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Showing what could have been...

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by scooter289, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks TA and Bear. Steppin' Out Bunsen & Beaker is the only packaging that has my name credited in the "Special Thanks" section. And to think... I'd have passed on it if my closest Canadian friend and business partner hadn't pointed it out to me.

    Anyway, I'm gonna try to explain the "Special Thanks" as best I can, the way I explained it to my family.
    Not sure if the trend will continue with the SS releases or any other releases... But...
    1 Don't go blatently asking to have your name on the back of a Palisades Toys action figure boxed release. If it happens, it happens.
    2 The "Special Thanks" section is for two groups of people's names.
    a. One group of names gets printed up in that section cause they've contributed comments or ideas or suggestions to make the final product better than what might have been seen up to previous moments. Those little touches that put the stuff above and beyond what we once knew and placed the Muppets figures at the top of our wishlists.
    b. The second group of people's names are those people that Palisades wants to thank cause of things they've done, contributed to the flow of support for the product, been helpful on the boards... Stuff like that. Not necessarily cause that person's name has anything to do with the release their name appears on, just that said opportunity was the first Palisades had to thank said people.

    As for what I did that merited such thanks... This is pure speculation on my part, but I think it was back in 2003 when everyone was submitting ideas for S7-11.
    See... Ken came here and started a thread asking people to come up with their idea lineups for five series. There were to be four members in the lineups, two playsets, and at least one exclusive per series. Some people posted in the thread here at MC, while others posted in the thread at Palisades' forums. Course, some people got extra-inventive and went all out carrying on to a total of 14 series in their posts. What I did was put all the suggestions into a neatly-organized table format. Kept giving me a headache whenever someone new would post and make me have to start a new table to incorporate their suggestions.
    I still have that table on file, and could send it to whoever's interested in seeing what the fans came up with for those series.

    Anyway, I'm glad Ken revealed what would've been the 2005 release calendar. Gives us something to shoot for in the customs department.
    Hope this helps and have a good night.
  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, will send it to you Ryan. Lemme check a couple of things to see which method I send it though.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    OK, sent it via E-mail Ryan. Hope you get it, took me three tries to get it to accept the attachment.

    Hope you enjoy the table and the ideas put forth by the fan community waaaay back when.
  5. DTWolf

    DTWolf Well-Known Member

    I know the Count is right that the lineups had to be diversified, and I do realize that some variants were just an inexpensive way to add more figures with only the cost of minor resculpting or accessories (like Vacation Fozzie and Vacation Pepe). But I have to basically agree with Bear's comments about variants above. Yes, I own an Adventure Kermit, and I did finally break down and buy the "Muppet Treasure Island" figures, but--really, the variants got old. I had no interest in buying most of them, and I wish Palisades had channeled those resources and effort in a different direction. Maybe Patrol Bear Fozzie sold better than a Security Guard Bobo would have (Fozzie's better known than Bobo, although his "Bear on Patrol" incarnation isn't)--or maybe not.

    The one that really drives me insane is Usher Scooter. An open spot on the next to last series to make it into physical stores, and it was taken by a character variant who had all of five seconds of screen time in a single movie (Muppets Take Manhattan). I don't care if the popcorn popper was cool (as all the reviews say), it's depressing.

    I know, it was a great toy line regardless. Palisades did far more than anyone could have expected them to. But still--some of the choices they made make me shake my head a little. . . .

    Oh, well. It's way too late for second guessing. Not too late for regrets, though!
  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    here is what accessories I would have included with the line-up that was listed.

    series 10
    baby kermit and piggy with rocking horse
    rowlf as dr. bob with sketchoscope, operating table, doctors bag and diploma
    sal manillia with banana, penguin, robin and piece of cake
    uncle deadley with ghost, skull and cendleobra

    series 11
    baby gonzo and rowlf with maracas and piano
    nurse janice with hat, heart pump and cow
    bobo with hat, badge and fan
    louis kazager with microphone, scoreboard, baseball diamond and diamond display

    series 12
    baby fozzie and scooter with maracas and toy plane
    nurse piggy with bean bunny, foo foo and hat
    mahna mahna with the two snowths
    mulch with cabnet, brain, jar and fan mail

    series 13
    patrol link with hat, handcuffs, wanted poster and octopus
    dr. teeth 2 with hat, eyboard and album
    clueless morgan with shovel, pick, sword and rat
    rat pack with 3 rats and cheese

