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Monday Morning Meeting

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay, after questions, promises, hits, and misses, I can finally present to you a part of that fic that I keep saying I'm working on. So to set the scene - takes place after The Muppets 2011 (so the latest film) and kinda goes over a typical Monday office meeting.

    I will try my utmost of keeping people in character (as I do with all fan fics), as well as keeping things canon that should be canon, but as this is my very first foray into Muppet fan fic, please don't hesitate to suggest or correct. I think it important, in lieu of my own internet stalker, that I take concrit very well. In fact, I ask for it and many times, will utilize said concrit for improvement. I'm trying to get back into the art of telling and not showing (something I seem to have lost once I started hardcore fan ficcing), but sometimes I might get a little too into telling; expect long expositions.

    You know what, just expect long stories from me period. While this is supposedly a one shot, they never are. I've given up the point of writing short stories; just can't do it.

    Okay, okay, enough talking, here it is (well, the first part anyway)

    Monday Morning Meeting
    Monday mornings on the western coast of the United States were usually a cornucopia of sun and blue skies. Within the Golden State of California, this was especially true. Known for its sunshine days, blue skies, and sandy beaches, California was also one of the entertainment capitals of the world, sharing its title with New York.

    The entertainment biz in Cali could be traced back to the start of a little town called Hollywood; before anyone could say ‘Hollywood sign’, the city of celebs and cellulite attracted many a rising star. The very golden age of movies and television began in the city, giving way to such names as Bogart, Bacall, Robinson, Cagney, Bergman, West, and even Marx; infamous shows like Dragnet, Get Smart, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, and My Mother the Car all began here.

    In the history of television, there are many a show that got their rough start in front of the cameras, just as there were many a star to get started there as well. Once upon a time, a star struck frog saw an advertisement for an audition in the golden state and as he traveled the roads and country side, he came across a multitude of wanna be actors and actresses who had the same talent and same dream that he did.

    One standard rich and famous contact later, this frog and his friends found themselves in front of the camera, in a variety show that was more famous for its backstage routines than the ones done on stage. This show, this Muppet Show, propelled the group to stardom, paving the way for fame, fortune, and notoriety. There were movies, there was merchandise, there were interviews and red carpet premieres…as the years went by, their status rose, but so did the demands of the very life they lived.

    Their second show suffered, their movies began to suffer, until ultimately, even their union started to suffer.

    Just as the Beatles said goodbye, the group said goodbye – to their fans and to each other.

    It had been years since the group had done anything together, years since they had even seen each other, but an unusual set of circumstances threw the group back together; one more show to save their studio and their name. There was still some debate on exactly how much money they actually did raise with the Muppet Telethon; down to the wire, the numbers had read only a dollar short of the ten million that was needed for them to purchase the property in which Muppet Studios and that of the Muppet Theatre resided, however a dramatic bump by the bear comedian had jarred the numbers to read closer to ten thousand.

    But as with any Muppet adventure, fate decided in favor of the zany group, allowing for a head injury to change the mind of Tex Richman, the evil oil baron who had been dead set on buying and destroying the property for oil. Not only had fate saved the studio, the theater, and the very Muppet name, but it had brought the Muppets back into the limelight and to the attention of everyone in Hollywood.

    After months of interviews and promoting their movie version of events, the prospect of doing another live show had been thrown around and talked about.

    Within the residence of one Kermit the Frog, the day was greeted with somewhat of a nostalgia feeling. There was still some wonderment and awe that held him with this new resurgence of popularity with the Muppets; their telethon may not have given them the money they needed to save the studio and their name, but it had certainly brought about the love of their fans. The newest Muppet, Walter, had been right – their fans hadn’t forgotten nor left; they had just been patiently waiting for some sort of comeback.

    Today was the first actual, real Monday he had since all the press had stopped or rather had given him a time out of sorts. While it would have been nice to stay inside or go outside to sit in the sun, Kermit had a ton of things to do. The interviews and tours may have stopped, but now that they were back in the limelight, it was important to make sure that their fans were aware that they would be here for a while and hopefully, to stay if they still wanted them.

    That meant needing to decide what it was they planned on doing next. An impromptu dinner meeting had opened the floodgates and discussion on their current options, which were doing another movie or doing another television show. The vote had been a landslide - if you can call four votes to two a landslide - for that of another show; if he was honest with himself, the frog had been a bit surprised at the two who had voted for a movie instead of the weekly show.

    Their reasoning made sense, however it seemed a bit out of character for both to not want to enjoy the live audience. Or maybe he just didn’t know his friends as well as he had. That in itself was a rather disturbing thought and brought about some of the reasons he was living by himself and not with the lady pig that adorned the front gate.

    Shaking himself out of his reverie, Kermit couldn’t help the feeling of restlessness he seemed to have this morning. The sun was out and the weather seemed the perfect mix of spring and summer and the morning sun seemed to be calling his name. A bike ride sounded like a great idea and something he hadn’t done for a very long time.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm... A rather nice beginning. So we're going off of the end of the last movie. Nice to think the frog's going for another bike ride. This shows promise, please, post more when possible.
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Heading from the master bedroom that was situated near the back of the house, Kermit began to make his way towards the garage, however instead of just taking the patio door that led from his bedroom to that of the patio and to the garage, the frog decided to take the longer route, the one that would lead him through what he affectionately called the Peanut Gallery.

