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Kermit Replica Assistance Needed!

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by SesameStMuppets, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    I think the top looks great, not sure how you could lose the crease on the bottom, maybe give the bottom a little more width around the mouth plate?

    For the pupils, I used velcro strips cut into the pupil shape.

    But all in all, well done!
  2. TML

    TML Active Member

    Definitely the 3rd one. He looks great. Once the pupils are on, he will seem so alive!
  3. Great, thanks everyone! I just got back from vacation and am now hard at work on getting puppet building accomplished before school starts up next week!

    I did try cutting pupils with electrical tape (pictures coming soon) but had some difficulty getting them all uniformly cut. By this I mean, I can't use a stencil (I don't think?) and tape isn't necessarily the easiest thing in the world to cut - any ideas?

    BTW - I'll be building Ernie next, so stay tuned for that exciting tip thread :)
  4. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    I would honestly use the velcro, much easier (plus thicker) to cut through. Plus you can draw it out on the paper back side.... :)
  5. TML

    TML Active Member

  6. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Member

    Awesome work there!
  7. Muppet Loverr

    Muppet Loverr Member

    Your Kermit looks great! can i ask, what did you make your Miss Piggy sculpting out of, it looks amazing.
  8. TML that looks incredible! I'll probably try your way over the velcro - it looks like it will leave a less fuzzy texture for what should be as smooth as the rest of the eye. Do you happen to have a picture of the final draft pattern for Kerm's collar that you'd be willing to share?
  9. TML

    TML Active Member

    Piggy is sculpted out of oil clay. Um, I am away for the labor day holiday, but I will look and see if I still have the kermit collar pattern.
  10. Great! Thank you so much! Enjoy your holiday!
  11. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    great job ...thumbs up!
  12. pashmonster

    pashmonster Member

    Great job.

    Seeing your first thread at end of july, i decided enough was enough i was never going to get a kermit photo puppet and efx photo puppet will probably never come out anytime soon. If someone else can make a kermit so could I.

    Here are a couple of pics of my unfinished kermit, without seeing SesameStMuppets kermit it would never have kick started my 7th and final attempt at kermit.


    If anyone wants to know i used the online pic of the photo puppet that has been taken appart and slightly amended the pattern as i went along.

  13. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    Wow, I guess 7th time is a charm! Nicely done, I would love to see him once finished!
  14. ElmoPepper25250

    ElmoPepper25250 New Member

    i kinda like it

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