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Maybe It's Not Too Late After All

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by RedPiggy, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    You may have to go to the "Watched threads" section of your profile, list all the threads (as opposed to just the ones with new replies), check all the boxes beside them, and then with the pull-down at the bottom, enable E-mail notifications for all the threads you've checked.

    It's a kludge, but it works. That's how I set all my fic threads to notify me of replies without needlessly bumping 'em.
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    Oh okay... Will give that a try, but I'm still not liking this new forum setup. I'm not getting notifications even about new members, and the View Who's Online/View Birthdays is also gone.
    To quote Gobo and Wembley from Throw The Stuff Out... "We just don't like it!"
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  3. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    This story is clearly begging for an update. I had a dream on Saturday where a storm was magically sealing every entry into Fraggle Rock, so Gobo (who was in Outer Space) couldn't get to Red, who was in Fraggle Rock. We searched everywhere, and we could see her in the openings, but it was like a weird force field. On Sunday, I dreamed Scorpius kidnapped Sarah. So, in the interest of getting some quality sleep for a change, an update will be forthcoming this week, LOL. :)
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 12

    Jareth watched the pitiful trickle of water arch over the edge of a small rocky vent high above his head, dripping to the ground below in a fast-tempo melody. Water seemed so calming, didn’t it?



    Drip drip drippety drip drip.



    He could watch that trickle for arns. Time meant nearly nothing down here in the maze of tunnels and caves. It was a blissful place where the self seemed to slip away into nothingness, for emptiness was better than suffering, wasn’t it? It was almost like, given enough time, one could completely forget oneself down here.


    A torrent of water flushed down the vent, drenching Jareth, sending him sprawling across the narrow tunnel with a groaning thud. The water spiraled up from the ground, draining from his soaked body, and formed a humanoid shape. Within a few microts, Mizumi gasped and stood before him, frowning. Where was that smirk? He looked like a drowned rat, she thought, even though he was now dry.

    Jareth sputtered and coughed and rose, keeping his eyes on the ground. “Milady,” he greeted her, quietly.

    Mizumi lunged at him, grabbing him by the throat, clasping her lips onto his. He barely returned her passion. She broke off and spat in disgust.

    “Have I failed thee, Milady?” Jareth asked her, mournfully wiping his mouth with his sleeve. “Am I not everything you’ve wished for?”

    Mizumi scoffed, hissing at him, “I’ve always hated your petulant need to be sarcastic, Jareth.”

    Jareth’s face fell, even more than it already had. “Milady, I am not being sarcastic. All the time we’ve been together … you act as though something of mine is missing.”

    “Balls, for instance,” Mizumi whispered under her breath. She glared at him, speaking in a curt voice, “Where are your crystals, Jareth? Where is your smarmy, glaringly obvious power that radiates from you?”

    “From me or from crystals, Mizumi?” Jareth asked, curious, finally able to look her in the eyes. “You’re implying I am nothing without some little talisman of sorts.” He sighed. “Mizumi … I am broken. You and I … are intertwined, are we not?” He nodded toward one end of the tunnel. “How can you believe the bond is so easily broken?” A brief smirk flashed across his face before retreating back into forlornness. “I grow weaker. You obviously grow stronger. Perhaps you enjoy watching my nightmares come true.”

    Mizumi drew back her hand to slap him, but lowered it softly, as her body sank to the ground. She wept. “Jareth … I get it. Do you understand?” she sobbed. “I … I … I regret the things I have done to you. I have altered time. I have broken the universe. I have,” she paused, crying loudly for a moment, “been … broken … in turn … just to have you.” She wiped her eyes with her sleeve and looked up at him pitifully. “Have I not been loving? Have I not worshipped the ground you walked on? Have I not been everything that you want? What more must I be for you?”

    Jareth kneeled beside her and caressed her hair tenderly. In the other universe, Mizumi knew, Jareth’s eyes would have been filled with disappointment. This Jareth, however, showed … could it be?

    Signs of empathy?

    He spoke softly. This was not the King of the Universe, or even the Goblin King, whose voice could make even the iciest female heart swoon. Before her was … a broken man, a shell of his former self. “Dearest Mizumi,” he began, “you wail against a fate I do not know. You go to so much trouble over such a little thing.” He smiled briefly. “I want nothing from you.”

    Mizumi abruptly stood and turned her back on him as he slowly rose, confused. Mizumi continued to stare into the darkness. “That is precisely why no one on this planet will ever find you,” she claimed bitterly, holding herself in her arms.

    Jareth chuckled sheepishly. “You say that so often. It makes me wonder which life you seem to think is so threatening to me.”

    Mizumi turned and stared at him, surprised. “Have you never heard the name of Sarah?” she asked, shocking herself to realize this is the first time she has been able to stomach saying that name without gagging.

    Jareth shook his head, shrugging. “A woman?” He managed to laugh genuinely at last. “You are so bitter over a woman whose name only you know? This is why you have kept me as close to you as possible, ever since Thra?” He laughed again. “My dearest wife Mizumi … are you so incredibly insecure?” He expected her to turn violent again, but felt a bit surprised when she sat back down in a melancholic pose, her hair draping her face like a veil.

    Her voice was soft, lacking the usual arrogant haughtiness. She stared at the ground, ashamed to look at him. “I am the one who made you this way,” she told him. “With a careless flick of my wrist, I brought darkness to you, all those thousands of cycles ago.”

    “Maldis,” he whispered with a hint of enchanted intrigue. “You met me far later, Mizumi. How can you be responsible?”

    Mizumi laughed and sobbed at the same time. “I was attacked by Maldis, my love. I defeated him, only to find him sent through time and space. With him came the death-knell of the universe.” She looked up at him, her eyes glistening. “For this … I am truly sorry.”

    Jareth stroked his chin in thought. “Your heart is broken, my love. I see the pain in your eyes. Yet here, there is a little peace. Can you not feel it?”

    Mizumi shook her head. “I feel nothing but a dying world, Jareth,” she replied sullenly. “Its heart is dying. The heart shall die and then the world shall follow, with everyone on or near it. There is nothing to believe in, anymore.”

    Jareth sat next to her, staring at the opposite tunnel wall. “I have resigned myself to this unending shattered dream, Mizumi.” He glanced at her. “I still see the pain of being torn amongst different paths in you. You clearly still have something I no longer possess.”

