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My Muppet Collection: Revised

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Philo and Gunge, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. fraggle fan

    fraggle fan New Member

    i have about five muppets tonight episodes

    i have about five muppet tonight episodes and would like to trade for some fraggle rock episodes :halo: :halo: my email is belcher_01@optusnet.com.au <belcher_01@optusnet.com.au>
  2. fraggle fan

    fraggle fan New Member

    Hi if you want i have fr episodes
    1.catch a tail by the tiger
    2.garden plot
    3.scared silly
    In trade i would like copies of the following
    1. The preachification of convincing john
    2. Dark stormy night
    3. The perfect blue rollie
    Please reply my email as follows belcher_01@optusnet.com.au <belcher_01@optusnet.com.au>

    thank you
  3. Here it is, my very, very, tippy toppy up to date list including my deals with:

    The Muppet Show (93 episodes):
    Elton John
    Julie Andrews
    Gene Kelly
    Star Wars
    Paul Simon
    Raquel Welch
    Harry Belafonte
    Linda Ronstadt
    John Denver
    Peter Sellers
    John Cleese
    Dudley Moore
    Alice Cooper
    Vincent Price
    Marty Feldman
    Steve Martin
    Carol Burnett
    Gilda Radner
    George Burns
    Dom DeLuise
    Bob Hope
    Diana Ross
    Brooke Shields
    Rudolf Nureyev
    James Coburn
    Sylvester Stallone
    Debbie Harry
    Roger Moore
    Edgar Bergen
    Danny Kaye
    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
    Kenny Rogers
    Mac Davis
    Rita Moreno
    Lynda Carter
    Tony Randall
    Beverly Sills
    Pearl Bailey
    Liza Minnelli
    Madeline Kahn
    Senor Wences
    Lola Falana
    Juliet Prowse
    Buddy Rich
    Leslie Uggams & Big Bird (includes Dutch subtitles)
    Cloris Leachman
    Connie Stevens, Ernie & Bert
    Shirley Bassey (taped off CTS, video problem, edited)
    Sandy Duncan
    Ruth Buzzi
    Joel Gray
    Paul Williams
    Lena Horne
    Florence Henderson
    Valerie Harper (one glitch, fuzz line at one part, but plays fine)
    Candice Bergen
    Marisa Berenson
    Harvey Korman
    Charles Aznavour
    Ben Vereen
    Twiggy (Leslie Hornby)
    Phyllis Diller
    Avery Schreiber
    Kaye Ballard
    Don Knotts
    Zero Mostel
    Milton Berle
    Rich Little
    Judy Collins
    Nancy Walker
    Bernadette Peters
    Lou Rawls
    Jaye P. Morgan
    Petula Clark
    Helen Reddy (color is off.)
    Roy Clark
    Jean Stapleton
    James Coco
    Loretta Lynn
    Cheryl Ladd
    Teresa Brewer
    Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge
    Leo Sayer
    Gilda Rainer
    Spike Milligan
    Elkie Sommer
    Lesley Ann Warren
    Lynn Redgrave
    Linda Laven
    Crystal Gayle
    Victor Borge
    Phyllis George
    Arlo Guthrie

    Muppets Tonight! (complete series, 22 episodes):
    Michelle Pheiffer
    Garth Brooks
    Billy Crystal
    John Goodman
    Cindy Crawford
    Tony Bennett
    Sandra Bullock
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Jason Alexander
    Martin Short
    The Artist Formaly Known As Prince
    Rick Moranis
    Heather Locklear
    Pierce Brosnan
    The Cameo Show
    Andie McDowell
    Paula Abdul
    Dennis Quaid
    The Gary Cahuenga Show
    Johnny Fiama Leaves Home
    The Best Of Muppets Tonight

    Muppet Babies (1 episode):
    This Old Nursery

    The Jim Henson Hour (complete series, 14 episodes):
    Inner Tube/Pilot
    Sesame Street... 20 Years & Counting
    Science Fiction (½ episode)
    Aquatic Life (½ episode)
    Monster Telethon (½ episode)
    Dog City
    The Ratings Game/Miss Piggy's Hollywood
    Monster Maker
    Health & Fitness/Song Of The Cloud Forest
    Musicians (½ episode)
    Secrets of the Muppets
    Living with Dinosaurs
    Food (½ episode)

    Little Muppet Monsters (1 episode):
    In The Beginning

    Sesame Street (20 episodes):
    #???? (Episode highlights include R2-D2 and C-3PO, "Amigo", and Yo Yo Ma's duet with Hoot)
    #???? (Mumford does magic for Oscar, elephant and ostrich skeletons put on the wrong skin, Kermit covers Cinderella's fairy godmother, "I'm An Aardvark", Count w/ Keith Hernandez, Two-Headed Monster w/ phone, woman with very large hat goes to a movie theater and sits in front of Bert & Ernie - Ernie can't see, Here Is Your Life: loaf of bread)
    #2432 (edited pledge season show, end credits interrupted by pledge drive)
    Sesame Street Clips #1 (40 minutes, taped from Season 32)