    The Peanut Gallery was in essence a Muppet Hall of Fame, with individual oil paintings of the featured cast that made up the Muppet Show and whom Kermit considered some of his greatest friends. For a long time, only a few of the portraits had hung on the walls, the very activity of hanging them up had been stopped after…well, after he became the sole occupant of the house. However, with the recent upswing in his popularity and his mood, Kermit had begun to not only hang up some of the other portraits but uncovering those portraits he had been determined to not look at.

    As part of the Muppet Show send off, a professional photographer had come by to take pictures of the last week of production within the Muppet Theatre. He hadn’t known at the time, but apparently the photographer was an amateur painter whose talent didn’t seem so beginnerish when the final product was revealed; he had done several, individuals as well as some group shots, not only showcasing his own talent, but that of the closeness the entire group felt with each other.

    Usually when Kermit went down this hall, the memories would make it too hard to finish the tour; as the years rolled by, the more the memories hurt, especially when he was left in the house all alone.
    Today however taking this visual trip down memory lane only seemed to bolster his spirits, so much that he didn’t even bat an eye when he came to the portrait of a sultry swine dressed in red; there was still that ache that was always present whenever he looked at her, but it didn’t seem so bad today. Maybe because she had consented to stay – for him of course and not with him, but it was a small and manageable victory and the amphibian was going to take it.

    Taking this longer way to the garage always meant needing to hide from his so-called personal butler and companion, the 80’s robot. Completely stuck twenty years behind the rest of the world, the little bot had taken some time to get used to, but as his personal chauffer and someone to talk, he wasn’t totally inept; in thinking about it, Kermit had to admit out of all of the inventions that came out of Muppet Labs, this one was rather decent.

    They basically sold the unit and had him at, ‘this piece of equipment will not explode or disembowel you’.

    Miracles of miracles, Kermit the Frog made his way towards the large garage without being accosted by horrible 80’s lingo or references, finding himself outside the open space. It really was almost too ridiculously big, allowing for at three large trucks to sit in if they really tried; the space was called to attention with the fact that there were only three things inside in the first place - the car they had bought from Mad Mooney, a nice and shiny black Harley Davidson motorcycle, and his bicycle.

    The bicycle was a classic Schwinn and a replacement for the one he had lost many years ago; if he remembered correctly, it had been a gift from everyone on one of his birthdays. Casting a mirthful glance at the Harley, he remembered he had given that gift to the former occupant for her birthday; what was it about her and motorcycles, he didn’t know and probably didn’t want to know, but gosh, did she look hot riding one!

    Shaking his head from where his thoughts were headed, he walked over to the Schwinn, lightly wiping dust and cobwebs from the handlebars and seat. Cherry red, with a black leather seat that was made for his little tukhus, and two white wall tires…Kermit took a deep breath before swinging his leg over and sitting astride the seat. When was the last time he had taken a nice, leisurely bike ride? He couldn’t remember and that troubled him a bit.

    “No time like the present,” he murmured to himself, putting one webbed foot on one pedal and pushing off with the other. Within moments, the frog was going through the gate of his house and out on the streets of Beverly Hills, California.


    About thirty minutes later, Kermit found himself at the entrance to Muppet Studios. He was just as surprised to find himself there, considering he hadn’t planned on going to work for at least a week; of course, sometimes the mind can lead a person to where they are most needed.

    The fresh air and the breeze had been a beneficial reprieve that the frog hadn’t felt in quite some time; his riding pace was leisurely, giving him ample time to think about where he and the rest of the Muppets would off to now that the renewed interest was still high. Most of his weekend had been spent speaking with producers, writers, and directors who wanted to work on something with them, as well as studio heads who wondered what would be next on the Muppet rollercoaster.

    He had also gotten a…somewhat friendly call from the attorneys that represented one Jack Black and something he would need to discuss with those who had been involved in the…incident. Normal circumstances always seemed to hold a level of disbelief when it came to his friends, but God love them if they didn’t do what it took to raise his spirits sometimes.

    Thoughts and ideas had entered his head as he rode, taking little no backstreets in order to avoid any kind of crowd that would gather. He loved their fans – they probably had the best fans in the world – but sometimes, a frog needed his privacy and Kermit was a very private individual; especially during times where he needed to think about the next move, the next project, the next script. Kermit hadn’t set out to be the leader, but had somehow gotten elevated to the position during their journey to Hollywood and during all of their projects.

    He was their director, producer, and writer sure, but leader hadn’t been a direction he thought he was good at. But apparently, as his starlet, he tended to inspire people – which of course he smirked at, because lately he was inspiring otherwise illegal activities among his friends.

    So caught up in his musings and ideas, it was only until he reached the staff entrance to the Muppet Studios that he was aware he had even made the familiar trip. The studios, which had been badly dilapidated, had currently undergone a complete overhaul, in order to not only function as a work place for the group, but to continue the popular tour that their fans always enjoyed. Name changes had gone into effect for some of the attractions – Bunson’s Lab of Fun was now officially Muppet Labs, while Rowlf’s Music Parlor had been combined with the Electric Mayhem to be officially Muppet Music Mayhem.

    The general layout of the lot hadn’t changed all that much really – at least in terms of the studio tour. Fans of all ages could start at the very entrance of Muppet Studios (that is, the official entrance) and head towards any of the specific areas to their hearts content; weekends had been especially great as those were the days that patrons were allowed seating during the live performances of the Muppet Show.

    Located at the back or top of Studio Row, the Muppet Theatre had been a staple in the growth of Muppet performers and for the fans, a great treat for their studio ticket. The live performances were the usual ones that had been shown on television, such as debut acts like the Flying Zucchini Brothers to that of popular sketches such as Pigs in Space and Veterinarian’s Hospital.