    “Hope,” she whispered. A thought entered her head, and her face brightened, glistening tears streaming down her face.

    Outside the tunnels, in the daylight, Scorpius drank from a glistening glass as Peacekeeper minions used every tool within their disposal to chip away the massive walls of ice. He glanced to the right, noting a tall Delvian amongst the crowds, followed by a small furry creature with a brown robe. Both wore sparkling jewels around their necks, centered in a trio of golden suns that fell against their collarbones.

    The Delvian walked up to Scorpius and bowed. “The Seek is spreading its influence, precisely as planned, Lord Scorpius.” She waved a hand toward the furry creature. “This is my assistant, Mokey Fraggle.”

    Scorpius smiled at the creature, amused that his appearance made her tremble so. He glanced back at the Priestess. “To what do I owe the pleasure, Milady?”

    The Delvian nodded solemnly. “I come humbly with a request. A vision of the Goddess has alerted me to a cave deep within the ground.”

    “Yes, and accessing it seems to be rather … frustrating … at the moment, Zhaan,” he replied bitterly.

    Zhaan nodded again. “However, Mokey and I have both had visions. The Triple Sun is the key. It will take three Priestesses of the Seek to enter the caves and find what you so rightfully desire.”

    Sarah bowed as she appeared before Scorpius with another glass and some fruit. She looked at the blue Priestess as she felt being analyzed intently. “Is there anything I can do for you, Milady?”
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds the chapter. Jareth/Mizumi angstiness mixed with a bit of prophecy or scheming yet to come to enter the underground tunnels. And yet, the heart of the world is slowly dying, slowing down as it were, now why does that remind me of something or other?
    Thanks... Post more when possible.
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 13

    “Absolutely not!” barked Scorpius. “Sarah is mine.”

    The Delvian priestess, Zhaan, bowed reverently, her jewels glittering in the sun. “One must be willing to do what is necessary to achieve one’s goals, Your Eminence.”

    Scorpius cringed subtly. He hated when others had a good point. Still, he wouldn’t give up his new toy so easily. He snapped his fingers. A pudgy light-green-skinned male walked over. He was bald aside from wires and thin cables forming a disturbing goatee around his mouth. His pupils were white, as they appeared to be a kind of light source or camera or something. Cables were draped across his shoulder, with one end connected to the base of his skull and the other connected to a rigid metal plate on his chest. He looked, to everyone, like a remote control corpse. Scorpius sneered. “Digit … what is our progress?”

    Digit coughed, his beard crackling briefly with electricity. The dust from the mining was torture on his sensitive electronics. “My Lord … the ice appears to be receding. We should be able to enter the tunnel by tomorrow.” He saw that Scorpius was about to protest. “My Lord, let me remind you that using ships to level the hill into dust could very well destroy the tunnel’s properties. You simply can’t tamper with the warping of spacetime, which is our running theory of how this tunnel appeared to be deeper than the actual location….”

    Scorpius scoffed from underneath his shelter from the sun. “I want inside within six arns.” He jabbed a finger at Digit’s pudgy cheeks. “You will lead an exploratory team. I want complete documentation before,” he glanced at Zhaan angrily, “anyone from the Seek steps a single foot inside. Am I clear?”

    Digit trembled. Scorpius was not giving him a posh job at all. In fact, Digit was assured in his belief that Scorpius was sending him to his death. Just being on the outskirts of the mining area was interfering with his circuitry. To go into a dank, dirt-filled tunnel? Scorpius only had three methods of firing anyone: transfer and demote someone (if he mostly liked you), flat-out shoot them dead (if you irritated him), or promote someone into a dangerous position so that the position killed them (if he unimaginably despised you). Digit’s trembling evolved into a full-blown seizure. He was certain he was being fired using the last method.

    Digit jerked and twitched in chaotic movements. “Father, the Peacekeepers are here to enslave us,” he protested quietly. He paused a bit, as though listening to a reply. Shaking his head, he continued, his voice scratchy and varying wildly in pitch, “If destiny … us to … promote science … humans … *erk* … *pant pant* humans … had been … scient … scient … smart enough to … do it sooner without Peacekeeper help.” He fell to the ground, writhing. His voice screamed in pitiful pleading, his arms flailing, “Father … don’t!

    Scorpius was less than amused. He motioned for some grunts to come closer. “Take this writhing worm away.”

    Mokey stifled her tears as she took out some paper and a pen, hastily sketching the thrashing Digit as Scorpius looked on. Ever since she met Zhaan, she had been illuminated with the concept of taking her thoughts and recording them for posterity. Mokey was unaware if Fraggles had ever had their own script, even pictographic symbols. For her, it was as though the universe itself had revealed its deepest secrets to her.

    It also gave her solace as she nearly moistened her legs after the “discussion” between Scorpius and Digit.

    Zhaan gently bowed and took her leave, with Mokey following.

    Sarah nervously glanced at Scorpius. Scorpius nodded toward Zhaan. “Go,” he told her quietly. “You will not, however, enter that tunnel without me.”

    Sarah nodded. “I live to serve you,” she told him.

    Scorpius grabbed her by the throat, pinned her against some metal cases, and inhaled deeply, as though filling his lungs with her scent. His whisper was a growl. “You live only because I currently demand it. If I want your fear I will have it. If I want your love I will have it.” He pressed against her harder. “Your freedom or your servitude is subject to my whim alone.”

    Sarah, crying, found herself strangely determined to make him happy. Yes, her life was on the line, but that wasn’t important to her. After her parents sold her, her life was an unending maze of uncertainty and disappointment. And while the Traskan woman was nice, this was the first time she ever felt led to her destiny. Most would cringe at his treatment of her, but for Sarah, it was a welcome respite from feeling like shattered glass blowing in the wind.

    More than anything, she wanted to be worthy of him.

    Sarah found herself in a small enclave after leaving Scorpius. A young bipedal collie in a sultry black dress walked up to her, her tail wagging. “You lookin’ for a job, hon?” The collie shook her head, sighing. “’Fraid we ain’t got much use fer humans. Our clientele tends to like a bit more spunk than what you got.”

    A gray poodle with tight curls piled up on her head muscled her out of the way, her sequined red dress shimmering in the dim lights. “She got a right ta try out, Colleen,” retorted the poodle. She held out her hand to Sarah, smiling, her impeccably groomed tail flickering. “Name’s Belle. You want work? You gotta pass mustah with our Directah of Employees. She’s a hard nut ta crack, y’know … jus’ a friendly warnin’.”

