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Sketches and Songs on Sesame Street videos

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by GonzoLeaper, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I thought that you already knew that it was a special video release of both videos. Otherwise I probably should have said something.
  2. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I was just wondering... We All Sing Together and Imagine That! both feature Cecille skits. Was the opening song included on those videos, or was the Cecille theme cut from either release?
  4. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Hmm- I don't even remember exactly what the Cecile theme song was...from what I recall, no- I don't think it was included on either video. I think they just kind of jump into the song.
  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The Cecille theme was sung by Christopher Cerf (who also voiced Chrissy of Chrissy and the Alphabeats, and Bruce Stringbean of Born to Add). The lyrics went "She can bounce, she can roll, she can spin like a wheel...", and so on.
  6. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Okay- those lyrics sound a bit familiar...but sorry- I don't think I saw them on the videos in question.
  7. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Some thoughts on "3 Sesame Street stories"

    Okay, well I just got through watching "3 Sesame Street Stories" this morning. It's been reviewed on here before, so I won't go into a lot of detail, but I thought I'd make a few comments. This video, along with the "5 Sesame Street Stories" video, has some key differences from the Start-to-Read video series. Those have still images of pages from storybooks and only have Caroll Spinney narrating, as well as doing voices for all characters.
    The "3" and "5" Stories videos still have animated images- not quite a cartoon, but not quite a still image either. It's a bit similar to the Marvel superhero cartoon of the 1960s- Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Sub-Mariner and Hulk (there were also Spider-Man and Fantastic Four cartoons, but the animation for those were a slight bit better)- for those familiar with those cartoons.
    And the other thing is that, as far as I can tell, the original performers all voice their characters and that's cool. In one of the stories on the video, I got to see Little Bird show up as a main character, along with cameos from Biff and Sully, Roosevelt Franklin, Betty Lou and even Rodeo Rosie. I can't remember if I've seen her on the show before or not- if I have, it was when I was a kid...and it's been a long time since I've heard Rodeo Rosie's voice- so that was cool. Also, there was a character named Mrs. Washington, who I almost thought was Susan- but I'm pretty sure her last name is Robinson. Also, Big Bird would have addressed her as Susan, rather than Mrs. Washington. In fact, Mr. Hooper is pretty much the only human on Sesame Street Big Bird or any of the Muppets have ever really addressed by their proper title- so it's interesting that Big Bird refers to this character as Mrs. Washington instead of her first name.
    Anyway, it's a fun video to watch that comes off like a cartoon version of Sesame Street!:)
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I recently read at Muppet Wiki that she was called Susan in the book release, but the video changes her name. Same with Slimey in The City Mouse and the Country Mouse. I think Maria's name was also changed for the video of Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street, though in that same video, Mr. MacIntosh was referred to by his actual name, instead of a made-up name.
  9. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    And now- a new review!

    Here's a review of "Kids' Favorite Songs 2"- a 2001 Sesame Street Home Video with an approximate run time of about 45 minutes.