    These live shows really brought about the vaudevillian feel that the show had created; if they were lucky, their guest star for the week would do an act or two and leave the fans in tears – usually from laughter, mostly – and it gave performers the ability to get rid of any kinks or polish up any acts they planned on airing.

    On the other hand, it also allowed for acts to sometimes go over allotted timing or worse, allow for performers to decide that the live show to be no holds barred. This was usually the case with many of the Great Gonzo’s acts, where the blue creature would attempt seemingly ridiculous feats just for the fun of it; however, it wasn’t just Gonzo who thought these live shows were great at dispelling any type of semblance of normalcy – the worst offender was that of Vet’s Hospital, where it seemed all three performers did their best to throw in as many puns that could make both the audience and their co-stars laugh loudest.

    The sketch with the bunch of bananas had been the worst, ending in the entire cast just breaking down in laughter. That wasn’t to say that some of these giggle fests hadn’t been caught on camera; the telephone bit came to mind…

    Shaking his head at the onslaught of memories, Kermit moved his bike inside the backlot which was reserved for staff and cast and locked it up – he may have been a star, but this was a nice bike.

    It had been months since he’d been on the studio lot and years since he had truly last stood on the ground, greeting fans and helping in the tour of the studios. In the area he stood, set a bit apart from the normal zaniness that any Muppet production held, was a small stretch of office cottages; while his office usually off the tour, he did actually have an actual office in which he would work in or have small office meetings.

    The first few cottages were offices for various members of the Muppets, with Kermit’s starting off the row, followed by Scooter Grosse’s office, the musical office of Rowlf the Dog and Dr. Teeth, and the primary office for Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. After Bunsen’s office was a medium sized building that was used for many of the different coordinating production offices that were needed for both Muppet movie productions and that of the Muppet Theatre; it was also a familiar place for those who worked behind the scenes for both movie and TV sides.

    Maybe it was nostalgia calling to him or just a curiosity that had the frog heading past the office cottages – with a quick peek inside his own, of course – and into that of the production office building. The building was mostly dark, with shadows playing on the white walls as he entered. With the money and recognition that had been given after the telethon, a few cleaning companies had offered their services to help restore the various rooms to their former glory, all because many of the employees were fans themselves.

    Now instead of dirt and grime littering the floor or cobwebs hanging in corners, the floors gleamed bright and shiny, while each office was pristine – or rather, as pristine as the occupant usually kept it. They did a great job, Kermit thought as he looked around. The outpouring of support could be overwhelming, not because of the work but the sentiment behind it. Years and years of thinking that the public had finally stopped caring and had completely forgotten him and his motely band of misfits had been utterly turned upside down and transformed.

    Walter had been right – the public hadn’t forgotten, not for one second.

    That's it for now. More to come!:cool:
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ask and you shall receive:)

    I think the majority of the ideas I've come up with will stem from the newest movie, which - as someone who is constantly complaining about how Hollywood keeps kicking my childhood in the head (the nicest way I can put it here) - actually managed to give my inner child hope for the future.

    And then I heard that was a Three Stooges movie...:rolleyes::confused:
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    The new installment was very well-handled. The chills of memories going through both the hall of famed portraits at Kermit's house and then the various sectors of the entire studio lot, that definitely gets you points. There are parts where I feel sentences could be chopped up a little to prevent running-on... And maybe separating segments would look better if done with dashes instead of Muppet smilies, but that's your style and I am enjoying the story posted so far.
    Thanks for sharing and happy Easter weekend. :)
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I loved it! I really liked Kermit's feelings toward the portraits, and his
    "No time like the present" thing.
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Glad you like it so far! I have to say that "Pictures in My Head" certainly gave me a heart wrench when I first saw it (still see it); it's probably my favorite song in the whole movie (which continues my weird love of the depressing songs within the Muppets), maybe because it's a really good character piece. Not even reading the novelization of it (which I am on the verge of temptation to buy), it just shows the weight of what was more than just a parting of friends (like in TMTM); it's like Kermit is baring the responsibility of not being a good friend and leader, which led to many breakups.

    You can kinda hear it when he has he talk with Fozzie.

    Yeah; expect long and wordiness in this first one, maybe the second. Just me getting my sea legs under me. Whenever I switch into another fan genre - especially one that I've never written for or haven't seen for a while - I have a desperate need to unleash every thought that hits me. There's also the case that, especially now with freelancing, I haven't written creatively for a bit, so I'm once again getting back into the habit.

    I had tried to figure out if you guys had a horizontal rule, but couldn't find one, hence the smilies. Normally I do dashes, but sometimes Word doesn't like that and it looked too weird just doing [hr] (which is what I normally do in Word). I'll play around with it and see if I can't find a better way of doing it.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, most first-time writers get that observation hurled their way.
    :concern: Personally, I prefer to have a two-ton cannonball hurled at me.
    I know Newsie uses dashes, other people present similar brakes between segments in their stories, you can peruse some examples like Lisa (TogetherAgain), Aunt Ru, Ryan (theprawncracker), amongst others as listed in the FLI thread's initial post/listing.

    You're not the only one who loved Pictures In My Head as the depressing song, fellow forumer Puckrocks heralded its hauntingness when she got the chance. *Misses Jules around here.
    I myself loved the full version of Me Party, it's so 70's Abbaish discoeque infectious.
    :sigh: Should I get the disinfectant?