    Sarah politely shook her head and moved forward, looking for the Priestess and her tiny furry partner.

    A hand grabbed her and dragged her several feet backwards and to the right. As she felt herself spun around, her eyes rested on a slightly shorter female with light gray skin, short white hair, silver irises, and wearing nothing but a rigid black corset and black high-heeled boots. Her head tended to tilt to the side when she asked questions. “Are you seriously trying to impress me?” The gray-skinned humanoid gave Sarah the once over. “Average build, rough palms,” she said as she sniffed and gasped, “and the scent of Scarran all over you. You a spy or something? You come to break up our gig here?”

    Sarah backed up a step. “My master Scorpius bid me find the Delvian Priestess and her partner. I saw them come this way.”

    The woman laughed. “That little rodent’s the Priestess’ ‘partner’? Kinky!”

    Sarah sighed and looked away. “Do you know where they are or not? If this is all the help you’re going to be, you can just leave.”

    The woman waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t act like such a frelling dridgenauht, baby cakes. They’re in a booth in the back, sipping water under a solar lamp. I guess you’re the one they were talking about. C’mon, I’ll take ya there myself.”

    Sarah sat down at the booth where Zhaan and Mokey were sitting patiently. All around them were passionate sounds blaring through the thin walls, but they seemed to be oblivious to them. Sarah nodded. “Priestesses … Scorpius bids me to join your group. However, I am not to enter that tunnel until he gives his permission.”

    Zhaan nodded. “We bid you welcome, Sarah, consort of Scorpius.”

    “I’m not --.”

    Zhaan raised a hand calmly to silence her. “We are not here to discuss your love life. We are here to provide you an opportunity to become one with the Goddess.”

    “I heard she died,” Sarah replied bitterly under her breath.

    Zhaan frowned. “Your hearing is quite remarkable … as is mine,” she serenely shot back. “The visions we have obtained from the Goddess suggests you are key to a certain cave deep within that tunnel. Whilst in Unity, I discovered a prophecy. ‘When single shines the triple sun, what was sundered and undone, shall be whole, the two made one.’ I believe that three must join in Unity in that cave in order to unlock the secrets of the universe. While we are still trying to determine the reasoning, I believe that we represent three concepts. Mokey symbolizes life underground: sheltered, protected from the chaos of life aboveground. I symbolize the stars. I fill with exuberance in the sun’s rays and come from far in the cosmic distance. You, Sarah … you represent life between the extremes. You are the anchor that connects the below from the above.”

    Sarah wanted to get to the point. “What secrets do you require? What good are they?”

    Mokey sighed, gently placing a hand on Sarah’s. “We want a Dream to hold onto, a Dream to live by.”
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Woot! New chapter...

    Knew Digit would appear eventually, he's getting in some good appearances in fics lately.
    Yep... Those are Scorpius's methods of dealing with nuisances all right. At least, until he became a nuisance to Commander Grayson in Season 4.
    Oh, Colleen Yu and Miss Belle from Dog City? Didn't see that coming. Thought the collie was Maggie—borrowed with permission from GelflingGirl since she was a previous tennant at HV—and the poodle was Foo-Foo, but I was wrong, and the whole scene was great.
    The gray-skinned woman... That has to be Jiana right?
    And the prophecy from Dark Crystal... Interesting interpretation of it by Zhaan... But why am I thinking that the unity of three in one location means something else?
    *Clams up and waits for the next part to be posted.
  8. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, I've wanted to include Digit, even before Cait started reposting ARH, LOL. Besides, I still get a kick out of making the guy twitch, LOL.

    I recently found Dog City on Netflix, hence the add to this story. And yeah, it's Chiana. It'd be funny if their place was called the Doghouse like in the special. It'd make "sleeping in the doghouse tonight" a much more hilarious figure of speech. :)

    Don't want to spoil much, but I'm not done twisting this prophecy for all it's worth ...
  9. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 14

    Aeryn stared at the opening of the tunnel, a gaping hole, a blight on an otherwise unremarkable hillside, as she prepared to enter along with the mining crew. The massive evaporating clouds of steam made the day even more humid and miserable than it was before.

    Exactly what was her problem? She was an esteemed Peacekeeper. Worlds were only objects. After all, Sebaceans tended to live out their lives from the solar day they were born, on spaceships. It was almost blasphemy for a Sebacean to have a “home”. The entire universe was their home. Worlds were just things that got in the way of the next plotted course.

    Still, staring at this hole, with steaming spikes of ice forming glittering teeth around a gaping maw, she felt … sad. Her heart ached, as though she were trespassing on sacred territory … and she felt unworthy.

    Digit, his goatee sparking and causing his cheeks to twitch uncontrollably, walked up to her. “Captain Sun, we shall be inside within the arn.” He looked around.

    Aeryn smiled. “Scorpius is very busy. He had things to attend to.”

    Digit sighed with relief, happy that the Peacekeeper was so intuitive so that he didn’t have to mention that monster’s name. “May I be blunt, Captain?”

    Aeryn nodded. “I appreciate frank appraisals of mission objectives, Digit.”

    Digit stared at the tunnel. “I’m picking up some weird images from inside. To be perfectly honest, I truly and sincerely and profoundly don’t want to go in there.”

    Aeryn stared at him in confusion. “What do you mean, ‘images’? There were no signs of soil manipulation. Peacekeepers will be the first within this tunnel. There shouldn’t be any signs of inhabitation.

    Digit nodded. “Fraggles used to live underground.”

    “But they don’t anymore,” Aeryn pointed out. “They left when the ‘Rock’ as they called it became uninhabitable.”

    Digit fidgeted, his lab coat twisting in his fingers. “So, what does he want, then?”

    Aeryn looked away, in the direction Scorpius left to avoid the heat. “I don’t know. Scorpius is like a scavenger … even when all is lost, he survives on whatever bones are left.”


    Meanwhile, in a tremendously large, dark cave surrounded by numerous tunnels and a huge pile of rocks from a long-ago cave-in, breaking apart several rock arches that used to exist around a central pool of glistening water, Jareth watched as Mizumi sat on one of the boulders. She held a small pebble, as yellow as the yolk of an egg, in her dainty white hands, rolling it over and over again in her fingers.

