit’s also never said some of the things he has to me before.”

    Immediately, Gonzo’s blue turned back to her at the same time his eyes narrowed. “Like what?” he asked. The entire world may have thought Kermit the Frog was the nicest guy ever to come out of Mississippi, but he could also be a petty jerk when he wanted to be.

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    “No, I think it does,” he insisted. “What?”

    “Oh you know,” she sighed. “That he would never marry me, ever, for as long as we both should live. Which kinda makes this - ” she gestured around the room. “monstrosity sorta null and void.”

    “I don’t understand that frog,” Gonzo muttered. “Half the world’s male population would give their right arm for just an hour with you and he’s going to throw away years.?!” Balling a fist and hitting his other hand, he asked, “Where is Kermit, anyway?”


    “I’m just asking for curiosity sake.”

    “I think he might be with Scooter,” she said.

    “Oh well then,” the weirdo chuckled. “No point in me getting involved; Scooter’s probably already got him tied to chair and is about to blow him up.”


    “I’m serious,” he said. “You know that kid’s in love with you, right?”

    “Not anymore he’s not,” she mumbled, before realizing that no one else had ever been aware of a tidbit she herself had suspected. “Repeat that and I’ll kill you.”

    Gonzo held up his hands in compliance before a thoughtful look came over his features. He had wondered about Scooter’s feelings for some time, believing that the younger Muppet was in love with the diva; his longtime girlfriend Camilla had countered, saying that the boy probably only felt that way as a randy teenager.

    “I guess I owe Camilla fifty bucks,” he murmured.
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    xD I love this chapter.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Adores the Gonzo/Piggy dynamic presented here as the diva's closing up shop, ready to ship out wherever the winds may take her.So cans we gets more story please?
    *Leaves muffin, ran out of cookies.
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You always seem to know when I plan on updating. Here's the rest of this portion and the start of another.

    EDIT: Sorry to cut and run, but it's time for work!

    “I’m serious, Gonzo.”

    “I won’t say a word,” the daredevil protested. “I’ve already forgotten this whole conversation, well, the part about Scooter anyway.” Watching her go back and forth, taking out clothing and putting it in the suitcase made things all the more real to him; she hadn’t once called him ‘buzzard beak’, ‘weirdo’, ‘letch’, or even ‘freak monkey’ the entire time he had been there.

    In fact, this was probably the most serious he had ever seen Piggy outside of a negotiation.
    “Where ya headed?”

    This time, it was the diva’s turn to sigh. Shaking her head as she folded a blouse and placed it on top of the other items, she whispered, “I honestly don’t know. I can’t stay here, obviously, and I don’t think staying in California or New York is a good idea either.”

    “You know,” Gonzo replied, seriously. “You could make him leave. This is your house, after all. Besides, you should probably decide something soon; you don’t exactly pack light, Princess.”

    Piggy made an undignified growl before pushing the suitcase over so she could sit next to the stuntman on the bed. “How did it ever get to this?” she asked.

    “Well,” he said, throwing an arm around her. “You fell in love with the workaholic, commitment phobic frog instead of the handsome blue performance artist.”

    She had to smirk at that; leave it to Gonzo to find some comedy in all of this. “Yes,” she drawled. “Because that would’ve been a match made in heaven.”

    “I’m glad you agree,” he retorted. “Have you eaten today?”

    “I vaguely remember having a donut for breakfast.”

    “Nothing says nutrition like that,” he said. Giving her shoulder a squeeze, he released her and stood up. “C’mon, I’ll buy you lunch and with any luck we can avoid the frog like the plague.”

    “Gonzo,” she sighed, standing as well. “I’m not trying to avoid him, I just…actually avoiding him is probably a good idea.”

    “Oh I agree,” the daredevil replied. “Cause if I see him, I’m gonna deck him.”


    Nothing stayed a secret in Hollywood, especially if you were a group like the Muppets. News of Piggy’s announcement had rippled throughout the entrie group and just as Gonzo had predicted, the battle lines were already being drawn. There was one side who thought Kermit in the right for kicking the pretentious pig out, surprised that he had waited so long and then there was the other side that thought Piggy should’ve dropped Kermit like a bad habit a long time ago.

    And then there was the island of Neutrality, designed for those who didn’t or couldn’t choose between the two.

    The exact words and the exact reasoning for the leave wasn’t known to everyone, but it didn’t really need to be; if you had been around Kermit and Piggy long enough, you were pretty aware of how their relationship worked and most were just waiting for that other shoe to drop.