    Hope for more story when you can get it posted. :D
    newsmanfan likes this.
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So here's a little more that my brain spit up like two minutes ago. I promise hilarity ensues after this and thar be talkies now!

    Taking a stroll through the building, for good ole memories sake, shouldn’t have given Kermit any pause of alarm. That is until he heard the murmurs of voices further down, towards one of the largest offices. Struggling to remember if there was something scheduled for today that he had forgotten; he thought and failed. It was a real Monday (and not a movie Monday), which meant that the studio was closed to the public and certainly they had yet to regularly open because of the renovations that were going on.

    And to his knowledge, he didn’t know of any workers that were supposed to be there. In fact, they would be reopening that week to show off the new changes. So to hear that there was someone within the building was definitely troubling, which gave the frog a cautious pause, but he none the less headed towards the sounds. Near the back of the building was commonly group meeting office, a space where script changes or ideas could be discussed or fully thought out before implementation.

    It was also the largest area in which to discuss the budget or usually their lack of one.

    Rounding the corner from where he had come from, Kermit was surprised to see a familiar group apparently standing around outside the door. Upon his approach, they all turned and called out greetings for the morning. “There you are!” called one fellow, a mustard yellow Muppet with a shock of red hair on top of his head. He seemed a bit younger than the rest, though Kermit was well aware that looks could be deceiving and that this particular Muppet was probably more knowledgeable than all of the best scientists combined.

    “What’re you all doing here?” blurted the frog, confusion clear on his face.

    “It’s Monday,” answered the red head, in a way that clearly stated the whole point of six Muppets standing in a hallway so early in the morning. “Real Monday that is.”


    A beat later came the obvious statement through a question, “Budget meeting?”

    As though a tiny light bulb went off above his head, Kermit opened his mouth in a silent, “oh”. It had never occurred to him that while he clearly remembered the familiar Monday morning office meeting that the others would too; no, that wasn’t true. He had often wondered if the others ever had a sudden pull or occurrence in which they went about their everyday lives where they would remember something of the past. Apparently they did.

    “Huh,” the amphibian chuckled, making a nervous tug on one point of his collar. “I uh…hadn’t even thought of that. What time is it?”

    The first Muppet to speak, the stage manager and personal assistant Scooter Grosse, immediately made a grab for his cellphone to check the time. “About quarter after eight.”

    Of course, Kermit thought. Budget meeting always started around 8am on Mondays…shrugging, he looked at the usual group that had assembled – Scooter, of course; Fozzie Bear, the resident comedian; the Great Gonzo, performance artist and stuntman/lunatic; Rowlf the Dog, pianist and musician extraordinaire; Dr. Teeth, a fine pianist and keyboardist in his own right and the leader of the rock band the Electric Mayhem; and then there was her.

    The headliner and overall resident diva within the group and the one person Kermit had been sure would back them up in their quest of saving Muppet Studios; having her walk away from him (again!) while in Paris had actually devastated him more than the first and last time (leave number five) she had walked away combined. Of all the Muppets he thought wouldn’t return, she was the last person he expected to turn him down.

    That wasn’t to say that he hadn’t been reluctant to see her in the first place. Their on again-off again relationship status was legendary; one reporter had called their fights “stuff Taylor and Burton wish they could come up with!”. Arguments constantly spilled over from personal to professional and back again, with several having onscreen evidence in case an argument was ever forgotten. It was routine – their routine – to the point where the first thing asked when entering a room filled with tension was, “Off or on?” in regards to the two of them.

    But routine can be monotonous and two people can only go so far in speculation and hearsay; ultimately it came down to the wire – Kermit the Frog wanted privacy, Miss Piggy wanted publicity and the battleline was not only drawn in the sand, but down the middle of the room, through the halls of the house, and finally down the seams of notoriety. As big and public as their fights could get, their splitting up was the quietest fall ever heard.

    And there are our featured players, folks! Before I go on I just want to give credit to an author I think either on here or that of fan fiction.net - the idea for a meeting of the minds was inspired by something I read (which I will find so I can give actual credit) in which the group routinely discusses the business. It was an idea that I thought had merit - after all, if Kermit could do everything, than why have Scooter? - and it started from there.

    I've also noticed that a few others also invoke the idea of a standard Muppet meeting in regards to anything big happening, so I also went with that. So...enjoy!
  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Very good describing Piggy and Kermit's relationship!

    More please!
  11. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Er...what exactly is "concrit"? I don't find it in the OED...:confused:

    A promising start, though I too will quibble at the largess of run-on sentences. Everyone's guilty of those, myself included -- but try to be conscious about your style as you go, or at least in editing before posting, and break it up a bit. I'd love more dialogue, though it looks like you're headed in that direction.

    Some nice stuff, though. I like your approach to the frog/pig thing as a tentative "new beginning"...that could be fun to see. I like the idea that the crew is just naturally, habitually, drawn back to the studio for the Monday morning meeting. I like Kermit bicycling to work (hey, he IS green, after all...). And I grinned at the Taylor/Burton comparison. (Good thing Kermit doesn't drink like a fish.)

    :o No, he drinks like a FROG!


    More please! And enough with the exposition -- we're Muppaphiles -- we KNOW this stuff. Give us the here-and-now! :) Looking forward to your next installment.
    miss kermie likes this.
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Kris. "Concrit" = constructive criticism.
    So... Muppets milling about the water cooler waiting for the drudgery that is the Monday meeting budget blahs boredom. At least you guys can have fun with it by bursting into song or continuous quoting of your own productions at the drop of a hat.
    *Drops hat.

