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Old School Sesame coming to DVD October 2006

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by FuzzyBlue71, May 11, 2006.


What would you rather see on the Nostalgia Sesame Street box set?

Poll closed Aug 27, 2006.
  1. Complete, uncut episodes

    59 vote(s)
  2. Compilations of the best skits

    28 vote(s)
  3. A combination of a few complete episodes and bonus skits

    41 vote(s)
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  1. Sunrise

    Sunrise Member

    It will be if they have families and estates. That actually makes it MORE difficult, tracking down everyone who should be getting a cut of the royalties.

    Still, this is FABULOUS news. And in October! Just in time for the birth of my first child. :excited: A new Sesame Street fan...
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Barry Lee's idea for theme discs sound sgood. Let me list what I would like to see if hislist for themes does get made:

    Disc 1: Bert & Ernie
    Ernie calls his bathtub "rosie"
    Everybody Wash
    The Banana Sketch
    Cookie Monster tells Ernie that he is on a diet
    Feeling Good/ Feeling Bad
    Lefty tries to sell Ernie a snowman
    Rubber Duckie (original version as seen in the test pilot)
    The Blackout
    The Rhyming Game
    Pigeons on Parade (unless this was just included on records)
    Bert dreams that he is an ice skater
    Ernie doesn't think he is special
    Caveman Days: Bert invents the window
    Ernie can't find Bert at the beach
    Here Fishy Fishy Fishy
    Ernie replaces Bert's ice cream with a smushed banana with gravy
    Ernie puts a button knob on Bert's stomache

    Disc 2: Cookie Monster & Grover
    I Whistle a Happy Tune
    C is For Cookie
    Proud of Me
    Grover and The Rowboats
    Beat the Time: Cookie Monster
    Grover the waiter: The Count
    Grover attempts to sell Kermit a pair of earmuffs
    The Ballad of Casey McPhee
    Kermit's Rectangle Lecture
    Monsterpiece Theater: Chariots of Fur
    Sesame Street News: The Princess and The Cookie
    Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot talk about the letter M
    Super Grover: Broken Grocery Bag
    Grover the Waiter: Alphabet Soup
    The Cookie Bunny
    Beat the Time: Grover
    Near and Far
    Cookie Monster and The Count count and eat cookies
    The differences between Ernie and Cookie Monster
    Kermit and Grover demonstrate near and far

    Disc 3: The Cartoons and Live Action Shorts
    Let's Sing a Song of One
    Two Toucan Two-Steps
    Jazzy Spies #3
    The Number Painter #4
    Pinball Number Count #5
    Queen of Six
    The Alligator King
    Penny Candy Man
    The Typewriter Guy: A
    B: Banana and Broccolli
    It's Alright to Cry
    Buddy and Jim make a peanut butter sandwhich
    Alice Bratwait Goodyshoes talks about through
    That's About the Size of It
    Teeny Little Superguy: Pet Spoon
    Madrical Alphabet
    any Ralph and Wally sketch
    The Nobel Ostrich
    Keep On Truckin'

    Disc 4: The Gang

    I've Got Two (if this was actually performed on the show)
    Wheels on my Feet
    I Love Trash
    The People in Your Neighborhood
    Ernie keeps Bert waiting outside the apartment
    Rosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
    Beat the Time: The Count
    Sesame Street News: Cinderella at the Ball
    Everyone Likes Ice Cream
    Ernie and the apple
    The Cursed Prince
    Herry and John John count to 20
    My Pollywog Ways
    Nobody (if this exists as a segment on the show)
    We Coulda
    Grover the Waiter: Hamburger
    Some of us are here
    The Golden An
  3. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    I think this is really great news.

    But one thing Im wondering about: how many episodes per season did they make each year?

    Mostly, I would like to see more clips of the orange Oscar. :grouchy:
  4. Narpin

    Narpin New Member

    Classic Sesame = AWESOME!