    They would either get married and live happily ever after or they would have the messiest break up the entertainment world had ever seen. And it looked as though the latter was winning.

    The atmosphere in the group when the power couple was fighting was always a bit tense, however it usually never lasted as long as a day or even that of a week. The heightened tension that had been going lately was more than just the break up of the power couple; it seemed that all the major players in the group were drifting away from one another.

    The power trio, for instance, which consisted of Fozzie, Gonzo, and Kermit seemed to have splintered in the last couple of months. Fozzie, who always felt inadequate as a comic and could experience near panicked stated of nervousness, seemed to be a creative slump. His routines, which could sometimes fall flat, were falling faster than a dime off the Empire State Building and the bear seemed to be withdrawing into himself as of late. He had even surprised Kermit by taking smaller parts in their couple of films. Normally, Gonzo or Kermit could easily pick the bear back up, but the two were dealing with their own problems.

    Gonzo, who may have seen the oncoming storm, had begun to move in a different direction in terms of his life. He and Camilla were having some serious conversations as of late in regards to just how far they could take the whole ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ thing before it began to implode the way Kermit and Piggy’s relationship seemed to be. In the midst of that, the stuntman had unexpectantly found a kindred spirit in that of Rizzo the Rat, one of their recurring characters from their show days.

    He and Rizzo had been paired up as part of their homage to Mr. Charles Dickens and the two had found they not only got along well, but they also played off each other, probably better than Gonzo did with Fozzie or Kermit or even Piggy on occasion. Because of that, Gonzo found himself seeking out Rizzo more and more, which left Fozzie to his own devices and Kermit on his own.

    Kermit the Frog was having the worst couple of years ever.
    Truth be told, he had never truly gotten over the death of his good friend Jim Henson and then another one of their crew members had died and the whole thing had saddened the group as a whole. It was Jim’s death however that seemed to devastate both Kermit and Rowlf, who had known the man from the beginning and had worked with him then as well.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    And you seem to know how much to pack into an installment—not unlike the pig packing her wardrobe as well as herself away.
    :flirt: Like, it's splits-ville fer everybody, fer sure.
    :sing: Zoinks? *Laughs.

    Plus, you hit on why the frog's green turned morosely drab gray... Jim's death, along with Richard's, but mostly Jim's affecting frog and dog alike.
    Thanks, post more when you can, is great to always read from your stuff.
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ahahaaaaahahhhh! I can't tell what side I'm on.

    Am I on the boat with Piggy and Gonzo, with Kermit bein' a jerk?

    Or am I with Kermit because he's havinga hard time?

    Oh doozersticks!

    More please!
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    How I'm able to work on this with roofers above my head, I don't even know, but here's an extra long piece to tide you over until I either a. go home or b. flee in irritation.

    Their take on a Christmas Carol had been the first project they had done without the two of them and working with new people, while okay and decent, wasn’t the same. Kermit hadn’t been too surprised when Rowlf declined to have a role in the production, choosing instead to work behind the scenes on the musical score instead. In fact, that had been Rowlf’s primary role for the last few projects they had done; the frog was starting to envy him a bit.

    Kermit would have much rather hid behind the scenes too, but he couldn’t. He was the de facto face of the Muppets and any new project they did would need to have him in it. Even when he tried switching the focus on someone else, he still felt the very need to be involved in just more than production or directing. Thank Heavens for Gonzo; the weirdo was born to be in front of an audience and he didn’t care what the audience was as long as he had one.

    That was how they had decided on him – and Rizzo – to be the narrators of the classic holiday tale – Kermit didn’t want to do it and no one else volunteered. Which was surprising in itself because the frog was well aware of just how many hams he had on staff.

    And speaking of hams, the frog didn’t think he had ever been more shocked at Piggy’s behavior than he had been that Monday morning. She could’ve knocked him over with a feather when she stated she was leaving – she hadn’t even bothered to tell him she was leaving. Though, to be honest, he shouldn’t have been so shocked; their personal lives always managed to invade their professional ones and vice versa.

    That was the number one reason he had always been reluctant to pursue anything with her. She was a smart pig and well on top of the rumor mill called Hollywood, surely she was aware of just how many couples didn’t make it because they couldn’t balance their two different lives. People didn’t even do it in normal business and work environments, but Piggy was insistent, persistent in the hopes of trying.

