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New Sesame Street Live Show! Elmo's Green Thumb!

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by StarrFilter, May 28, 2008.

  1. StarrFilter Member

    Yeah. Every show, you'll find thousands of cameras flashing and recording away. And if people were to get arrested for it, Vee would have to arrest literally THOUSANDS of people who posted videos on youtube, photobucket, google video, facebook video, myspace video, etc... including myself ;) I used to work for VEE. It's more than ok. They really just don't want you taping the whole show and selling copies.
  2. kermiegirl New Member

    Just came back from seeing the show. My reaction: pretty neat
    I have seen a SSL show before when I was a toddler but the memory seems distant now.
    Anyway, there wasn't much of a crowd, mainly because of the bad snow storm we had in my city and that it took place early afternoon. Even so, there were lots of screaming kids and watchful parents - I heard a woman behind me telling her toddler son that he wouldn't get any cotton candy unless he was well behaved.
    The merchandise was pretty neat as well. One of the items on sale was a really cute and fuzzy Elmo hat with the SS logo embroidered on the back. Of course, each item had a green tag that said all the proceeds went to the Sesame Workshop to help with educational programs around the world.
    My dad gave an introduction to the show, sponsering his PBS station and advertising the 24/7 PBS Kids channel. Then, he asked the audience to countdown to three for the show to start.
    The lights grew dim and out of nowhere, Bert came onstage to welcome the audience and asking where Ernie was. Suddenly, a loud sound of a horn is heard, knocking Bert to the ground. Ernie appears with a french horn in his hand, explaining that the letter F was the letter of the day, sequewaying into introducing all of Sesame Streets famous residents (Telly, Rosita, Grover, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, The Count, Baby Bear, Big Bird, Zoe, Abby Cadaby and two honkers).
    Everyone is here... well, almost everyone. Suddenly, Elmo appears onstage to the kids delight, with a flower in a flowerpot in his hands. Elmo wants everyone to meet Sunny, the flower, and goes into a song explaining how Sunny started from a seed and ended up as a flower.
    Everyone seems to like Sunny, but Elmo says that Sunny is too big to stay in the flowerpot and wants to know where he can put Sunny. Big Bird says he can put Sunny in his beautiful garden. Suddenly, Oscar and Grungetta appear and offer Elmo to put Sunny in their garden, which is filthy and disgusting.
    Elmo has a difficult desicion to make. Finally, he makes a choice: he will put Sunny in Big Bird's garden.
    As Big Bird, Ernie and Bert leave to grab the gardening tools, Abby talks Elmo into using her magic to make the flower. However, Telly thinks this is a bad idea, saying it will defy Mother Nature. But that doesn't stop Elmo from saying "yes" to Abby.
    Abby begins to say her growing spell: "Rise above, high as a dove, grow, grow, grow, all you need is a... GLOVE!" Suddenly, the magic makes a huge effect on everyone.
    Once the magical chaos had ended, they all wondered where they were. Then, it all dawns on everyone: the flower didn't grow, but it made everyone shrink down to the size of an ant. A frustrated Abby decides to reverse the spell by saying "Rise above, high as a dove, grow, grow, grow, all you need is a... SHOVE!". However, it does nothing. Then, a female bee appears and tells them that being small is a good thing; it will give you a new perspective on the environment. They sing a song about this and then it was intermission.
    I'll write about the second half later.
  3. SSLFan Well-Known Member


    EDIT: Oh yeah, I realized Prairie Dawn wasn't there. Must've had the "night off" lol.
  4. kermiegirl New Member