    Plot- We start on the Street, where Mary and her lamb dart by. A Honker can be seen in the background. We jump to Elmo in the arbor area humming "Elmo's Song" and he mentions he's humming his favorite song- and explains that he has his video camera with him to record other kids' favorite songs. (Throughout the video, Elmo is asking kids for their favorite songs)
    -A few kids are shown in a video stating their favorite songs, and the last one mentioned is "On Top of Spaghetti"...
    This leads into Snuffy singing "On Top of Spaghetti" while enacting the song by eating the spaghetti and sneezing the meatball off and chasing after it.
    Then Elmo asks a kid on the street his favorite song and he says he likes "Hey Diddle Diddle".
    -Classic cartoon- purple turtle with banjo sings "Hey Diddle Diddle" (after the first time through, it's broken up with live kids singing the song, and then jumps back to the cartoon for the second time through.)
    Back on the Street we briefly see a bird (who I think looks like the bird from the "divorce" News Flash) Elmo pops the question and kids answer with "The Bear Went Over the Mountain"
    -This leads into video of Baby Bear going over a mountain as song is sung by off camera kids. At end of song, Baby Bear sees Snuffy running down the mountain, still chasing the meatball.
    Next, Elmo asks for favorite active song- and "The Ants Go Marching" is chosen by kids.
    -Cartoon - "The Ants Go Marching Song" by lady from Elmo's World "fill in the blank" Channel segments.
    Elmo greets a pig briefly and then asks for happy songs. Kids of course name "If You're Happy and You Know It" (Some sing a variation- "If You're Silly and You Know It, Make a Funny Face":p )
    -Song- Zoe and 2 kids sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" as Baby Bear comes up and tries to tell them about seeing Snuffy chase meatball on the mountain. As they keep singing and Baby Bear goes from sad to angry to tired, they change the song accordingly, and pretend to fall asleep at the end of the "tired" verse. Baby Bear laughs at this- and now he's happy, so they can sing the song proper. Baby Bear can't remember what he was going to tell them at the end of it- but then remembers when Snuffy goes by again, still chasing the meatball.
    Elmo asks 2 kids for good sing-along song and they name "The Wheels on The Bus"
    -Song - Lulu (a blue Muppet with red? hair, I think) teaches kids, Baby Bear, Elmo and Big Bird "The Wheels on The Bus" in Big Bird's nest and they all sing along for a verse.
    Jump back to Elmo and kids who sing a few more verses.
    Then Elmo asks for nursery rhymes.
    Kids give their favorites.
    -Cartoon - "Mother Goose Jamboree" (medley of nursery rhymes)- features cartoons that remind me of classic Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies animation.
    Elmo asks for favorite animal songs
    "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is named- and live kids sing it
    -Song- Elmo sings "Mary Had a Little Lamb" as Mary and lamb enact song- red and blue Honkers are seen at school...at end of song, lamb sees Snuffy go by and follows him.
    Elmo asks for more favorites and next one named is "Up and Down with Captain Brown"
    -Classic cartoon- "Up and Down With Captain Brown" (featuring George Washington-like character going up and down a hill)
    Elmo finds kid with a rubber duckie and mentions that Ernie loves rubber duckies and "Rubber Duckie" is his favorite song. Elmo and kid sing the song.
    -Song- Ernie sings his classic "Rubber Duckie" (this is a new Steve Whitmire version, which is interlaced with live kids bathing)
    On the Street, a Honker goes by reading a book and Elmo asks for favorite song to go to sleep with. Kids answer with lullabys.
    Song- Rosita sings "Duermete" ( a Spanish lullaby) to put Baby Natasha to sleep for her nap. Snuffy and lamb go by at end of song and wake Natasha up.
    Elmo and 2 kids are singing "Row Row Your Boat" and Elmo wants to sing it in a round. Then he shows a video to explain a round song.
    - Classic Cartoon- Purple turtle from "Hey Diddle Diddle" cartoon and listens to his 3 nephews sing a "round" song for him- "Come Follow Me to the Redwood Tree"
    Back to Elmo and kids singing "Row Row Your Boat" as a round.
    -Song- cartoon lady from Elmo's World "Fill in the blank" Channel segments sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (This cuts to live kids singing it at one point- and then jumps back to the cartoon)
    Elmo concludes that kids like lots of good songs and goes off to tell his friends about it. Snuffy comes by chasing meatball- Rosita and Baby Bear and lamb come by to ask about it. Snuffy says he lost it and goes home. Elmo rejoins the group then in front of Hooper's Store. Suddenly, meatball starts rolling toward Elmo, who stands petrified as Rosita, Baby Bear and lamb jump out of the way. Snuffy rushes in and pushes Elmo out of the way and crushes meatball with his foot. (Perhaps a "Raiders of the Lost Ark" reference?)
    Elmo thanks Snuffy and his friends congratulate him on being a hero, but feel sad for him because his meatball got squashed. Elmo sings his favorite song to cheer him up-which is of course, "Elmo's Song". Elmo, Baby Bear, Rosita and Snuffy all take turns singing the song and personalizing it. Snuffy then asks someone to help wash the mush off his feet.
    Ending credits roll with live kids singing their versions of "Elmo's Song".

    AND- this video has a bonus! We get to see one of the then-new "Hero Guy" segments. Baby Bear is painting in the arbor area and is singing "I've Got Rhythm" (of which Fozzie Bear has none:o )- and then he sings the Hero Guy theme song. Baby Bear's Hero Guy drawing comes to life as a cartoon and leads him in singing. Soon Telly comes by and asks to join in, and so he sings along with Baby Bear and Hero Guy as the end credits roll for this segment.