    He should’ve known moving in with her was a bad idea. In fact, he had known and his stupid heart and stupid male libido had overridden his brain before he could stop them. Oh, it had worked for a while – during the days after Jim’s death, that house had been a refuge for him. She had thought well in advance that he liked his privacy and unless they were invited, no one got in. There were times when even he could hear sounds of little figs running around the house.

    But after Jim died, it felt like a part of Kermit died too. Jim had been such a great instrument in helping this motely band of creatures find their start, for him and Rowlf particularly, that it was hard, painful to imagine trying to go without that. But Kermit did just that. For a while, the notion that Jim nor Richard Hunt – their second loss – would want them to sit around and wallow when there were people out there who were hurting just as much as they were.

    And then…Kermit just…stopped.

    Maybe he hadn’t taken enough time to mourn, maybe he was juggling too many things, maybe it was some midlife crisis for frogs, he didn’t know; all of sudden, one day, he just didn’t want to do this anymore. He didn’t want to work behind the scenes, he didn’t want to work in front of the camera, he didn’t want to play, and he didn’t want to be bothered. He was aware that years from now, he’d probably find that notion silly and laugh at how stupid he was, but the time was now and his frustrations were mounting.

    Then everything came to a head once day – Piggy was being Piggy, he was being Kermit, and the next thing he knew he had shouted that he had no intention of marrying her, ever, be it today, tomorrow, two years from now or twenty years. It was never going to happen.

    And with that, he had slammed the door on everything.

    Now he had to deal with the aftermath. What he thought would happen, he didn’t know, but he certainly hadn’t thought that Piggy would leave completely. She had certainly left him plenty of times, just as he had left her, but within an hour to a week’s time, they’d be back together, good as new. Piggy had never just left, even if she did her own thing, she came back. Everyone always came back.

    And was it his imagination or were they all fighting more than before? Sure, on occasion, they’d each get into their own inner circle squabbling, but it seemed they were drifting further and further away from being friends. Kermit had gotten the sense that Gonzo was mad at him and not just mad, completely irritated and annoyed with him. He chalked it up to Piggy and at this point, if Gonzo wanted her, he could have her as far as he was concerned.

    Then there was Scooter. Kermit could not, for the life of him, ever remember the younger Muppet being as moody and temperamental as he had been in the last month and the days after Piggy’s announcement, it was as though the former go-fer barely tolerated being around the frog, like the only reason he was there was because Kermit was forcing him to go to work.

    And it wasn’t just the two of them either.

    It was just like Piggy to try and split the group apart to garner sympathy for her cause. Well Kermit had plenty of friends too and if the ones he thought he could count on had turned on him, so be it. Showed him how much loyalty they obviously never had to him. Maybe he was being moody and irrational, but the whole thing had pushed Kermit over. Did no one understand the things he did for them? Was he not a good enough leader, a good enough friend, that people could at least back him up in saying that the pig didn’t understand the term ‘too much’?

    A little part of him did admit that maybe, just maybe, some of his actions could have lead her on and that really and truly, he did love her in all her diva-ish ways, but his inner child was much too indignant to even talk to that part of him. Who knew how many wonderful and beautiful women he could have dated if not for her? Even when not together, everyone thought they were together.

    He had squandered a perfectly healthy single life for that pig, not to mention professional time, sweat, and money just to get her what she wanted. Not to mention being maimed or karate chopped by her on a daily basis…

    “That pig’s crazy,” he muttered, unaware that he had been stalking towards his office ever since getting off his bike.

    Surely, if she knew and loved him, she wouldn’t have gotten him a sports car. When had he ever been in a sports car? “No, no,” he continued. “Must preserve the image of Kermit and Piggy.”


    “Watch out, the frog’s muttering to himself again.”

    Floyd Pepper and Janice Bennington, bass and lead guitarist of the Electric Mayhem, had been in the music studio, fooling around on different riffs and tracks. They were taking some down time before their big gig that Dr. Teeth had planned in Las Vegas for them in the upcoming week. Truthfully, the studio was the one place anyone could escape from the ongoing tiff that Pepper was calling, “Battle of the Bosses”.

    “About the pig no doubt,” replied Rowlf, who also found the studio to be a refuge whenever life troubled him, a place he had spent much of his time in as of late.

    “No doubt.”

    “Come on, guys,” Janice whined. “Let’s not talk about this.”

    “Why are you complaining?” Floyd countered. “You’re behind Miss Hamhocks as much as we are!”

    “But I don’t want to!” the blonde exclaimed. “I hate having to choose sides. That’s why I’m pleading the fifth from now on; I’m firming committed to being Switzerland in all this.”

