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New Electric Company TV Show and DVD

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Kimp the Shrimp, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. mikebennidict New Member

    no it was just the TEC kids and no from the beginning the beginning the kids on the show were always older than the kids that the show targeted.
  2. Ziffel New Member

    That's what I thought. It never dawned on me before that there weren't any little JonJons or Sharlas on TEC like there were all the time on SS.
    Here's another one: Rememeber a guy laying out on a lounge chair and they sang a song with all these S words like, "See Sam", "See Sam sit", "See Sam sit sipping soda" Finally at the end Sam says, "Sensational!"
    And then I liked that old guy telling a story and the words would appear on the screen that he said and each time a punctuation mark would appear a noise would be made. He ended the story with , "That is the end of that. And this is the end of this."
  3. mikebennidict New Member

    I don't know who he was. think he was Jamaican or something. If you read that article it did mention about having geust spots durring the 2nd season only and while I don't remember seeing very many repeats of those durring the last 2 years of it there were a few. the man telling the story was victor Borge who was that famous classical pianist who would do funny things while playing. he even gueststarred on SS and the Muppet Show.
  4. Ziffel New Member

    Yeah I thought I might have seen that same guy pop on there before.

    Some more memories:

    Skip Hinnant marching and saying, "March! March! March! March!" Then suddenly the music speeds up and he and the others go, "Cha Cha Cha!".
    Morgan Freeman was the band leader and blew his whistle to stop every time they did that. Finally he asks them in disgust and confusion, "Why do you always go, 'cha cha cha' ?" But then I forget how it goes from there. I do believe that they ended up getting Morgan to be happy about the cha cha chas.

    Then there was a hilarious sketch in the bedroom where Morgan Freeman and his wife are sleeping. Morgan keeps hearing noises and he is afraid but his wife doesn't hear them and keeps sleeping. Morgan tells his wife, "Something is going on out there!" But she won't listen. Finally a ghost rises up from the bed next to him (it may have been a sheet) and says, "Oh that was me, sorry." Then it is priceless how Morgan just sits there in terror and can't speak. He just makes a sound like, "Ha ya ya ya ya ya".

    And one time the camera shows a closeup of Morgan and he is laughing hard. He keep saying, "Stah ha ha ha ha ha, Sta ha ha ha ha hop." Finally, the camera reveals that his wife is tickling his stomach. So he was trying to say , "Stop" but was going, "ha ha ha" so it kept sounding like "Sta ha ha ha ha ha". :D
  5. mikebennidict New Member

    Shy Sheldon

    Morgan Freeman and Lee Chamberlian are playing turtles. Freeman aka sheldon and Chambarlian aka Sherri and when she comes along and he hides in his shell and sings Shy Sheldon come out of your shell and share your life with Sharri.
  6. mikebennidict New Member

    The Short Circus.

    thought i'd mention there song. 1 that I only saw in the noggin reruns witch originally aired in season 1 was a song called He Ho Hi then another letter would be added He, can't rememebr what was added but the other would be Hot Hit. just a silly nonsense song.
  7. Ziffel New Member

    Don't recall the Short circus one but I do remember the "Shy Sheldon, shy Sheldon, come out of yuor shell". Haven't thought about that since back at the time. :)

    Remember a bizarre song sung by Jim Boyd called, "Trying to live in a trumpet"? He was shown as a tiny sized man inside a trumpet that somebody was playing incessantly.
  8. Ziffel New Member

    And then a really cool song one was "Punctuation". Couldn't make out all the words back then but some of it was, "Punctuation. punc punc punc punctuation. They are ...... to make a sentence help you make more sense."
    In between the song in parts a guy would say a sentence in various ways - "The boy is sitting." "Is the boy sitting?"

    Also, there was some kind of picture song where it switched to a picture of the word they were singing. Some of the words were, "I like seafood how about you? Don't look now your hair is blue." At the end they say, "I love you." I think the I was a picture of an eye and the you was a picture of Uncle Sam (he wants YOU).