    This is GREAT news! I'd love to see complete uncut episodes organized by year. Maybe choose the best two episodes from each season and cover the first ten years (making a total of 20 episodes. )

    Or maybe Sesame Street: The best of the 70s featuring the 25 best episodes from 69-79. If it sells they could follow it up with The Best of the 80s featuring 20 episodes from 1980 - 1989.
  5. Aldi

    Aldi New Member

    I'm hoping that the box set will include:

    -all the classic filmed bits, including all of the "Jazzy spies" counting clips, letter E (the Queen watching the Easter Egg), letter O (goat eating potatoes and soap), "A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter", the "falling baker" counting clips, the Joe Raposo song clips ("Take a bweath", "there's a bird on me"), etc...

    - all of Ernie & Bert's classic sketches (the ones voiced by Jim)

    - bits featuring every single character from the show (Mr. Hooper, Sam the Robot, etc)

    Any other ideas/ wish lists?
  6. BWSmith

    BWSmith New Member

    Speaking as someone who owns about 20 of the Noggin episodes, I think that the choice of format is going to be very, very important.

    I watch Sesame Street for only two reasons - (a) to get my nostalgia fix and (b) to entertain and educate my preschool children.

    Within that context, each format has its pros and cons:

    a) Complete Episodes
    pros: uncensored & unedited, preserves segment context
    cons: too many episodes, too many "repeat" segments

    b) Themed Compilations
    pros: efficient space use, viewer can purchase what they want
    cons: removes episode context, obsure sketches can be omitted

    Having gotten my "nostalgia" fix when the Unpaved episodes came out, I now find myself hitting the FF button a lot when I show them to my kids.

    Whether it's because of the boring live-action skits in the first few seasons or protracted filler like "driving around in Hawaii in a pickup truck" or "Buffy washing a baby for 7 minutes straight", there is much material in Sesame Street that isn't worth watching more than once or twice.

    The flip side is the gems hidden inside these complete episodes that are consistently cut out by SW when they do their home video releases. Complete episodes seem to be the only way to guarantee access to censored characters like Roosevelt Franklin or erased actors like David or contemporary "yellow submarine" animation styles or 1970's archaic technology, clothing styles, and language.

    Further, in both their home video releases and especially Play With Me Sesame, SW tends to edit & alter classic segments in ways that sometimes improves them (like the Frazzle segment in Elmo Says Boo), but more often makes them less appealing (like adding a babbling, dancing Grover in the background). I hope that they won't get the editing bug on these DVDs, but it won't surprise me at all to see more recent muppets and voices digitally added.

    It's also apparent from watching something loud and fast like "Alphabet Jungle" or hodgepodge like "Sing, Hoot, and Howl" or strictly themed like the "Best of Ernie and Bert" that a big part of the charm of SS lies in the contextual mix of the episode itself. I can't put my finger on it, but somehow Ernie and Bert, for example, are a lot funnier when mixed in between non-Muppet content than when they are strung together in one large segment. (The worst offender in this regard was "Cookie Monster's Best Bites" where the format itself exposed just how one-dimensional his character was.)

    Another problem with chopping up episodes into individual themed pieces is the problem of their short length. When I show my kids the Schoolhouse Rock DVD, I can't go to the bathroom and back before the segment is over and I need to pick something else from the menu. Many SS segments will be less than a minute long, so I can imagine the DVD menu being very large...

    All in all, the best of both worlds will be to mix complete episodes with strings of themed material on each disk. I just hope that the "complete episodes" that they pick don't all turn out to be the ones most of us have already traded from Noggin (but you take what you can get...)
  7. Andrew T

    Andrew T New Member

    I'm overwhelmingly in favor of releasing complete shows: The various skits and segments, street scenes, and the opening and closing sequences of the shows all contribute to provide a unified, vital experience that would be great to preserve for posterity and provide a record of how the structure of the show evolved over time. To a degree some individual segments have already been released on video in various forms, and we probably don't need much more of that.

    As for episode selection: I feel that it's probable that a "best of" set would follow the precident of the Electric Company set and compile the most well-known and pivotal episodes from the show's run (i.e., the first episode; Mr. Hooper's death; the revelation of Snuffleupagus), that of course did appear on Noggin earlier.

    I've never seen any of the episodes in question before, though, so I don't mind, and even so there are several minutes of content in the master videotapes that was edited out for Noggin.