    Okay-well, I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of this video, but I did enjoy it pretty well. It was fun seeing Sesame Street characters performing some of these classic kid's songs. I'm not sure if any of these songs were segments on the show or if they were performed just for this video. There were a few cartoons included and that was neat- I mainly loved the purple turtle songs- I used to love those 2 cartoons when I was younger. And "Up and Down with Captain Brown"- I remember seeing that one quite a bit too.
    It was also nice seeing Snuffy playing a pretty big role in the video- and though you normally expect to see him paired with Big Bird, it was kinda fun to see him interacting with just Elmo, Rosita, and Baby Bear (though Big Bird does make an appearance in one of the songs- don't get me wrong- I love Big Bird and love seeing him with Snuffy too!)
    I think I may actually have liked this video better than the first "Kids' Favorite Songs" volume, but it wasn't an overabundance of classic clips or anything. Still, there were a few classics here and there that were fun to see again.
  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I am a bit confused about what you mena by a new Steve Whitmire recording of Rubber Duckie interlaced with footage of kids bathing. Were the Ernie scenes made for this video? I know that there was a new version of Rubber Duckie made for the show in season 30, but the original Jim Henson audio recording was used. There was also a film insert using Jim Henson's recording over footage of kids taking baths.
  11. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Well, Steve Whitmire is credited on the video cover- and I'm pretty sure those were his vocals rather than Jim Henson's. (Though Steve did a good job.)
    But the video sequence is probably the one you mentioned from Season 30- because it's definitely not the original version from 1969. And during the song, it jumps to clips of kids bathing and then jumps back to Ernie to finish up the song. I'd probably have to look at the Season 30 version of "Rubber Duckie" to tell for sure- but I'm pretty sure that this is Steve Whitmire singing "Rubber Duckie", using the new footage filmed for Season 30.
  12. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    At long last! The "Getting Ready for School" review!!!

    Okay- here it is. The one that I've been putting off doing for so long, but I finally got around to it. And it's one of the more classic 80s releases- so you know there's good stuff on this one!

    Here we go- the review for "Getting Ready For School"!!!:) (This is a "My Sesame Street Home Video" release and runs about 30 minutes. I thought it was interesting to note that the VHS cover actually states "Great Moments From Sesame Street with New Live Segments")

    Video starts with classic Children's Television Workshop logo (you know, the blue letters that appear) and then the cartoon version of Cookie Monster eating the "My Sesame Street Home Video" sign.

    Plot- Big Bird is standing by his nest and offers to tell you about school (because he's been there 3 days.) Big Bird admits being scared of school at first- but then he saw the alphabet at school and was comforted by it because of the familiarity it brought. Then he recalls the first time he saw the alphabet, leading into...

    Classic Song- ABC-DEF-GHI (Big Bird standing outside of Mr. Hooper's Store with the green banner and pink letters of the alphabet hung up.)

    Big Bird then reminds veiwers that there's numbers at school too.

    Cartoon- Peacock counts his 20 feathers.

    Big Bird says there signs all over school- like "School", "Exit" and "Bus Stop"

    Cartoon- Man in blue cap builds a bus stop from out of a paper bag on a street corner. A big hand takes the bus and eats it.

    Cartoon- Orange ball follows "Exit" signs through a maze of corridors and stairs trying to find the way out.

    Muppets sketch- Anything Muppets do a cheer for school with a "School" sign in green in the background and Muppets wearing green shirts- each with a letter to spell out "school". (One looks like an early Roxie Marie without glasses-I'm guessing it's that similar lavendar head mold.)

    Big Bird emerges from his nest area to tell you that you might already know some kids at school. He says that when he went there was a little girl who lives around the corner from the Fix-It Shop (pointing with his hand in the appropriate direction) and a bunch of kids he plays with in the park (and he points in the opposite direction for the park. So now we know what direction the park's in.) And of course, there's kids you don't know.

    Song- The Count's First Day of School (Starts with Count by a park bench telling about his 1st. day of school and then flashes back to a young Count at school during the song.)

    Big Bird tells us about teachers by pretending to be a teacher with Snuffy and kids as the students. Big Bird shows us that students should raise their hands to answer the question.

    Song- Raise Your Hand (featuring Little Chrissy- but minus The Alphabeats)

    Big Bird mentions that the alphabet will be there at school.

    Live action sketch- Kids stand together to form the letters of the alphabet (and yell them out!)

