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It Happened on Monday

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Not really a secret; again, it's all explained in a story I've sorta started and haven't finished yet. I do that a lot.

    Scooter is a nickname (in fact, I have a joke planned with Pepe on that) and while most people call him by said nickname, if Piggy needs to have a serious discussion with him (as she did last chapter), she will call him by his name. She's done it several times in the Pool Hall series

    At this point - in my universe at least - she is the only person (outside of family) that actively does call him that.

    It's one of those subtle things that points to the fact that the two have a more familiar (family) relationship than that of a friendship. I thought up a nice little speech where Scooter even states that he cares about them (K & P) than an employee should probably care about his employers.

    But, again, that's a tale for another day.

    Anyway, I might get some writing done during lunch, so maybe I'll have something up for you.
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    okay kiddies, here's a bit more to hopefully tie you over the weekend. I gots tons to do and then I got a dentist appt on Monday, for which I will be making up a lot of time, so we'll see how the updating goes for the next week.

    We're nearing the end though!

    Why was there always so much to do with so little time to do it in?

    Miss Piggy found herself scrambling to get everything she could done before she left in just one day. She had finished packing and had said a teary goodbye to her once beautiful dream home; despite telling Gonzo that the entire project had been a waste of time, she just couldn’t bring herself to sell it. On the flip side of that was the fact that Kermit, who also had his name on the lease, could sell it brought just a little more agony to the ache she was already feeling.

    She had finally made her decision on where she would be headed – Paris, France. It was a place she had wanted to go, though she had wanted to go with Kermit, and held a fresh new start for her. She had meant what she told Gonzo a few days ago – there was no way she’d be able to stay in the states and certainly not the states they had lived in and loved. While she may have loved both Hollywood and New York, once reporters got a hold of their departure from each other, they would never let her be. On another continent, in another country, they would have to actively look for her and hopefully by then, she could play it off as taking a break from the Muppets to pursue her own devices.

    It was a plausible lie, she couldn’t deny that.

    She hadn’t mentioned the updated plans to anyone and she wasn’t planning to either. The less everyone knew the better. She hadn’t even told Kermit when she was leaving; instead, she had left him a short and to the point letter that she hoped he would understand and not be too upset with her when he found it. They had stopped staying at the house or rather Kermit did; he was gone during the day, when Piggy spent her time packing and when he returned at night, she was already in her hotel room.

    For the next to final day she would spend as a member of the Muppets, she planned on saying goodbye to all her favorite people and even not so favorite people. She had to admit that she was rather touched at the many breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that she had been invited to as of late; just last night, Gonzo and Camilla had taken her out to dinner and she couldn’t remember having a more wonderful time.

    She had seen her favorite nemesis, Floyd Pepper, earlier and he had invited her to go out the rest of the Mayhem and Rowlf over to Schotsky’s, which was a favorite bar of the group. She and the Mayhem bassist had forged a rather tight knit one-up-manship through the years and the diva surprised herself by feeling disheartened at the fact they wouldn’t be able to continue their friendly insults. But it was only now she realized their bickering had morphed into a weird rivalry of friendship.

    “Hey mama,” Floyd whispered, stopping her before she could head to her dressing room. “You need anything or you get into trouble, you let me know, alright?”

    The smirk she gave him was the best she could do at holding the tears at bay. The softie. “I’m a big girl, Floyd,” she replied. “I can handle myself.”

    “Oh I know you can!” the bassist rasped. “Don’t go breaking any bones now.”

    “I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.”

    “Keep your nose clean, kid.”

    “I will, Floyd.”

    The bassist could be a real sweetie when he wanted to be and Piggy found herself deeply touched by the fact he was looking out for her.

    She had already spoken to Gonzo and Camilla and she would be seeing Scooter again tomorrow. Their talk yesterday seemed to be a repeat of one that had happened years ago, when the manager had been a moody teenager. She had known during that fateful meeting that he wouldn’t take it well, plus with his own announcement to her yesterday, she now knew why he had been so distracted lately.

    But he was Scooter and he had pulled himself together and had told her – in no uncertain terms – that he would be driving her to the airport tomorrow. Piggy had just raised an eyebrow at him; she wouldn’t have been surprised if he had slid her ticket across the table to her. Scooter knew everything that went on in the theater and if by chance he was aware of her destination, he would never reveal it to anyone.

    That afternoon saw her heading in the direction of the music studios. She knew that Rowlf spent most of his time there as of late and truth be told, she missed him. If Scooter was her partner in crime, Rowlf was her troublemaker buddy. The two of them, along with Janice, made up the staff of the popular skit Veterinarian’s Hospital, where a patient’s pain met with their pathetic puns. In the beginning, Kermit had given them the freedom to come up with some of those puns; by the time he realized how foolish of a decision that was, it was already too late.

    The three of them took the phrase ‘hurricane of puns’ and ran with it, often times not even being able to get through a sketch without laughing. They stopped bothering with a script because it was funnier to see who could come up with the worst one yet; they had even stopped rehearsing the skit entirely, knowing it was a heck of a lot funnier if they just winged it and hoped for the best. Piggy would have never counted herself as a comedic actress, but for as long as she lived, she would owe Rowlf for showing her how to be one.

    Before she had even opened the door, she could hear the sounds of a piano – a Beethoven piece, she thought – being played inside. Stepping through the door, the diva paused just to listen to the dog play. It never ceased to amaze her how the five of them had pooled so many talented people together to form the group they had; Rowlf especially had been in the business around the same time Kermit had started and she knew that several of them looked to the two as the true leaders of their motley band.

    A small pang of regret hit her. Ever since that unfortunate incident from years past, she and Rowlf had been on egg shells with each other. Since then, she had come to realize that the dog had been just as upset, maybe more so, about Jim’s death than Kermit was; sadly, she had been spending most of her time trying to get the frog to mourn his friend that she hadn’t once thought about one of her favorite people in the world.

    He ended the piece with a flourished scale, which she was pretty sure had not been in the original score, and called to her, “You can applaud now.”

    “Oh can I?” she retorted, full entering the studio and walking towards him. She placed her hands on his shoulders, dropping a kiss on his head, before taking the offered seat next to him on the piano bench. She couldn’t lie, she missed this; missed sitting next to him on that piano bench, going over different songs or even just playing around. Rowlf was one of only a handful of people that she would defer to; he still managed to surprise her with the wealth of knowledge he had about music, their artists, remakes, samples, etc.


    “How’s it going?”

    “It’s going,” she sighed.

    “Pretty soon, huh?” he asked.


    “Only a day away,” he chuckled, causing her to punch his arm lightly. He always managed to sneak a song lyric into some part of his sentence, sometimes just to see if anyone was paying attention.

    “You don’t think this is a dumb idea, do you?”

    “I have never known you to base your decisions on what other people think,” he countered.

    “Humor me.”

    “Honestly?” he asked. “I think you’re doing the right thing.” She obviously didn’t think he would agree because she turned to look at him, surprise written all over her face. “What? Look, sometimes you just need to take a break from things. There’s nothing wrong with that; you step back and take a look at the bigger picture, that’s all. Maybe you’ll come back to it, maybe you won’t. Like a hobby or something. What could it hurt?”

    “I could find a new hobby,” she replied. “Or someone to enjoy it with.”

    “And that’s bad because?”

    “Rowlf,” she said. He couldn’t possibly be suggesting what she thought he was. “Seriously?”

    “Yes, seriously,” he said. “Finding someone different is bad because…?”

    Truth be told, Piggy hadn’t really thought about that. Oh, she had gone out of her way to show her interest in someone else, but only to make Kermit jealous. The very idea that she could fall in love with someone else? “I’ve been in love with Kermit for so long…” she began.

    “I didn’t say anything about falling in love,” he said. “But if that happens, then it happens. I’ll back you up no matter what.”

    “Really Rowlfie?”

    “Always the tone of surprise,” he chuckled.

    “You’re Kermit’s friend, too.”

    “Yeah,” he said. “And if he fell in love with someone else, I’d back him up too.” Taking note of the look he received, he added, “I’d warn her first, of course…”


    The two were quiet for a time, allowing Rowlf to fill in the silence with some piece he must have been working on. “As long as we’re sitting here,” he started. “I think it’s important we leave things on a high note, right?”


    “Good,” he nodded. “Because I would hate to let a…recent unpleasantness color our friendship.”


    Rowlf murmured. “As…unfortunate as that was,” he continued. “It happened. I’m not going to apologize for it happening, however I am sorry you had to find out the way you did.”

    Piggy nodded. Those days, weeks, months, and even years after the loss of Henson had driven everyone crazy it seemed. The diva hadn’t seen Rowlf in days and just happened to come by the studio looking for him, when she found something she wanted to block out from her mind instead. It wasn’t that she had told Rowlf he couldn’t date Foo-Foo, but then the pianist had never expressed any interest in the small dog before; in fact, he had outright stated that they had nothing in common.

