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She Gets What She Wants

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Your Worship, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Lol, I can't wait to see their reactions! HA! kermit sleeping in Piggy's room...sigh, Lovey dovey!! You did a really good job on 80's Robot and now I must *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* away..:D
  2. Your Worship

    Your Worship Member

    He came home just as it was getting dark—another exhausting day trying to sell an idea without a script, promising that soon it would be finished, insisting it just needed some fine tuning. In reality, he had ended it a hundred times and deleted the ending just as many. It was never right.

    He opened the door quietly—he was a bit earlier than usual and he figured he probably had a chance of sneaking up to his room without Eighties Robot trying to shove a glass of beet-root-and-larvae juice down his throat. He set down his briefcase and padded as silently as he could up the stairs of Piggy’s house. He sighed—even two years later he still thought of it as hers. Maybe that was why he was so fond of it.

    He reached the top of the stairs and turned right, sneaking down the hall like a thief. He finally reached the door and ducked inside, closing the door gently. He just wanted to sleep and he didn’t care if it was eight o’clock and most famous actors were just preparing to go out. He had never been like a regular actor and he wasn’t sure he was all that famous anymore, either.

    Mechanically, without even reaching for the light switch, he began to shed his tie, jacket, shirt, belt, and pants. He was too tired to do more than lay them over the edge of nearest chair, though he was tempted to leave them a crumpled bundle on the floor. It was only then that he turned to the bed and stopped abruptly.

    Even in the dim light and covered by a blanket, he would have known that silhouette anywhere. He blinked, staring, unable to really believe it. Perhaps it was just a hallucination—or a pile of clothes that just happened to have formed just the right shape. He struggled between the urge to verify that the impossible had somehow happened and the strong desire to simply stand and stare and hope that it was true.

    But his hand was a traitor that sneaked out and fumbled until it found the light switch and flipped it on. And there she lay, perfect golden curls tumbled artfully around her pink ears, one arm curled over her breasts and her hand fisted over her heart. He felt his own clench painfully, emotions swirling through his brain almost faster than he could process them—as they always did when he saw Piggy again after a long absence.

    Normally, he spent this time gazing speechlessly at her, trying to keep from drowning in those big, beautiful eyes. Then, invariably, she would do something—like tackle him to the ground or throw a diva tantrum about something unimportant, or pretend not to remember him, something to make him remember all the reasons they would never work. He had never come across her like this, soft and vulnerable and unaware. It forced him to think about the way she smothered him in kisses with the least provocation, the way she smiled when he took her hand, or even the way she blotted her lipstick on his mirror when he left her alone in his dressing room.

    The way she loved him.

    He had missed her so much. So much more than he had expected—so much more than he had wanted to. And he couldn’t seemed to help drawing closer…

    Then she made a soft sound, a sleepy hum, a prelude to waking that made his webbed feet freeze in their tracks. It happened almost in slow motion. Her eyelids trembled and blinked open sleepily, and her head turned at the sound of his strangled, choking gasp. She caught sight of him and a slow, sensuous smile spread across her lips—so natural and involuntary that he nearly choked on his own tongue. She sat up, perhaps still not fully awake and the sheet slid down to her waist—and then he was choking on his tongue for a completely different reason.

    Piggy frowned, probably at the gobsmacked expression on his face, and glanced down to where his gaze was fixated. She blushed hotly and yanked the covers up to her chin, her spine straightening abruptly as he head suddenly took on a defiant, haughty tilt. “Kermit—what are you going in Moi’s room?” she demanded.

    Kermit turned three different colors of dark green. “I wasn’t—I didn’t know you were here—I wouldn’t have—I, uh—I have to go.” He didn’t hop; he flew out of the room. He rushed all the way downstairs, knocking over knickknacks and disturbing furniture all the way to the front door…where he ran into the second to the last person he had wanted to see at the moment.

    “Good evening, Kermit, would you like a glass of this totally kickin larvaelimeade?” Eighties Robot asked in an oddly hopeful monotone.

    Wordlessly Kermit took the glass, downed it like a shot, opened the door and headed outside for a long, cold, brisk walk.

    “Wow,” Eighties Robot said, closing the door. “Like, you are welcome.”


    Piggy stared at the door Kermit had just rushed out of, trying to figure out exactly what had just happened. She had called ahead and left a message that she would be in today, and if Kermit hadn’t known she was here, then why had he come to her room? And, and, if he didn’t care enough to even send a Christmas card, why was he acting like the sight of a little—okay, miniscule—French lingerie was enough to give him an apoplexy?

