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Muppet Central the Movie!

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Ronald McDonald, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Actually, you are wrong. The rest are in a cyberspace version of the building. We have not traveled through time.
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. Let's get this sorted: Ryan (2), Kyle, ThePrawnCracker, Cookie, Grover, Herry were in the real world, and Troup with Christy, Scooter, Ryan, Dan, D, the Fraggles and Jim Henson were in cyberspace, while B. Regard (me) and Boober were in Fraggle Rock.

    So, here's a scene explaining TPC's post and all that.


    Scene whatever:


    The Muppet turned at the sound of breaking glass. A TV screne on one of teh wall, smashed at Kyle, Ryan, Grover, Cokie, etc burst out into Jim's office.

    Kyle: How did we get here? Last I knew we were in a hotel!
    Grover: I don't know anything what's going on here at all.

    Christy: Um, ya'all, this here is Jim Henson.

    Grover: Oh! I knew that!
    Kyle: *gulp* Wow.
    Ryan2: How is this possibe?

    Christy: I don't...think...it's entirely real.

    Kermit: That would, er, makes sence, er, Christy, I think I have to agree.

    *TPC's scene here*

    So, EVERYONE (except ME, BOOBER, LISA, and SNIDLEY) is now in Cyber Stick with Christy and Jim, in Christy's world. If someone wants to explain that, do so, if not, we'll put it down to "movie magic"


    Meanwhile, down in Fraggle Rock Boober and B. Regard were having a little difficulty....

    To be continued...
  3. Vibs

    Vibs Well-Known Member

    And at the same time in Snidley's controlroom...

    Snidley was still listening to poor Lisa, telling like mad. She had told and told and told and was getting a bit tired if not a lot. But she knew she had to keep going so her fellow muppetfans hopefully could plan something to stop Snidley. However, a knock on the door was heard all of a sudden, and Snidley looked up startled. Lisa stopped talking and looked just as confused out from her cell. Snidley looked grining at Lisa,

    Snidley: I don't know how you did it, but don't expect them to come inhere and free you!

    Lisa looked, still confused, at Snidley. She really had no idea what he was talking about. The knock was heard once more and Snidley looked at the door. Even though he tried to hide it, Lisa could sense a bit apprehension upon his face. The silence was uproarious. The third knock was heard and Snidley gulped. Lisa hold her breath. And so did Snidley.



    A loud bang following a crash and a wham was heard. And there, in the door, or what once was a door with an "Exit" sign on, stood a fair young lady with blonde locks hanging down in her face. She weared a nice purple dress mathcing her purple gloves and a little handbag in her hand.

    Miss Piggy: Uuuuum... eehehehe! well, there might be some problem with the door.

    Snidley and Lisa looked at each other, didn't know what to say. But there she was, Miss Piggy, in Snidley's controlroom, in Cyperspace.

    Miss Piggy: This is *Looking at a little paper* S-n-i-dley Spyware right?

    Snidley breathed out, and nodded, didn't know what to say. There was no way she would possibly be able to get inthere, but there she was.

    Snidley: And who are ... you??

    Miss Piggy: I am *shoving her hair out of the face* Miss Piggy. I saw your advert in the paper this morning, that said you needed a fair young secretary. You see, moi am going to win a beautycontest in Paris, but I have...umm... not so much money at the time and I need the money to get there... and win!! And the advert said this was a well paid job so I thought I'd take it!

    Before Snidley had said anything, Miss Piggy sat her bag down and began to have a look around.

    Piggy: UUuuuuum, *smacking her lips* Where is my table? And all the papers and the typewriter or computer and the coffeemashine...

    Snidley finally pulled himself together.

    Snidley: umm, my dear pig, I think there might be a misunderstanding. Why would I want any secretary? - To tidy my labratory perhaps? *grining* Or to bring me coffee, to cook me dinner, to wash my evil looking clothes, to rub my bag... and my feet in the end of the day... to be my own personal servant... *thinking for a second*


    You're hired right away! Welcome to Snidley's Miss Piggy!

    Snidely rub his hands and looked smugging at Lisa before he closed her cell so Miss Piggy couldn't hear her shouting "No!! Miss Piggy!! He's evil, don't, no, noooo-oooo-oooo!!"...

    ... to be continued...
  4. christyb

    christyb Well-Known Member

    In cyber space version of JHC in NYC....

    After, the occaisional swoon and fawning over our hero, we settled down to discuss a plan. Through out the chatter a constant pounding could be heard. I motioned for everyone to keep completely quiet. Ryan and I got up and walked over to a corner where it seemed to be some miscellaneous foam piled up. I reached my hand down to press against it.