    series 14
    swamp kermit with banjo, strap, log and bush
    photographer gonzo with camera, camera strap, bellhop rat, realistic chicken and photos
    seymour and pepe with elevador operadors manual
    andy and randy with hero sandwhiches
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys. The first entry from the "Would've Been" 2005 calendar is now in my collection. But how, if Palisades won't be making any from the S10-14 posted above? Well, first of all... S10 is being released, as exclusives.
    OK then, how did I get one of the entries from the remaining four series? Answer: Custom figure. Got the figure finished, accessories and all.
    Just gotta take a few more pics, name 'em, and save them to the master CD. After that, it's a matter of showing off the great custom figure I got here in the collection.
  8. Moran9969

    Moran9969 Well-Known Member

    After watching many episodes from the Season 1 DVDs... here's my wish we had list.

    George the Janitor (loved the 'at the dance' sketch)
    Mildred (gotta have George's partner)
    Hilda (although she was only in the 1st season, I thought she was hillarious)
    Wayne and Wanda (they killed me especially the sawing in half sketch)
    Classic Gonzo (Hey if they can have a classic Chef why not Gonzo?)
    Classic Piggy (Hey if they can have a classic Chef why not Piggy?)
    Muppy (loved when he would bite Kermit)
    Link in Smoking Robe (outside of the PIS sketch he would be seen backstage)

    Treasure Island Bunsen
    Treasure Island Beaker
    Treasure Island Fozzie
    Treasure Island Piggy

    Bean Bunny
    Sal Manilla
    Bobo Bear
    Modern Gonzo
    Modern Statler & Waldor

    And even though Wizard of OZ wasn't the greatest Muppet outing... would love to see figures made from their characters.
  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    If he was released, I think he should have come with a mop, old style mop bucket (if there was a budget problem, then a re-use of beauregards mop bucket), a water bottle (for planting), a sponge, and if there was any room left, the lead-singing ragg mopp.

    If she were released, I think she should have come with a pack-in character, like lenny The Lizard, Boppity or Gloat.

    If she was released, I think she should have come with a sewing machine and a pack-in of either baskerville, green hunchback frackle, or droop (somebody visually appealing).

    I am not sure if they could have come together (unless they were an exclusive), but if they were released, I think they should have worn their outfits from their first appearance. accessories they could have had: wayne- a caine, Lenny the lizard, a snef, the dancero, and/ or Boppity. wanda- an umbrella, baskerville, french bread, and/ or the scoffs.

    I think Muppy could have been a pack-in character (maybe coming with j.p. gross or a variant of either scooter or rowlf), but if released on his own, he could have come with a "The Muppy Show" sign, glass of milk (with straw attached), a box of dog snacks, and a water dish. or baskerville could have been packed in with him.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... Muppy was nominated as one of the almost 70 candidates for the great Muppets Pack-In Contest. But Muppy got eliminated in the first round of cuts when Ken said that Muppy wasn't rully that iconic. And if he had the chance as to which pooch pack-in could/would/might get made waaaay back then, he'd tend to favor Foo-Foo since it could've been packed with one last variant of Piggy like Nurse Piggy that'd've made sense... Since you'd need all three Vet's Hospital character/figures to have a whole set.
    But we know those dreams have long since evaporated. Just hoping for great things with the SS line, and whatever customs we the fan community come up with.
  11. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    So what happens to the prototypes of Muppet figures never released...ebay?

    I see Sesame Street figure line as the direct continuation as the Muppet line...it's no coincidence they are in the exact same scale. And what about that unreleased Gobo Fraggle figure?
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You'd have to ask the folks over at Palisades those questions Corey.
    As for the Gobo figure, it wasn't so much an unpainted figure as so much it was an unpainted prototype.

    Hope this helps.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    You do realize that Polly Lobster, not "Bad Polly", was released with Captain Abraham Smollet in S7?
  14. flyingpenguin

    flyingpenguin Well-Known Member

    This thread makes me so sad!! I used to love checking this site to see what was coming out and when, and now all of those muppets that will never be made...(their weeping keeps me up at night!)

    (or maybe that's indigestion...)

