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Puppet Patterns: What's A Fair Price?

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Buck-Beaver, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. Nojoy

    Nojoy Well-Known Member

    The smurf in my avatar is actually made from the Simple Series Pinhead pattern. I own most of the Project Puppet Patterns, and I get the most milage out of the Roly and Pinhead patterns.
    I have ~never~ been dissapointed in anything I ordered from PP.
    The end result is what you put into it. These just give you a good solid base to work up from.
    Also take a good look at the "adding features" tutorial on the site... The basic shapes are extremely versatile.
  2. Bear Man

    Bear Man Well-Known Member

    I'd still just love to see what those bases look like without any modifications or additions...
  3. biblebetty

    biblebetty Well-Known Member

    I have been a puppeteer for 20yrs, worked with a church puppet team for seven yrs. To answer you first two questions.
    Anyone here make Puppets for Church? I have no idea how many I'll need etc

    It depends on the story or the kind of show you choose to do. Our shows start with a six yr old girl named bible betty who talks with a lisp, she has a dog named St Bernard. they talk about what she learned in sunday school or other issues and in between the talks, other puppets come out to sing songs. in a small show I use anywere from 7 to 12 puppets, in big show I use 12 to 22. but it also depend on how many people I have. I also have light and heavy puppets. I use the heavy ones in short songs & short skits

    Is it somehow considered wrong to use Muppet style characters for Church? All the Church puppets I've seen so far (on the web) are cartoon style people!

    I buy and build puppets, (you can ck my flicker page to see both) Its ok but if you are going to do show for church on a regular basis (speacial events, holidays etc) u should create a charter that the children can get to know and love, that can talk about the things they are faced with. we do 15 to 18 shows for my church and everyone know Bible Betty & St Bernard and the advertures they have with their best friend (who is a talking bible that I builded) Mr. B. But if its just drifferent stories what matters is that they are colorful, loud, funny, drifferent and it goes with the story your trying to tell. Don't forget big colorful signs. One church we went to would cheer every single time we put up a sign. There is a website www.onewaystreet.com that has a great video called Reaching and Teachig with puppets! by Dale & Liz vonSeggen and it has a lot of good info on starting a team (it's two hrs long) and you say u r a fashion designer if you can afford it go to www.playsoup.com and order "From sketch to show Vol 1 & 2" you will really appreciate the DVD and its right up ur alley. it will teach you how to use your fashion skills to make really great puppets. you'll reconize alot of your fashion technics. Hope this helps.

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