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Muppet Central the Movie!

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Ronald McDonald, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok. Scene number, um.....


    Boober had returned with a hack-knife, and B. Regard had found a pocket-calculater mysteriously in his pocket. Somewhere in the distence a creature sniggered.

    K.A: They will never stop this now. It is too late, and the virus will continue to spread forward and backward, and up and down and aroudn until the entire Fraggle cave, and Fraggle magic colapses under the strain of it.

    He rubbed his hands together in glee.

    K.A.: Of course, they think that I am dead, which is to my advantage, realy a chanelled that explosion to open a doorway into the virtual world, and sent them into Snidly's little, ha ha, little trap.

    And back across the cave, Boober and B. Regard watched the virus spread.

    It was like a foam, yet like a fungi. Green, yet sparkling with red. Furry, yet jagged. Soft, yet firm. It was everything, and nothing. Real, and nonexistent.

    Boober: Here's the knife you asked for, Mr Regard, sir. Becarefull of the blade it was shappened just tuesday last.
    B. Regard: I'll be careful, of course, but it is teh virus that needs to watch out.
    Boober: Correct me if I'm wrong.
    B. Regard: You are wroing.
    Boober: What?
    B. Regard: Just a joke, go on.
    Boober: Isn't it true that this is just a visual representation of a computer prgram?
    B. Regard: Yes, it is, to some degree.
    Booer: Then how can you hope to sut it with a knife?
    B. Regard: Not just a knife, a knife and a pocket calculater. A calculator is a program.

    And K.A sniggered....

    And B. Regard jumped foward at the virus...

    And Boober started praying...

    And B. Regard slashed a chunk of the foamy-drippy-slimy-fungi...

    And K.A. howeled silently in gleeeeee...

    B. Regard lept back and a fork of the virus snapped at him.

    B. Regard. : I think I've got what I need.

    He held up a chunk of the fungi that was wrapped around his calculator.

    Boober: Oh, did I hear the telephone. Be right back.
    B. Regard: Stay here. You can't just go and leave me.
    Boober: But I am no help here.
    B. Regard: Well...go and make some radish tea. I'll need sustinence.

    Boober hurridly dashed from the computer cave. He walked stiraght into a glittering wall of code and found himself...somwhere else...


    King Agrippa stepped from the shadows. "Well, Beauregard, what do you think of my creation?"

    B. Reagrd, started up. "I am not Beauregard," he said. "Beauregard is simply the name I choose for Muppet Central."

    "And in doing so, a part of you was irrevocably chaged to the character of your friend."

    "In a way, yes."

    "Then it is also understandable that I to am you."

    "Do. That is not, true. Ahhh!"

    B. Reagrd lept back, throwing the calculator onto the floor. The surface of the small computer was bubbling and rippling like a live thing. It rived for a moment, then formed into the Fungi.

    "What Did you do?" B. Regard asked.

    King Agrippa smiled. "It is the program I created to help my bossness. It causes all hardware to self replicate."

    "You mean...?"

    "That the software downloaded causes a fault in teh real life part of the machine, thus changing it into soething almost iving which self replicates, again, and again..."

    "Which is why it is growing out from the internet/virtual connection of Fraggle Rock?"

    "Yes, exactly, except this is different. Fraggle Rock has the power to sustain it."

    "How is it growing inside the rock? If the Rock is not a computer, or hrdware? Or..."

    "If you knew that, you would know be conciderabley more about Fraggle magic than is necessary for you..."

    But even as he was talking, B. Regard was thinking....if it replicated programin and hardware, and KA was...

    "Mr Agrippa!"

    "You are talkign to me?"

    "Yes. Did you ever play football/soccer?"

    "Sadly, no."

    "Good because I have news for you. I did."

    And he kicked the pie of fungi that was his calculater, and the green ooze rose into the air, and flung itself toward King Agrippa. KA lept aside, but his crown fell from hsi had, rolling towards the ever-growing piles of virus on the walls. "Nooooooo!"

    He grabbed at his crown, but instead of his beloved, KA found his hands clutching the sticky-goo that was the virus. And his skin began to boil, and he scremed as he fell on the floor and became one with the virus, the creator and the created...

    Shortly after, Boober arrived with radish tea, and B. Regard drank it while figureing out the next part of his puzzle. If he could reverse the programing....

    Ten minutes later the virus was retreating, slowly drying up and dissapearing in glimmers of codeing. Snidly Spyware had failed this first round, and he would not have the power of Fraggle Rock to back his final move...