  15. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Man dude that pretty munh a whole Miss. Piggy :mad: series, that's crazy. Speaking of action figures of Muppet Pigs, did I hear right, Randy and Andy Pig was going to be made:boo: . I'm sorry but I wasn't and still am not fan of theres, they are my all time least favorite muppets. If we need a non pigs from space pig, than I would rather have Spamela Hamderson:flirt: . But that's just what I think, I understand to each their own. But for most of the list it's does kinda make me sad. But I'm still happy out of what came out of the line, anyway. You may have guessed I love Janice and to have her in my collection is a treat for me. But not only that, look at the guys we would of never thought would have their own figures, I'm talking about Beauregrad, Pops, Lips Uncle Deadly and more. So I'm happy.

    But it would of been cool to have most of thoes as well. I wonder what Dr. Teeth 2 was going to look like.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wow... didn't rully remember that one... To answer a question you posted...
    The way Ken saw it was that though Andy and Randy Pig were like the least likeable candidates for action figure form/release, they were still part of the Muppet Universe and when wanting as a complete a collection as possible he'd want these as figures too. Most fans compare them to Jar-Jar Binx, and following on the example, you couldn't truly call it a complete Star Wars collection without having a Jar-Jar figure made. Whether the fans bought it, that would be part of the equation, but at least the figure would have been made. At least, that's the way Ken felt about it.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    And as a follow-up... Here's how I reorganized the lineup so it'd be a bit more balanced in terms of which probable releases went where.

    Palisades Toys Probable 2005 Muppets Calendar.
    Series 11:
    Benjamina Gun and Flaubert the Anteater.
    Clueless Morgan and Mad Monty.
    Andy and Randy Pig.
    Lewis Kazagger.
    5th Figure: Super Lew Zealand.

    11 XClusives:
    Repaint: Lewis Kazaggar, in neon sportscoat or sportsjacket.
    Retailer: Vacation Animal.
    Tour Figures:
    Robotbuster Bunsen and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Robotbuster Beaker and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Conventions: Super Gonzo and Super Rizzo, Wizard World Los Angeles.

    Series 12:
    Dr. Bob and Chester Rat and Tattooey Rat.
    Baby Kermit and Baby Miss Piggy.
    Patrol Chief Link and Muppet Octopus.
    Bobo the Bear Guard.
    **5th Figure: Super Link Hogthrob.

    12 XClusives.
    Repaint: Bobo the Bear Guard, in darker suit as Rentro from MFS.
    Tour Figures:
    Robotbuster Bunsen and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Robotbuster Beaker and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Money Man (Statler), Wizard World Philadelphia.
    Wonder Pig, San Diego Comic Con.

    Series 13:
    Squire Trelawney and Wall-Eyed Pike.
    Nurse Piggy and Foo-Foo.
    Baby Gonzo and Rowlf.
    Mulch and the Gargoyle.
    5th Figure: Super Fozzie.

    13 XClusives:
    Repaint: Bad Luck Mulch, in blacker fur.
    Retailer: Vacation Swedish Chef.
    Tour Figures:
    Robotbuster Bunsen and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Robotbuster Beaker and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Convention: Steppin' Out Sam the Eagle and Irving Bizarre, Wizard World Chicago.

    Series 14:
    Nurse Janice and Masterson Rat and Yolanda Rat.
    Baby Fozzie and Baby Scooter.
    Seymour and Pepe.
    Miss Piggy 2 and Bean Bunny.
    5th Figure: Mahna Mahna and the Snowths.

    14 XClusives:
    Repaint: Miss Piggy 2, in white dress/gown and Steppin' Out Bean Bunny.
    Online Retailer: Dr. Teeth 2.
    Tour Figures:
    Robotbuster Bunsen and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Robotbuster Beaker and half of Robot Abraham Lincoln.
    Holiday Kermit and Robin.

    End of Line Exclusive: Steppin' Out Statler with half of balcony.
    End of Line Exclusive: Steppin' Out Waldorf with half of balcony.
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh... And I'm with you... Would've liked to get Spamela Hamderson in the lineups somewhere, or at least Annie Sue.
  19. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    I would have loved all of the figures listed. I would have liked in particular any Holiday, MTI or Baby figures.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey guys... Kudos and a big thumbs up go to Anica (MuppetQuilter) for finding and sending this to Ken... Another potential lineup plan of how the entirety of the action figure run would've gone. Enjoy.