    So to walk in on what she had walked in on….well…

    “I forgave you for that a long time ago,” she answered.


    “Yes, really,” she insisted. “I know you can’t seem to help yourself.”

    “I am irresistible.”

    “I was gonna say you were a dog…”

    “Of which I am,” the brown dog retorted. “But I have a feeling you didn’t mean it the same way that I did. And I prefer the term ‘stud’, if you don’t mind.”

    The diva couldn’t help but laugh at that. Standing, she wrapped her arms around Rowlf’s neck. “I’m gonna miss you the most,” she said, sighing sadly.

    “Liar,” he chuckled. “Unless I’m green or have red hair and wear glasses, I’m probably third on your list. However, I will happily accept third place if I have beaten out Gonzo and Pepper.”

    “For your information,” she huffed. “You happen to have moved up to the second person I will miss the most, right in front of the weirdo and the beatnik.”

    “Then my job here is complete.”


    Piggy’s day continued as it started, with her saying goodbye to people. She promised to write or call and keep in touch, but even as she said it, she didn’t really mean it. If this was going to work, she needed to make a clean break of things and she couldn’t escape Kermit if she couldn’t equally escape the Muppets at large.

    That decision of course killed her. While she was happy in the notion that she had plenty of people to turn to besides Kermit, she wouldn’t be able to turn them when she was gone. She was aware that none of them would ever betray her confidence, but this was about starting over and not being reminded about what she had left behind.

    Their current movie production continued to sluggishly churn along, almost as though the frog was willing it to do so. She knew a ploy when she saw one; Kermit was a workaholic and when he was stressed or burdened, the first thing he turned to was work. It was something that Piggy had gotten used to, even going so far as recognizing the task within herself. That wasn’t the problem; the problem was the fact that this movie was heading nowhere.

    Everyone knew it and really, it seemed as though they only showed up to work in order to give Kermit something to do. Even Piggy did it, knowing full well that if Kermit wasn’t working on something, he’d be sitting in that house with her and they’d be arguing the entire time. Or worse, he’d be at the studios by himself, moping about. This was certainly the better way of getting them both in the same place within having to be in the same room, at the same time, and it allowed everyone to keep an eye on both of them.

    Saying farewell had never been so hard before; maybe it because they all knew she’d be back and everything would be the way it should. The only problem was she wasn’t coming back.

    This was it.

    As the former leading lady sat in her dressing room, the realization of what she was about to do suddenly hit her. She was leaving them, she was leaving him, she was leaving all of it. And there was a very good chance that she would never see any of them again. There would be no more Monday office meetings; no more script readings; no more brainstorming ideas; no more raucous music from the Mayhem; no more jazz or classical pieces by Rowlf; no more wildly inappropriate conversations with Gonzo; no more scheming with Scooter; no more horribly funny comic routines by Fozzie…

    As though saying his name, the very subject of her thoughts suddenly barged in, a trait so very unlike him, and proceeded to ramble about…she wasn’t even sure, but he seemed on the verge of hysteria and about one sentence from completely collapsing in tears on her floor.

    “Fozzie…” she began, noticing that he just ignored her and continued. Standing, she took him by the shoulders and shook him once. “Alright, knock it off! Now in ten words or less, tell me what’s wrong with you.”

    “Please don’t be mad!” he blurted.

    “Well,” she said. “That’s less than ten words. Why would I be mad?” Narrowing her eyes, she asked, “What did you do?”

    ‘Please don’t be mad’ was never a good conversation starter. It always came before someone told you some horrible news, like your evening gown had been shredded in a freak dry cleaning incident or that the song you had been practicing for two weeks had been cut or that you now had a canon sized hole in your new house’s roof.

    Those four words were especially bad when Fozzie said them. Almost helpful to a fault, the bear did more sinking than he did swimming when it came to putting him in charge of things. Kermit was always leary about letting Fozzie run the production when he was gone, especially when Scooter, Rowlf, Piggy, and Gonzo couldn’t be around to supervise. And even when they were, the bear could always incite some sort of calamity by his very presence.

    “He’s my best friend!” the bear cried. “I couldn’t not take his side!”

    “Fozzie, what are you…?”

    “I don’t even know how the whole thing started,” he continued. “Before I know it, Scooter and Gonzo are calling me a traitor and I wasn’t thinking about your feelings, but see, Piggy, I was thinking about your feelings! But I couldn’t choose! You know how much I hate conflict. I’m horrible at conflict!”

    Piggy didn’t know if any of that made sense to her or if she had just known Fozzie long enough to understand him, but she ultimately got the point. “First of all,” she began. “I’m not mad at you.”


    “Fozzie, I’m talking,” she interrupted. “Second…I would never make you choose between me or Kermit. Besides, I know who would win that battle anyway.”

    “You see!?” the bear exclaimed. “Everyone thinks that I wouldn’t be on your side, but I am! I just…”

    Piggy sighed. If she were to ever get married – to anyone – she was going to make sure it was a marriage that lasted. She was beginning to sympathize with those couples who got divorced! First Scooter and now Fozzie; she was starting to wonder if she had missed an argument with Kermit where they discussed who would get custody of the ‘kids’.

    “Fozzie,” she began, placing her tone as though she was speaking to Kermit’s little nephew. “Let me put your mind at ease. Neither Kermit nor Moi am mad at you. In fact, what’s happening between us has nothing to do with you.” Oh good heaves, we are getting a divorce! “I’m sure Kermit appreciates your support in all of this and I, too, am grateful that both Kermit and I have such friends who feel the very need to align themselves with either one of us.

    “I don’t think any less of you because you happen to want to support Kermit. The very fact that this whole thing is obviously tearing you up proves to me just how good of a friend you are.”

    “Really?” he asked, that boyish grin adorning his face, the one that even Gladys wasn’t immune to.

    “Really really,” she whispered. “Now go on. I’m sure Kermit’s lost without you and I need to actually be doing something of importance.”

    The comic nodded, his mood already lifted by the short, but important conversation. Piggy turned, sighing as she did. Sometimes hanging out with Fozzie was a lesson in parenthood, he always seemed to surprise her…

    Kinda like now.

    Five minutes hadn’t even gone by when she felt the fuzzy brown arms wrap around her shoulders in a reverse bear hug. “Kermit’s my best friend,” she heard him say. “But I love you, too. And I’m gonna miss you.”

    The retort she had for him quickly died on her tongue; sometimes Fozzie just killed her. Kermit may have been their leader, but Fozzie was every bit their heart. He always gave two hundred percent in everything he did and even when he was horrible at it, his very persistence and determination made him such a likeable guy.

    Patting him on the arm, she told him, “My life has never been the same since I met you, Bear. And I’m all the better for it.” Hearing his muted sniffle, she patted his arm again, saying, “Okay, come on, no crying. Now, go on, get outta here. Adults have business to take care of.” She felt him nod before he let go, not trusting himself to say anything, and leaving as quickly as he had barged in.

    Piggy had to swallow her own sniffle. Ugh, that bear! But if she didn’t love him like the annoying brother he was...

    “Silly old bear,” she muttered, smiling.
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  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thank you for this. It shows the depth of emotion you've put into such a story when you take the time to have Piggy say her goodbyes to every part of the Muppet troop.
    Parts that have made me go "Like'.

    Gonzo saying Camilla is the leggy office secretary he's having an affair with. That makes me think of Ms. Foghorn from the song he sang called Carwash Blues.
    Piggy walking in on what she walked in on with Rowlf.
    The relationship with Piggy and Fozzie in the diva's dressing room.
    "Silly old bear", yes, something I can recognize as a reference from somewheres else.

    You're quickly learning the art of the trade of fanfic heartstring pulling. Keep at it and hope to read more when you can get it to us.
    *Leaves muffin.
  4. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Here's what I know so far.
    The "silly old bear" reference book is from the Winnie the Pooh books by A. A, Milne.
    The relationships between Rowlf & Foozie. Wow! That was only deep, but the truths were out of Piggy.
    Kermit? Yep, he was a workaholic! He did become a workaholic again while working on The Muppets with his ol' friend Steve and his gang. Nice!

    The spolier? Piggy going to Paris was a very hard decison to make, but she had to go there.

    So, it took 21 years to straighten the mess the gang has been into.
    :) Good grief!
    Muppetfan: Exactly, Kermit!
    :mad: Kermie, who are you talking to?
    :) I was talking to Muppetfan!
    :mad: WHAT?
    :) Uh, we're just friends!
    :mad: Uh-huh! Carry on!

    Ahem! Where was I? Oh yeah! I know the leader has been through a whole lot lately. Jim's passing, small roles, and he finally got his role back the way I guess he wanted, which was "wonderful" for a change.

    More plz!

    :halo: MORE! MORE!
    Muppetfan: Animal!
    :halo: SOR-EE! HA! HA!
  5. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    This story has been wonderful!!!! This is such a hard story to write because as muppet fans and die hard ones at that, the last thing we want these characters to experience is dissention and sadness, but nonetheless the story is so powerful and moving.

