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Pallisades Figures Get an A+ from Cinescape.com!

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Chilly Down, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    Hey, all, saw this earlier this week on Cinescape.com:


    Toy Review
    A perfect line of figures with no strings attached
    Dateline: Saturday, August 10, 2002
    By: Correspondent

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been some 25 years since Jim Henson gave new meaning (and a new word) to puppets. To say that SESAME STREET helped raise its fair share of kids is an understatement. And when Henson’s THE MUPPET SHOW finally debuted, he wasn’t just giving kids some funny puppets to laugh at; he was creating an entire world full of color, energy, wit, humor and emotion. And he did it all with just foam and a bunch of string.

    Over the years there have been a number of TV shows, movies, books and even games based on KERMIT and the gang. But that’s why it’s a bit shocking that there’s never been a real toy line (in terms of action figures that is) for the li’l guys. Thankfully, the fine folks over at Palisades Marketing were as shocked as we were, and went out and snatched up that license. With the first wave of Muppets figures currently available in stores across the country, you can expect dozens upon dozens of more characters to come in the future.

    [A photo of Dr. Teeth appears along with the caption: "DR. TEETH isn't the only one smiling about Palisades' success."]

    So who made the cut for the first line? Well, a couple of sure-things and a few surprises. You can’t start a Muppets action figure line without the leading lady… er, pig and her leading man (or frog in this case). So KERMIT and MISS PIGGY are joined by DR. BUNSEN HONEYDEW and the musically inclined DR. TEETH.
    Let’s start with the colors and paint applications. Unbelievable is a good word to kick things off with. Bright and vibrant, these Muppets figures really stand out on toy shelves filled with the same-old same-old color schemes. Why, DR. TEETH alone has a virtual rainbow across his outfit. From his beard to his scarf to his shirt, this figure really looks sharp. And all the color schemes blend beautifully with the interesting textured approach Palisades took with the figures themselves, making them look and feel more like the actual puppets they represent, rather than just simple cold hard plastic.

    [A photo of Bunsen is accompanied by the caption: "Articulated action figures? What a splendid idea!"]

    As for the sculpting, you’d swear you’d stepped onto the MUPPET SHOW ’s infamous stage. A seriously top-notch job all around on these guys. Simplistic in nature (which is how the Muppets should be), these figures have a surprising amount of detail that really pushes them over the top. There’s Miss Piggy’s pearls and dazzling gown, Dr. Bunsen’s black-rimmed glasses and the gold tooth on the keyboard-playing Dr. Teeth. There’s also a gaggle of accessories. Each figure comes with some really nice props including Dr. Bunsen’s newest invention, the Robo Rabbit, and Dr. Teeth’s keyboard with stand.

    Heck, the only real downside to this new Muppets line (besides there only being four figures in each wave… we want more!), is that the articulation is somewhat limited. Yeah, it’s a real minor point especially since these guys have pretty standard action figure movement. But just don’t go looking for things like knees, elbows and fingertips to start bending all over the place. Though to be fair, the amazing sculpting work done on this line would have been seriously sacrificed if those excessive points of articulation were added. Plus, the streamlined look to the figures fits perfectly with their foamy counterparts.

    All in all, Palisades’ MUPPETS line is off to a magnificent start. There’s also a number of kick-a** deluxe figures (like BEAKER with a lab playset) coming out with each line. And with so many Muppets characters to choose from, expect this line to have the same success and longevity as Playmates is currently having with the SIMPSONS.

    Now, somebody hit the lights. It’s time to get things started…

    Grade: A+


    It's exciting to see this is getting some good press. (It seems the reviewer is a Muppet fan, though we'll excuse him the slight misquote on the theme at the end!) ;-) And if he likes these, wait till he sees what's coming! While I voiced some concerns about the Series 1 figures, my jaw dropped when looking at the Series 2 and Series 3 Figures. These guys are PERFECT -- the right color, good expressiveness and "character" in the face; etc. I want 'em all! :) I was excited, but a little surprised, over the rest of the figure line. Rizzo from MT? I thought we were only sticking to TMS characters. (Doesn't matter, though -- I still want him.) And Sam from MTI is even more perplexing, since we haven't even had a regular Sam yet. But I'm quibbling here. I'm really looking forward to these figures, and with good press like this for Series 1, we ought to see them all get made!

    One question: what does Vanishing Cream Beaker look like? He's the only Series 1 Figure I have yet to see a picture of, which leads me to think this is all some elaborate prank by Pallisades -- the gag being that, since he's applied the vanishing cream, he isn't even really there at all. Of course, probably only I am crazy enough to think of something like that. But if someone has a picture, please send it to me or link it in this message!

  2. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Interesting find...Thanks, Chilly!