    Foam: *muffled* ouch.
    Me: Uh...Jim, since when did your foam speak without a puppeteer?
    Jim: About a half hour ago.
    Me: Not funny. Anyone got a pocket knife. I think we may have just found someone.

    Dan stepped forward to reval his Swiss Army knife. The cut away at the bindings and Cindy came tumbling out. We quickly untied her and check to be sure she was ok. Cindy in turned explained to us what had happened.

    Scooter: I hate to break this to everyone, but we only have two hours before this whole thing comes crashing down.
    Ryan: That's right, let's go guys! Christy you remember how to get to that entry way into Muppet Central central?
    Me: Yes I do.
    Ryan: Ok, then, let's move it!

    We bid Jim goodbye and everyone exits to the grid that was waiting outside. Before exiting myself I paused for a moment.

    Me: Umm...Jim?
    Jim: Yes?
    Me: Was there ever a time where you almost gave up on all this. I know you were interested in TV and film. The Muppets just kind of fell into your lap.
    Jim: There was. Don't give up. If it's meant to be you'll make it too.
    Me: How did you?
    Jim: Not everything in here is an illusion.
    Me: Thank you, for everything.

    *closes the door and the scene ends and fades into the next one.*
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Which happens to be at Fraggle Rock...

    ...where King Agrippa was stalking his prey.

    B. Regard: This is terable.
    Boober: This is terable....
    B. Regard: What are we going to do?
    Boober: What are we Going to Do!
    B. Regard: Will you cut that out?
    Boober: Hey, it's my job to be doom and gloom. So, you cut it out.

    B. Regard: That's it! Cut it out!
    Boober: If you are going to be like that...
    B. Regard: No! Not, cut it out, Cut it out!
    Boober: Would you mind runing that by me again?
    B. Regard: Do you have a knife in this rock?

    And King Agrippa slowly watched, blending like a shadow into the cave walls and piles of fungi grew through the virtual entrance and slurped up walls, across celings, growing faster than could be stopped.

    B. Regard: I need a knife, and a pocket calculater.

  6. Vibs

    Vibs Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile at Snidley's controlroom...

    Snidley rubbed his hands once more, as Piggy came running with a cup of hot coffee next to some freshly baked buisquits on a silver dish. He sat smugging and comfortable in his majestically sofa.

    Snidley: C'mon cute stuff, hurry up I haven't ate something for 3 minutes!

    Miss Piggy: *to herself* I'm doing this so I can get to Paris and win the contest, I'm doing this so I can get to Paris and win the contest, I'm doing this...

    Snidley: And while you're inhere, go rub my shoulders.

    Miss Piggy: *Looks crossed into camera* I can't believe moi is doing is.

    Snidley: Get to work, I didn't hire you just to stand there. No actually, go give me some zone therapy instead. *Strectes* I could use that.

    Miss Piggy: If you think that moi am going to rub any smelly feet...

    Snidley mumbled something about a contest in Paris

    Miss Piggy ... you are absolutly right, eeheheheheee! *smiles fake*

    So there she was, rubbing Snidley's feet while repeating the words "Miss Piggy - The prettiest lady in Paris". However Snidley soon got bored again. Then he got to think of Lisa's story that she never finished. He got awefully curious to find out what would happen next and he really wanted Lisa to tell more. But he figured that if Lisa told Piggy what he was up to, he'd probably lose his servant and he didn't want that. Eventually he said,

    Snidley: Well, Miss Pig, knocking off time for you. See you tomorrow at.. um... 5 am!

    Miss Piggy: 5 am? 5 am?? 5 AM!?!?!!!!!

    Snidley mumbled another thing about money and airplanes to Paris...

    Miss Piggy: 5 am sure heheheh!!!!

    Then she graped her bag and raced out the door, while saying something about French Hairstyle.

    Snidley made sure she had left. However he had no clue how she got out from his Cyperspace world, or how she got in. But he had other things on his mind. It was storytime again...