    I somewhat hate to say it, but I am totally on Team Piggy!! It has driven me crazy all these years to hear Kermit deny Piggy and continue to ridicule her while she continues to stand by him and still want to be with him. Piggy has been unreasonable to Kermit in the past, but there is no doubt that she has always loved him and would do anything for him. If Kermit really didn't want to be with her, he should break it off completely and not lead her on when he gets lonely and shows part of his true feelings for her. So part of me is relieved to read a story where Piggy becomes human and cannot take it anymore and needs to leave. It's still incredibly sad that they are breaking up though.

    I think that your take on the characters taking sides is very fresh and interesting. I find it hard to believe that Floyd would side with Piggy, but it's an interesting take and I like it. It's hard to read dissention in the ranks, but this is a very moving story and I can't believe it's almost over. I really do hope you continue writing how Kermit and Piggy are after they reconcile in The Muppets, and also maybe more on how they get along without each other and how the other characters continue to go their separate ways.

    You are definitely becoming one of the better fan fic writers on here. I wish I had more time to start writing again but until then I continue to anxiously wait to read more of your work.

    Great job!
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  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I thank you!

    This idea was actually going to be separate stories and it all started with Scooter and Piggy actually. And then I did the scene between Gonzo and Kermit in Monday Dinner Date and the concept that the group would be split actually made sense. Then the scene with Gonzo and Piggy entered my head and I've been trying to figure a way to incorporate it ever since.

    And I'm with you. Piggy has always been my favorite and - once I was old enough to understand relationships and stuff - I could not for the life of me understand why she stayed with Kermit. I think Auntie Ru had a really good line or paragraph about how both of them could be kinda s****y to each other, but somewhere in the craziness, they loved each other.

    As I mentioned at the top of the story, when I was thinking this, I realized I was going hard core Piggy and thought maybe I should throw Kermit in there, but then I said, "We get a perfectly good view of his life in the movie." and decided that, no, I was going straight up pig on this.

    Ironically, the division was the easiest to come up with. I think Floyd would very much be in her corner, though that isn't to say that he doesn't like Kermit or something. They're probably more frienemy that she and Gonzo are; I have a friend like that and you know (looks around) if he were to break up with his girlfriend (who is also my friend), I'd probably side with him.

    I basically went with the idea of friends being caught in the middle of a break up between people they care about (which I've done a number of times) -

    It's always hard to choose sides, especially if you're friends with both and that's kinda where Fozzie comes in. I actually didn't originally have him state that he knew everyone thought he'd choose Kermit over her; that just came to me and I thought, "you know what? That was my thought too. That's not right, Piggy's his friend too."

    Once I had Gonzo state that there were people who were loyal to Piggy, I already knew who those people would be.

    Just tonight I did think about doing a more indepth scene from the 2011 movie - either the scene when Kermit sees Piggy again or when she comes walking through the doors of the theater. I can't decide which. As always, I'll let my brain figure it out. No worries, we of course know they get back together and I would not break them up for anything.

    Aw, thanks yo! As a writer, I'm glad you guys are enjoying it. I try to be as close to the real deal as possible; I've mentioned in other fandoms before, but these don't just start as ideas for me - I see them as if they were a show or a movie. If I can see it in my head and it's plausible, I'll go with it. Now of course, I always worry that what I see in my head isn't what you guys see in your head, but I hope I'm close.

    I always believe in canon (cause if it ain't broke, why fix it?), so I try to stay as close as I can, while still trying to tie up loose ends. The Muppets is probably the hardest one I've done because none of their stuff is consistent, cause it doesn't neccessarily take place at the same time in the same universe, which of course means I make a nuisance of myself asking questions. LOL

    I started working on the next part and kinda got distracted, so get back to that I will.

    OOH! My brain just hatched an idea!

    :shifty: Lay it on me.

    I've got the ending to my fic! So...

    :concern: What's up next?

    You and Scooter, for one.

    :concern: Awesome.

    Then Scooter and Piggy.

    ;) Am I gonna need a hanky.

    Yes. Yes you will. In fact, I am issuing a hanky warning starting next section. I got two tearjerkers back to back. Well...actually three if I plan this right.

    :mad: Is there any happiness in this thing at all?

    Um...no. Not really. But...per request, next story will be happy. I promise. In fact, I'll give you two happy stories for the price of one, cause I think after 6 Ball and your awesome adventure with Gonzo, I'm telling Scooter's story.

    ;) That one requires more than one hanky.

    Yes. Yes it does, but we're spoiling and not really doing what we said, so I'm outtie, good night!
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  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    This is a pretty quick one, but not finished yet. More tomorrow, k?

    Trying to find a despondent frog in the middle of a huge studio at nearly eight o’clock at night was proving tougher than Gonzo felt it should be. In times past, it was easy to find where Kermit was hiding out because he’d be in his office, but Gonzo had checked there and hadn’t seen him.

    He blamed himself really; his apology to Fozzie took longer than expected, but Gonzo didn’t want to just hand over sweets and then leave. Despite the weirdness that this whole situation was creating between everyone, the bear was still one of his closest friends and he’d be a heel if he just up and left without telling him.

    The stuntman had chosen the bear’s favorite sweet shop and let him get whatever it was he wanted. And though Fozzie was happy with that thought, he must’ve known something was up because he came out and asked –

    “What is it?”

    “I don’t know,” Gonzo replied. “You’re the one that picked it out. I thought I had weird tastes in food.”

    “Not this,” Fozzie replied. “You buying me all this food. Any time anyone lets me get all the sweets I want, they’re gonna tell me bad news. So what is it, Gonzo? What? What? I’m dying. Is that it?”

    “What? No, Fozzie, you’re not dying,” the weirdo reassured, before looking at the bear strangely. “Unless there’s something you aren’t telling me.”

    “No! No, I’m fine!”

    “Oh good.”

    “So what is it?”

    Gonzo took a breath before just launching into it. “First,” he began. “I’m sorry. I had no right to accuse you of being disloyal to Piggy, when I know you’re completely behind her one hundred percent.”

    “Yeah, well… Fozzie whispered. “That wasn’t nice, Gonzo. It be like me saying you weren’t loyal to Kermit. You are, aren’t you?”

    “Of course I am,” Gonzo said. “He’s one of my best friends, but surely you can admit he can be a bit of jerk sometimes.”

    “Yeah, well, sometimes Piggy isn’t exactly an angel herself.”

    Gonzo opened his mouth to say something, then stopped. “You’re right,” he sighed. “Those two have a lot of bad habits to be cured of.”

    Fozzie couldn’t help but chuckle at that. While he loved both of them, sometimes he just could not understand what they saw in each other, especially when most of their relationship was spent arguing. The bear went to make a joke, about fairy tales and story books, when Gonzo beat him to it.

    “Camilla and I are leaving.”


    “We’ve been talking about it and…” the daredevil began. “Things…aren’t the same. I know you’ve noticed and this thing with Kermit and Piggy, well… Maybe it’s just time to hang it up for a while.”

    If Gonzo thought Fozzie was going to be heartsick on hearing about his leave, he was disappointed. Thought the comic was indeed saddened by the news, he didn’t look as upset as Gonzo thought he would be.

    “Gonzo,” the comic started, looking around first before leaning in closer. “If I told you something, do you think you could keep under your hat for a while?”

    “Fozzie, I don’t wear a hat.”


    The seriousness in the bear’s tone and the fact that he didn’t so much as grin at the horrible joke told the stuntman Fozzie was getting serious. Fozzie never go serious.

    “Hey, buddy, what’s wrong?”

    Fozzie nervously started to stir the ice cream concoction that he’d begged Gonzo to get him. “I was talking to Gags the other day,” he said. “And I…well…I mentioned what was going on and stuff and…well. Well, he suggested that maybe I go and tour. In fact…he said he could get me a couple of gigs in Nevada next month if I wanted it.”

    “Fozzie, that’s terrific!”

    “Gonzo, I can’t leave.”

    “Why not?”

    “Why not!?” the bear exclaimed, causing a few of the establishment’s patrons to look over at them. “Why not? Gonzo, what about Kermit? What about the studios?”

    “The studios will be fine,” the weirdo replied. “And Kermit will be fine, too.”

    “But…” Fozzie fidgeted a few times before anxiously stirring his ice cream. The stuntman knew the bear was agitated and it wasn’t an upcoming gig that got him that way.

    “But what?”

    “This…this feels so…wrong!” he hissed. “There’s the fighting going on and Kermit and Piggy and now Piggy’s leaving, you’re leaving, the Mayhem’s leaving…it…it feels like we’re breaking up!”

    And in one sentence, Fozzie had named the feeling that Gonzo hadn’t been able to put his finger on yet. The strangeness of the in-fighting, the movie production that seemed to be going nowhere, the messy breakup of their power couple, and these departures…the comic bear had just voiced the feeling – and worry – that Gonzo himself hadn’t put a name to.