    More please?
  13. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ahoy hoy!

    As The Count said, concrit is constructive criticism. Normally, I never have to mention this on forums, however my run in with a troll stalker not only has me review shy to the point where I won't review, even if I think it's great, but then needing to assure people that, "hey! I'm mature and can handle constructive criticism! Really! Not a stalker!"

    As I mentioned, my first forays into a new fandom tend to be a little wordy -

    One, working on it. Two, this is where I error on the side of caution, as some groups enjoy the explanation, some don't. I've done one shots that could have used more substance and longer fics that really do seem to go on forever. Once I get my sea legs, not so much exposition in the the shorts at least.

    I'm very much a character driven author, so expect character analysis in the really long stuff.

    Piggy has been my fave Muppet since GMC, but the latest movie I think upped her to 11. I was honestly surprised that she actually turned her back on not only the Muppets, but Kermit and that it actually lasts the whole movie until their ending duet (notice how they both give each other the brush off and, unlike the other movies, hardly spend any time together).

    Ironically enough, this wasn't my first idea (it was my second and really based on the group hanging around for a meeting); my first idea was the fallout from not only the end credits (where Piggy shares their happiness with 10 of the top newspapers), but that of the ongoing 'are you/aren't you' marriage speculation - fun fact: I actually had planned something that alluded to the fact that the marriage in TMTM was real and it would only take Kermit to turn it in in order for an annulment.

    Gosh, even my posts are long winded!:eek:

    Two things! 1. I'm working on fic and there is more dialogue! 2. There may be a sequel to this that follows up the end, which goes more into the 'new beginning' thing. Okay I'm done talking!
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ask and you will receive! Here there be more dialogue and a song! And snark! :D

    Looking at her now, Kermit was quite glad they were at least at a ‘talking like civilized friends’ course; usually that worked in his favor. “Wanna have a budget meeting?” he asked, finally.

    “Sure!” Gonzo chuckled. “What else were we gonna do today?”

    “Hey Kermit,” Fozzie replied, excitedly bouncing on his toes. “Kermit? I was talking to Gags the other day and have I got some humdingers for you!”

    “That’s great Fozzie,” Kermit responded, patting the bear on the arm as he headed towards the door. “Actually, I might want to talk to you about that.”

    Scooter appeared at his left, silent like a wraith, and handed him a clipboard with several sheets of paper on it. Kermit glanced at the top sheet, scrunching his face a bit – it was probably a good thing they were having this impromptu meeting after all – all the while patting down the nonexistent clothing he wasn’t wearing in an effort to find a key.

    “Don’t…have a key,” he murmured, looking around at everyone. “Must’ve left it in my other pants.”

    On instinct and years of knowing where something was, when to duck, and never saying certain phrases in the company of certain people, Kermit looked to his left at Scooter and then to his right at Miss Piggy, silently betting on who would come through for him first. And, in most cases, Piggy came out on top, dangling a key ring with a few keys attached to it from her satin covered hand.

    “For vous, Mon Capitaine.”

    Kermit had long since stopped asking or wondering where Piggy kept getting spare keys to various offices and buildings – usually his – right around the time he stopped trying to figure out exactly whose personal assistant Scooter really was; taking the key ring (where did she get a gate from?), Kermit nodded and answered with a polite, “Merci” before getting ready to put the key in the lock.

    “You’re not just gonna open the door, are you?!”

    Kermit turned to look at one of his lifelong friends, seeing the absolute horror on the fuzzy brown face stayed his hand from actively turning the key. “Yes?” he asked, cautiously and confusedly. The sudden image of the doorknob blowing up in his hand caused him to immediately let go of said knob; Crazy Harry was good with explosives, but not that good. Was he?

    Panic was setting in to the point where Kermit’s “why?” came out shakier than he probably intended. “What…oh.” And like that, the answer hit him – literally – like a ton of bricks. “Right. Sorry, I almost forgot.” Looking at the surrounding group, he gestured towards the resident musician Rowlf, who stood only a mere meter from him.

    “Whenever you’re ready.”

    Rowlf managed to give a rather wolfish grin before bursting in to a cheerful little melody, in celebration of their budget meeting of course. “When money’s in our reach,” he began, eagerly awaiting the person with the next verse to come in. He didn’t wait long and chuckled with he heard Gonzo’s cheerful reply.

    “We can finally appear on cable.”

    Scooter jumped in with, “It’s harmony that we preach,” while Dr. Teeth countered with, “Even though we’re a bit unstable.”

    “On projects we beseech!” Fozzie sang.

    “To finish when we’re able,” Piggy added.

    “Once more unto the breach!” Kermit finished, with all finishing with the line of “To the Muppet Round Table!”

    “Now let’s get some work done,” the leader replied, turning around and unlocking the door. Kermit noticed there was some hesitancy on opening the door however; it had been years since the seven of them had been in this room together. While the group meetings were always opened to any Muppet who wanted to come and offer options and opinions, in most cases it was usually a combination of the seven who now entered. The room was as much the same as it had been previously, with a bit more spit and polish than they had probably left it.

    Kermit stepped in, looking every which way and that at all the knick knacks and posters that lined the walls. He vaguely heard Scooter explain how the renovation teams had wanted to get rid of the large square table that sat in the middle of the room, incorrectly assuming that – because of the wear, tear, and doodles, as well as the huge ‘logo’ that read Muppet Round Table in all manner of colors that was center – the group would actually want a round table and how Scooter had vehemently denied the offer and suggestion.