    (If somebody doesn't like the thing about Miss Piggy rubbing his smelly feet, you gotta tell me and I'l go edit right away!)
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    8*Uh, Bo... King Agrippa got blown up rull good.
    He dun got blown up when Ryan threw his phone on the ground, just before KA stepped on it. Rully funny bit that lot.
  8. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    back at muppet central central

    How long had it been... a few hours? Felt more like years.
    But there was no doubt in my mind- that had been miss piggy standing there, asking about a job as Snidelys secretary.
    My plan had been working so well, too! Snidely had completely forgotten about torturing the muppets and their fans. He had been completely lost in the magic of muppet central, the threads, the insanity of it all... it was working!
    At a cost, of course. I was running out of stories, getting tired... my mouth had gone dry, and I had sincerely hoped that he would need a bathroom break soon. And then Piggy came.
    Well, hopefully she would distract him as well. She was usually pretty good about keeping everyone's attention focused on her. And anyway, it was giving me a break.
    And a chance to get to know the dragon-looking thing I was sharing my cell with. Apparently his name was Blog.
    while I rested my voice, Blog had been telling me of any weaknesses he could think of in the cell, or any other part of Snidely's system. Not that it did either of us a lot of good- there were plenty of ways to break in, but not out. And neither of us had any way to tell anyone else about how to save us.

    Suddenly the cell door opened. The bars were still in place, but now I could see into the control room, where snidely was standing.
    "I want the rest of the story." He said very simply.
    I looked around the control room. "where's miss piggy?"
    "she went home for the evening. now tell." he pointed to Blog. "Or be lunch. your choice."

    as if Blog would eat me. He was on my side now, not that Snidely knew that. well, the good news was that he liked the story enough that he still hadn't remembered.... I glanced at the monitors and saw that the members and muppets were no longer with jim henson. but they seemed to be with another woman who I didn't recognize. I'd have to pay attention to that, and stretch my story out a little more.

    "where was I?" I asked, pretending to have genuinely forgotten.
    "You were under a seat of the electric mayhem bus".
    "oh yes, that. tied in a knot of myself, that's right." that was a whole three seconds of stretch I'd managed. Well, it was a start.
    "So then Beau and Christy started arguing over what colored squiggley line we were on. On the map, that is. Beau thought we were on the blue one, but christy said we were on the black one, but we had been on the green one. Beau was convinced we were on the red one until he realized we were no longer on any line, we were in a field..."
  9. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Good stuff, Vibs, and KA is going to explain that he wasn't killed in my next post. Becuase he wasnt.But I promise I'll explain. Also, i have a rather fitting end for him.
  10. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile back in cyberspace...

    Dr.Teeth: Okay so where to know?

    Floyd: Yeah Christy lead the way!

    Christy: Okay we're off to Muppet Central central.

    Fozzie: Man that sounds weird.

    Me: So how do we get there?

    Ryan: The same way we got there before.

    Kyle: Yeah aren't you paying attention to the story?

    Zoot: What?! Of course I'm payin' attention.

    Janice: Like not you silly.

    Cookie: Do they have food there?

    Grover: How can you think of food at a time like this?

    Herry: Hey, when ya gotta eat ya gotta eat.

    Pepe: Si, dis is true.

    Kermit: Let's try and stay focused guys.

    Rowlf: Kermit's right, hey Christy are we there yet?

    Christy: We'll get there when we get there.

    Scooter: Yeah guys try and be patient.

    Christy: Alright we're here!

    Me: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go in!

    To be continued...
  11. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    inside muppet central central:

    "...so rubber duckie and I went out to sleep inside of the EM bus." I paused, and gave the appearance of gazing off into space. I was really gazing at the monitors, watching the giant group of people and muppets traveling through cyberspace.

    Snidely was intently listening. "and then what?" he asked, anxious to hear every detail I could tell. He was entirely wrapped up in the world of muppet central, and had apparently forgotten that he was trying to destroy it.

    "hm? oh. well then..." I leaned forward, like I was about to deliver an unbelievable, cliff-hanger plot twist, and said, "we moved on to other threads!"

    Snidely didn't seem to notice that I wasn't adding to the story at all. "really?" I nodded, hoping he would continue not noticing.

    Suddenly there was a loud *BANG*

    And I was out of luck. Snidely snapped out of the peculiar trance my "story" had put him in. He stood up, and glared at me angrily.
    "you... you... you little WITCH!" He shouted. he leaned through the bars of my cell.

    "I see what you've been doing, fool, you've been trying to create a pathetic diversion, haven't you? Well, it won't work for another second!" He pointed to the monitors and the controls. "I have total control, dear, and I'll use it! You're friends won't survive another minute in cyberspace. Not that you'll live to see their demise!"

    He turned to Blog. "EAT HER!"

    But Blog was no longer under his command. Instead of eating me, he charged at the iron bars of my cell, and with a single snap of his jaw... well let's just say the bars were no longer an obstacle in any sense of the word.

    Before Snidely could even react, Blog was chasing him out of the control room, leaving me by myself.

    I ran out of what had been my cell. I looked at the monitors, then the controls, then the monitors, then the controls. I hit a button. One of the monitors lit up with a message.

