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Labyrinth 20th Anniversary Reunion

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by rurulesunc, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. rurulesunc

    rurulesunc New Member


    A friend of mine just sent this to me. $5 for a movie in LA, plus you get to see a reunion of the cast and crew and the exhibit at the Academy. Its unheard of! What a deal. Too bad you can't get tickets until the 5th. Sounds like fun though.
  2. JoeyMuppet

    JoeyMuppet New Member

    Looks like fun.
  3. Jamesman

    Jamesman New Member

    I wonder if Toby will be there, all grown up. Man, that would be a head trip.

    Especially if David Bowie tried to carry him in his arms and sing "Dance Magic Dance." Talk about $5 well spent.

    Although by the sounds of it, I imaging the "cast" reuninion is going to just be Muppeteers and extras. You'd think if Connelly or Bowie were attending, they'd specifically say so on that website.
  4. gfarkwort

    gfarkwort Member

    yea....I agree with you on the Connely and Bowie part.......But, Sheesh! I Really would like to go to this thing....especially since it's only $5.
  5. that sounds awesome. i live in another country so however goes from muppet central plaease let us know what it was like and take photos if you can.
  6. Brinatello

    Brinatello New Member

    Bummer of the date! I'll be down in San Diego attending the Comic Con. It all starts at 7 p.m. I'd have to leave by 3 p.m. incase of traffic up the 5 North to Beverly Hills. No, I'm afraid I'll have to miss it despite it sounding like such an awesome event!
  7. Stulz

    Stulz Active Member


    Henson really seems to be sticking to their base with the scheduling of all this geat stuff.

    Comic-Con: 20-23 (at wich they had a MirrorMask pannel last year)
    Labyrinth Reuion: July 20th
    Late Night Buffet Taping: July 22

    (oh and Clerks 2 comes out July 21)

    That's alot of stuff going on @ the same time with the same fan base.


    ILuVERNIE New Member

    When it comes to Henson, you never get bored!
  9. annie

    annie New Member

    That would be terrific to see. Shame the human stars are not anticipated to attend. I saw Bowie in concert a couple of years ago and the show was (speechless) although he did not do any Labyrinth songs.
  10. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    how is Clerks II the same fanbase as Henson LOL i mean i love both but hahahhahahah
  11. Stulz

    Stulz Active Member

    More info...

    Another Henson event just announced:
    There is a Henson pannel scheduled for Friday July 212t @ Comic-Con in San Diego where they will be showing a preview of "Power of the Dark Cystal"!

    So it looks like Clerks 2 just got bumpedfurther down my schedule.

    Kimp the Shrimp:
    The Kevin Smith and Henson fan bases are close in age proximity and if you ask one about the other most would say they like both.. maybe not equily but there is def. a crossover fan base.

  12. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I'm a HUGE fan of Kevin Smith's work. We're going to go see the movie exactly after work is over on the 21st!
  13. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    i would love to go to Comic-con
  14. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    These folks will be at the Labyrinth screening...
    Brian Henson, puppeteer coordinator and the voice of Hoggle

    Brian Froud, conceptual designer/supervisor

    Toby Froud, who portrays the character of Toby in the film

    Dave Goelz, puppet operator and the voice of Didymus, the Hat, the Guard, L. Doorknocker and Firey 3

    Jane Gootnick, senior puppet builder

    Karen Prell, puppet operator and the voice of the Worm, the Junk Lady and Firey 2

    Mira Velimorivic, Jim Henson's creative assistant

  15. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    I so would love to see a picture of Toby Froud! That would be strange and awesome at the same time!

    And I wished I lived in LA!
  16. Stulz

    Stulz Active Member

    Labyrinth Reuion

    Just got back from the Labyrinth Reuion.

    Jane Gootnick wasn't able to attend due to a schedule conflict, but it was really great seeying everyone and to see Toby all grown was fun!

    Even though the screening and renuion were a onme night only deal, the acdemy's anamatronic exhibit that opend at the end of the screening wil be open for a few more weeks.

    It is really amazining and def. worth a your tim eto check it out. Not only did they have Augra, parts of the skekis and Mystics, one of the door knockers, Sir. Diddymus!!! and Fizgig!!!!, but also # Johnny 5 from Short Curcit, GIZMO!!!, Audrey II!!!, YODA!!!, and many, MANY other Henson and non Henson animatronics chacters and collection of great concept art and still photography in the lobby.

    If you're in the LA area go check it out!

  17. Jedimasta

    Jedimasta New Member

    The film was fantastic to see on the big screen again, and getting the chance to speak with Goelz and Prell was an honor. I'll be posting a full story on my website at www . media - geeks . com (board wont allow me to post URLs yet) shortly, but in the meantime, I got several dozen pictures anyone can look at here:

    www . alt-realities.com/gallery/main.php/v/Animatronics/
  18. alorindanya

    alorindanya Member

    That is simply fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures!
  19. edible eye

    edible eye New Member

    Thanks for the great pics! That's the chicken from Return to OZ right? Good to see she's in great shape.:)

    I'd love to hear more about the actual discussion.
  20. Jedimasta

    Jedimasta New Member

    Thanks everyone. Yes, that is the clucker that starred alongside a very young Faruza Balk. I'm slowly but surely filling in the descriptions in between writing a proper article around the story.

    Admin Philip has already approached me about reprinting my article for MuppetCentral and once I've finished it, I'll be happy to have him display it. Comic-Con has held my attention for the past couple days, so I haven't had the chance to get my thoughts together yet.

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