    Floyd couldn’t help but shake his head at her. It was hard not to take sides, or bets, when the two major players went head to head and this looked to be a huge knock down, dragged out fight. The group was always effected when Kermit was down or depressed and they always tried to flee in terror when Piggy was in any kind of mood other than happy, but this was a beast of a different species and for some of them, it tore them up.

    “Ah, leave her alone, Floyd,” Rowlf said, playing a little tune on the piano he sat at. “You know the isle of neutrality doesn’t like conflict.” He chuckled when a piece of crumbled up composition paper struck him on the arm, curtesy of Janice.

    “Brat,” she muttered, though her smile indicated that she had meant it in good fun.

    Out of the entire group, it seemed only the musicians were wading through this as friends. Probably already used to the stereotypical personalities and shoulder chips that many of them had, banding together to get through this seemed a necessity.

    “Speaking of conflict,” the guitarist began. “Poor Fozzie.”

    “Poor Fozzie?” asked Rowlf.

    “Man, you didn’t hear what happened in the lunch room today?” Floyd asked, prompting the dog to stop playing and focus his full attention on the red haired bassist.

    “He and Gonzo like totally got into it today,” Janice said.


    “Oh yeah,” Floyd nodded. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the two of them mad at each other, but they were tearing into each other.”

    Rowlf was himself shocked to hear that. Fozzie and Gonzo were not only Kermit’s best friends, but best friends themselves; like Floyd, he had never seen them get into even a disagreement much less what the two of them were describing. “Who else was there?”

    “Scooter,” Janice said, sighing. “Not that he was stopping it or anything. He and Gonzo ended up tag teaming the poor guy before Link came over and stuck his big snout in it…”

    “Before you knew it,” Floyd took over. “There was a huge Team Kermit vs Team Piggy fight. Sam the Eagle had to break it up; I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t send everyone to their dressing rooms without dinner.”

    “You didn’t stay till the end?” asked the dog.

    “No way, man,” the bassist replied. “The thing was bringing my girl down and that brought me down. That’s when we high tailed it over here.”

    Rowlf again shook his head. This…was getting pretty bad. “If Kermit or Piggy hear about this…”

    “Please,” Floyd huffed. “I’m sure Sam’s tattling as we speak.”

    “This whole thing is so harshing my mellow,” Janice said. “You just know if Boss Frog finds out before Miss P, he’s gonna blame her for the whole thing.”

    “I thought you were on Neutral Island,” Rowlf said, giving the guitarist a look.

    “I’ve plead the fifth!”
  11. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh man oh man oh man, everyone's lost it.

    Fozzie tearing into Gonzo?

    *Puts on team Fozzie shirt*

    And I plead the fifth too!

    More please!
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Everyone's lost it?
    :rolleyes: What is this "Hit" ju say everyone's lost okay?
    :shifty: Have they tried Harry Krishna?

    Superb update as usual. Me likes it when you take us on these little strolls like casting the narrator for MCC and what's happening in the cantina between Fozzie and Gonzo because of the split between the bosses.

    But Janice Bennington? Where'd that come from?
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  13. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    :) Sheesh, a running gag.

    Many tanks! I was feeling a little like maybe I was getting a little OOC here (where's Newsmanfan or Ru to tell me these things??), but I'm glad it's a plausible thought.

    Essentially, I wanna tie it all back in with what we know from the 2011 movie, like why Gonzo went back to plumbing, how Scooter got to Google, why Piggy was in France, etc. Ironically, I was actually going to do separate stories on each, but then figured as long as I'm doing this, why not combine?

    You know, I really don't know. I think I originally came with Hollingsworth, which I think I either forgot or thought sounded way too much like the last name I came up with for Piggy in Schotsky's. Not that anyone knows her by that name.

    I was toying with I think Slackbot's idea of having Dr. Teeth's first name as John, which I think I was gonna use somewhere, but not I've forgotten where. Anyway, there's of course more to be had here.

    :rolleyes: What's to come up next, eh?

    :o I'm not sure I want to know.

    :confused: Oh, I do! I find this exciting, don't you, Beakie?

    :eek: Me mo

    Well, boys and girls - up next:

    * Our lunch time instigators get in trouble with Boss Frog and Boss Hog
    * A Fozzie feature!

    :o Really?


    * A Gonzo and Camilla feature!

    :concern: I was wondering when you were gonna throw her into the mix.

    I've been working on it.

    * A Scooter feature! Times 2!

    ;) Awesome!

    And then we'll wrap it on up with the frog.

