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Nate Butler Original Art + Collectibles

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Nate Butler, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Nate Butler

    Nate Butler Member

    I want to keep all interested parties informed on the bidding, but I don't know if it's tacky or against Forum rules to post actual dollar figures here, so I'll just say that you can write to me via private message (or directly to my email account natebutler@aol.com ) if you want to know where the bidding stands currently.

    My agreement with the current highest bidder is that if they are outbid, I will let them know so they can make a counter-offer. I am willing to do the same for any serious bidder. However, I do hope to wrap up the bidding by the end of this week, or early next, as a courtesy to all bidders.

    Also, I've been asked about VHS tapes, so I wanted to let you know that I have all (?) the Dog City cartoons... plus most of the original Fraggle cartoons and Muppets Tonight! (episodes 1-13, 17)... plus a Muppet Classic Theatre tape with 6 shorts ("Three Little Pigs", "King Midas", "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", "Rumplestilskin", "The Emperor's New Clothes", and "The Elves & the Shoemaker", marked "Final Version, 6/6/94")... plus a tape with "Koozbane & Underwater Segments from the Muppet Show, 8/29/94." These are all tapes that Henson sent me to use as art reference on the various books I illustrated. I also have a copy of "The Christmas Toy," but this is a regular store version, not something that Henson sent to me. (I haven't had a working VCR for years, so I can't guarantee the current condition of these tapes, but all were fine the last time I viewed them years ago.) Currently I have a bid on the Muppets Tonight! and the Koozebane & Underwater segments tapes.

    Thanks again, everyone! :)

  2. Nate Butler

    Nate Butler Member

    Just FYI, my plan is to close the bidding at end of the day on Monday (6:00 PM, Mountain time). You can write to me via private message (or directly to my email account natebutler@aol.com ) if you want to know the specific dollar amount currently bid on any particular item, but here's a list of all the items that will be sold Monday:

    - 2 Classic Muppets style guides
    - Sesame Street style guide
    - 2 Muppet Press leaflets
    - All non-Sesame Street Muppet Christmas cards
    - 1991 Muppet Date Book/Day Planner
    - Muppet Treasure Island guide
    - photocopied old Muppet style guide
    - Muppets Tonight! and Koozebane & Underwater segments VHS tapes

    Many thanks to all the bidders!

  3. Nate Butler

    Nate Butler Member

    My first "auction" of Muppet items is coming to a close in a couple hours.

    A few people wrote this weekend and earlier today to inquire about where the bidding stands on various items, and I've tried to respond to everyone as best I could. However, due to a lack of time, I won't be sending individual updates to folks if/when they're outbid any more today.

    So I'm just telling everyone that they will need to put in their max bid and then hope for the best at the end of the day! ;)

  4. SwedishTech

    SwedishTech Well-Known Member

    What all do you have left? And, I'd be interested in seeing, and possibly purchasing your art. :)

  5. Nate Butler

    Nate Butler Member

    Thank you for your note, and my apologies for the delay in responding. I've been out of the country for a while.

    I sold pretty much all of the specific items on the 1st sale list, and I'm not sure when I'll be holding the next sale. I'll post an announcement here when I do.

    Thanks again,

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