    2003 - First Quarter
    Series 3
    25th Anniversary Rowlf
    Lew Zealand

    2003 - Second Quarter
    Series 4
    Samuel Arrow
    Julius Strangepork
    Link Hogthrob
    Exclusive/Variant SuperHero Scooter
    In Case Repaint Rizzo
    Playset Pigs In Space
    First Mate Piggy Figure
    MEGA Muppet Fozzie
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #1

    2003 - Third Quarter
    Series 5
    Patrol Bear Fozzie
    Muppet Newsman
    Exclusive/Variant-PHILLY Convention Bunsen/Beaker 2-pack
    Exclusive/Variant-CHICAGO Convention Statler/Waldorf
    Exclusive/Variant-SDCC Convention Swedish Chef
    In Case Repaint Patrol Bear Fozzie
    Playset Electric Mayhem Bus - Janice
    MEGA Muppet Bunsen Honeydew
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #2

    2003 - Fourth Quarter
    Series 6
    Exclusive/Variant Pepe
    Exclusive/Variant Link Hogthrob
    In Case Repaint Clifford
    Special Deluxe Playset Muppet Show Stage
    Playset Planet Koozebane - Kermit in Trenchcoat
    MEGA Muppet Swedish Chef
    PVC Boxed Set Muppet Christmas Carol

    2004 - First Quarter
    Series 7
    Miss Piggy Benjamina Gunn
    Johnny Fiama
    Sal Manilla
    Marvin Suggs
    Exclusive/Variant Beaker
    Exclusive/Variant Dr. Teeth
    In Case Repaint TBD
    Playset Happiness Hotel - Pops
    MEGA Muppet Pepe
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #3

    2004 - Second Quarter
    Series 8
    Kermit MCC
    Bean Bunny
    Swedish Chef as Kalif
    Louis Kazagger
    Exclusive/Variant Fozzie
    Exclusive/Variant Animal
    In Case Repaint Johnny Fiama
    Playset Backstage Playset - Sam the Eagle
    MEGA Muppet Animal
    PVC Boxed Set The Muppet Movie

    2004 - Third Quarter
    Series 9
    Dr. Phil Van Neuter
    Muppet Babies 3-pack
    Uncle Deadly
    Exclusive/Variant-PHILLY Convention Cool Bunsen
    Exclusive/Variant-CHICAGO Convention Miss Piggy
    Exclusive/Variant-SDCC Convention Pepe
    Exclusive/Variant-MuppetFest Convention Dr. Animal
    Playset Bear on Patrol - Sgt. Link Hogthrob Figure
    MEGA Muppet Rizzo
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #4

    2004 - Fourth Quarter
    Series 10
    Gonzo (MCC)
    Rizzo (From MCC
    Statler (MCC)
    Waldorf (MCC)
    Exclusive/Variant TBD
    Exclusive/Variant TBD
    Playset MCC Main Street - Kermit/Robin
    MEGA Muppet Rowlf
    PVC Boxed Set Muppets From Space

    2005 - First Quarter
    Series 11
    Nurse Piggy
    Scooter (TMTM)
    Angus McGonagle
    Exclusive/Variant Kermit (TMM)
    Exclusive/Variant TBD
    Playset Veterinarian's Hospital Rowlf as Dr. Bob
    MEGA Muppet Miss Piggy
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #5

    2005 - Second Quarter
    Series 12
    Nurse Janice
    Kermit/Pepe (with MFS labcoat disguise conversion)
    Exclusive/Variant Gonzo/Rizzo
    Exclusive/Variant TBD
    In Case Repaint Lips
    Playset Hispaniola Pirate Ship - Fozzie (Squire Trelawney)
    MEGA Muppet Dr. Teeth
    PVC Boxed Set Muppets Tonight

    2005 - Third Quarter
    Series 13
    Exclusive/Variant-PHILLY Convention TBD
    Exclusive/Variant-CHICAGO Convention TBD
    Exclusive/Variant-SDCC Convention TBD
    Exclusive/Variant-MuppetFest Convention WhatNot Muppet Pack
    Playset Oznog Spaceship - Gonzo Foil Suit
    MEGA Muppet Zoot
    PVC Boxed Set Arch Series #6

    2005 - Fourth Quarter
    Series 14
    Animal (Pajamas)
    Muppet Babies 3-pack
    Exclusive/Variant Pepe
    In Case Repaint
    Playset/Figure(s): Renaissance Muppet Labs - Beaker (in MTI look)
    MEGA Muppet Janice
    PVC Boxed Set Muppet Treasure Island

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