    ...whatever that might be...

    To be continued
  2. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I'm just saying to Vibs that where we are right now it in Chapman's house hold. As we are in the real world not in a cyberspace place. We are in the real world were Snidley Spyware had you locked up. So you were really in Phillip's lab where all his computer is worked on when he does new stuff for Muppet Central. I'm not trying to make you change anything but you keep saying Cyberspace and its not its the real world in the movie now. Like when the Muppets were out riding bikes in MGC movie. Thats what I mean.
  3. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    Oh! Sorry! Well, then let's just.... assume that Piggy and Lisa are looking for Snidley in the rather big house? Um... who's house was it again!? Oh and sorry about being confusing!
  4. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry Vibs. I don't want to be seeming that I'm running this whole thing. I hate to be right when someone else is wrong. It makes me seem rude. Thanks Vibs. Oh and the house is The Chapman's house. Thats Cindy and Phillip Chapman. The monatior of this website. He runs it. You know guys one other person we didn't mention is "Frogboy" he runs the graphics. What would he be doing in this movie.
  5. christyb

    christyb New Member

    Remember, we did mention him. In the beginning. I can't remember why he couldn't take over for Phil now. But he has been mentioned. That and kudos to you for running it. We need someone to keep all these crazy details straight.
  6. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Christy. :)
  7. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion Erine! :) And don't worry, I'm the one who mix things up and can't figure out what happens when or where or why or... okay you get it!
  8. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    My group is seen walking through Muppet Central central...

    Rowlf: Well, this is exciting.

    Dr. Teeth: If I had my keyboard I'd play a little tune for ya'll to get ya' movin'.

    Me: Come on guys don't give up yet, we've still got to find Phil.

    Pepe: Si, dat we must. But der is still someting I do not understand. Hokay? Who is dis Phillip man?

    Fozzie: Ahhh, good question! Phillip Chapman is the one who started Muppet Central. He's the reason we're on this journey.

    Pepe: Hokay. So he is why I we have to be walking throgh all dese dark spooky places.

    Dr. Teeth: Hey now the prawn's awake!

    Zoot: What!? What!? I'm up!

    Rowlf: Why'd we bring him along?

    Me: Good question.

    Fozzie: Hey look up there!

    We approach a door with a sign posted on it that says FORUM CONTROL ROOM.

    Pepe: Look it's de forum room!

    Me: This must be where Phil analyzes all of are posts on the Muppet Central Forum.

    Dr. Teeth: Should we go in?

    Fozzie: Why shouldn't we?

    Me: That's the spirit Fozzie!

    Pepe: Si, let us go on in. Hokay?

    All: Yeah!

    We step to the door and I turn the nob...

    Me: It's locked.

    Rowlf: I know how we can open it.

    Dr. Teeth: How?

    Rowlf: (Points to Zoot) Zoot just has to use his head.

    Zoot: Huh? What?

    We pick up Zoot and run him towards the door, head first. And the door breaks down.

    Zoot: Oww that kinda hurt. (Zoot falls asleep at this point)

    We enter the Forum Control Room...
  9. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    meanwhile, in another hallway...

    me: well, maybe he's behind one of these doors... <opens door> GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Piggy: What?!? What what what what what?

    me: <closing door> You don't want to know. Aw man, I'm gonna get nightmares from that...<collapses to floor> oh..... TERRIBLE!

    Piggy: Tell moi!

    me: absolutely not! oh, man... that was just...

    Piggy: Well, if THATS the way vous is going to be about it! <opens door> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! <closes door>

    me: <sobbing> isn't it awful?!?

    Piggy: ...that ...was ....the most .......HIDEOUS outfit I've ever seen!

    me: I told you! ... now lets check some other doors, shall we...<stands up>

    Piggy: Oh, man that was disgusting <starts to collapse>

    me: <catching Piggy from behind and pushing her to her feet>yeah, well, in the meantime, we've still got a villain to beat up.

    Piggy: ok, pizza. LETS FIND THAT SNIDELY! <she walks over to the next door>

    me: Moi is right behind vous.

    Piggy: Hey. MOI speaks the French around here.

    me: sorry.
    <we start opening door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door after door...>
  10. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    (Oh you!! What did they see?? ;) )

    ...and door after door after door after door after...

    Piggy: *Looks up above them* WILL YOU PLEASE GET ON WITH THE MOVIE??

