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She Gets What She Wants

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Your Worship, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Your Worship

    Your Worship Active Member

    Thanks so much Ozy! I'm writing as fast as I can--swear!

    Figgie--sorry, this scene isn't in the movie, but I heard it was in the book of the movie and may be a deleted scene. I'm not actually sure if it will ever be available, but as soon as I get my copy, I'm going to check.
  2. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Worship is quite fantastic! Don't you agree Ozy?;)
  3. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Wow- great update!

    I loved how you show that both Kermit and Piggy are at fault for the fallout- Kermit for either leading Piggy on or not telling her that he loves her, and Piggy for not asking Kermit what he wanted or what he was looking for in their relationship...very very powerful stuff, and well written.

    Can't wait to read what comes next!
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  4. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias Well-Known Member

    Very much so. :)
  5. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *waits anxiously for more*:drool:
  6. Your Worship

    Your Worship Active Member

    Just a quickie til I can get some more written:

    She didn’t know how she did it. Piggy had arrived that evening to tell Dr. Gaulle that she no longer required her services. She didn’t need someone to talk to, she certainly didn’t need professional psychiatric help, and she didn’t need to talk about Kermit. Thinking about him was bad enough! And yet here she was, sitting on the chaise lounge and somehow talking about him again, despite her best efforts. There must have been something in her tall caramel extra-froth café mocha this morning.

    The words just poured out of her mouth until she cut herself off by simply clapping both hands over her mouth.

    Dr. Gaulle nodded mysteriously. “You’ve had a breakthrough, Piggy. You’re finally beginning to understand why you’ve been feeling the way you’re feeling and maybe how Kermit has always fit into your life.”

    “I thought you were trying to figure that out,” Piggy protested.

    Dr. Gaulle smiled her grandmotherly smile. “I am, Piggy, but therapy isn’t about me figuring you out, it’s you figuring yourself out—with a little help.”

    “Well, why don’t you give moi an example—help me understand myself,” she challenged her, jutting her chin out demandingly.

    The Doctor stared at her thoughtfully. “Have you ever noticed, Piggy, that whenever you are feeling nervous and maybe a little overexposed, you—how do you say—change over to a different version of yourself?”

    Piggy stared at her in blank incomprehension. “What are you talking about?” You crazy woman was left unsaid yet heavily underscored.

    “You shift, Piggy—you transform. You sit up straighter, you begin using more French terms, your voice goes up an octave, and you begin batting your eyelashes excessively—you turn an uncomfortable situation into a performance—does that make it easier for you?”

    “Moi—” Dr. Gaulle raised an eyebrow and Piggy hastily regrouped. “I don’t believe I have ever noticed that.”

    “You’re batting your eyes,” the doctor observed.

    Piggy scowled and finally burst out, “Oh, what do you know, anyway?!”

    Dr. Gaulle smiled. “Ah, there you are.”
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  7. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Haha, laughed so hard when I raed that!:) I'm really glad you wrote more, it was nice waking up to this, but it looks like you should get more sleep! Waking up at 2 a.m., you've got guts!:eek: Also, check out A Heart of Gold, it has some mild sex scenes that should help you, they're not graphic, but not so sudle either..;)
  8. Your Worship

    Your Worship Active Member

    Thanks, Figgie!
    bouncingbabyfig likes this.
  9. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

  10. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the frog can certainly be a fink sometimes.

    I have never been able to accept that Kermit didn't care about Piggy and didn't expect that--eventually, when he got around to it--they'd be "together." I just don't think that Kermit (i.e., some MEN) had the same idea of "together" as Piggy (i.e., some women) did. But to think that he picked her for the part of his love (and occasionally, his lover--watch those fantasy scenes in TMM!), wrote the part just for her, played the scenes with her to perfection (always scripting her to say the "I love you" or mushy parts) and cared nothing about her---well, that's not a nice frog. That's not a nice creature. There is not one person on the planet who can think that if he did all of that--and did it knowing that she loved him--that he was a nice frog, and that he was blameless in hurting her far worse than was necessary. Kermit, who has compassion for Fozzie's insecurity, and for Gonzo's borderline idea of talent, and for Bearegard's fix-it-up skills that usually end up being tear-it-up skills--that THAT Kermit did this, and did it without caring a bouncing baby fig about Piggy? Impossible.

    Kermit's not good at expressing himself and strong emotions. He can give a rousing speech, but ask him to talk about his personal feelings and he's going to go off and talk to himself. (Just like a puppeteer....) So it does make sense that, panicked and cornered and overwhelmed by feelings he doesn't know how to control, he says some rash things, and does some mean things, and drives away his only real hope for not growing old and wrinkled and miserable alone. And it also makes sense that Piggy would forgive him, because she does understand him, and she knows he may never be able to say what she wants him to say unless he scripts it, and maybe not then. But not being able to say it doesn't mean he isn't able to feel it, and I think the preponderance of evidence says he does feel it, and does love her.