    :) Somehow I don't think I'm looking forward to that.

    Yeah, this is kinda a downer story, which replaced Scooter's downer story. Would it make everyone happy if I made an effort on either 6 Ball or the next Piggy adventure? I promise good times are coming.
  14. miss kermie

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    OOOH! Fozzie feature!!!

    *Puts on team Fozzie shirt again*

    And Boss Frog and Boss Hog!!! Squuuueeeeeee!

    *Sits and waits, also leaving a muffin*
  15. The Count

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    Six Ball for the win! And cause we wanna see Amanda again, right Scooter?
    ;) Sheesh.
    :batty: Come on, ve have our own work to tend to.

    :sympathy: Your name's John?
    :D Only when it comes to paying the taxman. *Laughs.
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    Sup party people! Here is more Mondays for ya!

    Credits - the idea of Fozzie & Kermit meeting up in the balcony goes to Slackbot.

    Just as Floyd had predicted, Sam the Eagle felt it was his duty as an American to go straight to Kermit to tell him about the deplorable and uncouth actions that had taken place in the studio’s lunch room earlier.

    If Kermit didn’t already feel as though he ran an insane asylum, he was now getting the distinct feeling he had been demoted from warden to that of school playground monitor. Of course the first person he called in was Piggy, because somehow he knew she was involved.

    It was the first time they had actually talked to each other since her announcement a week ago. If they did need to speak to each other, it was strictly professional, perhaps more professional than they had ever been before.

    The two of them had been together and had known each other long enough that when walking into a room with the other inside it was going to be explosive, no matter the reason or outcome.

    Kermit knew as Piggy walked in the door that she had not appreciated the tone in his voice when he ‘requested’ her presence in his office. “I’ll get right to it, shall I?”

    “Please do.”

    “I just had a rather disturbing conversation with Sam,” he continued. “Apparently, there was a throw down in the lunchroom today.”

    “And that involves me how?”

    “Would you like to know what the fight was about?”

    Piggy rolled her eyes. “I’m guessing it was about us,” she said. “And I can tell by that ever so helpful and happy tone of yours that you think I’m somehow at fault for it.”

    “Piggy,” he cried, exasperated. “I never said that I thought you were behind this! Why do you always…?” Stopping himself from finishing the sentence, Kermit instead took a deep breath. “I’m not going to get into this with you. Now I called you in here because I’m hoping that we can pretend to be civil to each other for fifteen minutes while we straighten this entire mess out.”



    No sooner had they agreed to form a rather tentative team, the trio of troublemakers walked in – Fozzie, looking ever so downtrodden; Gonzo, who had figured they would be in trouble eventually; and Scooter, who looked as though he wanted to be anywhere in the world instead of where he was.

    “Have a seat, gentlemen,” Kermit began, gesturing the three to the trio of chairs that had been strategically placed in front of the two that stood.

    For the next five minutes, Kermit proceeded to list the reasons why he was disappointed and why he couldn’t condone this type of behavior anymore. Why he felt the need for Piggy to stand next to him, she didn’t know, but if he thought making mention that their personal life was not to be squabbled over was supposed to garner her support, it didn’t work.

    Just when they thought Kermit was headed for another head of steam, he finally finished. Which prompted Scooter to ask, “Are we done?”

    “Andrew,” Piggy stressed. She was going to have words with him and soon. “We are done when Kermit says we are done. Don’t be rude.” Looking to Kermit, she asked, “Are we done?”

    And that was it. The tentative hold that Kermit had on his emotions – that is, his anger – unraveled and the tightly controlled fuse lit, setting off a chain reaction of fireworks, dynamite, and TNT that were usually held under lock and key.

    “Yes,” he huffed. “Yes, we’re done. Not that anyone seems to care about anything anymore! So yes, you are all free to leave and never come back as far as I care. You know what? I’ll even first!”

    And he did, storming his way past the group and out into the crowd of innocent bystanders. Fozzie waited for all of a second before moaning quietly and rushing after his best friend.

    “So glad he was able to catch that huff before it completely left,” Gonzo snickered.

    “Gonzo,” Piggy sighed. “You promised me…”

    “No,” Gonzo corrected. “I promised that I wouldn’t punch Kermit in the face and so far, I haven’t laid a fuzzy blue digit on him. Fozzie and I had a small disagreement, that’s all that was. If you want to blame someone for what happened…”

    Gonzo pointed to Scooter, who instantly turned to face him. “Thanks a lot, Gonzo,” he sneered. “Throw me under another bus why don’t you?”