    And in an animated one a guy is chiseling a rock to make the letter s and h together. A guy walks by and says, "What are you making?" He says, "Sh" (sounds like he is shushing him). So the guy whispers, "What are you making?" He again says, "Sh". A boy walks by and says , "I know what that is." He says, "What?" The boy says, "Sh." Then the artist exclaims, "It's done! It's done! At last it's done!" The guy says, "Wonderful! What is it?" He says, "Sh" and the guy looks bewildered.
  9. mikebennidict New Member

    Interestingly their were 2 version of the puncuation song. the 1 you mentioned was Moreno and Chamberlian and the Short Circus going back to the very 1st episode. Now TSC was a singing group made up of TEC kids. it was redone during 1 of the last 2 seasons. with just TSC.
  10. mikebennidict New Member

    some EC library skits.

    he's at the library and these words keep showinf up that have the ow sound like snow, low, show and blow. can't remember all of the word let alone all of the exact word but in the last 2 he show's the show the book and tries to get it with the book but the show gets away and Morgen blows the blow away and says how are you supposed to get any reading done around here. alos remember when Skip Hinnant finds a book called explostion. he opens the book up and you know what happens. last remember June aka Julie goes to the library and finds these books with . and I can't remember what she said but she doesn't want to read that 1, she finds the ? book and says this is a ? should I? of course doesn't. also remember each time she speaks those funny sound that we usually hear that follow the puncuations can be heard in the reading room disturbing the patrons. finally the ! book she says I'll read it! and does. and old B&W movie with cars racing and crashing. she closes the book, Sylvia, obviously angry walks up to her saying Julie I am Very suprised at you you know you are not to read out loud in the library!
  11. Ziffel New Member

    Remember the "and" sandwich? This was a wild one. Jim Boyd is a worker at a deli and Rita Moreno comes in as a customer and orders an "and" sandwich. He holds it up and it is huge. She asks him to go through all the ingredients in it, so he lists a humongous amount of things. (,,,,,AND onions, AND lettuce, AND turkey, AND mayonaisse,....) After he says probably about 50 things she says, "What about salami?" He says, "We don't have salami." She replies, "No salami? Then forget it." She walks out of the store and Jim loses his balance with that huge sandwich and topples over!
  12. mikebennidict New Member

    i remember it but couldn't exactly remember the whole thing till you mentioned it.
  13. Ziffel New Member

    :) I'm not surprised you recall that one. It seems like one that would be pretty memorable.

    How about an animated one where two guys are standing in front of each other yelling. One guy says, "You will!" The other says, "I won't!". They keep shouting this back and forth. Finally the other guy concedes and says, "Okay. I will." But the other guy says, "No you won't!" and hits him on the top of the head. Pretty brutal for TEC!
  14. mikebennidict New Member

    Luis breaks the Law

    Luis Avalos holds up the word law witch is wooden or something and he drops it and it breaks Freeman who's a cop comes by and says You're under arreat. why? Luis rplies, the cop, because you broke the law!
  15. Ziffel New Member

    Thought of an animated sketch with two boys. One boy wants to call his teacher, Miss Jones, and wish her a happy birthday. But he's not sure what to say. The friend says, "How about 'Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." but he thinks that's too unoriginal. So the friend then suggests, "How about, roses are red, violets are blue..." Again he rejects the suggestion. "I want to think of something different to say." So he dials the number, her phone rings and she answers it. "Hello". The boy sings, "Happy birthday, Miss Jones! You sure have...nice...bones!" Then he hangs up the phone in disgust at himself. The friend says, "Well, that sure was different."
  16. mikebennidict New Member

    Kind of disrespectful. wonder if any school kid might of seen that and had a teacher by the name of Jones? huum. what if the teachers last name was Getz? don't wanna think about that one. But yeah I remember.
  17. GeeBee New Member

    That animated skit was an absolute riot! As funny as it reads, it's even better to see and hear it. The boys' mannerisms, voices, and tones made it a truly hilarious sketch.

    I don't think it was disrespectful either; the humor was in that the boy was trying his best to honor his teacher, but wound up putting his foot in his mouth. We can laugh because we've all been there, trying too hard to make a good impression.
  18. mikebennidict New Member

    I've also wonder if Easy Reader today would of been considered to negative? he was probably simmaller to SS's Roosevelt Franklin and to he canned because of him being considered a negative sterio type and too rowdy. not that I saw either of them and that but I wonder.
  19. GeeBee New Member

    Another funny thing about that cartoon was, like most EC skits, the underlying reason was to teach kids to read. So, you got to read out the rhyme, printed on top of the screen, a few seconds before the boy actually said it. And you're thinking and laughing, "What? Is he actually going to say THAT?" LOL
  20. Ziffel New Member

    Absolutely! I clearly recall how each line was said, right up through the hilarious way he moaned after saying "bones"!

    Yeah! I also recall that we saw the word "bones" appear at the top of the screen just before he said it. I was kind of like, "Well as silly as the sentence he said is, he's kind of caught between a rock and a hard place because not much else ryhmes with Jones that would fit ("You sure have nice ... cones?" ..... "You sure have nice ... phones?" ..... "You sure have nice ... stones?") LOL

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