    I looked around the lobby to see what I wanted to see. Parents were buying SS merchandise for their kids and food to eat - like blue and pink cotton candy and blue and red snowcones, which looked tempting. One of the things that interested me was that in the far corner of the lobby, I saw the cast list of which person played which character. I was surprised to learn that most of the male characters were played by female dancers. I showed my Dad this and said it was pretty interesting. We grabbed a bag of Twizzlers, a Diet Pepsi to share and headed back to our seats. The lights dimmed once more and the second half started.
    Elmo, Zoe, Abby, The Count, Grover, Rosita, Telly and a purple honker - the ones that were shrunk down to size thanks to Abby's magic - appear on stage and sing a catchy song about the bee's words - being small will give you a new perspective on the environment. Everyone seems to like this idea, except Telly, thinking it will be a bad idea. Abby decides to call her fairy godmother to reverse the spell. As she does, everyone else decides to go exploring.
    Big Bird and Baby Bear return with their gardening tools, excited about planting Sunny in BB's garden. However, they can't find Elmo and everyone else, neither can Bert, Ernie and Cookie Monster. So, they begin to search for them.
    Meanwhile, Elmo, Telly, Rosita, Grover, The Count, Zoe, and the purple honker encounter 6 ladybugs having a picnic, which lead to the whole cast singing "The Ladybug Picnic". I gotta say, that was the best hoedown dance I have seen them do! :)
    Zoe exclaims that this is a perfect spot to raise Sunny because of the sunlight and that the ladybugs can play Sunny a tune all day long. However, the ground is rocky and hard and plants need soil for it to grow.
    As they leave and The Count does a little dance at the end of the scene, Abby appears sort of parodying the Verizon guy who always says "Can you hear me now?". However, there is no signal in her wand phone. Suddenly, she recieves a signal, but it's her Uncle Joe, who says her mother is at her aerobics class, which I found pretty odd. Abby explains her situation to Uncle Joe, who suggests trying to find some new words to use in her spell. Suddenly, the signal is lost. Abby thinks this idea is great and goes into her song, "I Love Words". So, she decides to try once more by saying: "Rise above, high as a dove, grow, grow, grow, all you need is a... OLIVE!" However the spell makes a huge pumpkin appear. A frustrated Abby leaves.
    Big Bird appears and notices a small pumpkin in his garden. He starts singing to the tune of "What's Going On?" by Marvin Gaye, along with Bert and Ernie who can't find any of their SS friends, while Cookie Monster chases a bee. At the end of the scene, BB suggests making the pumpkin into a pie.
    Meanwhile, all of the ant-sized friends discover a brown place with apple cores and brown, dead leaves. Two yellow beetles appear to the horror of Telly, who hates beetles. At first, they seem really grouchy and mean but explain that they are in a compost heap where all of the trash can be recycled. They end up singing a rap-style song about composting. I saw a parent, who looked like a ganster and brought his toddler son, dance in his seat and started whooping at the beetles, which I thought was hilarious.
    Telly begins to realize that the beetles remind him of someone back on SS, but can't figure out who. Then, Oscar appears and he sings a remixed version of "I Love Trash", which was cool.
    When the song is over, Telly is no longer afraid of beetles and reminds Elmo that they should plant Sunny here because of the good soil, but there is barely any sunlight in the sky.
    At this point, my brain has fizzled over what happened next. I'm really sorry. Is there anyone else who has seen the show pick up where I left off and go through the ending? Once again, I'm extremely sorry.
  5. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    That's a good summurary, but a word of advice, buy the program next time.:) That way you can keep all your "memories" of the show. Lol. And it is pretty amazing most of the male muppets are played by female. I think the only muppets that have always been male(that I know of) are Big Bird and the tall honker u/s. It surprises me the most that Telly, Bert, and Cookie were played by females. Oh, and did they have the soundtrack CD of the show?
  6. kermiegirl New Member

    I know. It was pretty stupid of me to not get the program. But then again, I would settle keeping the ticket stub of the show than buy the program for $8.
    Yes, as a matter of fact, they did have the CD of the show, but I didn't buy that either, nor could I find it on iTunes. My dad said that the drink and Twizzlers were enough for one day.
    Are you planning on seeing the show or have you seen it already?
  7. heralde Well-Known Member

    Glad you had a good time!

    I do want to say though, it is typically illegal to film at shows and even though a lot of people do it, you never know, you could be the one caught that time. It's not worth it.
  8. StarrFilter Member

    Prairie is the small understudy character and this is the time when SSL starts doing swing outs (Swing outs are when the understudies get to play the characters in their respective height range). The Prairie performer, very well could have been swung into Elmo, Zoe, Abby or Oscar (those are all the characters Prairie understudies) during the show you were watching.
  9. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Well, SSL is coming to my town pretty soon,but it's the When Elmo Grows Up show. So that show won't be coming no time soon! LOL.