    “Hey!” Piggy exclaimed, shutting the other two up immediately. The last thing they wanted for her to be angry at them. “I am leaving in two days and I would appreciate it if I was able to leave without thinking the two of you are planning on blowing up my house with the frog still in it.

    “Now you,” she continued, pointing at Gonzo. “Are going to find Fozzie and apologize with sweets. And you,” she then pointed at Scooter. “Are coming with me.”

    Turning an indignant scowl on the pig, the assistant cried, “What for?”

    “Because I want lunch and you’re coming with me,” she replied, walking to move past him.

    “I don’t want lunch.”

    “I don’t care,” she countered. Gesturing towards him, she concluded with, “You. Me. Words. We’re having them, now come on.”


    Fozzie Bear was a comic in a crisis.

    By his very personality, Fozzie did not do well being caught up in the middle of arguments, especially between the people he cared about. He was much happier when everyone else was happy and he was already feeling guilty that he himself had been in such a funk lately that he had arrived too late to this disaster he was now in.

    Fights between the Muppets were usually contained within, unlike some of the other arguments among the Hollywood elite. They had of course had their flare ups, but what did you expect when you saw the same people, every single day for over twenty something years?

    But fights never lasted long, which was why these upcropping of fights had been driving the bear to distraction. The worst offenders were of course Kermit and Miss Piggy. Granted, the two of them always fought, but it had never culminated in either one of them leaving before.

    And that’s where the bear found himself at a crossroads.

    The earlier fight he had with Gonzo had been a disagreement that had seemed to grow out of control before he could stop it. He hadn’t wanted to take sides, but then he found himself trying to defend Kermit’s point of view and it went downhill from there.

    Truth be told, Kermit was the closest thing to a brother he had and while he like Piggy, he really did, she wasn’t his best friend. Best friends are there for each other and Kermit had always been there for him when he needed it; it would just feel wrong if he wasn’t there for the frog in this horrible time.

    But as he had discovered, being there for Kermit meant he wasn’t there for Piggy, who was his friend just as much as Gonzo and Scooter were. Ugh, he hated conflict!

    Chasing down the frog had been relatively easy; he and Kermit used to sit in the balconies of the Muppet Theatre just to get a break from the craziness that often made up their productions. It had become a tradition to meet up there at least every few days, just to catch up. It didn’t take the bear long to find Kermit sulking in one of the balcony seats, stewing and just waiting to unleash it to the first person that approached him.

    “It’s ridiculous,” he was muttering. “This whole thing.” Turning to the newcomer as he took the seat next to him, he continued with, “I’m well aware she’s not behind of any of this, but do you think anyone cares? Of course not! Can you imagine what’s going to happen should any reporter get a hold of what’s going on here? Cripes, if that sleezy Scribbler gets so much of a whiff of this…”

    “He wouldn’t hear it from me, Kermit.”

    “I know he wouldn’t, Fozzie,” the frog said, starting up again. “It’s like you’re the only loyal person I’ve got. You think I don’t hear how half this group thinks I’ve just been breaking Piggy’s heart for the entire time we’ve known each other? You know, she’s broken my heart on a few occasions too, not that anyone would be bothered to know that. If I’m not breaking her heart, she’s breaking mine; she’s breaking it now.”

    If there had been one person other than the pig who Kermit could confide in, it was the bear, and he had just laid out a major confession. This whole thing was killing him, too! Oh, he had held on to his dignity and his very prideful manner for the first few weeks after ‘the words that should never be mentioned’ were uttered, but after that, his heart ached at what he knew was his fault, entirely. Since then, he had been racking his brain with ways in which he could make this up to her.

    And then she announced she was leaving and then he was the one who was hurting.

    But instead of the cycle going into a make up, Piggy stopped it.

    “I’m really sorry, Kermit,” Fozzie started and Kermit could hear the catch in his voice.

    “It’s not your fault, Fozzie,” he whispered. “We certainly never intended for people to start taking sides, that’s the last thing we want.” Sighing deeply, he whispered, “Maybe it is time to take a break. Or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. We have done everything wrong…”

    “Kermit, don’t say that!” Fozzie hissed. “Miss Piggy loves you!”

    As difficult as it was to say, the frog never the less stated, “I’m not so sure that’s true any more.”


    “I’m telling you, babe, you’re lucky you haven’t been on set lately.”