    Oh yes I'm sorry, I just like saying "door" and "after" and "door" and "after" and...

    Lisa: Cut it out.

    Hrmf! - Okay. Well, where was I?

    Piggy: We were opening a lot of doors, and we still are.

    Oh! YeS! Right...Ahem:

    Eventually they came to a door that seemed to be stuck. They both tried hard opening it, pressing, pushing, pulling, nothing seemed to be working.

    Lisa: There must be a way to open it! Now we've come this far I don't feel like going all the way back through those doors.

    Piggy: I can deal with opening 100 of doors but this does it!! *Looks at the poor door* We tried to be nice... HIIIIYYYAAAAA!!!

    Piggy smashed the door which broke into several pieces. Dust and dirt was floating in the air all around them and it was pretty hard spotting anything. Lisa and Piggy coughed out loud. Eventually the worst mist blew away and there was a rather big hole in the wall where the door once had been. And then they spotted something. A bit way (can you say that?) infront of them they could skim an issue of someone. Immediately Piggy and Lisa realized it could be no one but Snidley and they quick hid behind some of the "doorpieces". The person came closer and closer, and they were ready to throw themselves on the poor thing. And so.. they did.

    Piggy: AARRRRHHHHH!!!

    Lisa: ARRRRHHHHH!!!!

    Vibs: ARRRRGGGGGGGHHH!! No no, please don't hurt me, I'm sorry I didn't mean to... I mean I'm.. I wasn't... It wasn't my fault.. um..... Hey why are you doing this anyway?

    Piggy and Lisa looked at each other. Then they quick let go of Vibs and made sure they hadn't managed to make any serious damages to her.

    Lisa: Oh, I'm so sorry, we thought you were... *Considering Vibs wouldn't be pleased about someone thinking she looked like Snidley, Lisa quick changed the subject* ... Why are you here anyway... um, Who are you anyway?

    Vibs: Oh, I'm Vibs! I'm a new MC member and somehow *sigh* I was drawn into all this. And I'm trying to find my suitcase. You see I'm from Denmark and I lost my suitcase in the airport and...

    Piggy: *In a "That might be the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone" voice* OH NO!!!!

    Vibs: I know, I know. So I was thinking, since this is Cyperspace (Um, I still assume it is?!?!) I might be able to find the airplane websites and somehow ... um.. get it back? I mean this is cyperspace, and within the last couple of hours several things beyond my wildest dreams have happened so why not?

    Lisa: Oh... I see... Sort of. But you might go join me and Miss Piggy then? We're trying to find Snidley. You know, the bad guy?

    Vibs: . . .

    Piggy: Um.. You know, he is the one that caused all this!

    Vibs: . . .

    Lisa: -That's the guy we're trying to find anyway. No one can ever get away with trying to destroy MC!!

    Vibs: OOOOH! So that is what this is all about huh?

    *Lisa and Piggy looks into camera*: OH boy...

    Vibs: Well, I can do that! I'll join you right away!

    And so the three... um, the two girls and the sow...

    Piggy: I HEARD THAT!!!!

    Um, I meant.. Two girls and SO on, continued searching for Snidley.

    Piggy: Oh? So I'm a "so on" now?

    Um Piggy, cut it out, we need to get along with the movie.

    Piggy: *Gives the above the evil eyes* -I better win that contest, BUDDY!

    Um.. well, THEN the searching party went along, hoping that Snidley would soon show up.
  11. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Me: Seems like alot of phooey! What is it and cyberspace? I'm not going in there.

    Grover: Come on Kyle. We have to find Phill.

    Cookie M: Me want cookies right now. Anyone else?

    Me: Sure thing Cookie. *pulls out a box of cookies*

    Herry: What?! Kyle whats with you?

    Me: Cookie! Thats what!

    Cookie M: Me always thought you were me kind of guy.

    Me: Thanks Cookie.

    Lips: Lets get moving man.

    Animal: Movin! Movin!

    Me: Animal right. Lets get movin! *runs through a door that leads them into the wrong website*

    Lips: Where are we?

    Cookie M: Re not Rknow?

    Me: Uh guys. I think were in the wrong web site. This looks like....*camera pulls back to see the Me, Cookie, Grover, Herry, Lips and Animal in Scooby Doo outfits*

    Lips: Like zoinks!

    Herry: *girly voice* Come on guys.

    Grover: *trips over* Woops wheres my glasses?