    “We’re not…” Even as he thought it, Gonzo couldn’t effectively lie to Fozzie, even if he thought it would give the bear a small measure of comfort. “Foz, we’ve taken breaks from each other before. This…this is no different.”

    “Thanks for lying to me, Gonzo,” the bear said, matter of factly. “But we both know that’s not true.”

    And they certainly did know that wasn’t true; they just couldn’t exactly wrap their minds around the concept. “What’re you gonna do?” asked the weirdo.

    The bear sighed. “I haven’t been working on anything for a while,” he said, quietly. “Maybe…maybe I need to start from the bottom and go back up again.”

    Nodding, Gonzo said, “You’re a really funny comic, Fozzie.” Said comic smiled at the praise. “And hey, whenever you get your gig set up, you gotta saved tickets for me and Camilla, okay?”

    “Save tickets?” Fozzie asked. “No way! Gonzo, you’re my friend. You’re one of my best friends and because of that, you guys get in for half price.”

    “So generous you are.”

    The two had spent several hours, just sitting there and laughing, as though trying to get as much time in as they could. Neither one of them wanted to say it, but they knew; they knew it be a while till they saw each other again.

    Gonzo shook his head, one part exasperated that he couldn’t find a little green frog and one part that he didn’t want to even imagine not being able to see Fozzie for some time. Since discovering that their motely group probably was breaking up had the weirdo agitated himself; he had hoped what he was feeling was nothing, but putting words to a feeling had all but made this search a little more frantic.

    “How hard can it be to find a frog around here?” he muttered to himself.

    “You obviously haven’t tried the garden pond,” replied a voice. And the voice turned out to belong to the very person that Gonzo was hoping to find second. As was his custom, Scooter also tended to stay later in the studios, for the very fact that, as production assistant, he often helped Kermit with some of the reels and admin stuff that needed to be done.

    Lately however, he had been a little distracted with other things. This was the first time he had a free schedule since deciding to go to college; it had been something he had ultimately planned to do once he graduated high school, but it was right around the time they did their first movie and it was so well received that several more followed it.

    When they finally got into a bit of down time, Scooter took the chance to enroll at one of the art institutes within Los Angeles. It meant he couldn’t be as active as he wanted to the Muppets and any of their productions, but everyone had been behind him when he decided to go and had been proudly in the audience when he had graduated. He had been surprised however when Kermit offered to help him put that new BA in filmmaking to use by hiring him as his production assistant.

    “Scooter!” Gonzo exclaimed. “Just the guy I was looking for.”

    “Sounded to me like you were looking for a little green frog,” the former go-fer joked.

    “I was,” the stuntman replied. “But this way I kill two birds with one stone. I need to talk to you and I figure you know where the frog is.”

    Despite him being unhappy with Kermit as of late, Scooter did know where said frog was. “That I do,” he said, nodding. “What can I help you with, Gonzo?”

    “Listen, uh…” he started, clearing his throat. “There’s no easy way to say this, but…”

    “You’re leaving.”

    “That really is uncanny,” Gonzo replied. “And unnerving. Yeah. Me and Camilla are; dare I even ask how you knew that?”

    “Please,” was the reply. Scooter knew everything and made it his business to know everything. How he did it, no one knew and he certainly wasn’t going to tell.

    “Anyway,” the daredevil continued. “We’re leaving, yeah, but look. We want you to come with us.”


    Gonzo explained how he was going to go back to plumbing and that he thought Scooter would make the perfect office manager. The younger Muppet was of course surprised and stunned; he certainly never expected either news from Gonzo, even if he did suspect the first.

    “Gosh,” he sputtered. “Gonzo, wow, um…thank you. Thank you for even thinking of me for the position.”

    “You were the first person I thought of.”

    “Wow…” Scooter whispered, extremely touched by the gesture. Which was why he hated to say what he had to next. “I…I’m really touched, Gonzo, honored actually that…that you would think of me for that. But…I’ve…already accepted another position.”

    “Say what?”

    “I…um…” the go-fer began, nervously. “When I was at the institute, an internship program…with Google, you know the search engine company? Well, the program came up, but it was kinda a long waiting list, but I applied anyway, you know, what could it hurt, right? Well…I…I got my acceptance a few weeks ago. I’m…I’m leaving, too.”

    You could’ve knocked Gonzo over with a feather right there. If there was anyone he thought wouldn’t think about leaving, it was Scooter. He had practically grown up and they had certainly watched him grow up, from the nerdy teenager to the confident young man he was now.

    “Well…” Gonzo breathed. He held out his hand, causing Scooter to shake it hesitantly. He needn’t have worried though; the performance artist was extremely proud. “Congradulations there, Andrew.”

    The assistant chuckled slightly before saying, “You’ve never called me by my first name before.”

    Gonzo shrugged. “It usually works for the pig.”

    “Only the pig, Gonzo.”

    While Gonzo was certainly happy for the boy, this did complicate things. Maybe he hadn’t realized just how bad things had gotten or maybe he had done his best not to notice, but it seemed as though everyone saw the writing on the wall for what it was.

    “I wish I had gotten to you first,” the daredevil complained. “Now Camilla’s gonna have to take your spot. Shame too, I was hoping you could do for me what you do here.”

    “Which is?”

    “Oh you know,” Gonzo replied. “Run everything while I fooled around in my office with my girlfriend.”

    Years spent being completely corrupted by the people he worked with must have paid off, because to his credit, Scooter was ready with a witty quip. “You know,” he began. “I didn’t really want to sleep tonight without that image in my head. So thank you for that, Gonzo.”

    Gonzo just smiled. “Anything to ruin you.”

    “Please,” Scooter smirked. “Piggy’s been doing that since I was fourteen. I know more about women’s undergarments than I really should.”

    “Well, it’s either going to make you popular with the ladies or popular in theatre arts.”

    “I’ll have you know I fully embraced my heterosexuality that time Janice invited me on one of the Mayhem tours,” the go-fer retorted. “One night, Janice and a couple of the female fans all went skinny dipping and invited me to come.” Suddenly his face went wistful, as only a young man reliving the first time he had ever seen a naked female body did.

    “Wow, that was an awesome summer.”

    “Your poor parents,” Gonzo tsked, shaking his head. “They would kill us.”

    “If they were still alive,” Scooter said. “And Uncle John usually never knew what I was up to, which of course makes it all the more easier to get away with this stuff.”

    “Have you told Kermit?”

    “About the Mayhem tour?” Scooter asked, incredulous. “Oh heavens no! He’d probably kill me or worse, sit me down for some sort of talk about the differences between boys and girls. The first time was bad enough, I don’t want to go through that again!”

    “No,” Gonzo stressed. “The Google thing. Have you told him about that?”

    “Oh!” the assistant looked guiltily away. “Yeah, actually…I just did. That’s where I was coming from.”

    “Oooh,” Gonzo murmured. “This is going to make things difficult.”

    “Gonzo,” Scooter pleaded. “Maybe it’s not a good idea for you to go in there and tell him about you and Camilla. I mean, Piggy’s leaving tomorrow and the Mayhem’s leaving, and now you…”

    “And Fozzie.”

    “Fozzie’s leaving!?”

    Gonzo grimaced. He was supposed to keep that under his hat. “I was supposed to keep that under my hat,” he said.

    “Gonzo, you…you can’t go in there and tell him that.”

    “I’m not,” the weirdo stressed. “I’m going to tell him that I’m leaving, with Camilla. Fozzie knows he has to tell Kermit about his departure himself.”


    “Scooter,” the weirdo said. “Kermit’s a big boy now; you don’t need to look out for him anymore. He’ll be okay; everyone’s going to be okay. Okay?”

    “Yeah, Gonzo.”

    “Hey,” he whispered, patting the younger Muppet on the arm. “You’ve done good. No one’s killed each other and we all have bigger, better things to head off to. You’ve been taking care of us since you were fourteen; go take care of yourself for a change.

    “And don’t think just because you’re not here, I’m not going to send you dirty and naughty pictures at work, especially after finding out about this Mayhem tour that apparently no one else knows about.”

    “Gonzo…” Scooter whined, a blush rivaling his own hair color appearing on his cheeks.

    “And don’t think I can’t find you,” he continued. “Cause if I can’t, you’re obviously not working hard enough at that search engine place.”
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ah Ha! So, Piggy called Scooter "Andrew." I knew that after the Muppet Christmas Carol didn't go much anywhere, the group did have to split up. Wow! I feel so sorry for them! Well, I know Gonzo still had his old worried friend Dave and Scooter well... he misses Richard for a while then he voiced his back from Jim's son, Brian Hensons, but now his main guy is David Rudman. Yep! His voice has changed like it or not, but he is still the same old Scooter.

    Miss Piggy! I can hear her voice by Frank Oz during the 90s. She is now voiced by Eric Jacoberson. Yes, he still missed her "Frankie", but having Eric was a nice touch for her.

    Kermit! Yeah, I really love this character!