    Though the room was done up in various news clippings or articles, pop culture posters (though the Stars Wars one had been framed), and random notes and reports, it was the table that probably held the most significance. A formerly nicely done oak table had been quickly reduced to a graffiti filled explosion of ideas, lunches, dinners, and boredom.

    He could clearly see the remains of the knife mark at Gonzo’s place setting from when he tried demonstrating his new knife throwing act; the line of music notes that marked Rowlf’s usually seat; Dr. Teeth usually sat next to him and his area had random words, poems, and lyrics around it, though Kermit knew at least one of those had been for the song, Can You Picture That?

    At the head of the table were different brightly colored post-it notes, when he and Scooter used to leave messages for each other in case they weren’t in a meeting at a particular time; next to that were various hearts, denoting the usual place that Piggy held to his right. He was just happy that a good majority of those did indeed say “K+P”.

    And of course, in the center of it all was the hideously, yet nicely done ‘logo’ that the Mayhem had designed. A quip from bass player Floyd Pepper had started the silly name, when he stated that everyone “was to assemble at the great Muppet round table!” which in itself wasn’t even a round table to begin with; that had led both Scooter and Fozzie to dramatically cry, “To the Muppet Round Table!” whenever a script change was needed or when a meeting needed to be held. Despite being able to make changes and meet on the go, there was something special about doing it at this particular table.

    So special that when their movies called for them to be on location, such as in New York, the table went with them; Gonzo was adamant that he could recall each and every nick in the wood, when it happened, where it happened, and who had done it.

    Even that silly little song they did before entering in the room; Kermit couldn’t remember why they started it or even whom (though he had some guesses), but it had become such a tradition that it stuck. It certainly wasn’t lost on him that they usually seemed a bit more productive once the song (or maybe the silliness) had been done.

    Kermit didn’t want to wait any longer. Making his way towards the head of the table, he asked, “Everyone coffee’d up?” On instinct, the frog glanced at the stage manager, unsurprised to see him holding up a large box full of coffee; he hadn’t even seen the younger Muppet with it in his hand. It just went to prove that once again, Scooter planned far enough in advanced than he or anyone else probably would. With coffee mugs out and coffee in hand, Kermit started off the meeting, per usual.

    “So starting off with some good news,” he began. “Despite not knowing whether or not our telethon raised enough money to keep the studios, our popularity has surged.”

    “More like skyrocketed,” Scooter interjected, making a few taps on his iPad. “The interviews, guest spots, and getting that star on the walk of fame has made us a huge asset for anyone who wants us.”

    “Including the people who own us,” Rowlf chuckled.

    “Needless to say,” Kermit continued. “We have a budget.”

    “That is indeed gratuitous to hear, my green friend,” Dr. Teeth announced. “Let’s hope we can keep rolling in the green stuff until next payday. I give it three months.”

    Gonzo snorted. “I give it eleven days.”

    “I give it eleven minutes.”

    “That’s awfully generous of you, Piggy,” Kermit replied. “Eleven minutes? Normally you don’t put more than five minutes of faith in our financial skills. Why the change of heart?”

    The look she leveled at him was, thankfully, one of playfulness. That was good; especially for a Monday and especially due to their…status. “Can’t Moi be generous?” she asked, sweetly.

    “I don’t know, Piggy,” Gonzo interrupted. “Have you ever tried it?”

    The blue performer was all too aware of the irritated gaze that had immediately swung his way. “Keep it up, buzzard beak,” she growled. “And I’ll be generously applying my coffee mug and coffee to your face.”

    “Promises, promises.”

    “Being on an actual budget,” Kermit continued, ignoring the teasing as he always did with these two. “Is a good thing, especially in light of the phone call I had over the weekend.”

    “Uh oh,” Rowlf said. “That never sounds good. Who’d you bail out?”

    “All of us actually,” the frog replied. “Jack Black’s attorneys have graciously decided to not sue us, as well as not pressing charges against us. It means he’ll never doing with us again. Ever. Speaking of which…” Flipping through the clipboard that Scooter had handed to him earlier, Kermit selected a piece of paper and presented it right under the…nose of Miss Piggy.

    “Read and sign this, please.”

    “What is it?”

    “A copy of the restraining order.”

    I'll leave you with that for now. Happy Easter people who are celebrating!
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  15. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you've joined us, dearie. We are always happy to have another writer. Here's my two cents worth, and some of it you've heard already from others here.

    You need to SHOW us MORE and TELL us LESS. I don't mind long sentences, per se (no comments from the peanut gallery!), but you seem to be meandering instead of plowing forward. Plow forward with more intent, and leave some of the meandering out. My favorite writing professor in grad school used to tell us not to tell the story as though we were standing on a box and looking in the window and describing what we see inside. INSTEAD, we should put our READER up on the box, so they are seeing everything firsthand.

    Kermit is rather passive here. To be perfectly honest, I found him just a shade too passive in the last movie, but forgave him because he was depressed and lonely. Now that things are looking up (even though he's apparently ALREADY managed to bust things up with Piggy), he needs to be more decisive. He may be a reluctant leader, but he IS the leader and he should step up to the plate.

    A couple of quibbles--Dr. Teeth is usually relentlessly upbeat. His budget meeting comments really belong more with Floyd, the pessimistic voice of the band. Also, I want you to decide if Scooter is using a clipboard or an ipad. (A sin I've committed myself.) Either he's technologically challenged (like EVERYBODY agrees Kermit must be! LOL!) or he's state of the art, er, technology.