    I hit backspace.
    Then I looked up at the monitors that were still following everybody else.

    "Guys, can you hear me?" I called. "Hello? HELLO? GUYS?"
    It occured to me that even if they could hear me, they had no way of knowing who I was. one bite at a time, Lisa, one bite at a time! I thought to myself. "HEY! HEY GUYS, CAN YOU HEAR ME? HELLO?"

    to be continued....
  12. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Everyone sneaks into PC's Muppet Central lab......

    Cindy: Since I know my way around (I live here) this is what were going to do.

    Fozzie: *bumps into a lamp* CRASH! Woops.

    Kermit: Shhhhh Fozzie. Be more careful. Ok Cindy go on.

    Cindy: Dr. Teeth ya'll are going to play some sleeply time music. That should put old Snidely to sleep. Then Me, Ryan, Ryan 2 and Christy are going to find away to get Lisa out of that cage.

    Dr. Teeth: You got it.

    Floyd: Lets get set up.

    The Mayhem band sets up there insterments

    Lips: Wake up Zoot.

    Zoot: *wakes up* Uh oh yea.

    Fozzie: What about me?

    Me: Uh I kind of think me, you Kermit, Rowlf and the others are going to be a look out for any of Snidely's henchmen.

    Fozzie: Thats fine by me. *slutes*

    Cindy: Ok guys. Break!

    Animal: *chomps down on the lamp* CRUNCH!

    Me: Shhhhh!

    Animal: Sha-ree....

    Me: Its ok. Just be quite.

    Animal: Ok.

    Dr. Teeth: Hit it.

    The Mayhem band starts playing "Twinkle Twinkle little star"

    Lisa: So then *yawns* Kermit goes flying over the seats and hits the windsheild. *sees Cindy, Christy, Ryan and Ryan 2* So then we find ourself a motel to eat and sleep. We were really tired (like I am now) and hungry.

    Snidley: *yawns* Keep going.

    The music makes everyone start to fall asleep but Animal seems that he wants the faster versiona and starts playing a very fast version which all the others have to join in (knowing that it would be off sounding if they didn't) That makes everyone wake up even Snidley which he then sees Cindy, Christy, Ryan and Ryan 2.

    Snidley: Stop them! *a bunch of drangon like creatures start flying around in the room*

    Lisa: Come on Blog! We have to save my friends.

    Blog begins to breath fire on the cage door and it melts to hot steel

    Lisa: Good boy. *pats Blog on head*

    Fozzie: Uh oh! RUN! Its a dragon!!

    Me: Shhhhhh!! Snidley is goi...

    Snidley: I have already spotted you. Now you won't ecaspe me.

    Me: Thats what you think. *being that I was on the ground so I tripped him*

    Snidley: Why you little....

    Me: Uh I'm not really little. I'm pretty big. So I wouldn't mess with me.

    Snidley: *glup*

    Christy: Come on guys. Lisa is free.

    Lisa: Thanks to my new freind Blog. Thanks. *kisses him*

    Blog: :o

    Everyone runs out the door of the Chapman's house

  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    ? now Im confused. there's two versions of me getting out of the cell. somebody pick one?
  14. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that. I started writing and then I fisnished and you had posted before I could. I like both versions. Maybe we could comebine them together to make both work. I love your idea too.
  15. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    ok how bout this- the still unexplained bang I heard was one of your crashes, the EM's music makes Snidely and Blog fall asleep mid-chase, and everybody runs in to find me shouting at the monitors? just a thought.
  16. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I can dig it...

    As we burst into the control room we hear someone screaming.

    Fozzie: What is that noise?

    Kyle: I dunno let's go find out.

    We approach the screen to find Lisa screeming at the screens.

    Christy: Um, hi.

    Lisa stops sceaming and sees us.

    Lisa: Hey! How'd you guys get in here?

    Dr. Teeth: We knew Snidley was keepin' you trapped in here so we burst into save you after our sweet sweet melodies took Snidley and his dragon pet to dreamland.

    Lisa: You put them both to sleep?

    Rowlf: Yeah but not for long. Cindy where do we need to go now?

    Cindy: Well now that we're in the control room we need to see if we can over ride Snidley's virus.

    Scooter: I can handle that.

    Ryan: Good, the rest of us will split up to see if we can find Phillip.

    Me: Cool, Pepe, Rowlf, Dr. Teeth, Fozzie, Zoot, and I will go one way.

    Kyle: Grover, Herry, Cookie, Animal, Lips, and I will go another.

    Christy: Janice, Floyd, Kermit, Seymour, Rizzo and I will go the other.