    So, I love every single one of them no matter what happens.
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay guys, I was able to get some stuff done today, but I've got a psuedo busy week coming up as I try to make up time for my dentist appointment tomorrow. As I mentioned in my last post, you'll probably want to get your hankies ready. These last few parts are a bit misty...

    “Hey, there you are.”

    “Looking for me?”

    “Yeah,” Gonzo chuckled, walking into the back office. He had never been in this area before, which he guessed where Kermit and Scooter did all their hermitting while working on a film. “Scooter said you were back here.”

    “Did you talk to Scooter?” the frog asked, quietly.

    Gonzo nodded, slowly, noting that Kermit had yet to actually turn and look at him. “We…we…exchanged some words,” the weirdo began. “Um…actually, Kermit, I…uh I was looking for you because I…I needed to tell you something and I’m…I’m not sure...”

    “It’s okay,” Kermit whispered. Turning his gaze on one of his best friends, Gonzo knew that Kermit knew. “You’re leaving. Aren’t you?”

    “Yeah,” the weirdo replied. “It’s just…Camilla and I have been seriously talking about some…serious stuff and…”

    Kermit waved off the explanation. “I get it, Gonzo,” he said. “I understand, I do. I know you all probably think I don’t feel it or I can’t see it, but I do. I have. Things…are just falling apart right now.” Glancing around the room at the various movie posters that were up, as well as other random photos, Kermit continued with, “You know this project we’ve been working on has been shelved. Permanently, indefinitely.”

    “What?” Gonzo breathed. His heart immediately started to sink; he had hoped he’d at least be able to continue working with everyone before he left. “When did this happen?”

    Kermit took a breath before swallowing deeply. “About three weeks ago.”

    “Say what?”

    “That’s right, Gonzo,” the leader replied, rather bitterly. “I’ve had everyone come in for the last three weeks to work on a film that is never going to get made.”

    Gonzo had looked to Kermit for many things – friendship, leadership, direction – but he didn’t think he had ever looked at the frog as though he had just completely lost his mind. “What the hey, Kermit?” he sputtered. Three weeks of coming in to film scenes for a movie that wasn’t even in production!? “Why would you do that?”

    “Because I saw the same thing you did,” the frog replied. “And…I…thought…I thought that I could stop it from happening. And all I did was just speed it up and make it worse. Much, much worse.”

    While he had never been a mathematician, the daredevil wasn’t stupid in any means. The production costs alone for a movie could be outrageous; the costs for their movies could go a little beyond that sometimes. The very fact that there were three weeks of filming, shooting, gripping, and other things going on that the studios obviously weren’t going to pay for…

    “Oh my…Kermit!”

    The frog just nodded, knowing perfectly well how very very unlike him this was and what an incredibly dumb decision this was.

    “What were you thinking!?”

    “I wasn’t,” he admitted, with a helpless shrug. “I wasn’t thinking. I haven’t been thinking for quite some time because…how else could you explain why…I…would tell the most important person in my life that I would never marry them for as long as I live?”

    Gonzo was still having trouble wrapping his mind around what he was going to correctly assume was the complete and utter bankruptcy of the Muppet Studios. “Who…” he began. “Who else knows about this?”

    “Just you.”

    “What?” Gonzo asked. “You didn’t tell Scooter?”

    “Why would I do that, Gonzo?”

    “He’s your assistant!” the daredevil cried. “Not to mention the admin and you know, financial advisor guy!”

    “He’s also a genius,” Kermit whispered. “How many times have we said that, Gonzo? That Scooter was a genius? And how many times have we all sat around, you included, and wondered if we weren’t somehow holding him back from his potential? Twenty minutes ago, Scooter came in here to tell me that he went ahead and accepted a position at some big search engine company in Silicon Valley.

    “And do you know what he did? He tried to talk himself out of going. I had to literally fire him to make him go. Do you really think he would’ve gone if I had told him?”

    “Then why are you telling me?”

    “Cause you’re the only one crazy enough to understand why I did it.”

    Whether it was the tension of learning what he had or he was catching whatever lunacy Kermit had, but Gonzo did laugh. “Geez, you’re an idiot,” he chuckled.

    “Is that what you’ve been muttering under your breath at me all week?”

    “Well, idiot was the nicer choice of words, so yeah, we’ll go with that.”

    The two were silent for a moment, the situation of everything washing over both of them. “Come with us,” Gonzo whispered. “Come with us, buddy. I mean, it’s gonna be rough cause we’re just starting out, but we’ve been down that road before right?”

    Kermit chuckled. “Right,” he said. “I can’t. I have to stay, Gonzo. I’m not gonna just let all of this be for nothing.”

    “It’s not for nothing,” Gonzo insisted. “We had a ton of great times here.”

    “And we will again,” the frog stated, that familiar conviction creeping in his voice. “Besides…I have a house.”

    “That’s filled with too many memories.”

    “I would rather have memories than nothing at all.”

    Though their conversation was about Piggy, Kermit’s statement combined everything that seemed to be lost to him. Everyone was leaving, the film that Kermit had once been quite proud of had petered out and died, and there was a very real and very looming possibility that the studios they had built up might be taken away from them. “You’re one stubborn frog, you know that,” the stuntman quipped.

    “I’m from the South,” the frog drawled. “We’re born that way.”

    Again, the two were wrapped in silence. “It’s getting late,” whispered Kermit.

    “Yeah,” Gonzo whispered back. “I should probably get back.” Turning to leave the way he came, he stopped and turned back. “You’re sure you don’t wanna…”

    Kermit shook his head. “I have to stay here, Gonzo.” Holding out his hand, he said, “Good luck.”

    Gonzo took the proffered hand and shook it, before pulling the frog into a tight hug. “In case I’ve never said it,” he whispered. “I love you. You’re my brother. My stupid, idiot brother.”

    Kermit chuckled. “That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve said to me.”

    “This week.”

    “The last few weeks,” Kermit laughed, along with Gonzo. Patting each other on the back, the both stepped back from each other. Gonzo wanted to tell him that things would be okay, they just had to be. Whatever situation they got themselves in, by all accounts, they could get themselves out; he tried remembering what geeky TV show Scooter used to quote when describing their inevitable luck in both attracting and repelling trouble.

    He couldn’t remember it and it wondered if it would make a difference at this point, the lowest one he thought they could reach. Instead, he thought it better for his friend to remember this moment on a good note.

    “Don’t take any wooden nickels.”

    Kermit smiled, seeing the ploy for what it was. The thought to give back a retort, that at this point the wooden nickels could probably help him dig himself out of the massive hole he was in, instead he thought it better for his friend to remember this moment on a good note.

    “I’ll try not to.”

    With one last smile and a nod, Gonzo opened the door and stepped back into the larger studio lot. His smiled withered about five steps away from the door, causing him to turn and look back. He wasn’t sure what he planned to see – Kermit, coming out through the same door; maybe the frog standing in the doorway, watching as his friends started leaving one by one.

    Maybe Gonzo was thinking about going back himself, telling the director that he and Camilla would be good for a few more weeks and together they could figure out whatever mess Kermit had managed to get himself into, because the weirdo was sure he hadn’t gotten the whole story from the frog. He quickly reached a hand down to his pocket where he kept his phone, but stopped himself.

    Who exactly was he planning on calling? Scooter? Kermit had taken the drastic measure of firing the boy in order to push him the direction he needed to be headed right now. Fozzie? The comic would have his own issues when he told the frog about his own departure and that was a meeting that Gonzo knew wouldn’t be good.

    Rowlf? The dog had known Kermit longer than anyone, but he was leaving with the Mayhem and quite frankly, was dealing with his own stuff.

    Piggy? Oh sure, that was a smart idea.

    In the end, Gonzo dropped his hand. It wasn’t that he thought Kermit was going to do something drastic, but the revelation he had just heard made him wonder if Kermit would do something drastic. The former plumber was at a crossroad, just like the rest of them. His only options were to either go forward or to turn back and the choices that those directions would heed.

    Sighing, he took the path forward and didn’t look back.


    At precisely a quarter till eight o’clock, Scooter was sitting outside of a posh hotel waiting for a passenger. No sooner had he pulled up than said passenger was getting into the passenger side of his car. Since her announcement, Scooter had been rather angry at Piggy and Kermit; he had been angry at them before, but never on this type of scale. Ultimately, he did come to the conclusion that he was being rather selfish; they weren’t his parents and he certainly couldn’t stop them from breaking up any more than he could stop the sun from shining.

    He blamed himself, naturally. He’d been a pretty impressionable kid when he had first walked through the backstage of the Muppet Theatre. His uncle, John Paul, better known as JP Grosse, owned the theater and had just signed a lease with the group. Feeling that his teenage nephew should be doing something of importance with his summer vacation instead of playing video games or reading, JP quickly put him to work as a spy within the theater.