    Her voice was subdued, her eyes glued to the pebble. “Have you ever felt the hand of destiny, Jareth?” She continued when she received no answer. “For all our powers, we could be as deities as simply as Eshe.” She chuckled. “And to think that little harlot wasn’t even born that way!”

    Jareth sat down on a broken piece of a long-ago arch. “Why must you be worshipped, Mizumi?” he asked in an equally subdued tone.

    Mizumi shrugged. “What is the point of hiding power?”

    “I didn’t know worship and adulation were synonymous with power.”

    Mizumi threw the pebble at him. “Don’t be so mockingly humble, Jareth!” she hissed. “You are hubris personified!”

    Jareth smirked ever so slightly. “Am I?”

    Mizumi stood, defiantly. “Yes, yes you are. You are Jareth, Lord of the Universe, Maker of Dreams, Pathmaker, yea, even the Hand of Destiny itself. You sculpt reality to your wishes. You are never satisfied. You are always remaking the landscape of space and time.” She inhaled deeply. “Yet no matter what you are, where you are, or who you are … you shall always be the self-same hypocrite, daring to call me shallow and ambitious.”

    Jareth rolled his eyes. “How can the champion desire to cross the finish line? Have they not, by virtue of their label, clearly crossed it already?”

    Mizumi snorted and huffed, her hair bristling.

    And yet she had no reply.


    Aeryn clicked off the monitor. Scorpius was aware that the mission was about to begin. She glanced at Digit and nodded. Digit nodded back and left the area.

    Soon, though, he was back with Sarah, Mokey, and Zhaan.

    Sarah glanced around nervously.

    Mokey hung onto Zhaan’s simple blue robe as a child would a parent’s leg, her tail drooping.

    Zhaan glanced at Digit and then back at Aeryn. “Are you certain?”

    Aeryn smiled. “Scorpius isn’t the only one used to manipulating pawns, Priestess. Let’s just say I’m joining the game. We wouldn’t want our lord and master to get hit by a falling rock because there wasn’t an advance party to scout out the area, now would we?”

    Digit cringed, holding his face in his hands. “The encryption … it’s so … intense.”

    Aeryn nodded, her voice gentle. “Keep it up, Digit.”

    Zhaan came closer to Captain Sun, whispering. “I don’t understand.”

    “Scorpius,” Aeryn replied quietly, “is always watching … even when he isn’t. Let’s just say he has eyes in other heads.” She glanced at the Delvian. “Digit can only manipulate what Scorpius sees briefly. If you’re going, you’ll have to do so now.”

    Zhaan took Aeryn’s hand and kissed it reverently. She stood erect and motioned for the other two to join her.

    A brown-haired human male appeared in a blue jumpsuit. He nodded toward the members of the Seek as they disappeared into the dark opening. “I didn’t realize they had clearance yet. That was quick.”

    “Yes, John,” Aeryn replied. “Inform Scorpius the advance scouts have entered the tunnel. We are ready to proceed at his convenience.”
  10. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Chapter 15

    Scorpius sauntered down to the entrance of the tunnel. Beside him an elderly furry creature with white hair huffed and puffed to keep up. Scorpius surveyed the busy scene, a scowl forming on his blistered lips. “Are you quite certain you remember the layout of this subterranean farce?” he asked the creature without looking at him.

    The creature nodded. His voice was old, but there were signs an age-old confidence was beginning to waiver. “I … I … could walk the tunnels blindfolded and backwards.”

    Scorpius smiled. “Excellent.” He snapped his fingers and Digit walked up to him, the sweat carrying bright electrical arcs down his cheeks and across his chest and onto the ground below. “Digit, why is the exploratory group in the tunnel? Where is Sarah?”

    Digit gulped. “I d-d-don’t know, sir. Captain Sun gave the order for the mission to proceed. She said everything was under control.”

    Scorpius glanced at him with some bemusement. “Did she, now? Strange … I hadn’t heard. Digit … be so kind as to take Matthew here with you and locate Captain Sun. I wish to have words with her, if you don’t mind.” He unceremoniously turned and walked away.

    Digit glanced at Matthew. “You’re a Fraggle?”

    Matthew nodded. “Indeed, good sir.” He cleared his throat and stared at the wires draped across Digit’s shoulder. “You are a ‘sir’, aren’t you? With Peacekeeper newfangled filly-fallies, I’m afraid I sometimes have trouble telling the difference ….”

    Digit coughed. “I’m alive, Matt, I assure you. You don’t look old enough to know anything of the Rock. Where is the World’s Oldest Fraggle?”

    Matthew snorted haughtily. “Dear boy, I’m insulted! The tales of Fraggle Rock are indeed older than even the World’s Oldest. Of course he, on the other hand, never went back.”

    Digit stared at him in surprise. “You’ve been down in the Rock recently?”

    “’Recent’ is a relative term, but yes,” the elderly Fraggle replied, “I have been back in the old homeland,” he paused, stifling a sob, “ever since,” he managed to utter, “General Red … made the outer world … so profoundly saddening for an old Fraggle.”


    Mizumi stared at a small pool of water, barely enough to put her hands inside. The image of multiple beings walking through the tunnels with large rolling crates and other equipment following them surprised her.

    Jareth peeked over her shoulder and shrugged. “The ‘Hand of Destiny’, perhaps?”

    Mizumi stared at the pool. They had breached her icy barrier.

    “What is it that you want, Mizumi?” Jareth asked her, sitting back down, tapping a dry branch on the ground. “Why did you let them in?”

    Mizumi stared up at the three-story hut.

    Taminella, the hunchbacked elderly sorceress, elbowed her in the side. “Ain’t so easy, is it?” she cackled. “Bet ya a shiny blue rock ya can’t get inside.” She pointed at the door handle, which was at least as high as two Mizumi’s standing one on top of the other.

    The blue furry monster with the bright red lips sighed, shaking his head. “I would not enter that door, if I were you. She will be very upset. She does not accept visitors much now.”

    Mizumi inhaled, closing her eyes. A waterspout formed in front of her. “She will accept me.”

    The waterspout burst open the tall door. Mizumi marched inside. “Inhabitant, come to my aid! I desire a conver --.” She gasped as a pan the size of a large sundial flew past her, nearly taking her head off. Mizumi glanced in the direction from whence it came and noted filthy rags.