    Sketch- Same AMs cheer for school again.

    Big Bird introduces guest speaker Snuffy, who goes to Snufflegarden. Snuffy points out that everyone makes mistakes.

    Song- Everyone Makes Mistakes (Note- This is not the original version. Big Bird and Snuffy sing the song right there in the arbor area.)

    Big Bird mentions the alphabet again.

    Sketch- The alphabet is presented in many various means- paintbrush, pen, marker, printed, etc.- some by a live hand and some via cartoon, including some early computer graphics for "W" and "X", resembling "Space Invaders")

    Sketch- Another AM school cheer.

    Big Bird shows kids an easy way to put your coat on (with a girl to demonstrate) Big Bird then introduces David to show you how to tie your shoes.

    Song- "Dandy" David (as he calls himself) demonstrates tying a little girl's laces in a song to teach you how to tie your shoelaces. Herry shows up on 2nd. verse and repeats after David, so he'll learn too. At end of song, Herry asks David to tie his shoes, but David points out that he doesn't wear shoes. Herry tells him he collects shoes and pulls out a box full of them!
    (David wears a bowler hat and a blue vaudeville-type suit in this song.)

    Big Bird recommends asking a grown-up to rewind video so you can watch song again if you didn't get it. Snuffy shows how he ties his shoes (those big blue ones, which look familiar to me from other scenes) by blowing hard through his snuffle. Big Bird then reminds you about the alphabet.

    Sketch- Girl shows Grover how to sing the alphabet (and she says "C" twice! once in the right place, and then in place of "G".) She gets stuck at "W" and Grover wraps it up for her.

    Big Bird invites you to write him a card and tell him how you're doing in school as he points to his mailbox by his nest. (I wonder how many kids took him up on this.)
    The Sesame Street closing music starts to play as Big Bird's talking, but it stops suddenly when Big Bird says, "Wait! Wait! Did I tell you about the alphabet?" Then he says, "Yeah, probably. Well, bye bye!" And the music resumes as the credits start rolling on the animated slate that Cookie Monster is holding.

    (Interestingly, it looks like the credits list most all the cast, at least for the Puppeteers. Caroll Spinney is highlighted as Big Bird, and then most all the other puppeteers are listed too. And the humans are listed, even though most of them (all but David) didn't show up on the video! Linda Bove as Linda, Northern Calloway as David, Bob McGrath as Bob, Sonia Manzana as Maria and Alaina Reed as Olivia are all listed.)

    Concluding thoughts-
    This is a great video! Most every song and sketch included are classic Sesame Street clips! We don't get the original version of "Everyone Makes Mistakes" but it's still fun to see Big Bird and Snuffy singing it. And there's Big Bird's classic (probably signature) song- "ABC-DEF-GHI" and a Count classic- "The First Day of School". And some great cartoons- I loved the orange ball and particularly the guy building a bus stop out of a paper bag as a kid. And I can't forget the "Raise Your Hand" song- Little Chrissy is always fun. And the kids forming the alphabet... and it was fun seeing David sing his song about tying your shoes...
    Like I said, most everything on here is great! I'd definitely recommend it- I'm sure it'll bring back some great memories!;) :D
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Great review! If Roosevelt Franklin sketches were still being shown at the time that this video was released, I wonder if it would have included any Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School sketches (of course, since the video features so much focus on the alphabet, Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet might have been more likely).
  14. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I find it strange that the video has more human cast members credited than who actually appear in the video, especially Olivia. This and I'm Glad I'm Me are the only 190s My Sesame Street Home Video releases I haven't seen, and none of the other releases credit more humans than needed. Heck, some of the early releases don't even credit Jim Henson (unless you count the "Starring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets" credit as a credit for Jim Henson). Maybe there was a sketch planned for the video that got cut from the final release.

    It's interesting that the video focuses more on learning concepts (especially the alphabet) than sketches that take place in school. There are at least four Sesame Street News sketches that involved school that could have been included (depending on when they were made). And this video should have included the sketch with Kermit and Joey reciting the alphabet either before or after ABC-DEF-GHI; Big Bird mentions seeing the familiar alphabet sees like a natural for this release. And this is the only 1980s Sesame Street video release to not include Ernie.
  15. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Yeah- I keep thinking of that "School in the Afternoon" sketch (the one that parodied soap operas), but I'm not sure if that was made before 1987 or not. I'm pretty sure the Caveman First Day of School could've been included though. Oh well- there's still a pretty nice selection for what we got.