    LOL. Yeah I know.:)
  10. kermiegirl New Member

    OMG! Now I remember how the show ends! I remembered it while I was taking a shower last night. Pretty weird, huh?
    The ant-sized friends have found a beautiful place where they see dancing flowers and butterfiles. Elmo realizes that this is the perfect spot to put Sunny in, because everything, including a plant, needs lots of love.
    Suddenly, Abby realizes the word she needs for her spell: love! She says her spell again: "Rise above, high as a dove, grow, grow, grow, all you need... is... LOVE!" The magical chaos had begun once more and now, they have all grown back to their normal sizes and Big Bird, Baby Bear, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster all greet their found friends.
    Bert says that they have found a perfect spot to put Sunny in Big Bird's garden. So Elmo has finally planted Sunny into the ground, setting up for the grand finale of the show.
    When the song had ended, confetti and streamers popped out of nowhere and the whole cast waved goodbye to the audience. I grabbed some pink and yellow streamers from the ground and put them in my coat pocket so that, along with the ticket stub, I would never forget this amazing show.
  11. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Lol. It reminds me of Pattie Labelle's song "New Attitude". Does anyone know who is the voice of the bee? She sounds like one of the women who voiced the Palettes in Elmo's Coloring Book (they were awsome, IMHO).
    I hope someone posts the cast singing "Inch By Inch". It sounds so cute. :halo:
  12. StarrFilter Member

    Yeah, she does sound like one of the Pallettes. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of them.
  13. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing this is the theater version LOL.
  14. StarrFilter Member

    Haha. You guessed right. This is how the show will look when you see it at the Fox theater next year!
  15. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    i found this vid, i guess it's the opening of the second half:

    I like the first song, it's catchy lol. Espicially Grover's part.:super:
    I'm guessing, but do Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Grungetta/Baby Bear, and Oscar performers play the six ladybugs?(Count count's six, though 4 are only visible from the angle of the video i believe). I honestly applaud those guys, having to go in and out of costume like that, it must make you soooo tired! I used to think they had extra performers for the small parts, boy was I wrong LOL! I guess you never know what goes on backstage. . .:shifty:
  16. StarrFilter Member

    i love Grover's part too. I just saw this show on Sunday in L.A. and I'm going again on Friday in Long Beach. I hung out with my friend in the show (Big Bird) and most of the cast. They're so cool and waaay talented! This is probably one of the cutest shows SSL has done. And yes, you're EXACTLY right about the ladybugs :wisdom:... I don't know what's gonna happen when this show goes into the theater circuit, cuz they HAVE to have 6 ladybugs and the 6 shrunken and the 3 understudies... i don't see how they could shrink down the cast anymore... unless they cut out Baby Bear/Grundgy and just have one of the shrunken do a ladybug for that scene...:confused:
  17. StarrFilter Member

    oh and when i saw it there was no purple honker (she went in for Baby Bear/Grundgetta) So Telly did a QUADRUPLE PIROUETTE in the "soul train line" Unlike, on this video @ 4:10 where Telly just walks over to Purple and hip bumps him
  18. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Yeah...maybe they can have 2 of the ladybugs appear onscreen and just have the 4 of them appear onstage? Just have them played by Cookie, Bird, Ernie, and Bert performers? The person who plays Oscar can possibly also play the Count(if they don't interact much in the show, and you can just cut Oscar's part out in the opening song, for instance). It looks like Baby Bear can be easily removed from the show, and maybe you can have it be Rosita/Grungetta for example?

    It could go...

    Big Bird/ladybug
    Cookie Monster/ladybug
    Oscar/The Count
    Orange Honker
    Purple Honker
    Prairie Dawn

    It's hard to downsize these shows! Whew! It was crazy how they downsized ECB. Telly/Cookie and Ernie/Oscar? And Rosita stays in full costume (minus the minor roles in the coloring book scenes), yet her dialouge is cut off after the opening. And Count and Baby Bear have the same performer. Crazy.:batty:
  19. StarrFilter Member

    count is one of the beetles. so count couldn't be oscar, because of moving trash... i bet they'll only cut out one track.

    oh and in theater ECB, Rosita was actually the medium understudy character... So whenever she had to go in for another characther. The blue Pallette performer would perform Rosita in "my favorite color" and after Rosita's line in the song she'd immediately dance off and change quickly into blue pallette. Crazy, huh?
  20. SSLFan Well-Known Member

    Oh okay. And I forgot, Bert & Ernie were just in the "What's Going On" scene so it couldn't be them either! VEE should just hire extra people for those minor parts hehe.
    Lol yes indeed. ECB must've been hard to turn into a theater tour, considering all the extra characters they had. I remember reading about some people upset and sad cuz Grover wasn't included in the theater tour(not to mention Let's Be Friends)! Poor guy.:super: He really took it hard during some of the 90's tours.
    But I gotta say, I wanna see Snuffy again.:search:

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