    She realized she was merely looking at the being’s legs. Looking up, she saw that the creature was a tall, a VERY tall, female with frazzled blonde hair and an upturned, though slightly to the side as though it were broken long ago, nose. Her skin was lavender, but her complexion uneven.

    “GO AWAY!” she screamed, tears the size of goblets splattering onto the floor. “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

    Mizumi sighed, glancing at Jareth as they stood in the large cavern. “I don’t know why I did it, my love,” she noted quietly.


    Digit groaned as he and Matthew neared the din of the exploratory party.

    “Are you well?” Matt asked Digit.

    Digit shook his head. He rubbed his temples, so much so the skin was becoming raw.

    The overweight green-skinned male with squinty eyes casually peered at the instruments as Digit lay on the table.

    “Father,” Digit pleaded, “don’t do this.”

    The male frowned briefly, but shook his head. “Peacekeeper technology is absolutely FASCINATING, don’t you agree? It’s such a shame that the promising citizens of this world, a world where their species ORIGINATED, are denied access to scientific progress.” He paused as he held up a drill. “It almost makes you wonder what it would take to get their attention, son.” He turned toward the restrained boy, revving the drill. “This will be ABSOLUTELY safe, I assure you.”


    John shook his head.

    Aeryn stopped walking and stared at him. “You okay?”

    John blinked several times. He stared at his hand. “How many of these do I have?”

    Aeryn frowned. “Could there be poisonous gases trapped in here, John?”

    John chuckled. “You really think I’m in a … whoa,” he said as he sat down, dizzy, “in a position to tell you?”

    John stood there, a bag of drying vegetables in his weary hands. The golden sun at his back, he stared at the burning house, the smoking corpses twisted and gnarled mockeries of family. John sat down. He turned his head, desperate to look away. An elderly furry creature was sobbing some distance away, near the smoking remains of small huts. He was rocking back and forth. John could just make out an orange face with purple hair.

    It was like everything was connected.

    He just didn’t know why.


    Mizumi sat on a box atop a high table, watching as the gigantic female sobbed.

    “Things … things were never the same,” the female bawled. “They broke our gate. All we wanted was to have a safe place, where monst – I can’t even say such a vile word, where the unwanted creatures of this world could live in whatever might count as perfect harmony in this day and age.”

    Mizumi formed a goblet out of thin air. It had been so long since she felt the joy of manipulating reality in such a way. “My apologies, milady. I take it the Sebaceans took much from you?”

    The female sniffled and nodded, staring at the floor. “My husband … my hus … my husband was so angry. He refused to be enslaved, he said, by a bunch of silly little creatures knee-high to a Gorg. He grabbed his father’s hole-digger and marched with our only son toward a group of metal machines, rolling down the valley, ripping apart huge swaths of vegetation. Even Gorgs would have to spend days just to destroy as much.” She broke down, her face buried in her hands.

    Mizumi heard the exploratory party as the heavy wheels and tracks barreled through the tunnels, echoing and sounding far more numerous than they really were.

    She stared at the small pool, her face filled with a grim determination. Finally, after several moments, realizing the Peacekeepers would be in such a great hall soon, she turned toward Jareth. “My love, my only true joy … your shattered dreams are an unending nightmare to me.” She quietly walked up to him, smiling, caressing his confused visage. “My lord and master, unending sunshine over my sparkling pool … I find it time to wake.” She took a sharp flint from the floor by levitating it and sliced her neck.

    She fell into her lover’s arms, smiling peacefully as water vapor rushed out of her body, spreading throughout every tunnel, forcing whatever lifeforms were inside to nearly choke and faint.


    Sarah coughed as they entered the small cave. “Something’s wrong.”

    Zhaan frowned, for she had to bend low to enter such a small area. “Why can’t sacred spaces be more accessible?” she wondered. “Why must everything always be so difficult?”

    Mokey looked around as she entered the cave, getting to the center ahead of Sarah and Zhaan. She held her brush close to her chest. “This is it.” She turned and held out her hands. “I don’t know why, but take my hands, each of you. We have to see.”


    Digit started to jerk uncontrollably as the fog or whatever it was rolled into the tunnel where he and Matt were walking.

    Matthew Fraggle took off his shirt and daubed it against Digit’s skin. “You don’t much like water, do you, boy?”

    Digit could barely respond. His eyes rolled back. His body shook ever more violently.

    Matthew jumped back as the entire tunnel shook. Rocks started to fall everywhere. Instinctively, he jumped onto Digit’s body, barely able to restrain the much larger being.

    Also, the constant feeling of being shocked was downright annoying.

    However, he couldn’t see yet another young male die.


    Scorpius took his finger off the button as the smoke roiled through the camp. He glanced around the stunned crew still outside the tunnel. Smiling, he noted cheerfully, “I’m afraid this part of the mission is over. Thank you for your assistance. Take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned a respite from this awfully hot day.”

    He walked away as the nervous crew hurriedly abandoned the area.

    It was such a pity.

    Aeryn Sun had had such potential.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Two chapters? In one day? Hoo-boy.

    1 The scene where Mizumi's sitting on a boulder in the Great Hall... I like that. Not just because it's a quiet scene which we've not seen her in before... But it reminds me of something in my memories from a show called So Weird. The recording star mom sitting on a large rock/boulder composing a song for her Da... That same sort of introspectiveness.
    2 Ga! Confused Ma Gorg with Taminella for a moment. Good show demonstrating how the war's affected their lives as well.
    3 Scorpius creating a reason for the mission to be "over", lamenting over the loss of Erin's potential... Yep, that's just like him.
    4 Mizumi calling Jareth the personification of hubris. Mmm, Pearl still not convinced of that from what was said in Vol 4?
    5 Curious about who's got Digit glitching with fatherly "love"? I can almost visualize the doctor and its assistant from the end of Season 2 of Farscape in this role, moreso the assistant actually.

    More please?
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Never seen it, but thanks. The flashback regarding what happened while Mizumi was stuck in Eshe's head (the meeting of Taminella and Sweetums and Grover) was kept quiet until now, but it helps explain why she came out of Unity so upset. Ma Gorg lost her family trying to protect others. Mizumi realizes that only by losing what she seemed to cherish, to throw her dreams away, will she get back what she lost, which is the reason she loved Jareth in the first place. And the pebble is the Fraggle pebble from MFC, LOL. I put it in there to show a connectedness to Destiny.