    Hopefully, a Sesame Street boxed set would be uncut, right down to the PBS (or in the case of the first season, NET) logos at the end. :smirk:
  8. Grover

    Grover New Member

    I would rather see complete uncut episodes. If you think about it the segments would be repeated over and over. They should release classic episodes then release a $10.00 discs featuring various segments.Here is what I would do.

    1. Kermit’s “W” Lecture.
    2. I Whistle a Happy Tune.
    3. Being Green.
    4. Herbert Birdsfoot and Grover: Over and Under.
    5. Newsflash: Cinderella at the Ball.
    6. Beat the Time: Grover.
    7. Kermit and Grover: Long and Short.
    8. Grover Spreads Herry’s Alphabet Secret.
    9. Kermit Hosts a Twiddlebug Party.
    10. Grover’s Boat Trip.
    11. Kermit and Grover: Here and there.
    12. Grover the Waiter: Simon Soundman.
    13. Newsflash: Hickory Dickory Dock
    14. Near and Far.
    15. Newsflash: Rapunzle.
    16. Grover and Kermit: Heavy and Light.
    17. Kermit demonstrates between.
    18. Super Grover: Bus Stop.
    19. Kermit and Grover Build a Snowman.
    20. Grover the Elevator Operator: In and Out.


    • Everybody Wash
    • Rubber Duckie
    • Two Of Everything
    • Ernie’s Barber Shop
    • If I Knew You Were Coming I Would’ve Baked a Cake.
    • Ernie’s Sandbox Game
    • Ernie has a Banana in his ear.
    • Ernie & Bert share pizza and grape juice
    • Ernie borrows Herbert Birdsfoot’s vacuum.
    • Lefty and Ernie: Stop Sign
    • At the beach - Ernie can't find Bert; Sherlock Hemlock helps
    • Ernie doesn’t feel Special.
    • Ernie Makes Bert wear a pot on his head.
    • Ernie throws a Surprise Party for Bert.
    • E&B at the movies: Ernie gets emotional
    • Block Pyramid
    • Robin Hood (Ernie) Auditions For Merry Men
    • Ernie’s sculpture of Bert
    • Ernie Calls Oscar during a blackout
    • Ernie's Rhyming Game.
  9. nickcoffee12

    nickcoffee12 New Member

    the letter o song with the goat and the e with the easter egg
    is on your tube
  10. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo New Member

    Season 01: 130 episodes
    Season 02: 144 episodes
    Season 03: 129 episodes
    Season 04: 129 episodes
    Season 05: 129 episodes
    Season 06: 129 episodes
    Season 07: 129 episodes
    Season 08: 129 episodes
    Season 09: 129 episodes
    Season 10: 129 episodes
    Season 11: 129 episodes
    Season 12: 129 episodes
    Season 13: 129 episodes
    Season 14: 129 episodes
    Season 15: 129 episodes
    Season 16: 129 episodes
    Season 17: 129 episodes
    Season 18: 128 episodes
    Season 19: 129 episodes
    Season 20: 129 episodes
    Season 21: 129 episodes
    Season 22: 129 episodes
    Season 23: 129 episodes
    Season 24: 129 episodes
    Season 25: 129 episodes
    Season 26: 129 episodes
    Season 27: 129 episodes
    Season 28: 129 episodes
    Season 29: 129 episodes
    Season 30: 064 episodes
    Season 31: 064 episodes
    Season 32: 064 episodes
    Season 33: 049 episodes
    Season 34: 025 episodes
    Season 35: 025 episodes
    Season 36: 025 episodes
    Season 37: 025 episodes
    Total: 4,134 episodes

    It would take over 172 days of non-stop viewing to see them all.
  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I just realised something. At the Muppet Wiki, it has been pointed out in the season pages for Sesame Streetthaat there were many episodes repeated in later seasons, but with the on-screen number changed (and I think some of these repeats had some segments replaced). It seemed common for the 24-27th seasons to do this. So technically, there are a lot less episodes than we think due to some renumbering.
  12. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I only just found this thread, but I would buy a Sesame nostaligia set (more than one, actually), no matter what the format. Maybe there could be some kind of compromise, like skit compilations for the most part, with certain "landmark" episodes thrown in as bonus features in their entirety. Like the pilot, the introduction of major characters, weddings, births, deaths, special guest appearances by droids from a galaxy far, far away. Stuff like that...

