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Muppets Series 10

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Telly, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    Is the first line of Sesame Street action figures from Plalisades the rumored mysterious Series 10 of the Muppet ine? :o :p
  2. KGJC

    KGJC Well-Known Member

    I wonder?
  3. Telly

    Telly Well-Known Member

    I was just curious because after the announcement of Sesame Street figures, I haven't heard anything about the "Series 10" line. I guess I still have my dreams on the six Muppet Babies. :sympathy:
  4. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    No, S10 is it's own Muppet Line which will include characters such as Sal Manilla and Uncle Deadly, but it does not have a retailer to host it, so it's looking like it will be available online only. Sesame Street is it's own individual Palisades line, and while they will be designed to be in scale with the Muppets, they are considered totally seperate.
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    But the SS figues will be sutable for playing joined SS/MS games?

    That would be great.
  6. Here's the skinny.

    Series 10 WAS Sal, UD, MTI G&R, and FSL Kermit. Then those figures got split up into various exclusives and series 10 was canned. Then a NEW series 10 was thought up that consisted of WoO variants. Disney didn't approve the sculpts in time (because they stink) and so now that series 10 is also canned.

    SS is it's own line and was never meant ot be seen as being an extention to the line even if many of us view it as such.

    Yes, the SS figures are being made in scale with the muppet figures and withthe same level of detail. Actually the figures will probably be better as a whole since Palsiades has a lot of experience wit this type of figure now. So, you should be able to put Kermit next to Grover and think they came from the same line. The only thing that might make the figures look funny tofgether is the design of the puppets. The SS puppets are a little simpler and usually naked.
  7. scooter289

    scooter289 Well-Known Member

    The new series 10 that was planned was supposed to be for the Muppets Wizard of Oz, but now that's a no go. Uncle Deadly is being relased in the US as an exclusive for OMGCNFO.com and FSL Kermit at Wizard World LA and Pirate Gonzo and Rizzo at another comic convention that I can't remember right now. Sal currently has no place to go and I'm not sure about the Vet's Hospital figures or the Muppet Babies.
  8. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    The Daily Bit isn'y very informative about what S10 is, will be, was going to be, it just says that the 4 figs originally designed for S10 are 4 seperate skus and waiting for online retailers to officially carry them. From reading it, I got the impression that they don't know what's going to happen with all the new figures they've made including the Vets Hospital 3 pack, Bean Bunny, Scout Master Kermit, the elusive Muppet Baby figures and the like. The only solid figures going out will be the MTI Gonzo & Rizzo Wizarld World Philly con exclusives.
    To make things even MORE frustrating, the official Muppets line question thread over at Palisades forum hasn't answered a S10 question for a while now.
    AND if that's not confusing enough, the Kermitage still lists Uncle Deadly and Sal as the current S10 run!
  9. Ken did answer questions and he did say series 10 was canned and he did say that they were WoO figures and he did say it was canned because Disney didn't approve them in time.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Uh, one other little tidbit of corrective news.
    MTI Gonzo and Rizzo will be the Muppets figure exclusives at Wizard World LA 2005, FSL Kermit and his Frog Scouts will be at Wizard World Philadelphia 2005.
    Uncle Deadly will be sold through www.omgcnfo.com, and Sal Manilla has yet to find a home.
    Robin the Frog, at least the "seated" version has a home, Ken just hasn't said just what yet. Hoping for "Standing" Robin to get released too, cause that one will hopefully have some sort of articulation.
    Asked Ken if the Wizard of Oz S10 proposed figures could be released if not now, then at some other point in 2005. He hasn't answered yet.
    Hope this helps and have a great Three Kings Day.
  11. Harvey Towers

    Harvey Towers Well-Known Member

    Will Uncle Deadly be available in the UK then?

    I see that some item on OMGCFO.com are marked that they can only be shipped to the US.
  12. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Well-Known Member

    Gosh darnet, I'm always the last to friggin' know! Thanks anyway timrikthegorf.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey HarveyTowers. Not sure if the usual European distributor will carry Uncle Deadly. Might, but then again I can't tell you with 100% accuracy. You could always strike up a deal with a US collector, or wait for other UK collectors like Luke and BlueFrackle to spot them at the stores.
  14. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Ken also said that Uncle Deadly is the last "new" character in the line. I asked, because I wasn't sure or not, if that mean the last to be made, or if they are going through with the figures already sculpted, or what? Without Sal, my Johnnys are useless!! I want Vet's Hospital, and Muppet Babies Kermit/Piggy, and MTI Gonzo/Rizzo as well. Hopefully we'll get a big "Don't worry, we're doing all those and Bobo and Bean."