    He doesn't mind blowing up the tunnel because with the neurochip, he can see what she sees anyway, so even if she dies, he'll learn from her experiences regardless. And he knows that Digit can't survive moisture very well, so that little hiccup won't be a problem too much longer. Speaking of which ....

    LOL, I thought of that too, but ... no. C'mon, you know how much I admire ARH and, quite frankly, I came up with the paternal relationship between Digit and Bunsen. I just put my own dark spin on the concept here. In this universe, Bunsen had a son and created a kind of Digit for this world in order to get brownie points with the Peacekeepers. Heck, Bunsen might have invented the neurochip in this universe. We may never know. However, while the relationship between Bunsen and Beaker is played for laughs, in reality, Bunsen would get slapped with so many ethics violations his head would spin. Also, I can't have very many scifi or fantasy references by the characters. Digit can't glitch into Spock, for example, because in this universe humans can't dream up stories like that. So, I have to reference things without having the characters realizing they're referencing anything. Thus, while Digit can't glitch Star Trek quotes, he DOES have a goatee, which is an homage to Mirror Spock and is a very, VERY long running gag in the scifi world whenever there is an alternate universe or something.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... Didn't even notice the implication of the goatee until you pointed it out. Well-worn and well-used in sci-fi circles indeed.
    Oh... The "pebble". *Loves that touch of reference.
    Mizumi throwing her dreams away to get back what she lost... Why does this sound familiar? :smirk:

    Glad to read from your wonderful imagination, even if such things have been quashed in this AU.
  14. RedPiggy

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    Chapter 16

    Sarah kneeled beside Mokey as Zhaan did the same. A strange mist rolled into the cave, making the walls glisten even though there was nothing but a minimum ambient light. Sarah took one of Mokey’s hands, but rubbed her temples with the other. “Are we dying?” she whispered.

    Zhaan looked as though she were about to throw up. She was pale and several areas were opening into disgusting buds with purulent drainage all over her body. She shivered. “I fear it might be so, young Sarah.” She closed her eyes, trying to dismiss the mist, trying to recover long-lost memories of her wise father. She bowed her head and whispered, “Kay'me maia kosa Visha'meel maia kosa ah Khalaan ah Khalaan.”

    Mokey inhaled, her eyes widening. It had seemed like just a cave, but with each breath, transient traces of life started to make themselves known, from an archaic Fraggle drawing with hands near the smiling face as though it were mocking them, to the distant sounds of drums beating rhythmically. “Hmmm, hmmm. Hmmm, hmmm,” she hummed, tightening or loosening her grip as she did so.

    The mist thickened and swirled around them.

    The three members of the Holy Seek glanced around. The walls of the cave were no longer visible. Instead, images seemed to be projected onto the wall of fog. Mizumi could be seen staring at an older Mokey, who had strange markings like Zhaan’s chloroplasts on her forehead. A two-foot-tall pink obese lizard seemed to stand before a giant arthropod with many legs with a famished look in its sparkling purple eyes. A female Fraggle who looked similar to General Red, but wearing a primitive metallic helmet and a purple cloak, swung a wooden sword at unseen foes.

    Zhaan and Mokey seemed to be enchanted, staring intently at each image.

    Sarah, however, shook her head. “This is completely pointless!” she protested as the mist agitated around her. “There are no answers about anything!” The others groaned slightly as she unconsciously tightened her grip on their hands in anger. “If the universe is truly broken, I wish I knew what might fix it!”

    The mist seemed to groan as a particular wisp formed a double loop, pulsating in an infinite pattern. A beige male Fraggle with white hair and a peculiar beige hat and a white scarf appeared in the vision, as tunnels miraculously revealed themselves all around him. The image faded as John appeared, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and a bulbous helmet as he sat in a crowded space, nearly torn to pieces as he was swallowed through a swirling vortex. As John’s image dissipated, Zhaan and Mokey recognized Jareth. He was surrounded by darkness and chaotic mobs. They were furious with him, their faces twisted as they screamed. They tore his clothes off, though body parts came with them. His torso and arms bubbled and transformed into a short, cowering elderly male with a large head and simple clothing. His head, its mouth trapped in an unending scream, grew a black lacey frill around what was left of the neck, its scalp losing its wonderful mane in return for spots of short white hair. Finally, his legs joined and reconstituted into an exact replica of Jareth, though his eyes seemed larger thanks to painted decoration at the edges. He held up a silver-looking crown in his hand, floating it in the air effortlessly. His arrogant smile and forceful stare made Sarah shriek in pain, tearing herself away from the rest of the Seek.

    As she fell down, a depressed-looking Jareth stood before an elderly man in black as they circled a gigantic purple crystal floating in the air. They attacked each other, shattering the crystal.

    All three members of the Seek awoke as the mist dissipated, their noses bleeding and their heads throbbing.

    Zhaan cringed in agony. This far away from any light source was taking its toll on her. She could theoretically recover in either strong light or nutrient-rich soil, but could she find such a thing before her body gave out?

    Mokey stared at her drawing pad as it lay next to her. “John. Matt. Jareth,” she noted quietly as she stared at their images that had somehow appeared, her voice straining from the destructive release. She wiped the blood off her nose. “Like us, they opened their hearts as well as paths to other lands. If we are to survive … we … must … work together.”

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Sorry it is so short, but I’m having trouble sleeping, and if I didn’t write this scene, I’d go crazy, LOL.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh... If the dreams you're having are what's giving you problems, maybe you can call on a baku to devour them so you have good sleep instead?
    It may have been short, but this mist helped connect what's happened before in your ficverse with what's happening now as a result of the shattering of the Crystal of Thraa. And the imagery used at points rully helps drive the point home of how all three members of the Seikh were affected by the visions just experienced. Thanks, more please when you can post. :dreamy: :scary: :sleep:
  16. RedPiggy

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    Chapter 17

    Matthew Fraggle, dazed from the cave-in, stared in shock as Digit sputtered and sparked, his gray eyes looking even more lifeless than Matthew thought possible. He had only met this strange male creature today, but the sorry sight of the dying was something he could never get used to.

    Gobo was a small Fraggle, having seen only a few winters, and Matthew sighed as Gobo brought home a pile of sweet potatoes taken from the human garden nearby. In return for a portion of the crop, Gobo and Matthew offered surveillance and protection against vicious creatures that might harm the tender vegetables and fruits.

    “Uncle Matt,” Gobo whined, “are you just gonna sit there on that rock all day an’ watch the grass grow?”