  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    It's absolutely amazing that so many things I've been waiting for to be released on DVD have comne out (or are coming out) this year.

    Muppet show season one
    ALF and ALFTALES the animated series
    Fat Albert
    Inspector Gadget
    Fraggle Rock
    ... Shell, even Darkwing Duck and The Tick are supposed to be released.

    (only things I still am waiting for, 1980's Kinnikuman in a subtitled R1 format, Rocko's Modern Life, Captain N, and a season by season Box set version of the new TMNT)

    But Classic SS? The holy grail pipe dream of Muppet Fandom? And not just 1 or 2 extras on a DVD? I'm speachless.

    I would like to see episodes uncut as well, but I doubt that would be able to happen. I feel that a Best of certian years collection would work... maybe 6 episodes (double sided disks?) per decade? Plus a collection of other most requested skits.

    Or maybe a few epsiodes, and best of skits or something from an allotted decade by decade set.

    There's so many possibilities. Maybe even release a single disk of Best of SS animators, with works by Sally Cruikshank, Mo Willems, John R. Dilworth, etc.

    There's just so many possibilities for this set. Let's just all try to consider the different ways it can be presented, so we don't wind up disappointed.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Um GelflingWaldo... Where did you get those seasonal episode totals?
    Cause... by what you posted 129 times 26, 64 times 3, 25 times 4, added with 130, 144 and 128 only add up in my calculator to 4097... When there've been 4108 episodes.
    And those last four seasons... Me thinks that's wrong cause SS has been airing a total of 26 episodes per season so each letter gets featured as an episode's sponsor.
    Just pointing this out, hope it helps.
  15. Andrew T

    Andrew T New Member

    GelflingWaldo was close: The actual totals are 130 episodes for seasons 1 and 3-29, 145 for 2, 65 for 30-32, 50 for 33, and 26 from 34-present. That's 4108 episodes altogether.

    For fun, here are some calculations I made for my own amusement: If a typical pre-1998 season of Sesame Street was compiled in its entirety for a DVD release, the resulting set would probably be 44 discs long and cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.00. A complete set of all episodes would involve 1,391 DVDs and a price tag of about $11,000. ;)
  16. Grover

    Grover New Member

    What would work in my opinion is a set of 5 discs representing each season or certain episodes on a disc. The fifth disc could have bonus features and etc.

    Here are my ideas for Bonus Features:

    Sesame Street Pitch Pilot
    Sesame Street Test Pilot.
    Sesame Street : 20 Years and Still Counting
    A Tribute to Jim Henson
  17. Classic "Sesame" on DVD?!? FINALLY!!

    I would actually prefer "clip compilations" as opposed to full episodes---because I want as much material as I can get my hands on! :D More songs, more skits, Muppets galore! (and besides, there are just soooooooooooooo many episodes...)

    I sure hope they do put some classic obscure ones on DVD like "The D Song (Daddy Dear oh Daddy Dear)", one of my all-time favorites. And great Count material too!
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That skit is already available as a bonus segment on the All-Star Alphabet DVD.
  19. Oo, thanks for the heads-up, minor...I'll remember that as a "just in case".

    I also REALLY hope they include my favorite live-action-filmed song ever, "We All Sing With the Same Voice"! :D
  20. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    These are the clips that I'd like to see:

    - Big Bird Meets Little Bird
    - On My Pond
    - Frogs In The Glen
    - Monsterpiece Theater: Gone With The Wind
    - Monsterpiece Theater: The Sound of Music
    - ABC-DEF-GHI (70's version)
    - You Say Hola (Maria and Luis)
    - All of the Baker skits
    - All of the Jazzy Spies skits
    - Air ( Bip Bipodota)
    - I Want A Monster To Be My Friend (original version)
    - Listen To The Bells
    - Meet Me at the Bustop
    - Ernie and Herry at the Carnival
    - Captain Vegetable
    - Bad Bart Comes to Town
    - What's My Part? : Foot
    - Any skits with Prof. Hastings and Kermit
    - The Amazing Mumford and his Amazing Pineapple Subtraction Trick
    - Ernie Dusts the Shelf
    - The Queen of Six
    - Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
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