    Gonzo had left to go home for a short break before trying to find Fozzie and offer him his choice of tasty sweets. The bear loved his sweets and it was common knowledge that he could easily be bribed or bought just by putting a plate of cookies, cupcakes, snacks, anything in front of him. Waiting for him at home was his longtime girlfriend, Camilla Clucks. The two of them had met while working on the Muppet Show and Gonzo had made a point of making a pass at her every time he saw her.

    As strange as it may have looked or seemed, the two of them clicked. Camilla’s patience and understanding made her the perfect long suffering girlfriend to a crazed stuntman, while Gonzo’s uniqueness and uncompromising enthusiasm had attracted the chicken from the beginning. Camilla was very much a stage chicken, hence why she normally declined to participate in many of the movies; lately, she and Gonzo had been discussing not only making their relationship more permanent but adding to it as well.

    Because of that, Camilla had decided to take a short retirement to work on some other projects, things she hadn’t been able to do and really, just have some old fashioned girl time. With the chicken not on set, she usually heard about the Muppet implosion from Gonzo when he came home. So far, she was aware that Kermit and Piggy were going through a very tough and very hurtful break up, something that must have culminated in Piggy’s deciding to leave.

    Camilla and Piggy, while not usually together, did enjoy some girl talk every once in a while. Ironically, the two did share a few common traits – they both felt they were Queen Bee in the Muppet circle, they were both beautiful, smart, and touch, and of course they were also dating their fellow co-stars. Camilla was of course aware that Gonzo’s feelings for Piggy teetered between platonic and not so platonic and initially, she thought the pig a rival, until the two realized their eyes and hearts were on two different prizes.

    Camilla made a mental note to give Piggy a call; she mentioned as much to her beau, asking if his love for the diva was maybe clouding his judgment a little.

    “Of course I love her,” Gonzo replied, passing through the living room to that of the kitchen. “You know I love her.” Popping his head out around the doorjamb, he asked, “You don’t mean, ‘in love’, do you?”

    Camilla’s response was to just raise an eyebrow. She was teasing him, but every once in a while, especially during one of the power couple’s flare ups, her weirdo could get so indignant on Piggy’s behalf that she wondered if he truly did bury those feelings.

    “C’mon Cami,” he chastised, coming from the kitchen and taking a seat across from her. “Don’t be that way. Haven’t I told you that I want to be the father of all our little wickens?”

    That caused her to laugh. When they first broached the subject of the possibility of them having a family together, Gonzo went out of his way to figure out the best word that was a combination of ‘weirdo’ and ‘chicken’. He had stated, “Look, if the frog and pig can have bouncing baby figs or pogs, certainly we can have wickens.”

    She clucked at him, still trying to control her laughter. That was just another reason why she loved him so, he always made her laugh. “No we did not decide to call them chickdos,” he argued. “I clearly remember saying wickens.”

    She then corrected him on the saying. “Oh I’m sorry,” he said. “Whickens.” Camilla would have been content to sit there and laugh all day with him, but she knew him too well. He may have threatened to punch the frog through a wall or just get the two of them married off and done with, but this rift that was happening to the power couple, that was happening to Gonzo, was affecting him just as much as anyone else.

    Placing a wing on his arm, she gave him a sympathetic look.

    “What if this whole thing falls apart?” he whispered. “What’re we gonna do?”

    Her response was that of a loving girlfriend, someone who just happened to be in the same business and knew that, in the world of entertainment, people always clamored for it.

    “Yeah, I know, but,” he sighed. “Babe, I love performing as much as you do, but unless we’re out there on stage or in front of a camera and there’s a Muppet logo across it…come on.”

    Okay, so performing hadn’t enticed him as much as she thought it would. Camilla then went to the old stand by and that was to remind the weirdo that, if he wanted, he could hung up his cape and put away his canons. So, she told him just how well off they were should he decide that.

    “We have that much saved up?” he asked, surprised. Leave it to Camilla to start making a financial nest egg for the both of them; he was a lucky guy for sure. “You obviously need to just sweep me off my feet and make an honest weirdo out of me.”

    Camilla just clucked at him.

    “I will not marry you for your money,” he countered, pulling up as much of an indignant reply as he could. “I love you for your body, let’s get that straight right now.” The hit she gave his arm didn’t deter him. “Never seen finer legs on a chicken…” he went on, laughing when she tried to pounce on him and tickle him.

