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New Series 9 line up!

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Aerosmith, Apr 20, 2004.


What series 9 figure are you looking forward to most?

Poll closed Jul 19, 2004.
  1. Fozzie with Chuckie

    14 vote(s)
  2. Pops with Gaffer

    36 vote(s)
  3. Lips with Java Muppets

    25 vote(s)
  4. The Swedish Chef

    10 vote(s)

  1. Aerosmith

    Aerosmith Well-Known Member

  2. Cap Backfire

    Cap Backfire Well-Known Member

    I'm up and down on this one...

    I agree wholeheartedly that we have had enough Gonzo exposure this year. Heck, I'm turning one of em into a Joker version as we speak! his first coat's drying right now!

    OK, so on with the opinions... The original cast looks great (Pops is more than I could have hoped for!) and I can never have enough Chef's... But will this one at least have a point of articulation added??? As in an upper-arm joint? That would be my only suggestion/ hope. If not I will most likely still buy him ( The all white suit has me ga ga) either way, but adding that joint would be AWESOME. It would certainly add to his playability...

    Other than that, I wanted nothing more to do with Pirates this year.

    Thanks for the update!
  3. RockSTAR girl

    RockSTAR girl Well-Known Member

    does anyone have the original lineup?

    cant wait i want all of 'em, actually i think chef looks way cooler like that, im kinda glad i didnt get the playset now.

    3 variant lips, once i get those life will be complete... at least for the next 3 months
  4. BornBlue

    BornBlue Well-Known Member

    Why is Lips dark brown? I always thought he was yellowish. :confused:

    Otherwise cool line-up, even thought I already have two different Chefs. Pops rocks!
  5. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    Lips will be totally re-painted as far as skin tone goes. For some reason, that is the color Henson sent over. The final one will be different when he goes through all the reviews and stuff.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I like the line up and all.... and I am happy for a second Chef (though I will probably leave him in the package, due to my limited space) but seeing as how Lips, Fozzie (with Chuckie ;) ) and Pops will be the same, I'm really quite pleased!
  7. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I really like this line up, the Chef is a nice surprise! The only one I might not get is Fozzie.
  8. The Narrator

    The Narrator Well-Known Member

    Blister-packed Chefs? Now that I've started in the intrepid hobby of figure customizations, I may have to pick up a few of those! And Pops is a welcome addition, too! Series 9 is approaching and yet I'm still more excited about Series 10 what with Doctor Bob, Uncle Deadly and Sal being in the last line-up for the year.
  9. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    Well, the series 9 change has affected series 10, only we don't know how yet. Don't get your hopes too high.
  10. The Narrator

    The Narrator Well-Known Member

    Has it? Oh. Thanks for the word on that. My hopes were quite lofty.
  11. caper

    caper Well-Known Member


    Is the standard Rowlf w/ playset still going to be in Series 9?
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi caper, thought I'd come in and answer your question.
    Technically, no. Rowlf and the Backstage playset aren't part of S9. The thing is that they'll be released after the S9 regular lineup of four figures gets settled on the store's shelves or pegs or what have you.
    But if you're like me and like to have everything in their proper place, you could think of Rowlf and the Backstage playset as associated with S9 since it'll be released after that particular series.

    What I'm doing is keeping the "Fifth Figure" designation for those playset figures and probably a special additional figure to place next to each series lineup of four in my collection organization, but feel free to order however you feel best.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  13. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I voted for Fozzie and Chucky because I've been wanting Chucky to be with Fozzie Bear since the line started and we began discussing all this with Ken back at the old MC Delphi Boards!!

    Actually, I want the whole dang line like, you know, last week!!
  14. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I voted for Pops. Just he's out there and I think that he is the best one so far. I loved all so I hope to get them all. I'm still working on Animal, Lew, Zoot w Yellow shirt, Rizzo, Sam the Eagle w/ the whole Pairte works and Series 8. Hope to see the on Ebay soon.
  15. Stoddam

    Stoddam New Member

    What did the new figures replace?

    Can someone tell me what the new ones are and what they replaced. Thanks
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    The only new figure announced in S9 causing the changeup is TMS Swedish Chef.
    He bumped out MTI Gonzo and Rizzo 2-Pack, but not to worry for Ken says that they've already been sculpted and tooled. So it's just a case of Patrol Bear Fozzie's history repeating itself and we'll see MTI Gonzo and Rizzo somewhere else down the line.
    Hope this helps and have a good day.
  17. Eaglekiller

    Eaglekiller Well-Known Member

    Any chance of Beaker coming back out like Swedish Chef on a single card?

    Also, I read that "no figure will ever be re-released the same way" when I asked about Zoot. Is that rule out? Any chance for him and older, rare ones to come back out?
  18. WiGgY

    WiGgY Well-Known Member

    That rule is not out, though it's not really a rule. It is unlikely we will get the exact same Zoot with the exact same colors. Also, Beaker is likely, though the Chef mold is still in the hands of Palisades. Beaker is not.
  19. Crazy Harry

    Crazy Harry Well-Known Member

    The key words here are "the same way." The first Chef was a playset exclusive. This one is carded. It's also a repaint with new accessories.
  20. Eaglekiller

    Eaglekiller Well-Known Member

    So Zoot/Beaker can be repainted with new colors and still use the old mold?

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