    A couple of funny word uses--and don't mind ME because I am the unfortunate QUEEN of typos, but you called Hollywood the world of "celebs and cellulite" (which was quite hilarious) but I think you MEANT "celebs and celluloid." There was another one but I can't find it now.

    Congrats on getting a story going on such short acquaintance! I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

    Auntie Ru (who is bossy and opinionated and writes run-on sentences with typos)
  16. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    :electric:You've posted on my story! *does happy dance!* You guys like me! You really like me!

    While I have enjoyed writing fan fic for well over ten years now (holy mackrel!:fishy:), the one downside with it is that I seemed to have lost my original ability of describing stuff and not just telling the reader what was going on. There is a marked difference in my original writing and fan fiction writing, which is saying something when considering that most of my original stories were done when I was 13-17.

    It seems to get worse the shorter the story, oddly enough, and I'm actually not sure why. I'm fairly sure it's not a product of me switching to the life of a freelance writer; I've had this issue for some now and am trying to retcon (heh) it.

    I think I'm working on this, as in the spin off/sequel/concluding story to this (between him and Piggy) will have him a bit more decisive. I think. I haven't written it yet.:oops:

    I don't think Dr. Teeth's comment was technically mean spirited, just a comment on the fact that 1. they're usually suffering from money issues (which, as a poster mentioned in another story, was a bit weird considering who they were) and that the normal process of keeping their money usually doesn't last long.

    Hence why I gave the 'eleven minutes' line (which in itself is a shout out/real life thing) to Piggy; Dr. T at least thinks they can last for a few months, versus Piggy's 'before we leave this room, the budget will be gone'. And it could be a foreshadow; never know.:coy:

    Scooter has the clipboard for Kermit, hence why he gives it to him before they enter. Yeah, this is probably something I should have eluded to when I wrote it. Gonna go fix that.

    Yes, I probably did mean celluloid, so thanks. Despite starting this in Word, expect to see me make edits there and then probably coming back to change them. I'm actually committing a cardinal sin here in not reading what I wrote before posting (I know, I know :(), which I'm usually very good at. Sometimes though, I get a little too excited and then start posting like a bat on fire (that makes sense, right? I'm only on the second cup of coffee)

    I actually purposefully went looking for Muppet forums for two reasons - one, just to get a feel for the fan fic and decide if I wanted to jump into another fandom (or hide from the others I haven't updated) and two, a place where I could post the ideas that were refusing to leave me alone. Because of my recent troubles with fanfiction.net, I seriously did not want to go that route and was basically looking for something along the lines of the ReBoot or Get Smart communities.

    As I've stated, I find concrit to be helpful and is something I enjoy getting. Yes, I will enjoy the 'I love this!' or 'Rite mohr!', but the concrit actually helps me become a better writer, so I always appreciate taking and explaining stuff when I can, so thanks to everyone who's read so far!:):fanatic::super:
  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I think my favorite line is this, is when Kermit thought Piggy was being generous with 11 minutes! LOL more please!
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Morning peeps! So, I've gone back and made some changes to the fic - mainly removing some really long sentences or unneeded paragraphs. Um...how do I make those changes here though? I've noticed that the edit option kinda disappears after awhile on a post. Here's a bit more for ya so I can go and update my site and blog :p

    “I wasn’t the only one there,” she huffed, sending equal parts annoyance and frustration at three of her accomplices. Kermit noticed that neither Scooter, Fozzie, or Gonzo were looking at her or him, for that matter.

    “Granted,” he replied, acknowledging that she wasn’t the only one at fault for this. “However Mr. Black seemed to think you were the ringleader.” Trying – and failing – at not rolling his eyes, Kermit muttered, “I can’t imagine why.”

    To the group he announced, “Hey guys, how about we start the new year off right? How about we don’t kidnap any celebrities this year? I know, a lofty goal to be sure, but I’d like to cut down on our restraining orders.”

    “We’ve always managed to stay under twenty,” Scooter supplied, helpfully.

    “And that’s supposed to be uplifting, how?”

    “Well,” the assistant replied. “The highest we’ve ever had was only seventeen.”

    Kermit just looked at him, incredulously. “Still not helping,” he muttered. “How many do we have now?”

    “With Jack Black, that’s six.”

    “All recent!?” Kermit exclaimed.

    “I don’t remember making that many people mad in the last twenty four hours,” Fozzie volunteered.

    “No,” Scooter said, using his finger to scroll through supposedly a list of their current restraining orders (though Kermit sometimes wondered if he was playing a game or something on that thing). “Just Jack Black. Three of them are in regards to Animal –“ here everyone nodded in understanding; the Mayhem’s drummer could be…unpredictable, even with his stint in anger management.

    “And one’s against Gonzo for that Winnebago and Waffle house incident.”

    “That one still in effect?” Dr. Teeth asked, his eyes growing wide at the prospect.

    “Well,” the dog shrugged. “They had been pretty angry.”

    “And I apologized!” Gonzo exclaimed. “Repeatedly! I even sent them a gift basket!”

    “Most people don’t accept feathers and scorch marks as a gift,” Piggy haughtily replied.

    Gonzo crossed his arms and glared at the diva. “Shows what you know,” he said, speaking in the same holier than thou way that she had done just moments ago. “I sent them flowers as well.”

    “Really?” the bear comic asked. “What kind?”

    “Venus flytraps.”

    “Your honor,” Piggy smirked, leaning back in her chair. “I rest my case.”