    Me: Come on gang. Lets split up. (Did I say that?)

    Cookie M: Re want rookies!

    Lips: Like hey man you want rookies? What are rookies?

    Me: He said cookies.

    Grover:*puts glasses back on* Seems that we need to take that way to get out of here. (I don't look good in a skirt.)

    Animal: Lets get out of here uncle cookie!

    Cookie M: R'ok!

    Me: To weird for me.

    Everyone runs back into the home of the "Chapman's"

    Me: Thats was one bad experenice.

    Cookie M: Re rot like.

    Me: Cookie!

    Cookie M: Me just playing joke. Ha ha ha ha ha

    Grover: Glad I'm not wearing a skirt or glasses.

    Herry: Same here.

    Lips: Like yea.

    Me: Ok guys. Since those website that Phill has we need to find the forms. *starts typing on Phillip's computer for some help*
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    As we enter the forum room, we see tens of thousands of computer screens all with the same image on the screen.

    Fozzie: Ahhh! Look at all the screens.

    Me: Look, they all have the same image.

    Pepe: Si, look at dat, dey all have de skull and crossbones on dem.

    Dr. Teeth: Isn't that the same image that was on Muppet Central when you first logged on with the virus Ryan?

    Me: Yeah, it sure is. Hmm, maybe we can override the system and see if we can post in the forum.

    Rowlf: Yeah but how are we gonna do that?

    Me: Hmmm, let's see, maybe if we flip this switch.

    Flips switch and all the screens and lights go out.

    Me: Well that was obviously the wrong one.

    Flips switch back and all the screens come back on.

    Pepe: Hey Mr. Ryan, maybe if we pressed dis button. Hokay?

    When Pepe presses the button, the main screen changes to a document that reads Muppet Websites Conquered

    Rowlf: What's this?

    Dr. Teeth: It's a page with a list of all the Muppet Websites, Palisades Toys, Toughpigs, Scarecrow, and even Muppets.com!

    Me: So, Snidley is trying to conquer all the Muppet websites. He must have some grudge against you guys or something. Are you sure you don't remember him.

    Rowlf: Well as the oldest Muppet, I can honestly say I don't remember ever meeting anyone name Snidly Spyware.

    Pepe: De plot thickens. Hokay?

    Fozzie: It's almost as thick as Piggy! Wocka Wocka!

    Statler and Waldorf pop out from behind a screen.

    Waldorf: Quit forcing these lame jokes bear.

    Statler: Yeah. Their as forced as that kidney stone Waldorf had to pass. Do ho ho!

    Waldorf: You old fool!
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    back in that other hallway...

    (by the way vibs we're not in cyberspace anymore)

    Me: I don't think Snidely's in this hall. I mean, I think we've checked behind more doors than I've opened in all the rest of my life combined, and there's no sign of him. I'm starting to think we're moving in the wrong direction.

    Vibs: uh, yeah. That, and we sort of ran out of hallway... <points to wall at the end of the hall>

    Me: So we have.

    Piggy: You're telling me that moi has to turn around and go ALL THE WAY back to the other end of the HALL?!?!?

    Me: Well, unless you can walk through that wall... yeah.

    Vibs: Or we could just stay here and not find the bad guy. What's his name again?

    Piggy: Snidely.

    Vibs: Right, Snidely. I mean... what if we just sort of, you know...

    Piggy: Give up?

    Vibs: Well, what are we going to do if we find him, anyway?

    Piggy: Beat him to a pulp! Do you know what he put moi through?!?

    Vibs: beat him, and then what?

    Piggy: um.... good question.

    Me: Well, if nobody has figured out how to fix Muppet Central by then, we'll make him fix it, I guess?

    Vibs: wouldn't he just make it worse?

    Me: well, um... Ok, here's the plan: we'll find him, beat him to a pulp, and then find everybody else and see what they think we should do with him. And somewhere in there, somebody will hopefully find Phillip Chapman, and fix Muppet Central, and we'll all live happily ever after.

    <we start to set off again, stop, and look around>

    Piggy: ...so, um... we still have to walk all the way back down the hall?

    Me: Yeah, but at least we don't have to check all those doors again.

    Piggy: Could we rest a little before we walk ALL the way back?

    Me: I guess...

    Piggy: Oh, good. <she leans against the wall that ends the hall, and it moves back about an inch> WAH! What the...

    Me: That's weird...

    Vibs: Hey wait, if that wall can move ...

    Me: then maybe...

