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New Miss Piggy Dolls and Fashions by Robert Tonner

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by muppetguy, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I'm with you. It seems much is done to go outside the box for Muppet product design when there are so many superior resources in the Muppet moments vault that are sure-things. :)
  2. Chad Kermit

    Chad Kermit New Member

    Doll seller on Flickr posted photos of the dolls from the recent doll show in Orlando. So, you can see what the look like outside of a photo shoot. Please write to the company and perhaps send screen caps of what you want to see. I could not find any from the GMC. Enjoy photos!

  3. muppetguy

    muppetguy Member


    I love the pics, thanks for the link, Chad Kermit. I can't wait to have her. I honestly think she looks amazing!
  4. doug_buchanan

    doug_buchanan New Member

    No, they didn't have the "Basic Piggy" on display. My wife follows the Tonner message board faithfully, so if we find a photo I'll pass it along.
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    My Fair Piggy...Wow...Maybe finally a more gorgious Piggy than the Sideshow Scult Bust! She's perfectly delicious in those fashion gowns, even if Jaimie's mock-up does look rather more classic.
  6. hoopless

    hoopless Member

    these dolls look awesome.
    i've never really had much interest in getting piggy stuff, but if i had money to spare one of these would go on my shopping list.
  7. muppetguy

    muppetguy Member

    The basic Miss Piggy Photo is up and she looks great!

    Hello All! I went to see if the new picture of the basic Miss Piggy doll was uploaded and it was. Here is a direct link to the pics. She's the first Piggy doll. She is in purple and is more muppet show'esq era...I think so anyway. Check it out!


    I am definitly getting the bassic one for sure!;)
  8. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Adorable, although as a 32 year old male I'm sure I shouldnt be so excited about dolls, lol.!:o

  9. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Oooh. That's one I might pick up for $99. :) It would fit nicely with the posers even though she isn't one. Sure, she's a bit smaller, but 16 inches is fairly froggin huge!
  10. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I see they changed the design of the basic Piggy from a two piece swimsuit to a dress.
    I would of fancied her in the two piece swimsuit! Hubba hubba!
  11. muppetguy

    muppetguy Member

    Yeah, I've noticed that as well, muppetperson. That's ok. I have already pre-ordered her. She will look fantastic in person, I just know it. Tonner Dolls always puts thought and detail into every product they put out. Hey, and by the way, if you know people out there that do custom costumes for dolls, maybe there are people out there that can replicate the muppet caper dress or the muppet show gown? You never know.:o

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