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Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD?

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by dlphntat, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. dlphntat

    dlphntat Well-Known Member

    From the DVDfile.com website

    Back to the vaults - 1:34pm

    Disney is once again raiding their vaults for what looks like every single catalog title from back in the 80's. Due on 9/3 is another wave of low-budget DVD quickies, all presented in widescreen with minimal extras (trailers only.) The lineup includes Indian Summer, Gross Anatomy, The War At Home, First Do No Harm, Prefontaine, Baby Secret of the Lost Legend, Aspen Extreme, Disorganized Crime, My Boyfriend's Back, Cabin Boy, Betsy's Wedding, Captain Ron, Puppet Masters, Swing Kids, the 1961 version of Babes in Toyland, Spaced Invaders, Heartbreak Hotel, Muppets Christmas Carol (full frame only), Washington Square, Celtic Pride, The Program, Mr. Destiny, and two real trilogies of terror, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Camp and Ernest Scared Stupid, and Mighty Ducks 1, 2 and 3. Then on 10/8 comes even more fun, including Kazaam, the cannibal laugh-fest Alive, Billy Bathgate, Jungle 2 Jungle, Two Bits, Of Love and Shadows, and another terrifying trilogy, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Honey We Shruk Ourselves, and Honey I Blew Up the Kid. Retail is $19.95 each, and a Mighty Ducks 3-pack will also be available for only $29.95.

    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but what the hey.

    FER SURE Well-Known Member


    I cant believe it. YES YES YES! Indian Summer is one of my favorite movies. A few years ago someone stole my only copy. :mad: As it was out of print I have had to go without for something like 2 years now. I cant wait!!!!!!:D *dies of excitement* Oh yeah MCC is coming thats neat too.:
  3. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    "FULL FRAME ONLY?????"


    Of course, I'll get it anyway, since my current version is also full frame, but it would be nice to have a DVD with the deluxe treatment. Hopefully this is good news for Muppet Treasure Island as well....

  4. scarecroe

    scarecroe Well-Known Member

    In this thread, they're talking about doing a petition against releasing just the pan&$caM only version on the DVD. I mean jeeze, if you gotta appease the soccer moms, at least present both versions like Columbia did with the classic three.
  5. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to support that petition--I'd rather have SOMETHING on DVD than NOTHING, which is what happens sometimes on those petitions. And on the Palisades Muppet Show exclusives....

  6. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I am sure the film will be released either way. Such a petition just supports what version you would like. Personally, I won't buy some hideous cropped version of the film. I already have that version on tape. DVDs are for high quality collector’s editions and they are releasing a crummy kids version. Just tragic. Disney is counting on people who will buy their cheap version regardless of their poor treatment of it. I just can’t be a part of that this time.
  7. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

  8. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    What is the MATTER with Disney???

    I'm speechless. Absolutely speechless.

    All of the other films are being released in widescreen. ALL of them. That includes Cabin Boy and other clunkers. Why on Earth would you go out of your way just to NOT do it on that one film?

    I was going to buy MCC, but I have absolutely no intention of doing so if they don't make it widescreen.

    Why is it that the Muppets can't catch a break on DVD?
  9. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    We need to write them letters and especially bring our outrage to the attention of Chris Carey - the Mouse's exec who made the decision!
  10. CraigD

    CraigD Well-Known Member

    For all you Americans angry over this, just hold out till the film is released in other regions. The majority of the time, Region 4 (Australia's region) has most film's released in widescreen. Although, this is starting to change with news that Harry Potter will only be released in Pan & Scan, which blows. Overseas, I believe this will be available in both versions. But this is mainly a problem with Warners Australia. They're getting extremely lazy, due to reasons such as this and also releasing some titles in the NTSC format, to save money and time transferring them to PAL.

  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    But is the Australia version in PAL format? Is that true about Harry Potter?? How insane. I feel we were given a great gift that most titles were released in widescreen when DVDs came out just to have it yanked away because of some brainless consumers and bean-counting execs. Argh!
  12. CraigD

    CraigD Well-Known Member

    Yeah, MCC would be in PAL over here.

  13. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Well, (insert expletive here)! I will just have to hope that Disney changes their mind and releases a widescreen version. It's funny that they claim poor quality for not putting two versions on one DVD when cropping the film automatically degrades it!