    Vibs: It's not really a wall?

    Me: Here, lets push on it. Maybe it'll lead somewhere or something...

    <we all push the wall back about five feet with surprising ease. we see another door (yes another one) on the left side of the hall behind where the fake wall used to be>

    Piggy: Oh... not another door...

    Me: Vibs, you get to open this one. Piggy and I have opened enough.

    Vibs: ok...

    <vibs opens the door, and we walk through to see...>
    <(you didn't think I was really going to tell you what we see, did you?)>
  14. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Me: So what do we do now?

    Rowlf: Maybe we can use this intercom system and call Scooter to see how the overrides comeing along.

    Pepe: Si, dat is a wonderful idea doggy man! I will call him. Hokay?

    *Pepe walks to the intercom, presses the button and says...*

    Pepe: Scooter can jew here me. Hokay?

    *In main room*

    Scooter: Huh? Cindy did you here that?

    Cindy: Yeah! It sounded like Pepe.

    Scooter: Do you have an intercom system in here?

    Cindy: Uh huh! They must be in the forum control room!

    Scooter: So...

    Cindy: So they can access the Muppet Central shutdown button!

    Scooter: Shut down Muppet Central?!

    Cindy: Yes! If they shut down Muppet Central, they might be able to destroy the Snidley's virus.

    Scooter: That's a great idea! Can we talk to them from here?

    Cindy: No, we have to go find them in the forum control room.

    Scooter: I'll go find them there while you keep a lookout here.

    Cindy: Alright. Be careful and good luck.

    Scooter: And may the Force be with you.

    Cindy: What?

    Scooter: It's a geek thing.

    *Meanwhile back in the Forum Control Room*

    Pepe: Hello! Scooter are jew there. Hokay? Hmm I geuss no one is home.

    Dr. Teeth: Figures.

    Me: Well any one have any other suggestions?

    Fozzie: I will go back to the main room and find Scooter!

    Me: What?! By your self?

    Fozzie: Yep, I have to, it's the right thing to do.

    Dr. Teeth: No man it's the crazy thing to do!

    Zoot: No the lazy thing to do is sleep.

    Rowlf: Crazy not lazy.

    Me: Well Fozzie if you think you can handle it by yourself go right ahead. We'll wait here for you to get back.

    Pepe: Good luck funny man.

    Fozzie: Well I'm off!

    *Fozzie exits the room*

    Dr. Teeth: We're doomed!

    Rowlf: You can say that again.

    Me: Come on guys have some faith.
  15. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else gonna reply to this? We need to finish this movie!:eek: :( :cool:
  16. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Me: Ok since I don't know what to do I'm going to eat. Anyone want to join me?

    Animal: Eat! Eat!

    Me: Thats settles it. Food.

    Grover: No. We have to do something else then eat.

    Herry: Grovers right.

    Cookie M: Me with Animal and Kyle. Eat!

    Lips: I'm just tired. *starts playing his trumpet*

    Me: I know this song. *starts singing but with different words*

    *Animal starts drumming on his single drum he has*

    Me and the Monsters: (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)

    Me: Yeah, we've been searchin'
    A-a searchin'
    Oh, yeah, searchin' every which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    Oh, yeah, searchin'
    I'm searchin'

    The Monsters: (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)

    Searchin' every which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But I'm like the Northwest Mounties

    Animal: DO RIGHT!

    You know we'll bring him in today

    The Monsters: (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)

    Animal: FIND HIM!

    Well, now, if I have to swim a river
    You know I will
    And a if I have to climb a moun...

    (speaking part) I know I won't climb any mountain.

    You know I won't
    And a if he's a hiding in
    the computer of Muppet Central
    We're gonna find him, guys
    You know will

    Grover: 'Cause I've been searchin'
    Oh, yeah, searchin'
    My goodness, searchin' every which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But I'm like the Northwest Mounties

    Animal: DO RIGHT!

    You know I'll bring him in today

    Me, Herry and Cookie: (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)

    Lips: Well, Sindley Spyware and
    his goons got nothin', child, on me
    Sergeant Friday, Charlie Chan
    And Boston Blackie
    No matter where he's a hiding
    He's gonna hear me a comin'
    Gonna walk right down that street
    Like trumpet playing marching band

    Herry and Cookie M: 'Cause we've been searchin'
    Oooh, Lord, searchin', mm guys
    Searchin' every which a-way
    Yeah, yeah
    But we're like the Northwest Mounties
    You know we'll bring him in today

    All singing: (Gonna find him)
    (Gonna find him)
  17. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Me: Where's Fozzie?