    - Billy :cool:
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Tom,

    Good to see you! Check out Annika's review for pics of the Vanishing Cream Beaker and Invisible Beaker.
  4. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    Wow...that is awesome...did not know they reviewed the figures. Although they did name Mike Horn the 64th most powerful man in the biz...in a recent issue. I think it was 64th.
  5. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 New Member

    how could they say limited movement.they have 2 x as much as simpsons.
  6. grail

    grail New Member

    it was 64th...right behind Stan Winston, and THAT my friend, is not too shabby! it's on the Palisades website
  7. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    So this means that if something tragically happens to the other 63 people Mike gets to wear the dress and crown, and take a winners lap down the catwalk right ? :D

    Lovely to see the figures get a brilliant review from an outside source. Congrats all, and congrats Mike !

    I agree about the 'Muppet' style textures being a great thing to highlight and probably one of the most important. Also that Toyfare cover this month looks pretty spiffy too.
  8. Slim

    Slim New Member

    That's awesome!!! I didn't know they did reviews either. But...I'm glad they do! A+ huh? It reminds me of my school days...such a long, long time ago....HA!

    And Luke...Mike allready walks around the office wearing a crown and all that good stuff...you didn't know. Haha. At least it's better then what Ken parades around in...:D

    Well, I've succesfully talked smack about the CEO and my boss in one thread...I better hide now.

  9. grail

    grail New Member

    yeah, Ken's mentioned "casual friday" before...i mourn for your retinas...
  10. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    I just had a thought of Ken in one of those Pepe Tutu's! LOL!!
  11. grail

    grail New Member

    now there's an action figure i DON'T want...

    (did we take enough heat off, slim?)
  12. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Yeah when Jakk's make action figures of the WWF 'DIVAS' they scan the actual girls in costume through a body scanner i think. Maybe Palisades can take this approach for the 'Pepe In A Tutu' figure - but Le Prawn is not available - we need a model ..... Oh Kenneth ................... :D
  13. grail

    grail New Member

    man i hope your happy...i just had to poke out my mind's eye...you don't wanna know how...i just did...*twitch* *twitch*
  14. Gonzo

    Gonzo Active Member

    ...every review I've read for these figures has raved about how wonderful these are--and several of the freaks I know that I've shown my figures to have gone out and bought some for themselves--even the people who aren't normally impressed by Muppets, action figures, or both.

    These are outstanding--I'm glad other people out there are seeing this too, and we're not (just) being rabid fans about them.

    Great work, guys.

  15. towels

    towels New Member

    Perhaps we now have a little more insight into the origins of Kenneth the Fish!
  16. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    Hi, Phil!

    It's good to see you as well. I must admit I was a little perplexed when my message suddenly "disappeared" from On the Web! LOL! Then I figured out where you must have moved it to. Makes sense.

    Great review by Annika. Please tell her so!

    Yes, Cinescape does review action figures. In general, they print news and reviews of movies and TV shows that are sci-fi and fantasy-related. Since so many action figures are based on sci-fi franchises (like Star Trek and Spider-Man), it's only natural to review them as well. Still, I was surprised (pleasantly) to see reviews of the Muppet figures on their site. I suppose all the talking animals qualify the Muppets as "fantasy." Hey, no complaints here! They did a news item on MF for September last year, and they did note when it was cancelled. Unfortunately, I notified them when it was rescheduled, but that item was never posted. So as I said, pleasantly surprised that they reviewed it in the first place, and also that the review was so positive.

    I'm sorry, I'm babbling, aren't I? :) I gotta get me some of those figs and restart my eternal debate: do I open 'em up or leave 'em in the package?
  17. ElecMayhem

    ElecMayhem Active Member

    Yeah, casual Fridays are an interesting sight to behold here at Palisades Toys. You've got Mike in his crown, and Ken in the buff... and last week, Keith (Slim) came in dressed as a tree!!

    Wow, that is the best review I've read of the figures yet!! And what's even better about it is that it's NOT specifically a toy publication -- which should help to create a positive buzz outside the realm of Muppet fans & toy collectors... That, combined with our esteemed leader's position as the 64th most powerful person in Entertainment, should help to generate some more good press.

    Oh, incidentally, Keith was lying. When he was in school. He never got A+. This review is the first A+ he's ever seen. In fact, Keith NEVER LEARNED HOW TO READ...

  18. grail

    grail New Member

    wow...the only one of you that doesn't come in here and "talk smack" as slim so eloquently put it, is Mike. the boss. the guy who holds your job in his hands...and this is the reverence you show your beloved leader? just think of the things he could do to you...think Milton in "Office Space"...though frankly, i'd be a little more scared right now if i were Stan Winston...
  19. Slim

    Slim New Member

    Well....Travis is basically our little "Milton" of the company. His "desk" is in the back of the warehouse...and it's not even really a desk. He has a dry erase board and a stack of sticky notes. From time to time we let him come out into the actual office...but he usually doesn't make it out due to the fact that he's fast asleep.

    Haha...now what?
  20. grail

    grail New Member

    you know, i hear Swingline started making red staplers recently...

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