    On another note, a friend of mine who is a die hard Madonna fan is refusing to buy the cheap cropped version of Dick Tracy they have released. I think they may go back to their original practice once pressure is placed on them from those of us on the other side of the argument! We need to bug the (insert expletive here) out of the Disney people.
  14. CraigD

    CraigD Well-Known Member


    Warner's and Disney are the big problems over here. Warners with releasing titles in NTSC, and Disney have the problem of mysteriously forgetting to give us extras on certain discs. They have gotten better, but we still sometimes get entirely ripped off by them by not including the extras Region 1 gets.

    That makes me very mad.

  15. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I guess they think if we're starved for the DVD we'll take anything. They are wrong.

    On another note, I was watching primetime television tonight and noticed that more and more shows are "enhanced for widescreen TV". Wow! Ultimately these TVs will be a reality and the new format will me anamorphic widescreen.

    The crooks (oops, I mean execs) at Disney know this, but want us to buy another copy ten years from now. You know, I doubt this release will even have any extras. They are so cheap. I wonder if they would treat the Muppets better if they did own them?
  16. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Disney Contacts

    Hi Guys

    Just in case people will find it easier to have them all in one place or haven't written them down yet i thought i'd do a post where people can find all the info on who they need to complain to.

    PHONE :-

    1-800-723-4763 - This will connect you to the people in charge of DVD support OR 1-800-477-2811 - This is a more general number for customer relations.

    Willis Nalle - (818) 560-4062 at Buena Vista Domestic Public Relations

    EMAIL Via Web Form :-



    Buena Vista Home Entertainment
    Attn. Consumer Relations
    3rd Floor
    800 Winneconne Ave
    Neenah, WI 54956


    David Jessen
    c/o Buena Vista Home Entertainment
    350 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank CA 91521-4691


    Robert Chapek
    President - Buena Vista Home Entertainment
    350 South Buena Vista Street
    Burbank CA 91521-4691

    I would suggest you write to Robert Chapek and CC a copy of the letter to David Jessen and Consumer Relations.
  17. smcguire

    smcguire Well-Known Member

    When I called, I was told to also send e-mail to:


    if you want a direct e-mail address instead of a web form to fill out.

    When you contact Disney, remember:

    * Be polite. You're less likely to be taken seriously if you rant, insult, swear, etc. Just be firm about your disappointement, explain what you want, and why you want it.

    * Mention specific titles (in this case, Muppet Treasure Island and Muppet Christmas Carol) that you will not buy because they are not widescreen. After that, you can mention that you won't buy other Disney titles that aren't in their original theatrical presentation either.

    * If you've got a kid, be sure to mention that; Disney's supposed angle on this is that these are "family" films and "families" don't like black bars caused by widescreen.

    Hope this helps!
  18. FER SURE

    FER SURE Well-Known Member

    That address for Neenah Wi will do you no good at all. I live 5 min. from there and I can promiss you it is not a Disney office of any importance. They are an outside firm that basically handles technical problems with discs and they also support the disc replacement program. From my experience as a Disney cast member sending your letter here would be like sending it to guest relations, all you would get is a sugar coated response. Your opinion would then be catogorized and placed within a monthly report. Don't waste your time with that address.
  19. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member


    Thank you very much! I will definitely be contacting them (and being polite about my disappointment). LOL!
  20. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Yeah i understood that the more general 800 numbers and customer relations addresses would give you a generic reply and just get filed away but it's important to give people the official address - some people don't like writing direct to people they don't know. I however, don't care - they get paid thousands upon thousands anyway ! LOL !

    Obviously i'd strongly suggest writing, faxing or calling people where specific names have been given. I don't have the office number for BVHE in the states but i'm sure you could find it through the operator in the states if people wanted to call them. David Jessen in particular is very helpful in these kinda cases, and trying to contact the president of BVHE will likely get you forwarded to someone important. As for the press office guy, just hassle them and they'll likely bring it up at some meeting or another - after all this is all bad press for them so tell them the site address and ask them if they realise the rap they are taking.

    I just agree with everything thats being said, i don't think it would take much for them to offer it in widescreen and theres probably still time to change their mind. It seems weird that these are the only current crop being presented in full frame format - could it be Henson who are insisting on this format for some reason ?

    I hope that this could be well supported on the main site as well - i think for this to really work you need a lot of attention and a thread on the forum clearly isn't going to be enough. If MC is a site where people go to buy products then Disney need to see that the fans are being told that they are being given a poor deal - if you just add a link to amazon they are getting exactly what they want and the majority of people won't know any different.

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