    Sesamstraße (12 episodes, 6 videos):
    One Tape In SP
    One Tape In EP
    Du Bert? Neues von Ernie und Bert (You Bert? New of Ernie and Bert)
    Wir machen Musik! Singen und Musizieren in der Sesamstrasse (We make music! Singing and making music in the Sesamstrasse)
    Achtung, hier kommt Ernie! (Attention, here comes Ernie!)
    Aufgepaßt, Ernie! (Watched out, Ernie!)
    Reingelegent Bert! (Reingelegent Bert!)
    Der Wetterfrösche - Ernie und Bert (The weather frogs - Ernie and Bert)

    Fraggle Rock (15 episodes):
    A Friend in Need
    All Work And All Play
    The Preachification of Convincing John
    The Great Radish Famine
    The Minstrels
    Dark and Stormy Night
    The Secret Society of Poobahs
    The Bells of Fraggle Rock
    The Perfect Blue Rollie
    Home Is Where The Trash Is
    Gunge the Great and Glorious
    The Gorg Who Would Be King
    The Honk Of Honks
    Change of Adress

    Jim Henson's The Storyteller (complete series, 9 episodes):
    The Soldier and Death
    The Luck Child
    A Story Short
    Hans My Hedgehog
    The Three Ravens
    The True Bride

    Mother Goose Stories (4 episodes):
    Mary Had a Little Lamb
    Eensy Weensy
    Little Nut Tree
    Willie Winkie

    Dog City (5 episodes):
    The Big Squeak
    Boss Bruiser
    Much Ado With Mad Dog
    Old Dog, New Tricks
    Taming Of The Screw

    Bear In The Big Blue House (11 episodes):
    The Big Sleep
    And To All A Good Night
    When You Gotta Go
    History, Herstory, Bearstory
    At the Old Bear Game
    LetÂ’s Hit the Road
    Halloween Bear
    A Strange Bird
    Mouse Party
    Shape of a Bear
    Listen Up!

    Aliens In The Family (1 episode):
    Bobut Concours All

    The Muppets on The Ed Sullivan Show (21 episodes):
    Rock ‘n’ Roll Monster
    “I Feel Pretty” (Muppets Magic and TV versions)
    A Change of Face (Muppets Magic and TV versions)
    The Computer Dinner
    Christmas Reindeers
    Big BirdÂ’s Dance
    The Art of Visual Thinking (Muppets Magic and TV versions)
    Happy Girl Meets a Monster
    The Glutton
    Business, Business
    Santa Clause Routine with Arthur Godfrey
    “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face” (both versions)
    The Monster Trash Can Dance
    Ringo Star’s “Octopus’s Garden”
    The Wild String Quartet
    Monster Family
    Music Hath Charms

    The Muppets On The Jimmy Dean Show (1 episode):
    Rowlf Boxes

    The Animal Show (3 episode):
    Indian Elephant/Human
    Bald Eagle

    Animal Jam (6 episodes):
    Bright Lights, Big Shadow
    Hands Across Animal Jam
    A Water Buffalo Named Pancake
    Body Talk
    Touched By A Monkey

    Muppet Time (1 episode):

    The Ghost Of Faffner Hall (1 episode):
    Notation, The Sign That Gets The Sound

