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New Doggy Puppet on Ebay

Discussion in 'Puppets For Sale' started by CraftyDen, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. CraftyDen Member

    Hello Everybody, I've just joins the forum. I just made a Doggy Puppet and put it on Ebay, hope you like him.

    I can't put the url for the listing because the forum won't let me so if you look for Professional Muppet Style Dog Puppet (One Only) 19inches in the ebay search I'm sure you'll find him.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks All.:excited:
  2. Punch'n'Judy New Member

  3. CraftyDen Member


    Thanks very much for the link, much appreciated.:excited:
  4. Muppet Matt Active Member

    Wow! That's really nice! Welcome to the forums!
  5. puppetise Member

    Welcome it looks great how long have you been building and what do you use for the white on the eyes if you would like to enliten us
  6. Lab Rat Member

    Great looking puppet i also liked the yellow cat you had on a couple of weeks ago.
  7. CraftyDen Member

    Hello again

    I've been making puppets now for a couple of years and about a year making muppet style puppets. I love making them and I don't think I'll ever get bored because each one is a new challenge.
    The eyes I use are I make myself from two different kinds of eyes. Muppet eyes with flat fronts and teddy bear eyes glued on. They are quite effective, I'm selling them on ebay at the moment in different colours.
    Thanks Lab Rat, the cat puppet is one of my favourites, your puppets are excellent, I can't seem to get my muppet monsters faces the way I want them lol, I keep trying.
  8. puppetise Member

    so what s the white part made off on the dogs eyes
  9. BorkBork New Member

    Welcome! Very nice dog you got there :)
  10. CraftyDen Member

    I bought a job lot of them. They are like the half circle muppet eyes (made out of the same hard plastic) but have a flat bit on the front and the teddy bear eyes just fit in them perfectly.
  11. CraftyDen Member

  12. BorkBork New Member

    So do you do muppet replicas? Wanna show them?
    I'll start making som muppet replicas myself in september or so.
  13. CraftyDen Member

    Not really, I like making them up. It's more fun. Have u any pics of your puppets?
  14. BorkBork New Member

    I have just recently taken the step from practice-building to building for real, if you get what i mean. All my practicepuppets are eather trashed or given away to my friends and i sadly have no pics of them.
    I will however post pics of my future puppets that i build.
  15. puppetise Member

  16. CraftyDen Member

    Great Puppets, how long have you been making them?
  17. CraftyDen Member

    You should have got photos, even if they're pratise ones, so you can see were you've gone. I keep records of everything I don't even if I don't like them, for my portfolio.
  18. puppetise Member

    well im 15 i been geting the hang of foam puppets for about 1 and a half years. Muppet central helped alot in my learning stages and my inspiration comes from muppets and abstact characters like walace and gromit but im learning more every day. How long have you been building?
  19. CraftyDen Member

    If your that good at 15 your going to be a master when u get older. Keep up the good work. I've been making muppet style puppets for about a year now.
  20. puppetise Member

    wow thats makes my hard work and effort worth while thank you and i might buy some eyes of you on ebay if um lets me

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