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My Muppet Video Collection

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by jediX, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Yes, I got your note, but I'm currently not doing trades due to the overwhelming amount of work I've been getting as of late.
  2. fraggle fan

    fraggle fan New Member

    I can transferr a ntsc to a pal with a good picture. We might be able to make a deal.
  3. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Still am :smirk: ---^
  4. pollick529

    pollick529 New Member

    Looking for Sesamstrasse cassette

    Hi everybody!

    I was just looking at this one Sesamstrasse cassette on eBay, and was wondering if anyone has a copy of it. Here's the link:


    I am in desparate need of Sesamstrasse videos, DVDs, CDs, and cassettes. If anyone has a copy of this Sesamstrasse cassette I am talking about, please let me know! If you are willing to help me, e-mail me at either gamefan50@hotmail.com or pollick529@yahoo.ca. Hope you can help! Maybe we could trade. Thanx!
  5. Zondra

    Zondra New Member

    Need Jim Henson Hour

    Desperately seeking copies of most of the Jim Henson Hour episodes...please email me at sockmonkey67@yahoo.com and we'll get something from there. I doubt I have anything that you don't, making a trade out of the picture, but I really hope we could get something worked out.
  6. pollick529

    pollick529 New Member


    Why aren't you e-mailing me? :concern:

    I've been wanting to do a trade with you for the 1988 Sesame Street episodes taped from PBS. Please e-mail me at gamefan50@hotmail.com or pollick529@yahoo.ca. Maybe we can work something out! :) Hope to hear from you soon! :D Thanx a bunch! :flirt:
  7. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    See his above posts and you'll find out why ...
  8. ernestine

    ernestine New Member

    long shot

    hey, i'm sure you've "sold" the sesame street episodes you had by now, but just in case you still have any available, i'm very interested . . . if so, email me at dihopefull@hotmail.com! thanks, diana ;)
  9. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Again, read above, everyone..I'm not trading anymore.

    Oh, and btw, I'll assume you're new to the trade game. See, I would never sell a tape (aside from the fact that selling that stuff is illegal) -- instead, they copy stuff and trade it for other stuff. Cash is never an option.
  10. Unless your one of those hobos on the street with a stolen TV and VCR.

  11. OOO, if I give you $60 will you give me Big Bird In Japan?????!!!!!! :zany:
  12. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Look, I'm not trading anymore. It is too big of an inconvenience on me, especially because I have pretty much everything that I want anyway (other than a couple things I'll be getting sooner or later). If you want BBiJ, go buy the DVD -- it's better than the quality of my old tape...
  13. I'm not even interested in BBiJ. I'm just insane!!!!!!
  14. jediX

    jediX Active Member

    Ah, I getcha.
  15. More insanity

    I getcha in a net, you and me after your 5PM class.
  16. Bubbadog

    Bubbadog Member

    Need a deal worked out....

    Hello all.
    Here is a list of specials, episodes, and others I would like to deal with someone for....

    The cosby show - Cliffs Nightmare (featuring the Muppets)
    The Muppets go to Walt Disney World
    The Jim Henson Hour - The episode all about the Muppets (Making the Muppets, etc. The one where Jim Henson is wearing the tie and demonstrates green or blue screen, I can't remember if it is the same episode or not) I haven't seen this one in a long long time
    The Muppet Show with Peter Sellers
    The world of Jim Henson (I had taped this off of PBS, but the reception was fuzzy)
    The Muppets celebrate Jim Henson
    This is just a short list.

    But if anyone happens to have all of the episode of Muppets tonight, let me know.
    Or even all eps of the Jim Henson hour, we may never see it again. And I would love to see it again.
    email me if you know anyone with these shows, or would like to make a deal....
  17. dubsyuhs

    dubsyuhs New Member

    Yeah, I need to pick up Fraggle Rock. Any chance of Sesame Street, you think?
  18. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    I know this a old thread but do you still have a copy of "The Kermit & Piggy Story" Copied Tape, "Big Bird in Japan" Television Special, and The Muppet go to Walt Disney World?

  19. vaati64

    vaati64 Member

    if you'd like count von count, I can send you the muppets at walt disneyworld, or I can tell you where you can see it
  20. Count von Count

    Count von Count Active Member

    I whould like a copy of it.

    P.M. me and I will get back to you.

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