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Muppet Replicas on Ebay

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by MUPPETMONKEY, Mar 29, 2007.


    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    I posted this in the puppetry section, but I tought you guys may be interested too;

    Maybe you've discussed this a thousand times but I have to admit that I haven't vissited the forums for a while.
    I was checking ebay and I found some obviously unathorized replicas of the Muppets.
    I must say they are quite good. These were either done by a Henson intern or a real pro. But by checking the incredible perfection of his "Miss Piggy", I have to say he must've had the original puppets in his hands to do this.
    They are pricey so don't go break your piggy bank.

    Anyway, here they are:

    Kermit the Frog:


    Miss Piggy:






    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew:








    I've seen his puppets on ebay for quite a while. I'm not sure if they're selling well but if by any chance you have the money...well... You can make your own Muppet Show.
  2. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    I've posted my personal opinion about this subject before and met with no end of critique from board members.

    From a strictly legal standpoint, what this person is doing is not lawful. No matter how good the replicas are, what they sell for, or whether or not MHC or Disney overlooks the activity. What this artist is doing is infringing on intellectual property.

    Which is a shame, since the work is exceptional.

  3. dpurves

    dpurves Well-Known Member

    It looks like you're not the only one who finds this unlawful, as it appears that all of the auctions have been removed.
  4. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

  5. Elchippo

    Elchippo Well-Known Member

    Actually, thats not a very good Scooter. You can tell it was a different pattern
  6. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    In the case of this puppet, the closely copied details of its appearance indicate that it is a conscious effort to replicate an existing intellectual property. And the builder/seller doesn't have the license to do so. Even if it's made from sweatshirt fleece and felt, from a hand-drafted pattern by the builder, its still an unlicensed replica.

    Quality notwithstanding, it is easily identifiable as "Scooter". Any observer who was not as intimately familiar with construction techniques would still identify the puppet as Scooter. And that's what matters in the legal sense.

    I'm having a discussion elsewhere about likenesses in licensed property comic books. Every actress or actor owns their own likeness. In the case of their death, the likeness is owned by their estate. You still need to license the likeness from them if you want the character in the comic book to closely resemble the actor who played the part in the show. Its up to the actor or their estate to determine whether or not the likeness is close enough to warrant needing a license. Which is generally why they pare the actor's features down to the bare minimum so it matches hundreds of thousands of people. In classic Battlestar Galactica, Commander Adama was a white-haired old man in a blue suit. If he looks too much like Lorne Greene, you risk needing to license the likeness from his estate. Keep him looking generically like a white-haired old man in a blue suit and you're kosher.

    And I would like to reiterate once more... I think this builder has talent. I sincerely wish they would put this idea to bed and start concentrating on making original puppets instead of risking a C&D order... which could actually culminate in a court order to cease building fleece and foam hand puppets altogether if it got too far out of hand. Don't laugh... stranger things have happened.

    Anyway, I honestly desire this person to start exercising their talent making original stuff. They got the chops. They just obviously don't have the self-confidence to create anew. Or they think they are going to make a ton of cash while they can under the radar. When all the while they could be free and clear of all that nastiness and making money selling originals and customs.

    Too bad.

  7. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    At the bottom of the listing in other options is "report this item".You can help ebay keep on top of him and his ever changing names.I am not against fans making replicas for other fans, but when someone rips a fan off by ridiculous prices, that is where I draw the line.
  8. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Mam, does anything stop this guy? Mayby it would take a Disney to do that.
  9. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member


    Okay, I'm convinced now. This person is a member of this forum.

    After continued discussion of this subject, and the way things have played out on Ebay and here at MC, I am convinced that whoever the person is that is listing these puppets is a member of this forum and has just re-listed the entire lot of Muppet replicas on eBay as a childish "nyah nyah". Even after having them removed by Ebay the last time around.

    What an ego.

  10. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    is he just askin' for it, or is he just askin' for it? And I mean from Disney's lawers.:eek:
  11. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, Sesame Workshop lawyers must be a little too tough for this guy. He's only got his Sesame puppet photos as additional pics in his original puppet listings. Elmo, The Count, Ernie, and Grover all have pics in those other auctions.

    I wonder if those auctions will get pulled too this time?
  12. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    I guess we can wait and see.

    I'm sure Ebay has hundreds and thousands of listings that get reported like this every day. Its just gonna be whether or not they get to them in seven days.

    Frankly, I haven't ever seen this person actually sell any of their replicas, and with starting bids upwards of $500 or more, what they're really getting out of it is paying a lot for listing.

  13. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    Anybody know what kind of listing fee you pay when you put something up on ebay with a starting bid of $2500.00 +?

  14. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    Seems so. Looks like they are onto this guy. I followed a link and the Scooter puppet was gone. I'll have to check the others.


    P.S. I checked. Not only are the Muppet listings gone, but so are the originals. Ebay is a harsh mistress, eh?
  15. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    Yeah, tere is sombody who is really on the muppets side over there. It's a good thing.:)
  16. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    It seems like they'd ban his IP address, or his bank/credit account or something to keep him off though.

    I wonder what his next username will be? :smirk:
  17. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess it's not like you could really mistake what they were.

    I am a little vexed that Ebay took a shotgun approach and whacked all the listings. The originals were very good and not infringing at all. Except unless they took umbrage that he had Muppet replica pics IN the originals listings.

    But I guess they aren't about to take any chances, are they?

  18. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    If Ebay decides that he's a chronic offender, they'll ban him from selling. I don't know exactly how they'll go about that, but since he's got to provide a name with a credit card and an email, they probably won't have much trouble in programming their auto-cops to deny him access.

    But I think it takes some pretty tough infractions to get that far. I've had auctions pulled in the past for no good reason, but it was a token slap on the wrist and they didn't stop me from listing.

    But I don't know how they'll handle this one. Time will tell.

  19. fink

    fink New Member

    anybody still has pics of these replicas ?

    I would love to see , these items ??
    doesen't someone has saved the pics
  20. spcglider

    spcglider Well-Known Member

    Maybe somebody. I didn't.


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