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Muppets Geography!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Cantus Rock, Nov 16, 2002.

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  1. Billy's Girl New Member

  2. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Gorgon Heap :)

  3. Boober_Baby New Member

    I'm stealing your 'p'! MUWAHAHAHA!!

    Prairie Dawn

    ^_^ Debo
  4. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Nutty Bird (Four commercials for Royal Crown Cola and Diet Rite Cola. )

    [I had to have some help, tho.]

    (What a neat game!)
  5. Foreignman New Member

    Doglion, da definitive D.
  6. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Norman (one of Robin's Frog Scout buddies from the Debbie Harry episode)

  7. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Heck I can't think of anyone, would No one count?
  8. Cantus Rock New Member

    LoL...um, No Beau...

    I'll go for N...

    Newt (of Muppets Tonight)

    Continue! :D

  9. Boober_Baby New Member

    The Count.

    Well... it starts with a 'T'! You can't sue me!

    ^_^ Debo
  10. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    I'll see your "T" and raise you a

    TAMINELLA (The Frog Prince)
  11. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    And I'll see your 'A' and raise you... *insert drumroll here*

    Angus McGonnacle, the Gargling Argyle Gargoyle!

  12. Cantus Rock New Member

    I'll raise ya once more with:

    Eric the Parrot! (The Muppet Show)

    take THAT! :)

  13. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    I'll take that 'C' and make my next move with...

    Crazy Harry!

  14. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I can't decid whether to use the Y from Crassy or the Y from Harry so I shall have to not 'rasie' anything.
  15. Boober_Baby New Member

    Yeaster Doozer... from the Cavern of Lost Dreams... AHAHAHAHA!!! I ROCK THE CASBAH!

    ^_^ Debo
  16. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    And using that 'r' I'll go with...

    Robin the Frog!

  17. Boober_Baby New Member

    Gobo Fraggle

    Tis a Fraggle theme for me today, folks.

    ^_^ Debo
  18. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    I'll take the 'O' from "Gobo" and use it for...

    Otto the Robot Comedian! (The Muppet Show, Sylvester Stallone episode)

  19. Cantus Rock New Member

    And I'll take Otto's 'o' and go with:

    Old Gypsy Lady(, The) (Yes, that is he actual name..from Fraggle Rock)

    Beat that Hamilliton! :D

  20. Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Who's Hamillton? Anywhoo, I'll just be taking the 'y' and going with...

    Ydra (the Podling that raised Kira in The Dark Crystal)

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