    I like how emotionally together Piggy was in the movie, and I like the way you are letting us see how you think she got there, Dear.* Kudos to you and to my girl for getting herself together and becoming happy like she is, frog or no frog.

    *(I am so sorry, but I simply cannot use your screen name comfortably because it is the way you'd typically address the Mayor or a Justice of the Peace or a Magistrate. Is there something else I could call you, or can I just be Southern and call you Dear and Sweetie?)
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  11. Your Worship

    Your Worship Active Member

    Ruahnna--you can call me anything you want. *wink*

    Seriously though, it really doesn't matter. Your Worship, Worshipfulness, Worship, Sweetie, Honey, Babycakes, Hey-you, Sunny-Funny-Bunny-Full-o-Hunny, I'll answer to anything. I swear I didn't pick the name because of the magesterial connotations. It started as a Star Wars joke and then became about me being a relentless shipper in pretty much every genre I write for, so it fits pretty well.
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  12. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I can't remember if I was reading a muppet story or watching interviews or a movie with Miss Piggy, but that name popped up and I thought that was where you got it from.. Hmm, I think I like Worship so I will not call you pumpkin. No offense to anyone, but I'm saving nicknames for marriage.;) Woe to the man who gets this Fig!:batty:
  13. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I was so teary eyed reading the second part and third part made me realize that Piggy must become uncomfortable all the time! And I laughed thinking about with her voice has gotten higher, and she started speaking faux french!
  14. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *nag nag*
    >Elmo voice< Story please!:laugh:
  15. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    i forgot something in my last post!

    Gimmie a U

    Gimmie a P

    Gimmie a D

    Gimmie a A

    Gimmie a T

    Gimmie a E

    What does that spell Muppets?


    :laugh::please? For Elmo?

    If Elmo didn't do the trick, I don't know what will!
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  16. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *sharpens nagging stick* Beware, we are armed!:scary:
  17. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Wow! I commend you misskermie and bouncingbabyfig for your superb nagging skills!! Keep up the good work!

    Your Worship- please post more of your very interesting story when you have the chance!
    bouncingbabyfig likes this.
  18. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    >Bows< Dank you!!;)
  19. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh thank you! *flips hair* It's a gift!:)
  20. Your Worship

    Your Worship Active Member

    OKay, sorry, I'm a bit stuck, but I'll post what I have. It's time to switch from snapshots of the psychotherapist to actual real-time Miss Piggy doing things to get her life in order and that's much harder for me to write.

    “I feel as though there is something missing in my life. I wake up and I go to work, I go out to lunch with friends, sometimes with a special friend, and then I come home to my beautiful apartment and I look around at everything I have—everything I always promised myself I would have, and it’s not enough. It feels empty; I feel alone.”

    “Why do you think you’re feeling this way?”

    “I guess it’s just Kermit again; I never felt this way when he was here,” Piggy sighed.

    Dr. Gaulle pursed her lips reflectively. “Piggy, your dreams when you were with Kermit, what exactly were they?”

    Piggy shrugged. “The same as anyone’s—marriage, children, the house with the white picket fence…”

    “How many children did you want?”

    Piggy smiled. “Oh, two or three—though pigs tend to have larger litters and so do frogs, so I’d probably have ended up with more than that.”

    “And did you have names picked out?”

    “I’d only definitely settled on two. For a boy, I was thinking Justinian and for a girl, Evangeline.”

    Dr. Gaulle smiled slightly. “Why those names?”

    Piggy shrugged as though that should be obvious. “Why, so they would have good strong show business names; names that attract attention will stick in a director’s mind. Why do you think I never changed my name, hmm? It’s not always fun being a supermodel named Piggy—but at the same time, no one ever forgets you.”

    “No, I imagine not,” was Dr. Gaulle’s dry response. “So you wanted them to follow in your footsteps, then? Make their way on the stage?”

    Piggy’s mouth twisted into a wry smile. “It would have been nice, but I certainly wouldn’t have forced them. I—” She cut herself off abruptly, feeling a bit ill-at-ease. She couldn’t believe what she had almost said. But why not—this Doctor couldn’t tell anyone anyway, so what was the point of keeping a secret.

    “You what?” Dr. Gaulle asked.

    “I’ve never told anyone this…” she said, feeling strangely calm. “I opened a savings account for my children—oh, years ago. Right after I got my first big modeling check. I put half of it in the bank and…well, I’ve been adding to it ever since. You know, college isn’t getting any cheaper,” she added a bit defensively.

    Dr. Gaulle nodded thoughtfully. “No, no, you’re perfectly right.” She folded her hands and leaned forward, which Piggy had begun to associate with a sudden insight into her life. She held her breath. “It seems to me, Piggy, that you have given a great deal of thought to motherhood. It’s a fully realized dream, but you have tied it up with your dreams of a life with Kermit. Have you ever considered having this dream independent of Kermit?”
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