    “Moving right along,” Kermit said, shooting looks to the four closest to him. “The point is we are not going to kidnap people this year, right?”

    “Right, Boss.”

    “Of course not, Kermie.”

    “No worries, Kermit.”

    “You got it.”

    “And to think,” Rowlf whispered to the Mayhem frontman. “All we did was stop that riot in the orchestra pit.”

    “Sometimes my furry friend,” Dr. Teeth replied. “I think we get the wrong end of the conducting stick.”

    “Next point of business,” Kermit started, taking a deep breath. “What’s the plan?”

    “Meaning?” asked Scooter.

    “Well,” the frog began. “We have a budget and we’ve got offers. What do we plan to do with them?”

    “Well, what’re the options?” Gonzo asked.

    “Another show or another movie.”

    “I did some crunches over the weekend,” Scooter said. “We’ve got the money for both, technically. Veronica said she could find us a spot on the schedule if we were to do a show and the guys upstairs said, as long as they got a script, they’d green light any project for us.”

    “What do you think, Kermit?” Fozzie asked.

    That was the million dollar question and Kermit hadn’t been sure what his answer would be. While both projects held merit and both had their ups and downs, he hadn’t really made his mind up about which way to go.

    “Honestly?” the frog whispered. “I don’t know. The prospects are good for both, but…”

    “But?” Piggy prodded.

    The answer was right there on his tongue and in his heart, but he was having trouble voicing the idea. It was shellfish, plain and simple; looking at Piggy – before his eyes wondered over to the others – his answer was basically carved in stone.

    Doing a weekly show would keep them together.

    There would be no reason for Fozzie to go back to Reno, no purpose for Gonzo to need to rebuild his plumping business, no point for Scooter to go back to Google, and definitely no reasoning for Piggy to go back to Paris.

    “Whatcha thinkin’, Kermit?” Rowlf asked, honestly. He had known the frog longer than all of them combined and something in the green face seemed to speak not only the answer, but the reasoning behind it.

    “I’m thinking TV show,” he whispered. “It means a weekly schedule or course and more weekly meetings, but…”

    “A TV show would be great!” Gonzo exclaimed. “It’s a chance for me to fully explore my limitations.”

    “You’re a limitation,” Piggy muttered.

    “Excellent!” Dr. Teeth agreed. “It’ll give us the change to musically explore the realms of artistry. Besides, my furry friend here is getting a bit lax.”

    Rowlf looked at his musical companion. “I know you aren’t talking about me,” he scoffed. “Remind me how the fifth symphony goes again, cause I’m sure that you played more wrong notes than right ones.”

    The keyboardist took the ribbing as he did everything else, by laughing. “I told you my hand cramped.”

    “Right,” the dog drawled. “I’ve used that excuse before too.”

    “Hey Kermit,” Fozzie asked, hesitantly. “If we do another show, I’ll have to up my charges; you know how Gags is about getting paid.”

    “You’re actually paying him?” Scooter asked. “I thought he got paid by the number of laughs you got.”

    “I’ll have you know I get plenty of laughs to cover all charges,” Fozzie responded.

    “I have a pie chart that says differently,” the assistant retorted. “You actually owe us money.”

    “What do you think?” Kermit asked, leaning towards Piggy. She had been quite silent as the rest bickered and fought amongst themselves and that in itself gave off warning bells.

    “Vous are well aware that Moi enjoys the admiration of the viewing public,” was her reply. “Regardless of the medium.”

    “It means you’d have to stay.”

    “I already said I would,” she whispered back. “Nothing’s changed on that front.”

    “So I take it we’re going with a show, Kermit?” Scooter asked, bringing their attention back to the head of the table.

    Kermit looked at them each in turn before settling on his answer. “Yeah,” he whispered, before stating it more clearly. “Yeah. Weekly show it is. That of course brings us to anything we might need for one. Scooter, do we need anything for the theater?”

    “Nothing that I can see, Chief,” the page replied. “I can go over the structure when we break from here, but everything should be good to go.”

    “Oh good,” the frog nodded. This could actually work. “Fozzie? Need anything?”

    “No sir, Kermit,” the funny bear commented. “I’m right as rain, though I could probably use an umbrella. Get it? Wocka wocka!”

    The group muttered some good natured moans and groans before Kermit continued.


    “Off the top of my head,” the stuntman replied. “I could probably use some brushes in order to clean Gladys and Mavis. I couldn’t afford to get stuck like last time.” Gonzo’s love and affection for his canon – any canon – clearly showed when he took time out to actively clean them himself instead of, oh hiring a professional to do so. “I could also use four bags of flour and three hundred and fifty bags of marshmallows.”

    In any other normal circumstance, no one would ever bother to ask what Gonzo meant by that; however, Kermit must have missed his friend more than possible because his curiosity overrode his common sense. Heaving a regretful sigh, Kermit said, “Throwing caution to the wind, I’m going to ask why you need three hundred fifty bags of marshmallows.”

    “What else am I going to put down my pants?”

    “Too easy,” Piggy murmured, earning a snigger from Rowlf on the other side of her.
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  19. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ha Ha Ha!
    I love Piggy's smart remarks
    And Kermit's thinking
    And Rowlf
    And Fozzie
    And Gonzo!
    Moar Plz
  20. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I like how you finally began working out the dynamics of the Muppets working together again, I really liked the banter you had between them. The edit option on a post does disappear after awhile, so I don't think you can go back and change anything, but double-check with The Count, he'd know best.

    Keep up the good work!

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