    The plan had originally been to report back to ensure that the group wasn’t doing anything weird while running this supposed live show that just happened to be taped for broadcast viewing. What JP and even Scooter had anticipated was the fact that Scooter would enjoy himself there. The teenager hadn’t wanted to be an actor, but he had been fascinated by the inner workings of working backstage.

    He was a child who enjoyed science and technology, whose favorite television show was Star Trek and whose favorite movie was Star Wars; there was something about this old fashioned theater trying to combine the medium of television within it that was intriguing. Of course, he never hesitated to remind people of who he was, especially when he didn’t get his way.

    After a while, that routine got on people’s nerves and it was Piggy who had not only told him no, but told him he was being annoying. It was the first time someone had actively told him no and that it didn’t matter who he was or who his uncle was, he wasn’t going to get his way this time. As people had counted, Andrew Grosse was probably a genius, but he was also especially eager to please and if everyone in the theater thought he was annoying, he wanted to change that perception because…well, the Muppets were the first group of people to accept him for who he was. His uncle never understood the weird obsession he had with the technology of the future and how things worked…

    But when he came into work every day, he could always count on Fozzie or Gonzo to read comics with; he always had Dr. Honeydew or Beaker there to help with a science project or equation; he was always welcomed to listen in on the Mayhem when they played; and Piggy or Kermit always called on him first when he needed something.

    Oh, on some level he was aware that he was being used as a weird messenger boy between the power couple, but at first, it had been fun. He enjoyed reading old mystery stories and watching detective shows on TV, so to be so cloak and dagger was great and Piggy didn’t trust anyone else but him. And the more they did it, the more he got attached; before he knew it, one day Piggy wasn’t just the diva whose dressing room was at the top of the stairs, she was Piggy his glamorous and famous friend.

    And then one day, she moved passed the friend level.

    They were doing another ‘get Kermit to marry me’ scheme when he blurted out that here she was, this beautiful, talented woman who could get any guy she wanted and she was wasting her time on someone who didn’t even care about her the way others did. He certainly hadn’t meant to say anything and certainly not out loud and not to her, but when it was out, Scooter suddenly felt a wave of confidence that said she just needed to know that there were other guys out there who were better than Kermit.

    And just as he had equally hoped and dreaded, she got the message loud and clear. And then proceeded to let him down gently.

    Piggy was of course the first in a line of female cast members that Scooter would develop crushes on, but she was the special one. It took a while to realize why that was and the answer had come to him in the oddest of times – it was the time when Piggy had volunteered to watch the baby band in order to show Kermit how motherly she could be and the whole thing was a disaster. The idea came at him harder than any homework solution ever did –

    He wished Piggy was his mother.

    Scooter’s own mother had died when he had been very small and he never knew his father, didn’t even know what their relationship would have been. He had been raised by his uncle, who had been a no nonsense, strict parental unit who saw Scooter as a business liability than that of an asset. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Floyd, and the rest of the Muppets had treated him more like family than his uncle ever did and if there were two people whom he held in high regard, it was Kermit and Piggy.

    Gonzo would never know that his recent assessment about Scooter had been correct – this was tearing him apart.

    Scooter knew enough friends from school whose parents had gotten a divorce and it was never pretty. You had to split your time in half with them, the adults never wanted to spend any time with each other, and all the while you’re either feeling as though it was something you did or you’d like to do something to get their attention. Scooter had wanted to do something, but his current focus on been on getting into Google’s intern program.

    In fact, he had planned on making his announcement at the Monday office meeting. He knew things had been tense lately, both on set and off and certainly he had fielded his share of a visibly strong, but emotionally upset diva, but she had never just decided to go before. And that’s what put the sting in his heart – she wasn’t just leaving Kermit or the Muppets, she was leaving him and he couldn’t for the life of him think of what he had done that would make her do that.

    She hadn’t even told him where she was going, even when he asked. He had liked to think that he was maybe one of her closest friends and he had fully expected her to tell him that she was going to this such and such a place and that if he uttered a word to anyone, there would be heck to pay. But she hadn’t. She hadn’t said a word to him. He had even tried to trace where she could have thought to be heading, but that search proved fruitless.

    He certainly understood wanting to hide from Kermit, but him?

    “You’re quiet this morning.”

    “It’s early.”

    “You’re always up early,” was the retort.

    “Well, I’m also not usually driving one of my best friends to the airport without knowing where they’re going.”

    “Andrew,” she sighed. “This has nothing to do with you. I haven’t told anyone where I’m going, so you can stop doing searches and traces and whatever else that little brain of yours had thought up. I’m not going to tell you.”


    “You can be huffy with me all you want,” she continued. “You know that gets nowhere with me. Andrew, please don’t let the last moments we spent together be tense. You’re the last person I want that with.”

    “If something should happen to you and I didn’t know about it…”

    “This must be some man thing,” Piggy replied, rolling her eyes. “You are the fourth person who has told me that in the case trouble pops up, I need to immediately call you. Have you all forgotten that I have a black belt in karate? Was trained by a ninja master? Hello, I can break a guy’s finger by looking at him! I think I’m gonna be okay.”

    “You’re gonna be okay where?”

    “In…the place where I am going,” she said. “Nice try, kid.”
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    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry for not replying... Just to let you know that a few grammatical nitpicks here and there, I am indeed very much liking the story and how it's taken shape. Moody Scooter = understandable given the upheaval in his life. Quiet Kermit = him accepting the inevitable in spite of his leadership. Serious Gonzo = a level of maturation for the weirdo that leads to him being all business like at the plumbing warehouse when :fanatic: tells him about his hero. Nervous Fozzie = the bear in a moment of vulnerability that belies his boundless boyish optimism. Piggy departing for parts unknown (okay, we know where she's going) = a pig cut off from the very family she's built, but if the frog won't say or do anything to stop her...
    :halo: Muppets go bye-bye?
    *Cue the track to Saying Goodbye.

    More please?
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  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh no
    Oh no! Oh dear! I am ready to cry now because the Muppet gang is spliting up. Why? Somebody cue the Saying Goodbye song please?

    BTW: More please!
  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    lo friends! We're coming up to the end here. This is our last section before the epilogue and this was probably the toughest one I think I've done. Again, the hanky warning is still in effect.

    The drive to LAX was actually a lot longer on most days, with trying to combat LA drivers who were in a rush to get anywhere in the city. Today however, Scooter seemed to make the drive in half the time, which was odd considering he had purposefully taken a much longer route and had gotten stuck behind a Shriner’s motorcade.

    Pulling into parking, Scooter had the most perplexed look on his face Piggy had ever seen. “Well,” she began. “Either you have no sense of time or your sense of direction is horrible. So where do you want to have breakfast?”

    Having already arrived, the two decided on a little café that was a part of the airport and opened for those travelers who passed in and out of LAX either on to the mean streets of LA or back to the relative safety of their homes. “Have a mimosa with me, Scooter.”

    “At eight-thirty in the morning?”

    “Eight-thirty in the morning happens to be a perfectly great time to have a mimosa,” Piggy insisted. When their server came over, the diva ordered two mimosas to start. Noticing her companion’s manner, she quipped, “Are you going to sulk all morning?”

    “I’m not sulking,” came the sulking response.

    “You’re sulking and it’s adorable.”

    Letting out a sigh, Scooter crossed his arms over his chest. In times past, he probably never would have said what he was about to, but being around Piggy – and the Muppets in general – had done wonders for his confidence. There wasn’t anything they couldn’t tell each other and not know that it was said in love or concern.

    “I thought you trusted me.”

    “I do trust you.”


    Piggy stayed her reply as their server returned with their drinks and wondered about their food choices. The two hadn’t even cracked open their menus yet, but they usually got the same thing whenever they did have breakfast together, regardless of where they were eating. Waiting until their server left, Piggy slowly twirled her champagne glass.

    “Andrew,” she began. “If I do this, if I get on this plane and fly to the place where I am going, which essentially means I leave this and Kermit behind, I have to do it completely.”

    The red head nodded slowly. “And that means leaving us behind.”

    “Can you honestly tell me you wouldn’t mention Kermit to me, even if I asked?”

    “No,” he said. “I wouldn’t mention him because you asked me not to.”

    “And you’d be able to do that for Kermit, too, right?” There was a hesitancy that Scooter couldn’t avoid. Yes, he wouldn’t ever mention Kermit the Frog if Piggy asked him to, but if Kermit were to ask about Piggy?

    Giving his arm a squeeze, she whispered, “I’m sorry, dearheart. Once again, Kermit and I have forgotten ourselves and didn’t see what was right in front of us until it was too late. Sometimes I wish you all weren’t so loyal.”

    Smirking slightly, the page just nodded his understanding.

    “Anyway,” she said, lifting her glass slightly. “How about a toast?”

    “To what?”

    “To what?” she repeated, surprised. “To what? To what, he asks. Why to Google’s newest, smartest, handsomest, and most talented of interns!”

    “That’s all I need,” he chuckled. “Go in there with an ego.”

    “And why not?” Piggy challenged. “You’re a genius. We’ve known that for years. To you, Scooter.”