    They tousled for a bit before Gonzo caught her up in his arms and hugged her tightly. When he finished, he didn’t let go, instead taking a more comfortable position on their couch. Camilla turned her head, asking him if he had any ideas, if what he was thinking was what she thought he was thinking. “I could go back to plumbing,” he whispered. “Make an honest go of it this time. I actually am a pretty decent plumber when, you know, I’m not trying to perform my act at the same time. Maybe…maybe it’s time to grow up, huh?”

    The chicken turned stern eyes on him, daring him to contradict what she was telling him.

    “And that’s why I love you, baby,” he said, grinning at her. No one could do a better rousing speech than Camilla, at least for him. Sometimes, she even managed to put Kermit to shame in that area. “Okay, we’ll do that then. It’s gonna tear Rizzo up though.”

    Camilla smirked, rolling her eyes at the same time. “Aw,” the daredevil cooed. “I’m so glad you like my other girlfriend.”

    She turned around and teased him, asking if Piggy should be in that category instead.

    “Very cute,” he chuckled. “You know very well that Piggy fits in the frienemy category and not the girlfriend one. If anyone should have her in that category, it’s Scooter.”

    She took the liberty to remind them of the recent bet he’d managed to finally pay up. “Hey, I thought it too,” he replied. His face took on a grimace before he said, “Geez, this must be tearing the kid up inside. You know how close he is to those two; this must feel like a bitter divorce to him, only that Kermit and Piggy kinda forgot to fight over him in the custody battle. And us for that matter.”

    When Camilla asked about the Muppets in general, Gonzo’s reply was disappointing and disheartening to hear. “I don’t know,” he sighed. “But we need to get out before it gets really bad. Not to say that things aren’t bad right now, but I don’t think I want to be around once Piggy’s gone. You know it always feels weird when she’s not here and Kermit’s always in a funk about it.

    “Maybe we should take Scooter with us. I mean, he’s been a great assistant to Kermit over the years, I could definitely see him as our office manager or something.”

    Camilla, though touched by the very fact that her beau would think about bringing their errant go-fer with them, had to ask what her role would be if Scooter was the office manager.

    “You’re the leggy secretary that I’m having an affair with, silly.”

    Gonzo was content, not exactly happy, but he had at least taken care of something that had been bothering him since he first felt the shift within the group. And while it seemed that he and Camilla could be fine if they never worked again, he wanted to be prepared, in the case that maybe one day, they would have that egg they wanted.

    Camilla’s question brought him from a dozing state, but he knew he had to answer her. “Yes,” he sighed. “I’m going to apologize. He can’t help it; Kermit’s his best friend after all. This is probably worse on Fozzie than it is on Scooter. And you know what the sad part is? I know who’s probably going to get custody of who.”
  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I laughed alot. I love Muppet humor!

    Wickens... You word combining genius you!

    More please!
  18. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wickens! (laughs)! That's so silly! I love Muppet humor! Poor Scooter! Now I know why his middle name is "Hunt", because it is from his friend, Richard Hunt. Poor Pigy and Kermit! Why did they have to split up just because everything terrible is happening. (Sighs)! I don't know what to say, but more please Gina. I feel so sorry for them and I want to give Kermit, Miss Piggy, Scooter, and Gonzo a hug. (sniffles)!
  19. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Actually, in my universe, Scooter's middle name is Martin, so his full name is Andrew Martin Grosse. It is all explained in his story which I will eventually get back to at some point.

    Well, everything terrible happening is the reason they split. I dunno. I was trying to figure out - before I got the book - what Kermit or Piggy did that would make Piggy flee and live in France for nearly seven years (if you're counting from last movie to current movie). When I got the junior book, I went, "oh. Well, that was kinda douchy."

    Kermit's outburst that he wouldn't marry her seemed a little OOC to me, until I kinda thought about why he would say something like that. I guess I could see Kermit getting a bit smothered, especially if Piggy did her best to help during Jim and Richard's death; Kermit may have thought he was good, but maybe Piggy didn't think he was truly over the loss (which he does admit, he doesn't think he is either at that point).

    Don't worry. I remembered a great Rowlf bit this morning, where our resident pianist and counselor tells it how he sees it. Plus, Fozzie makes a confession, Scooter delivers a bombshell to Gonzo, Gonzo & Camilla say goodbye, and Piggy flies the coop!

    Not sure when I'll get to all of this - I has work and now class, and I just got another freelance assignment, which is good cause today's paycheck will be going to that dentist appointment I kept putting off.
  20. Twisted Tails

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    Oh! So, that makes sense. The secret is his real name was Andrew, but everyone calls him, "Scooter." The middle name "Martin"? That must of been a secret too. Nice work, Gina.

    More plz!

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