    Ryan: Alright, Lisa and I will take the Fraggles.

    Lisa: Sorry guys, I gotta go see if Blog is OK.

    Janice: Like who's Blog?

    Lisa: He's the dragon you guys put to sleep.

    Red: You can't go buy yourself!

    Gobo: Yeah, Snidley's over there too!

    From offscreen...

    Piggy: Moi shall go with vous dear.

    Kermit: Piggy what are you doing here?

    Piggy: Moi came to give that jerk Spyware a piece of my mind.

    Kermit: Then you heard about what happened to Muppet Central.

    Piggy: Muppet what?

    Kermit: Sheesh. If you haven't heard about Muppet Central then what how did you meet Snidley?

    Piggy: It's a long story, moi was his maid and he worked me to hard so I came to set the record straight.

    Fozzie: Theat wasn't long at all.

    Piggy: Oh, yeah. Well anyway, moi shall go with vous, um what was your name dear?

    Lisa: Lisa.

    Piggy: Right, right, come on Pizza let us move on.

    Me: Everybody ready?

    Everybody: Yeah!

    We all move in seperate directions to search for Phillip.
  17. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    me: Piggy?

    Piggy: yes?

    me: I was just wondering. Why in the world did you put up with the way Snidely was treating you for so long?

    Piggy: And what do vous know about THAT?

    me: Well, I was sort of locked up in a cell inside of the control room while he was pushing you around.

    Piggy: oh.

    me: So why'd you put up with it?

    Piggy: Because, he was SUPPOSED to pay moi for moi's services! And he didn't. Now can we go find that jerk so I can teach him not to mess with a lady?

    me: absolutely. <we head off down a hallway> And when we find him, um-

    Piggy: yes?

    me: Well I didn't exactly enjoy being locked up, so... mind if I hold him down while you beat him?

    Piggy: Pizza, I like the way you talk... although your name's a little strange... Now let's get him!

    me: uh, we have to find him first.

    Piggy: whatever.
  18. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Me: Ok guys.

    Cookie M: Me Monster.

    Me: Me know. (LOL)

    Me: Were going to find Phillip.

    Grover: What does this phill guy look like?

    Me: You know I've never seen what he looks like.

    Herry: I guess we'll just have to find a guy tied up or where ever he is.

    Lips: Uh would that be him?

    Me: Nope. Thats *double takes* UH OH!!! Thats Sindley! RUN!!!

    Animal: *runs after Sindley*

    Me: Animal?! NO!!

    Cookie M: Me thinks we need more help. *whisles*

    A bunch of anything muppets come running our of nowhere after Animal.

    Cookie M: Me take care of it.

    Me: Good thinking Cookie. Lets go. *keeps looking for Phillip*
  19. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. I'm going to post later and take care of the bulk of the vius. I love this movie, it's so funny! and great.
  20. Vibs

    Vibs Well-Known Member

    Piggy and Lisa had been wandering around the strange Muppet Central central cyperspace-place for a while, trying to find that coward of a Sniedley Spyware. Appearantly he had totally dismissed. Eventually, after wandering up and down the long cyperspace corridors, Lisa said that they'd better settle down and proceed more systematic. So they did...

    Lisa: Okay, if we wanna find him and beat him...

    Piggy: ...and knock him out, thrash him, whack him, flog him, make him cry for mercy...

    Lisa: Piggy may I proceed my sentence?

    Piggy: Oh sure Pizza dear.

    Lisa: um, for the 10th time, it's Lisa, not Piz...

    Piggy: I know, I know, you already told me 10 times, Pizza dear.

    Lisa: *sigh* What's the point? Anyway, if we wanna find Snidley who we wanna beat, knock out, etc., we need to think like the guy. So where would we hide if we were Snidley?

    Piggy: Uuuuum... Somewhere!

    Lisa: Well, we might need to be a little more exact.

    Piggy: Right. *Stands up and begins walking around in a Sherlock Holmes -ish way.* okay, let's assume he is a dangerous hacker that want to destroy um.. what was it again?

    Lisa: Muppet Central.

    Piggy: YES!! Whatever that might be. But then his plans seem to fail and he sees no other way out than fleeing and hiding somewhere. Then let's assume we don't know where that is, and we need to find out, by pretenting we are him and think the way he does.

    Lisa: Piggy, why did we need to assume all that?

    Piggy: *grins* Pizza dear, that's what detectives do, assume things.

    Lisa: weeell... Then let's assume we need to find a way to find Snidley without assuming anything, cause if we just assume everything, we won't get anywhere.

    Piggy: okay, we assume that.

    To be continued...

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