    Matthew sniffled. “Perhaps, young Fraggle.” Matthew glanced at him. “I thought you didn’t WANT to scout the farms today, little Gobo. YOU said scouting was for old Fraggles who couldn’t even get their pants on.”

    Gobo rolled his eyes and set down the sweet potatoes in a large pile. “Okay, okay … so I changed my mind.”

    “You mustn’t be so indecisive, young Gobo,” Matt advised him. “At some point, you’re just going to have to take charge.”

    “’Ey, I got us the deal with the humans, didn’t I?”

    “Pffbt. You were merely shaken to your tail that they were going to kill us.”

    “Was not!”

    “Was too!” Matt sighed and stared at the clouds as airships flew by, his tone becoming more somber. “Little Gobo, I … I just want you to have ALL the skills necessary for a young Fraggle to survive on the surface.”

    Gobo sat next to him, his tail waving back and forth lazily. His voice was filled with youthful curiosity. “What was it like, in the Rock, Uncle Matt?”

    Uncle Matt smiled. He patted the young Fraggle on the head. “Someday, young Gobo … someday … you’ll get your chance to be one with the Rock yourself.” He coughed and cleared his throat, standing up abruptly, nearly knocking Gobo back. “Until that day, my good nephew … there are sweet potatoes that need peeling, and they aren’t going to do it themselves.”

    Digit coughed, saliva mixing with electric sparks. He was shaking. “The Rock … out … of danger?” he asked quietly.

    “Depends on what you mean by ‘danger’, I suppose,” Matt offered back. “There seem to be too many rocks in front of the entrance. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait for a rescue.”

    Digit shook his head. “N-n-no, too … too danger … ous,” he commented in broken words. “Have to … have to … leave here. Find … Captain.” The white light that shined from his pupils went dark. Ironically, only when he was dead did he finally resemble a living being at all.

    Matthew rubbed his nose, placed some small flat rocks over Digit’s dark eyes, and walked deeper into the tunnels.

    Maybe, he had to get used to it, Matthew thought to himself. It was the only way to go forward.


    John splashed some water from a large cave pond on his face, sighing with relief. The caves had become so horribly muggy.

    And there was that awful sensation that the humidity itself was sucking the very lives out of everyone in the exploratory crew. He saw Aeryn waiting behind him through the reflection in the water. Standing up, he turned to her and nodded for her to use the pond.

    Aeryn silently pushed past him and started to cup her hands to drink. Wiping the water from her mouth, she noted with an official tone, “The temperature appears to be climbing. Let’s find these frelling crystals and get out of here.”

    John wiped his brow with his shirt. “I get that crystals look nice on the table and manage to frell up plows during planting season … but what does Scorpius want with them anyway?”

    Aeryn inhaled deeply and glanced at him. “Have you ever been offworld, John?”

    John shook his head. “Been meaning to, I guess. It’s just … things kept getting in the way.”

    Aeryn nodded. “It seems like that for everyone, I suppose. Twelve thousand cycles ago, there was a crisis on the planet Arnessk. A wise and noble race disappeared from historical records. No one knows what happened to them. Still, the legends indicate that it was a more impossible time, when life did not seem to throw so many obstacles in the way of happiness.” She sighed and shrugged, staring at the pond. “I guess something else happened.”

    “And what makes you say that?”

    Aeryn smirked. “Because two thousand cycles later … there were no more legends.”


    Sarah wrung a soaking piece of Zhaan’s robes onto her head as she lay on the cave floor as Mokey watched sadly.

    Zhaan smiled serenely and stayed her hand. “I cannot help you find Jareth, my dear friend. I fear you will have to do this on your own.”

    Mokey gasped and held Zhaan’s other hand, caressing it even though her blue skin was beginning to exude a disgusting gel-like substance. “We’re not going to leave you behind, High Priestess.”

    Zhaan chuckled, wincing briefly in pain. “My child … if I am so loved, so cherished … obey my wishes.”

    Mokey sobbed. “But … but … you can’t die! You’re just as much a part of the prophecy as we are!”

    Zhaan caressed her gently. “Mokey, you’ve begun. You’ve begun all this. Listen to me, now: prophecies, I am learning, are but guides.”

    Sarah wiped her tears away and turned from the scene. “What good are guides that don’t lead you anywhere?”

    Zhaan, despite the agony coursing through her body, sat up straight and grabbed Sarah by the leg. “Sarah … after everything we’ve seen, how can you say we’ve seen nothing so often?”

    Sarah didn’t look at her. Her voice was bitter. “We’ve seen what we’ll never be, Zhaan,” she commented through gritted teeth. “We’re running fast, and far, and at the end … all that will be there is an empty room.”

    Water poured up from a crack in the cave floor, falling upwards toward the ceiling. A human male with long, stringy black hair, dressed in peasant clothing, a bejeweled bandana draped around his forehead, climbed out of the emerging pool and looked around, his long beaded goatee dripping in water. His voice was suave and enchanting, if a little uneven, as though he had taken in too much fermented contala tea.

    “I’m so terribly sorry,” he blurted out, his hands gesturing wildly. “I find myself in the peculiar position of being in precisely the wrong position, and as wonderful as positioning myself in the center of such a diverse array of blossoming femininity might appear to some, it is of the utmost importance I get to the right position forthwith. So, if you’ll excuse me, ladies ….” With that, he jumped up into the pool forming on the cave ceiling, the water disappearing with him.

    Sarah stared at the ceiling.

    Mokey did the same. “That was … bizarre,” she noted. She glanced back at Zhaan. “Didn’t you think so?”

    Zhaan lay still, not answering, a peaceful countenance frozen on her face.


    Jareth tumbled onto the cave floor, cringing in a fetal position, tears streaming from his eyes. His sobs echoed throughout the large cavern as the swirling mists coated him. He clutched at his face, as though it were a mask he found himself desperate to tear off. “Call out the guards!” he screamed. “Take the baby and hide it!” His voice became younger and even more fearful. “I try to do the right thing – to be responsible – and what good does it do anyone? Nothing I do matters. It never did.” As he writhed, Mizumi’s voice curdled out of his mouth. “From that day forth, we drifted from world to world together, sometimes as conquerors, sometimes invisible and harmless as a breeze.” His voice returned to normal, though it was furious. “Everything you have wanted I have done!” He sobbed, his body beginning to relax as he resigned himself. He had been suffering for what seemed like an eternity, a multitude of lives from the past, the future, the present … even other “presents” that seemed so familiar and yet so foreign to him.