    I wouldn't have minded seeing the Kermit and Joey reciting the alphabet sketch either. That's definitely a classic!:)

    And the whole thing about Big Bird emphasizing the alphabet got to be a running gag on the video. He'd keep asking if he'd told you (the viewer) about the alphabet yet. But just in case, watch this video!:D
  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've read that there are plans for a new DVD titled Ready for School, but it doens't appear to be a retitled re-release. Elmo appears on the cover, and it sounds to me like he didn't appear in the video. Baby Bear is also on the cover, and he wasn't even around yet. The only way that could be a rerelease would be if (oh, no!) some sketches were replaced with newer segments (like in Sleepytime Songs and Stories). Or maybe Elmo and Baby Bear are jsut used as selling points and not actually in the release (whjat a great world this would be).
  17. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    No, Elmo is definitely not on "Getting Ready for School"- Believe me, even if I'd just noticed him as a character in the background somewhere, I probably would have mentioned him.

    But yeah, if this is a DVD version of this 1987 video, then they're probably just using Elmo as a selling point to today's kids. (Though the video starred Big Bird and Snuffy pretty much- and kids today should know who they are too!)
  18. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Let the Games begin (with a new review!)

    Sesame Street video- "Slimey's World Games" (1996 video- 30 minutes run time)

    (Back of VHS cover has a "Sesame Street Games" logo on it, featuring Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster. And it's nice to see Oscar and Slimey prominent on the VHS cover. In fact, there's a nice big picture of Slimey on the back.)

    Video starts with commercial for then current videos, and then has that little clip with Katie Couric hailing a taxi cab and saying, "Sesame Street and step on it please." Then comes the classic blue letters Children's Television Workshop logo and the cartoon Cookie Monster eating the "My Sesame Street Home Video" sign. Then we have a colorful title screen logo for "Slimey's World Games." I thought it was interesting that we seem to have a congruent of two different formats on this video for the logos and all. Perhaps it was a transitional stage.

    Plot- Announcer (portrayed by Tim McCarver), wearing his "Worm TV" shirt, says it's time for "Slimey's World Games"- where Slimey's competing in the Worm Summer Games. Slimey and Oscar (his coach) are there with other worms and grouch coaches in Wiggly City, GA. The human announcer does it up just like the Olympics, announcing the Parade of Worms to start things off. He announces the worm from France, the worm from Kenya, the worm from Italy, the worm from China, and the worm from Sesame Street- Slimey! (Slimey is mentioned as the only one to compete in both Winter and Summer Games- but he lost all the events in the Winter games and got gold medal for falling down the most.
    (The stadium was pretty neat- even had the advertisements all over the place- like "Pupas 'R' Us")
    The Sesame Street gang is seen cheering Slimey on, as they watch on TV at Hooper's Store. (Mr. Hanford, Luis, Selina, Big Bird, Telly and a boy and girl are all there.)
    Oscar berates the announcer for talkinga bout Slimey losing, but he says it's part of his job. Oscar says he's proud of Slimey and Slimey's proud of himself. And announcer announces commercial break.

    Song- Get On Up (Everybody Move) - (live action- both kids and adults moving around, dancing and jumping.)

    Back to the Games- Big Bird asks the TV where Wiggly City is and of course the announcer replies with "Why, just north of Atlanta, GA, Big Bird." The Goodworm Blimp gives us an overhead view. (The Games are said to consist of Track and Field, Diving and Gymnastics events.)
    Track's up first-
    1st. event- 1 yard dash - Slimey starts out dead last, but manages to pull ahead and come in first!

    Live action clip- Girl explains how her handicapped father races in a wheelchair and a wheelchair race is held- pretty much everyone ties!

    Back at the Games, it's the Over, Around, Under and Through Hurdles Race- Slimey gets a good lead and gets first (and maybe even sets a new world record!)
    Oscar gets interviewed about the race- but he keeps getting upset when the announcer mentions Slimey's previous losses. Then the announcer informs us that the Circle Throwing Event is next after these messages.

    Song- Around and Around (live action kids run over, under, around and through while adults nap.)

    Cartoon- Dog chases cat around and through and over and even under a dog house.