    They clinked their glasses and took their first sips, enjoying the mixture of alcohol and juice. “How did Kermit take it?”

    Sighing, Scooter shook his head slightly before taking another sip. “I don’t know,” he answered. “But I did get the impression that…I dunno, he was hiding something from me.”


    “I’m sure it didn’t get any better once Gonzo went in there.”

    “Why did Gonzo go to see him?”

    “He’s leaving.”

    “Gonzo?” she asked. Of all the people she thought would leave the Muppets, Gonzo wasn’t one of them.

    “He and Camilla,” Scooter confirmed. “He mentioned Fozzie was leaving too.”

    That got her attention. And she immediately retracted her earlier statement. “Fozzie…” she said, not sure if they were talking about the same person or not. “Fozzie Bear?”

    Scooter nodded.

    Piggy couldn’t really think of any words that could actively convene what she was thinking. “Well…” she began, before taking a long drag on her drink. “We’re certainly managed to mess things up, didn’t we?”

    “How did we let it get to this?” the assistant asked. Apart from the fear of having to tell everyone that he was leaving, Scooter had taken his promotion as stage manager and production assistant very seriously; the very notion that he hadn’t done all he could to keep the group together had been weighing on him for some time, enough time that this new opportunity doing something he equally loved didn’t seem as great and enjoyable anymore.

    “It’s not your fault,” she replied, sending him a look. “It’s not your fault or Kermit’s or mine or Fozzie’s or Gonzo’s or Rowlf’s…it wasn’t anyone’s fault. It just…”

    “Happened,” he finished.

    The server happily brought out their meals, asking if they needed anything else and making sure that they were set. Again leaving for tables left untouched by her perkiness, Piggy straightened her plate before picking up her utensils. “I am about to have my very last breakfast with one of my very favorite people in the world and you’re bringing me down,” she compained. “If I wanted to be depressed during meals, I would’ve brought Sam.”

    “That square?” Scooter protested. “You’d rather have him here than be graced in the presence of Andy Westside?”

    Piggy looked at him. “Andy Westside?”

    “That’s…that’s my rap name.”

    Again, the diva just stared at him. “What do you boys do when I’m not around?”

    “We…sit around and come up with rap names.”


    “And read comics. Sometimes.”

    “Bunch of lunatics.”

    “Yes,” Scooter agreed. “Yes we are. But we’re your lunatics.”

    “You’re the frog’s lunatics,” she protested. “I just share joint custody sometimes.”


    This was it.

    This was the moment that Piggy had equally looked forward to with the anticipation one feels on Christmas, while feeling the same type of dread as though she was going into the dentist. Talking about leaving and actually leaving were two completely different things; Piggy had always talked a good game. There were very few things that she could talk up and then not be able to do and if she couldn’t do it, she faked it long enough until it looked like she could do it.

    In those times, it was just an act. An act to keep up the persona of Miss Piggy, internationally reknown star of stage and screen, the leading lady of the Muppets, and the most irresistible woman in the world; these last few months had shown that Miss Piggy was very much still Pigathia Lee Hogglesworth, from Bogen County, Iowa, who had gone cross country with a frog, a bear, a dog, and a whatever in order to find her name up in the lights.

    Piggy still wanted her name up in lights – who didn’t? – but it would have been great, awesome, rewarding to have her friends with her to see her name up in lights. It would have been great to have Kermit with her to see it.

    Would she see her name up in lights in Paris? She didn’t know and that uncertainty was killing her. This was it.

    Scooter was aware of it too when they stopped at the entrance to several different arriving and departing seating areas. Looking up, he realized that all of the flights leaving were all headed out of the country. “You know this is the area where people are heading out of the country, right?”

    “Yes,” she said. “I am aware of that.” She watched him for a moment before saying, “Stop. Stop it, Scooter. I can see from your eyes that you’re trying to figure out what city in which country you think I might be heading to and I want you to stop. Please stop, Andrew.”

    Not trusting himself to look at her, he nodded, and said, “Okay.”

    Sighing good-naturedly, she opened her arms and said, “Come on. Bring it in.”

    The force of his hug nearly toppled her, though he managed to stay upright, she did have to take a few steps back. Out of everyone, saying goodbye to Scooter was the worst. He wasn’t just the little go-fer who had managed to financially bully his way in; Scooter Grosse had become one of them, just by being his childish, goofy, nerdy self.

    Piggy had latched on to his eager to please personality for her own means, but it soon became clear that the teenager shared in her wants for Kermit to marry her; she hadn’t meant to get attached to anyone, no one other than Kermit and this whole process had shown when she hadn’t been paying attention, she had grown attached.

    And that first person was Scooter.

    She had never admitted it and she was toying with it now, but if she had to imagine having a son with Kermit…it was Scooter.

    And it was so like Scooter to just break her down, by being just as attached to her as she was to him. “If you make me cry,” she sniffed. “I will kill you. I’m serious, Andrew. You stop that sniffling right now!”

    “Gonna miss you so much!” he cried, the sound muffled by the way he had buried his face in her shoulder.

    “I know,” she sighed, putting her forehead against his shoulder, if only to hide some of the tears.

    “I don’t want you to go!”

    Lifting her head, she placed her lips near his ear, making sure only he could hear her. “I know you don’t,” she sniffed. “But I have to and you know I have to. You know it, I know it, and deep down, I bet even he knows it. It has to be done and believe me, no one likes it. Okay?”

    He was crying now, she could tell, but she wasn’t about to stop him. It was going to be so very odd without these people in her life. “Out of everyone,” she whispered. “I loved you the most. Andrew, look at me. Look at me, okay?”

    A teary Scooter greeted her and she wiped some tears away with her thumbs, satin gloves getting wet. This wasn’t the first time she had done this – she had put out many a fire during his teenage years – but she had really hoped those times were the last. She had once promised him that she would never let anyone, girl, woman or beast ever make him cry and here was doing it herself.

    “I love you,” she repeated. “And Kermit loves you. And Fozzie and Gonzo and Floyd and Janice and Rowlfie and all of us. We love you and we are so very proud of you. Now you’re going to leave here, knowing that no matter what, we’re not that far apart, okay? You’re going to walk into your first day of being a big shot computer company guy and you’re going to love it.

    “And I swear, Andrew, if I so much as get a hint of any trouble, there is going to be trouble, hear me?”

    Scooter chuckled. Leave it to Piggy to threaten him from half a continent away. “I hear you,” he whispered.

    “Did you pack?” He nodded. “Promise me that you’ll go home, you’ll get all freshened up, and you’ll do something fun. Don’t think I won’t check up on you. You are to do something fun because if I hear that you sat in that little box of an apartment all night…”

    “Not fair,” he giggled. “You can’t do that.”

    “I can do whatever I want cause I say so,” she replied, matter of factly. She smiled at him, gave him a motherly pat on the cheek, before dropping a kiss on his forehead. “Go home, Scooter.”

    “Don’t you want me to…”

    “No,” she said, a finality in her voice that didn’t bear an argument. “I’ll be okay and you’ll be okay. Now go home.”

    Knowing this was something he wasn’t going to win, Scooter nodded, sadly. “Love you,” he whispered, taking a deep breath to prevent another onslaught of tears.

    “I know,” she said. Taking by the shoulders, she turned him towards the way they had come. “Go home, dearheart.” With one last kiss to his cheek, Piggy gave him a push towards the exit.

    The red head stumbled down the slightly ramped walkway, doing his best not to turn around and look back. The urge to do so was so strong that he almost just stopped and turned, but he didn’t. He kept walking and the more he walked, the less stumbling he did.

    Before he knew it, he was sitting in his car and he couldn’t remember getting there.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay for ficness goodness. Again, it shows you've studied under the masters of emotional manipulation present here within our community's library. Well done grasshopper. *<3 the departure between diva and gofer, thank you for posting this. Hope to read whatever's left.
    Dunno, take it up with Gina.
  14. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Whoa! As Dr. Teeth would say, "This is a narrative of very heavy-duty proportion!" :D

    Some very powerful stuff indeed- heart-wrenching plot-twists at every turn, with one Muppet after another leaving the stage lights of Muppet Studios and their green amphibian leader behind. The fact that Kermit kept them working on a film for three weeks that would never get made...wow...didn't see that coming but whew I could definitely picture it. Kermit would do anything if even the slightest bit of him thought that it would keep the Muppets together, even if it did mean nearly bankrupting the studio. I still wonder what made him crack.....his onslaught of fights with Piggy....the indefinitely stoppage of the film...his remaining grief over Jim or a combination of those things, but man Kermit is falling and falling fast.

    So very sad but still a very good story. I loved the moment when Piggy and Scooter were hugging, each crying, knowing that they don't want the future to happen but knowing that is must...after what Kermit said to Piggy about their zero chance for marriage, Piggy had to leave or else she would have justified Kermit continuing to be not the frog he was supposed to be, definitely not the frog that she and the rest of the Muppets loved and respected so much.