    It was a mystery.

    Right up until she got out of bed to find a robe and nearly tripped over a two tiny felt slippers. Her eyes wandered around the room, taking in the casually draped suit on her chair and the empty glass on the wrong side of the bed. And then she gave a secret, womanly smile as she began to dress.
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  3. Your Worship

    Your Worship Member

    For some reason, this was my favorite part to write so far.
  4. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I loved this chapter! Please write more like this! It was so cute!
  5. Scooterfan5

    Scooterfan5 Active Member

    Aww please write more :D
  6. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    Wow- definitely some of the best writing I have seen on here lately- the emotions were great, descriptions really detailed- Very well done!

    Can't wait to read what happens next! Keep up the really good work :)
  7. Your Worship

    Your Worship Member

    Just because she’d been away for a few years didn’t mean Piggy had forgotten how Kermit worked; and right now her froggy sense was tingling. She’d bet her new diamond-encrusted ipod case that he would be attempting to sneak off to bed without talking to her the minute he walked in the door. With that in mind, she dug through her trunk for a nightgown and robe then went downstairs to wait for him.

    Sure enough, at 8:45 her returned, so quietly she might have missed him if she hadn’t been actively watching. But really, that’s what she got for painting the hallway frog-skin green.


    He froze, shoulders hunching up defensively. “Piggy—” he said, seemingly not sure where to go from there.

    “I guess you didn’t get my message,” she said pointedly. She did not put her hands on his hips and tap his foot while glaring accusingly—she didn’t need to. Piggy could convey deep disappointment shadowed by rage and disdain with a single glance.

    “Uh..no…I guess you’re…uhm…coming for a visit?” Kermit asked tentatively.

    “Try, moving back in,” she replied firmly.

    His eyes widened. “With—with me?” he croaked.

    “Yes—where else would I go?”

    “I—um—I just thought, I mean, people might assume—that is, there may be some talk…”

    Piggy shrugged. “I’m used to people talking about moi.” She didn’t always like it, but once her news hit, there would be no way to prevent it, really. At least it would be more interesting to gossip about than her love life.

    “But—I mean…Piggy, you can’t just—”

    “Look, let’s just skip all the stuttering and talk about what you’re really worried about, okay frog?”

    He blinked. “Uh—what?”

    Piggy rolled her eyes. “You think I’ve quit my job and crossed a continent to somehow trap you in another relationship,” she told him. “Well, you can forget it. There will be no ‘friendly’ dinners, no late-night walks under the moonlight, no sharing a bottle of wine. I refuse to get sucked into another self-destructive cycle with you. I have come home for one reason and one reason only,” she said dramatically.

    There was a long pause. “And what reason is that?” he asked.

    Piggy tossed her curls. “None of your beeswax! Now, I’ll mind my business and you mind yours—capiche?”

    “But Piggy—?” Kermit said perplexed.

    “Good night, Kermit,” she said firmly, before she could weaken. Then, without even a glance at his expression, she strode straight up the stairs to her room and firmly closed the door.


    Kermit stared after her—honestly confused. He’d seen Piggy in command and he’d seen her passionate and he’d seen her articulate, but he’d never have believed she could be more than two of those at the same time—not with him, anyway. Still, experience had shown him that Piggy was willing and able to do anything to get what she wanted; and for years now, what she wanted was him. Most likely this was just another, more devious attempt to trick him into dating her again.

    He set his jaw. It wasn’t going to work this time. If—and it was a big if—he and Piggy started a relationship it would be when he was ready. He wasn’t going to be forced into anything! No, he’d stay quiet and watchful, try to figure out her little game. Piggy had always been pretty transparent about those sorts of things in the past. He was confident she would slip up soon—and the sooner he had it all figured out, the sooner things could get back to normal.

    Whatever that was.


    Kermit stayed on his guard for most of the next two weeks of Miss Piggy’s ‘visit.’ Oddly enough, she did seem to be keeping to herself. He almost never saw her out of her wing of the house unless they passed each other on the stairs or bumped into each other in the kitchen. She didn’t try to prolong those moments either. If anything, she was usually in a rush—too busy to chat. She didn’t throw tantrums, she didn’t make demands, she didn’t start fights. In fact, the only Piggy-like behavior she’d exhibited was the near constant shopping.