    Specials, Documentaries and Everything Else (73 episodes):
    The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years
    The Frog Prince
    The Muppet Musicians Of Bremen
    The Muppets Go To The Movies
    Muppet Family Christmas #1 - 1995 Buena Vista Home Video Version
    Muppet Family Christmas #2 - 2002 Hallmark Channel Version
    Muppet Family Christmas #3 - 2003 Fan-made uncut version
    Muppet Family Christmas #4 - 199? Incomplete Copy from Nickelodeon
    Emmet Otter's Jug Band Chirstmas #1 - 1996 Buena Vista Home Video Version
    Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas #2 - 100% fan-made uncut version
    John Denver and the Muppets: A Rocky Mountain Holiday
    Christmas Eve On Sesame Street
    Elmo Saves Christmas
    Tales Of The Tinkerdee
    The Muppet Valentine Show (Nickelodeon, edited with Muppet Babies ad)
    The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence
    The Tale Of The Bunny Picnic
    Sesame Street: Stars And Street Forever
    The Kermit and Piggy Story
    The Muppets At Walt Disney World
    Disneyland's 35th Aniversery Celebration (features Gonzo and Miss Piggy)
    Put Down The Duckie (orginal PBS broadcast)
    Sing! A Salute To Joe Raposo
    Time Piece
    Kermit on Regis And Kelly (2001 25th anniversary of TMS)
    Piggy and Kermit on Today (2001 50th anniversary on Today)
    Gonzo on Hollywood Squares (missing a show or two)
    Kermit and Miss Piggy on Hollywood Squares (one show only)
    Bear on Hollywood Squares (one show only)
    Muppets on the Feud (All 5 Shows)
    Kermit and The Muppets on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Missing 1 show)
    Elmo on The Wayne Brady Show (2003 Songs Of The Street)
    I Love The 70's: 1979 (The Muppet Movie highlights)
    I Love The 80's Strikes Back: 1983 (Fraggle Rock highlights)
    Today Show (A&E Biography: Sesame Street)
    6-min Pitch Tape (JHH)
    Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2003 (Kermit, Big Bird and Super Grover balloons and SS float)
    Kermit the Frog at Barnes & Noble in Lincoln Center and Union Square (both incomplete)
    The Cosby Show: Cliff's Nightmare (NBC, incomplete copy with mostly the Muppet scenes)
    Soul Man: The Stan Plan (ABC, orignal broadcast)
    Caroll Spinney and Oscar on tour at Cody's 4th St. bookstore in Berkeley, CA (5/16/03)
    Here Come The Muppets
    Muppets On Location: Days Of Swine & Roses
    Jim HensonÂ’s Muppet*Vision 3D
    Muppets, Monsters and Magic (UK Museum Exhibit)
    Of Muppets and Men
    Bear at The Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade
    Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue (featuring Muppet Babies)
    TV Guide Channel: Elmo and Friends (last few seconds missing)
    A Brief History of Cinema (Short produced by CTW for Loews Theatres)
    Don't Forget to Watch The Movie (Same as above)
    Kermit, Gonzo, Piggy & Muppets with Cilia Black & Right Said Fred on Royal Variety

    Muppet Commercials (12 episodes):

    National Wildlife Federation PSA's
    -"Kermit & The Penguin Tourists"
    -"Kermit & Robin"
    -"Kermit & Friends 1"
    -"Kermit & Friends 2"

    Better World Society PSA's
    -"Food" :60
    -"Food" :30
    -"Bombs" :60
    -"Bombs" :30

    TV ads
    -"The Ghost Of Faffner Hall": Discovering New Sounds (Shown after "Notation: The Sign That Gets The Sound")
    -"The Jim Henson Hour": Musicians/The True Bride (Shown near the end of "Health & Fitness/Song Of The Cloud Forest")
    -"Muppet Babies" #1: This Little Piggy (Shown near the end of "The Muppets: A Celebration Of 30 Years")
    -"Muppet Babies" #2: Nickelodeon Gets Muppet Babies (Shown after "The Muppets Valentine Show")

    -"Sesame Street Live": Everybody Makes Music (no Muppets, just costumes)
    -"Fire Safety Month": Get Low & Go

    -Muppets, Monsters and Magic (MEGA RARE)

    -"Three Bears And A New Baby/Sesame Sings Karaoke" (shown during Elmo's 10/1/03 apperence on The Wanye Brady Show)

    V-Chip Commericials:
    -The Entertainer

    -Kenner Bird

    Muppetisms (7 episodes):
    Kermit (the frog)
    Miss Piggy (the diva)
    Pepe (the king prawn)
    Bobo (the bear) #1
    Bobo (the bear) #2
    Bunsen (the scientist) and Beaker (the assistant)
    Animal (the percussionist)

    Movies (11 episodes):
    The Muppet Movie (UK version with deleted footage)
    The Great Muppet Caper
    The Muppets Take Manhattan
    The Muppet Christmas Carol
    Muppet Treasure Island
    Muppets From Space
    Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird
    The Dark Crystal
    Kermit's Swamp Years
    It's A Very Merry Muppet Chirstmas Movie
    The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland

    Note: Keep in mind that titles may change at any notice.
  4. I will now, since my mom said "You should slow down on that tape trading!", do only 1 trade a month. Here is my current trading schueal:

    April: MuppetDanny
    May: Pollick529
    June: Super Scooter
    July: Chelli'sPal
    August: JediX (but if he completly discontinues trading, this spot will be mikealan)
    September: Open
    October: Open
    November: Open
    December: Open
  5. teebs

    teebs New Member

    Is this the episode with Dave Goelz and his family?
  6. Yes it is.
  7. Alexis

    Alexis New Member

    please help!

    I see you have the muppet musicians of Bremen. I am looking for that on vhs or dvd, whatever is available. If you can help me, please email me at plumea001@hawaii.rr.com.
  8. jimmyk

    jimmyk New Member

    hea there im intrested in a sesame epsiode when mumford puts a mustache on miles when he was little and im looking for when mumford reverses maria age email me jimmyk127@aol.com
  9. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Philo & Gunge is not here anymore.

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