    I hope you put Piggy's letter to Kermit in here...I would have loved to see what their last moment was like before she left....maybe something you could do as a "deleted scene" or something? ;)

    Can't wait to read the epilogue and more of your other work soon!
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Mini tanks! I'm glad I'm doing some Muppet justice here!

    Sorry Cami, darlin', you no longer appear in the rest of this fic, however you are prominent in the next one!

    What it is, what it is!

    I swear to you that this was not a pre-planned idea; it actually came to me when I was writing up the scene with Gonzo. As I wrote it, the idea that the film was being scrapped before being finished was as far as I got until the idea of, what if Kermit just had them come in to work on a film that wasn't gonna happen?

    So very glad that's a plausible scenario!

    Piggy and Scooter's scene was actually the first solid scene I had an idea for on this, though it was actually for something that was along the similar vein. I've just got it stuck in my head that these two are super close; how else would you explain their constant scheming together if they weren't?

    OMG, thank you! I had completely forgotten about that letter! My original epilogue I think was that Kermit would come home and find the letter, but not open it. He'd know it was essentially a 'Dear John' letter, but he wouldn't be able to bring himself to read it. And then something else, I don't remember, but NOW I do wanna put that in there.

    Tank q!
  16. WebMistressGina

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    Okay kiddies! Here's the first part of the epilogue! The second part will come later today or tomorrow!


    2011 – six years later

    The lights of Paris, France would have been a perfect romantic setting for any couple, with little bistros lined up and down the cobbled streets, the view of the Eiffel Tower in the darkened distance. For one frog and one pig, this was not the romantic meeting that they had planned nor was there any sense in romance period for what their purposes were.

    The reunion between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy was under the pretense of professionalism – Kermit needed Piggy to come back to the Muppets in order to help save their studios, the very studios he himself had placed in danger six years prior. Only the Great Gonzo was aware of the huge misstep that Kermit had taken, but only the frog knew how deep he had really gotten in. Upon learning that his benefactor, Tex Richman, was actually planning on destroying those studios had been a hard blow.

    But it was nothing in comparison to the blow that Kermit had just been delivered.

    Piggy wasn’t coming back.

    Kermit had once thought he knew each and every one of his friends to the letter. He knew everyone of Fozzie’s worries and insecurities, knew all of Gonzo’s pick up lines and stunts, knew all of Scooter’s favorite science fiction movies, TV, and books, and he knew everything there was to Piggy. But in the six years that had passed since they had all been together, Kermit wasn’t sure he knew them anymore.

    Fozzie was probably the one constant – he knew the bear wasn’t happy in Reno, even when he tried to play it off that he was having the time of life. But that seemed to be the only person who seemed to stay to themselves, initially. Kermit wouldn’t admit that Gonzo had just about floored him when he dismissed them, opting to stay with his multimillion dollar plumbing business than to return to what he had always loved.

    And while he knew trying to win Piggy back wouldn’t be easy, he had honestly thought the years gone between them may have…he didn’t know, but they obviously hadn’t. If there had been one person he counted on to return, it was Piggy. And she wasn’t. Feeling a few drops of rain on his face, Kermit looked up, thinking maybe the sky was going to open up and a torrent of showers was coming his way. It took him five minutes to realize that the drops were coming from him.

    Steeling himself, he made his way back to the car, where everyone had been anxiously waiting. They must’ve been discussing what was going on because all conversation stopped as soon as he opened the door and got in. “Where’s Miss Piggy?” Fozzie asked, wondering where their former diva was.

    “She’s not coming, Fozzie.”

    Was it his imagination or was Fozzie more devastated by that fact than he was? The bear had been the most ardent cheerleader for Piggy’s return that Kermit had to wonder what the heck had those Moopet people done to him. In thinking that, the frog grimaced. Piggy had been Fozzie’s friend too and the bear had actively predicted the outcome – they couldn’t do this show without her.

    “We’ll be fine, Fozzie,” Kermit whispered, responding to a question even he wasn’t sure of. “We’ll be fine.”
    Of course they’d be fine, he’d be fine. He had been fine without her for six years, what was that in comparison to one lousy night where they needed to save their studios?

    He didn’t want to answer that.

    80’s robot got the car rolling and they made their way back to the states to try and figure out what they needed to do. Kermit didn’t say any more, even though whispered conversations went on around him; he watched the city of lights drift away and realized that he had just let Piggy walk out of his life for a second time.


    In a darkened office building, only one light was on in the office of Vogue’s plus sized editor.

    Piggy had never imagined that her day would have ended like this. With the fashion season creeping up on them, she certainly had plenty to do, but that morning, she had been bored out of her mind. She kept making up excuses to put off the paperwork and editing she had to in order to decide which donut to have for breakfast and where she would go to lunch and whether her apartment would look better with the desk on the left or right.

    She was painfully distracted and she had no idea why.

    When her assistant had come in and told her there was someone to see her, she was estatic. Finally, something to do for at least a few hours. Of course, when said visitor entered her office, the idea of entertaining suddenly seemed to be off her plate; he was the weirdest looking guy she had ever seen and that was saying something after her years living in Hollywood, however there was something about him that reminded her of someone.

    It was only later that she realized who he reminded her of - Fozzie Bear. Clumsy, childlike, funny, adorable Fozzie Bear, someone she hadn’t thought of in years; and there, on her office floor, was just about everyone she had tried to forget for the last six years. And then she saw him and she lost herself. But only for the moment! Thankfully, she had regained her senses and realized, she was mad at him. She was mad at him and the last thing she wanted was to see them.

    Him. See him. She did not want to see him.

    And then he used those darn pollywog eyes on her and she nearly caved. Nearly, but not quite. Oh no, they were on her turf now and she definitely had home court advantage, which meant that if Kermit was looking to get back in her good graces, he was going to do this by himself and without help. Like she didn’t know how nosy the others could be; especially with Scooter there. She was almost tempted to have the frog frisked, just to ensure the little sneak didn’t plant a bug or tracking device on him.

    A little part of her was of course elated and excited, but she stomped that down quick, bringing up the very reasons she had left in the first place.

    She had arranged everything because they were going to discuss what she wanted. But…she wasn’t completely unreasonable. She couldn’t pretend that seeing him again didn’t get her heart beat faster and that, hope against hope, maybe he had been as miserable without her as she had been without him, but no. Even after six years of being apart, he still couldn’t just tell her that he hadn’t been able to get along without her.

    And they were right back where they started.

    That…had been a little devastating. Maybe he didn’t care, maybe she had been wasting all her time mourning for a relationship that just was not going to happen.

    Truth be told, she missed everyone – not just him – but everyone. Seeing that boyish grin on Fozzie’s face, the ugly and familiar green jacket of Scooter’s, those big brown puppy dog eyes of Rowlf’s…they took her back to a time when they sat around in the cantina or at that bar they loved so much, discussing everything and nothing at the same time. As much as she may have complained and argued her way out, she missed those guys and she missed those times.

    And the fate of whether or not they’d be able to do this again was riding on her.

    She wasn’t stupid. Of course they needed her! She had been part and parcel of the Muppets forever and she could still be recognized as being one of them. She had her own fans and she knew that if they needed to come up with the money to get their studios back, those fans would want to see her along with the rest of them. A decision needed to be made and Piggy was sure she had already made it.

    Picking up the phone, she dialed one of the office assistants. “Francois,” she replied, thankfully knowing it was still early enough that he’d be awake and working somewhat. “J'ai besoin d'un billet d'avion immédiatement. Ce soir.” She nodded to whatever he said over the phone before interrupting him and saying, “Pour Hollywood.”
  17. The Count

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    *Hooray for epilogue firstness, still need the other part to add to your repertoire girl.
    The only thing that bugged me was...

    Posted by not Newsie's Gina:
    "And then he used those darn pollywog eyes on him"
    Er who did what to who now? Pronoun problems methinks. Unless Kermit was staring at his own reflection in a mirror in Piggy's office, but even with my blind batty eyes I don't think that's what happened during that scene in the movie. *Still has to buy it for home library.

    Other than a few little typos here and there, it shows how much your style/thinking has come into its own with this fic. More please?
    Oh, and thanks for the cookies. *Hides them from Mr. Googly-Eyes.
  18. WebMistressGina

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    Heh heh. Yeah...that should have been 'her'. That's the problem with trying to get this stuff typed up before my weekday starts - I'm writing fast and thinking faster than I'm writing, while keeping an eye on the clock.

    Luckily, I think I'm still within my edit time frame, so heres I go!

    EDIT - lies! The edit button will not lets me edit :( Well...I think we know who's gonna have to fix that, yes? (looks at The Count)
  19. The Count

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    Yes, that and anything else ya needs fixing. Cause I knows a guy...
  20. WebMistressGina

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    Is it the same guy I know, cause that guy knows stuff. He knows the epicness of the Scoobius. and I think he might be a Control agent. At least I hope he's a Control agent...

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