    It seemed as though things were being delivered constantly—big cardboard boxes that disappeared into one of the unfurnished rooms near hers. He was curious about the spending spree—what could she possibly need that she didn’t already have—but he didn’t even try to ask about it. For one, it was her money, and for the second, well, starting a conversation would open up a can of worms that would be difficult to close.

    The fallout if Piggy knew—that is, thought—that he missed her was unimaginable.

    Still, it was rather annoying that she had let 80’s Robot in on it. He signed for packages and disappeared for hours—presumably in Miss Piggy’s company. Then, when Kermit had innocently asked what they were up to, Robot had informed him that Piggy had asked him not to discuss it. Like it was some big secret he was keeping for her! Like if Kermit found out what was going on in his own house it would be some kind of security threat!

    Not that he cared what Piggy was doing—it was just that he didn’t appreciate being constantly interrupted by the doorbell. In fact, 80’s Robot and Piggy could spend all the time they wanted together; Kermit could care less! And if they liked each other so much, Piggy could go ahead and marry 80’s Robot!

    Except that she probably couldn’t, because legally speaking, he was pretty sure she was already married.

    To him.
  8. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Oh yes brilliant! I loved it! Especially the ending. not only that, but I don't think 80's Robot can get married anyway, because I don't think he's a legal american. LOL
  9. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    Ooh I like how Piggy is handling this and I love Kermit's reaction to 80's robot working with Piggy- is that jealousy I detect?

    Definitely have my own thoughts of what the purchases are for and what the room next to Piggy's is going to be...so adorable.

    Love it how Piggy still gets under his skin even though she is avoiding him like the plague.

    Can't wait to read more!
  10. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Just catching up and glad to see our diva is in full command of the situation--and the family robot! Look forward to more when it comes.

    (Although, personally, I don't think Kermit is quite as asbestos as he seemed. Could he stay away from her room--from his legally wedded wife's room--when she is wearing French lingerie? For two weeks? I don't really think he could stay away from her.)
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  11. Your Worship

    Your Worship Member

    Ah, but remember, they haven't really been together yet, so as much as Kermit might be attracted to her, he's not really at the point where he can envision himself with her--even though he does see her as a sexual being. And I'm not sure about you guys, but I kind of see Kermit as a near-virgin. Maybe he's done some things, but he hasn't gone all the way yet.
  12. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Haha! That was great! She can go and marry 80's robot for all I care! That was the icing! *Serious face* This was an excellent chapter Your Worship! Yes, your name certainly fits you in the writing genre! I agree, Kermit would never do anything...that..um. I can't think of the write word unless we were to make this a PG-13 rating. Um, sensual? He's a little too clean cut for that, which makes me respect him and love him even more! If you were to write a deep into the pit chapter between our two favorite lovers, I would ask for a warning. Call me sheltered, but it makes me a little uncomfortable to read or watch that kind of stuff. I too am also glad to see Piggy in full control and the frog trailing behind, ahh! Such splendid memories!:D I anxiously wait for more!
  13. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I don't care if its PG13... I can still read it LOL
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  14. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I'm just not going to say anything to that...lol
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  15. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Kermit? Un-sensual? hahahahahah! I beg to differ.

    (Keep in mind I don't post all of my stories here at MC.)
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  16. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Now I'm scared Ru! LOL JK!
  17. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Okay, I digress! He has his moments, none of which I haven't exactly seen or read. Do I need or want to know what you have Kermit do in your unposted stories? I don't think he'd be sensual out of marriage, of course what do I know?:p
  18. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

  19. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Also apologizes. We are told not to, but we do any way. Sorry about that Master. Majesty? Higher in writing than myself? All these names work.;)
  20. Your Worship

    Your Worship Member

    I love these kinds of debates, actually. I'm a huge fan of pushing boundaries--but even I have my limits and I would never ask anyone to read anything that made them uncomfortable (for me, that is Buffy/Giles fanfic--geez, he's like her father!). Don't worry, if this ever jumps to anything sexier than a cut scene, there will be a huge bold warning sign.

    That being said--I would love to have you (Figgie) read my Kermit/Piggy love scene because as someone who is normally not into that kind of thing, if I could get you to read it as totally real and natural then I don't think it would freak you out. And then I would know that I'd really achieved something.

    Besides, technically, these two are married. The only reason I balk at having Kermit outright admit he's waiting for marraige is because I don't want anyone to subconsciously assign any religious beliefs to him. (Let's face it, that whole 'in his own image' thing would really make it weird for Kermit to be a Christian and I'm not sure I could see him as anything else. He's like a tiny, green Mr. Rogers.)

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