    He finally managed to open an eye. A dark-skinned woman, her sea-green hair glistening in the mist, smiled, which seemed to calm his tortured form as his robes melted away to reveal a black outfit meant to symbolize a regal yet threatening presence. He panted, but his crying stopped. “It isn’t too late to live up to your potential, Jareth,” she informed him gently. “Use this wish.” She kissed him on the forehead.

    “I … I don’t know what to wish for,” Jareth muttered timidly.

    She laughed. “I want you to thrive.” She caressed his hair. Standing, she held a tiny light in her hands. She threw back a hand and heaved it into the air. The light disappeared through the cave ceiling. Looking back at Jareth, she shrugged, stating plainly, “I give to thee, so little of me, sweet as the fruit of the red cherry tree. Laughter so free, love like the sea, dreams are the gift I give back to thee, a gift from the dear heart of me.” Her warm laughter carried through the air as she slowly dissipated with the mist.

    Jareth awoke, unaware of how much time had passed. He felt strong, easily sitting up without even the slightest headache …

    … surprised at the white and tan feathered outfit that formed tightly around his well-curved frame, as though his very clothes were but a reflection of the power coursing through him.

    Author’s Note: Some of the dialogue come from either episodes of Farscape, volume 4 of Return to Labyrinth, the movie Labyrinth, or episodes of Fraggle Rock. And the cameo in this chapter by the coolest pirate ever was dreamt up while watching that fourth movie, On Stranger Tides or whatever. I mean, c’mon, you get to a magical Fountain of Youth by entering a cave, using a musical incantation (or, he assumed one was needed), and it depends on a very flexible sense of time and space. I will maintain through my dying day that Jack was in part of Fraggle Rock, LOL.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    :laugh: So that cameo was what I thought it was. Abso-blooming-lutely brilliant!
    And there's a bit more of reference, I recognize that other cameo giving Jareth a wish to echo what Sirena did for Jack towards the end of the movie.

    Thank you for updating, twas a happy distraction. :drool:
  18. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    LOL, really? That was largely unintentional, actually. I was just sitting at my laptop, trying to come up with how Jareth could get even a smidge of his power back ... and Eshe just popped into my head, but then the problem was what she actually took from Jareth that he had thrown away ....
  19. RedPiggy

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    Chapter 18

    (201 PK)

    Jareth began to laugh as he stood, swirling specks of light surrounding him and sticking to the rocky contours of the cave. He tossed his head back, arched his back, feeling alive for the first time since before his ancient subjects tore him into three: his powerful need to fulfill dreams, his nightmares of feeding off others’ fears, and his timid vulnerability to others’ dislike of him.

    It had been so long ago, really.

    Before he found himself on a remote planet with three suns and a giant crystal, he had been King of the Universe. His subjects were spread far and wide. Separated as they were amongst the stars, they had wildly opposing demands of him. Peace, war, authority, humility, light, darkness … it was all he could do to keep them happy, and still they wanted more. Everything he did, he did for them, but it was never enough.

    It nearly cracked his heart, the strain was so great. Planets started colliding. Stars exploded. Strange holes were ripped through space and time. Shores were flooded. Mountains crumbled. Cosmic fires baked atmospheres through and through.

    The subjects were furious. They developed the means to caress the stars and found him. Mocking him, they enlarged his crown and sent it hurtling through space, never to be worn by him ever again. They grabbed him and ripped him into three separate beings.

    Until Maldis had arrived on Thra many cycles ago, he didn’t have the strength to wonder where the other two were.

    His heart filled with rapture. He hadn’t felt this way in such a long time. Nobody had dreams of any import anymore. Even this gift would not last long. He fed off dreams, even as he strove to fulfill them. For if one gave love away, it would come again to stay. Everything was a part of each other, deeply connected in ways most beings would never comprehend.

    Deep within his heart, though his ears heard nothing, he heard a rising swell of sound.

    His mouth felt compelled to go along for the ride.

    Daddy, daddy – get me out of here! he shouted as the swirling lights seemed to echo with a faint “heard about a place today”-like phrase. He laughed. I’m, I’m … underground!

    His shouts of exultation seemed to evolve into something more … lyrical … a notion that was kept barely alive in certain mystical species across the universe as they chanted rhythmically to focus their pneumas.

    Heard about a place today … where nothing ever huuuuurts again.


    Outside, as the sun finally set and the oppressive heat wave started to dissipate, Scorpius gently rubbed his leather-clad fingers over a crystal goblet. The crystal began to reverberate, a subtle sound emanating from it.

    His darkened heart skipped a beat and then beat even faster to compensate.

    He looked up toward the blackening sky. Only in darkness, it seemed, did the universe reveal itself in all its glory … and yet the stars he knew were larger than the mind could fathom seemed so … miniscule.

    A white streak arced across the sky and faded before touching the distant horizon.

    Scorpius gently placed the goblet on the small metal table in front of him as he sat on a stark veranda. He smiled.

    Maybe, just maybe … there was a way to beat the Scarrans once and for all.


    Sarah gasped as she turned toward the strange sounds coming from the tunnel. She had expected to enter a large cave, but nothing like what she saw … a cave of nearly infinite tunnels branching off in every possible direction, including up and down. It had to be night by now, and the sun’s rays couldn’t enter some place so deep under ground anyway, but somehow, there was a light source that seemed present and hidden all at the same time.

    Mokey, clutching Zhaan’s jewelry in her arms, stood slack-jawed.

    They didn’t notice the human adult male, John, was it?

    Behind John was a small beige elderly Fraggle, panting as he tried to keep up, using a broken stick as a cane.

    All of them stood as they approached what might have been the center of the infinite cave, as far as they could guess. They nearly bumped into each other.

    Gasping, they stood and gawked at each other, with John and Sarah blushing slightly and turning their eyes away.

    As the shock began to wear off, they all muttered aloud at the same time, “Jareth must return to Thra.”

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: “Underground” is owned by David Bowie. Yum.
  20. The Count

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    Another great chapter. Of course everyone would end up meeting at the T. Matt Fraggle Room, that's a focal point for strong convergences seeing how you're playing with the trinity of Jareth. Rully intrigued to see how this progresses.

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