    Pepe: Si, it's been 15 minutes, and he hasn't come back. Hokay?

    Rowlf: Maybe he got lost.

    Dr.Teeth: I knew we were doomed, we would've been better off if we sent Zoot!

    Zoot: What? What? I'm up, I'm up!

    Me: Go back to sleep Zoot.

    (Meanwhile in the hallway)

    Fozzie: Now um, do I go right or left here? Oh, I wish I would've paid attention to the directions when we came the first time!

    (Meanwhile in another hallway)

    Scooter: Okay take a right at the Games forum room, then left at Puppetry and... Hey! Is that Fozzie? Fozzie! Is that you?

    Fozzie: Scooter! Scooter! Boy am I glad to see you! Where are you going?

    Scooter: I was going to the forum control room to help you guys!

    Fozzie: I was going to the main room to see if you and Cindy were OK!

    Scooter: Well, we're fine, but we heard you over the intercom and... Oh come on I'll explain on the way!

    (Meanwhile back in Forum Controls)

    Me: Let's go guys.

    Rowlf: What?

    Me: We gotta go find Fozzie and see if he's okay.

    Pepe: But what if we get captured by Snidley Spyware. Hokay?

    Me: That's a chance we'll have to take let's go.

    (They leave, and they here a voice)

    Voice: A chance you shouldn't have taken!

    Me: What was that?

    Voice: Your worst nightmare!

    (From the ceiling drops Snidley)

    Snidley: You're mine!

    (Snidley presses a button on the wall, and a cage falls on our heroes.)

    Pepe: Let us go. Hokay?

    Snidley: Never! Now, stay quiet while my minions take you to my evil lair.

    Me: What minnions?

    (Suddenly a bunch of strong guys come in and pick up the cage and follow Snidley)

    Scooter: Here we are Forum Controls!

    Fozzie: Hey! Where is everybody?

    Scooter: They must've gone looking for you Fozzie. Oh well, once we shut down Muppet Central everything will be okay.

    Fozzie: Shut down Muppet Central?!?
  18. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Don't let this thread die guys! We gotta keep it going!
  19. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Active Member

    *The last time we left Ryan (Docnzhoss) he had purchased a Rocketeer jet pack and flew off to meet his friends. Unfortunately, his jet pack ran out of gas over the Bermuda Triangle and he has been lost in a strange dimension ever since...

    Me: Wow, I'm all alone in this strange, bizarre and unusual dimension. There's no one here but me and that odd-looking silhouette over there. I find this amusing, for I have never been in a position to offer a soliloquy before. I don't even know why I ventured seaward anyhow. I definitely should have stayed in the US. If only I had a way of contacting my friends from Muppet Central...
    Oh who am I kidding? They're busy saving the world right now. There's no way they'd remember me. It wouldn't hurt to try to get their attention. Maybe smoke signals. Darn, I have no matches. Maybe that goofy silhouette might have one.
    Hey, you! Yeah, dark shadowy person! Say, do you have a match or a lighter or a torch or something of the sort?
    Hey, here he comes. Maybe he does have something. I hope he's nice. I know I'm sure tired of dealing with mean, evil and dastardly bad guys.

    Snidley Spyware: Hello, Docnzhoss.

    Me: Oh great. What do you want?

    SS: I just wanted you to know that this mess has gone on long enough. I have your friends in captivity and will be destroying them shortly. Then I will do what I have intended to do all along...

    Me: And what's that?


    Me: Is that really what you've been planning all along?

    SS: Yes. Dastardly, is it not?

    Me: Well, I would say so. But you do realize that there are a lot of Elmo fans in this world.

    SS: There are?

    Me: Well, duh? How else do you suppose Elmo's World would have survived all this time?

    SS: Well, I just assumed that everybody hated...

    Me: Well, you thought wrong. Shoot even I think the little guy has his moments.

    SS: So what have I been wasting my time with all this time?

    Me: Beats me. What say we forget this whole mess and go home?

    SS: Never! I've made it this far and I won't turn back now! You and your friends have caused too much trouble for me. I will take great pleasure in ending all of your lives! Hahahahahhahahahahahah!

    As SS approaches viciously Ryan just closes his eyes and awaits the pain...
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    Question: Is anyone playing Sam? 'Cause I can write his dialog really well. :attitude:

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