    Song- Simple Pleasures (live action girl tries to throw a frisbee for a dog to catch at the beach, but doesn't work well. Finally succeeds with a ball though. All this is done to the tune of what I initially decided was Bobby McFerrin-like whistling and singing...and then I noticed his name in the credits, so I'm guessing I was right! :))

    Back at the Games- it's the Circle Throwing Event (Slimey vs. Worm from Kenya- I noted that the other countries' worms don't all have names except for when the coaches cheer them on and sometimes the announcer names them.) Big Bird questions the announcer twice and again he answers Big Bird directly. Slimey beats the Kenya worm (though he throws himself along with the circle.) Oscar gets upset when the announcer says he must be a happy grouch after Slimey's win. Then the announcer says they'll be back after this...

    Song- I'm in Great Shape (live action kids jumping and dancing around with red, green, yellow and blue foam shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, etc.)

    Mr. Hanford doles out lemonade as the Games start back up.
    Balance Beam event- Slimey goes first (and doesn't make a mistake!) - Perfect score! 5 fives!
    The announcer keeps trying to get Oscar to admit he's happy and of course he won't- though the Sesame Street gang is as we see them cheering.

    Song- Reach Your Hand Up High (live action kids reaching up for things with their hands. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you can hear Olivia's (Alaina Reed's) voice singing this song.)

    Cartoon- white and black spotted dog and a girl in half blue and half yellow leotard and an alligator dance on a red background and a black ground.

    At the Games- it's time for the Diving Event! Lo Mein (the Chinese worm) goes first and tries to make a capital letter L. (But doesn't quite succeed) Slimey tries to dive and look like a lower case l. Slimey does well and winds up splashing the announcer with water.

    Song- You Can Get Right Up (live action kids and adults helping themselves and each other up.)

    At Hooper's Store, Telly asks how many medals Slimey won in all. They tune back to the Games for the closing ceremonies to find out. (Slimey won all the medals!) Slimey gets 5 gold medals in all- but can't hold them all on his neck! (Poor Slimey! ;-))
    Back at Hooper's Store, the gang is now chanting "Sesame Street!"
    At the Games, Oscar gives a nice speech about "believing in yourself, keep trying and never give up. Now scram!" :) (as he tells the announcer)- Sesame Street gang again cheers at Oscar's speech.

    "Get on Up (Everbody Move)" plays as credits roll over clips from video. And then there's a special offer for Sesame Street magazine and Sesame Street Parents magazine!

    Concluding Thoughts- This is a pretty fun video. The Olympics games are always fun and a Sesame Street version is neat. It doesn't seem like the guys on Sesame Street were utilized much, but I guess they couldn't do much more than watch the TV and cheer on Slimey. Oscar and Slimey get to star in a big way, so that's pretty neat. And there are a few memorable songs on here- mainly the "Simple Pleasures" and "Reach Your Hand Up High" songs. And the "Around and Around" song- that was one of my favorites when I was younger. It's still a lot of fun now that I identify some with the older people wanting to take a nap! (But these kind of songs keep me young and keep my energy flowing!)

    There could have been some more exercise-themed stuff on here- like that 80s favorite "Let's All Exercise" (that song's running through my head now that I mentioned it) or Grover doing pull ups or something- but it seems that this video was more focused on different ways to move and it did pretty good on covering that theme.
  19. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Regarding the "Ready for School" DVD that is coming out this summer, I noticed on Amazon that it is listed as being 60 minutes long. The "Getting Ready For School" video is only 30 minutes long, so more than likely this DVD is a totally new project.
  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I don't know how likely this would be, but it would be great if Getting Ready for School was included as a bonus feature on the Ready for School DVD. I think I've read that Ready for School is an all-new DVD special involving Elmo starting school. Hopefully it will include sketches from the show. There are plenty of school-related skits that could be used.

    Of course, if it's 60 minutes long, and a retitled rerelease of Getting Ready for School, it could be the same video with 30 minutes of skits added. Or maybe the street plot from Abby Cadabby's first day of school added (I don't think there is an Elmo's World segment about school yet that could be added). And there are plenty of alphabet segments that could be added (though it's interesting that so much focus was given on the alphabet, while counting was only brought up once). Yeah, I'm dreaming...

    I hope that the Ready for School and Kids Favorite Country Songs DVDs at least have bonus segments.

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