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Photos of Kermit at my Wedding

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Hat Sharpener, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. liquiterge

    liquiterge Member

  2. bazooka_beak

    bazooka_beak Well-Known Member

    That is adorable. He's looking sharp in that little outfit :) If I ever got married, I wonder if I'd be brave enough to attempt this?
  3. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Wow that's a neat way to use your Kermit replica.

    Great job, and congrads for getting married
  4. normkangaroo

    normkangaroo New Member

    Very cute photo's. Looks like Kermit really enjoyed himself :)
  5. Nick22

    Nick22 Well-Known Member

    nice! pretty awesome! what size does he wear?
  6. scottishpiggy

    scottishpiggy Well-Known Member

    oh i wish Id thought of this. Closest I got was walking up the isle to "home at last" from labyrinth (we walked down to that music that plays in the medal ceremony in star wars episode IV) ....and rainbow connection on my DVD
  7. macstone

    macstone New Member

  8. OLumeVaSti

    OLumeVaSti Active Member

    That humored me. My favorite has to be the one where he asking for a glass of wine
  9. jamesturner281

    jamesturner281 New Member

    whoa!I love it..Kermit was on the wedding..It looks great. Though she looks small than usual size, but she's cute in the photos. LOL. I will spread this photos from my relatives, and see there reactions.

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