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Muppet Survivor 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. christyb

    christyb New Member

    Note to self....put exploding socks in teammates cots for abandoning me on this!
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Done and done... OK, so vhat's next?
  3. -Jumps out of no where-

    Elmo's here! Elmo's here!
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So you are. Now quick, run back to the base and touch it before Grover spots you and you have to be It.
  5. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Well, the Wubba Wubba's have done it again. Sent in at 12:17 PM (US Pacific Time) Here are the answers:

    Oscar The Grouch.

    Bunsen Honeydew.

    Benny Rabbit.

    Guy Smiley.

    Crazy Harry.

    That's both mini "Cannon Challenges" won by the Wubba Wubba's. That means that, unfortunately, the Wocka Wocka's will go to tribal council and vote out 2 members from their team. After all the votes are in, the two teams will merge into one.
  6. christyb

    christyb New Member

    Sorry teammates. I've never been good at unscrambling names. I'm off ot cast my vote.
  7. Muppet Matt

    Muppet Matt Active Member

    I can't believe you got those done so fast Count! Good job!
  8. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    *Runs after Elmo and tags him* You are it Elmo! It is my turn to hide! Good job Count!
  9. EDIT:Grover ziffeled me.

    Ok! -covers eyes- 1....2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 Now where can Grover be?

    Good Job, Count by the way!
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks guys... Now then, back to researching the files for updating...
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    *hiding behind big rock by shelter* He-he, Elmo will never find me here!
  12. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Active Member

    Crazy Harry: Sorry guys. I would've helped with this, but I just now found out about it.
  13. -Looks-

    Elmo can't find Grover anywhere!

    -Sits on the big rock by the shelter that Grover is behind-
  14. Muppet Matt

    Muppet Matt Active Member

    So what do you guys want to do tonight?
  15. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    whoa, i slept through 2 challenges, sorry team
  16. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member


    Remember that since you lost both Cannon Challenges, you must vote off 2 members of your team. Thanks. Hope this clears up some confusion.
  17. christyb

    christyb New Member

    OCC..sorry to muffin the thread: Guys I'm on a two week break from school starting today. So there is no guarntee that I can get on to play. So vote for me to be off the island...seeing as I can't come on anyways. :)
  18. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Okay...all members of the Wocka Wocka's need to resubmit your votes to me ASAP. Remember to vote for TWO members from YOUR OWN team. Thanks.
  19. Muppet Matt

    Muppet Matt Active Member

    So what do you guys want for dinner? Elmo, have you found Grover yet?
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Me thinks they're playing down at the beach Kermit.

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