    Hopefully. (What? A guy can dream, can't he?)
  15. I hope those WoO figures do get made. WHo cares if they come out a few months after the movie?
  16. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that The Muppets haven't owned Sesame Street for several years now, Sesame Workshop owns those characters now.

    Disney owns The Muppets.

    The two lines will be in scale, but are different licenses and brands.

    Hopefully, one day, Ken might announce that we're getting Fraggle Rock action figures!! YAY! That would be awesome news to me.
  17. I hope there is some kind of big fraggle push by Henson. So far not much has come out. I think it's the retailers keepingthe figures from us though. They'll carry the dvds but not figures.

    Anyhoo, some people will see the Sesame Street series 1 as the muppets series 10 and that's not a bad thing. In fact the SS line might call a little more attention to the muppet line, though by then it will be too late I guess.
  18. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Well-Known Member

    I've been looking forward to Sal. It's nice to hear that sitting Robin will have a home in some way, but Sal + Penguin are a necessity to any collection, especially for those of us with multiple Johnnys. And if Uncle Deadly is indeed the last "new" character, so much for anyones hopes of getting an Annie Sue, Boppity, Bobo, Bean, Seymour or Jug Band. Oh well, it was a nice run.
  19. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    It's good to hear that Uncle Deadly, a standard Robin Frog along with FS Kermit and MTI Gonzo and Rizzo have a home. I just really, really, really hope Sal the monkey can be made, yes, without him he won't hurt "The Muppet Show" run of the line, but Johnny along with Phil van nutuer will seem outta place. Clifford holds his spot because he was part of The Jim Henson Hour and with a tambourine and his shades on, he fits in with his ties to the Electric Mayhem band, and Pepe, well duh, he's a break out character and in now considered to be a main Muppet character.

    Sal the Monkey and Bobo the Bear were in my opinion the last to Muppets from Muppets Tonight that lived to be considered part of the Muppet gang today. so including these two along with Phil, Johnny, Pepe and i'll even count Clifford in there, are characters that lived on from Muppets Tonight in the past muppet projects though they may not have always been in each one.

    examples such as Muppets from space, 3 video games (Muppet Race Mania, Muppet Monster adventure, and Muppet Party Cruise,) the muppets being on Family Feud with even Phil Van Nutuer, Muppet fest, interviews such as Johnny and Sal on CNN and the Jerry Lewis Telethon, IAVMMCM (minus Clifford and Phil Vanuter) and soon the be the Muppets Wizard of Oz.

    We may not get three Sal the monkey repaints to go with the Johnny's but at least he's sculpted so i hope he is made along with that Penguin, If he is made it would still be a little sad without Bobo in it, but the line will always been magnificent and will only take away from the MT characters part of it. It only really seems incomplete without Sal because Johnny has already be made. It really would have been great if Sal was a pack in with Johnny or if Sal had taken Phil's spot because Sal's been around more the Phil, that goes for Bobo as well.

    I'm still pushing for the Vets Hospital as well because it was major skit on the Muppet show plus it's the perfect spot to place little Foo Foo with Nurse Piggy figure, i'm happy for Gaffer being in the line and i really hoped for Foo Foo to get in some how. This goes for Bean Bunny as well, i didn't and never have forgotten about him. I also think Lewis Kazzager should be made as I think he would be the last fan favorite character to fit in well with the line, but not everyone can get in and defiantly not now in the line's end.

    But I hope that somehow Sal, Bobo, Bean Bunny, Foo Foo and a penguin are made in as the last characters who have not made it into the line at all yet. The line would be pretty much pefect as for the chracters who have a sence of belonging to the main part of the Muppet gang. I also would like to say Emily Bear as well as i think she was a well rounded Muppet who at the time seemed to become closer to being part of the Muppets much like how Beau and Pops did at times.

    I know we can't have everything and i think we've gotten more then everyone was thinking when the line first started. Not everything is perfect and there's stuff in and about the line that some people didn't like, proving everythings not perfect, but the figures will always be amazing.
  20. I think we really do need Sal and Bobo and even Andy and Randy. I also think we would have gotten them if TRU and Target had placed the figures on the shelf at a competative time instead of months after the other stores. I really wish this line went to series 14. It's so frustrating.

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