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Speedy Gonzalas Back On TV?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by radionate, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. Crazy Harry New Member

    What's the matter? Are you upset because you don't know the last name of some obscure cartoon mouse?
  2. Jackie New Member

  3. Crazy Harry New Member

    That's the spirit.
  4. Jackie New Member


    At least i'm ahead of you in posts ;)
  5. Crazy Harry New Member

    WHAT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? I've been getting lazy.
  6. Joseph New Member

    Its cause Noodle head hasnt been here for you to pick on.
  7. Crazy Harry New Member

    I could pick on you for a while.
  8. Joseph New Member

    I just broke the top 25. :)
  9. Joseph New Member

    But then Byron would be jealous. You don't want to make a noodle head jealous now. Do you??
  10. Crazy Harry New Member

    Hmmmmmm... since you started refering to Byron as Yeti, maybe you should now dawn the title of Noodle Head.
  11. Joseph New Member

    Actually based on the circumstances I think you would be a much more fitting Noodle head.
  12. Jackie New Member

    So then what do we call Byron? Poodle head?
  13. Crazy Harry New Member

    How about I call you Jackie's whipping boy?
  14. Cantus Rock New Member

    oooooooohhh, hehehe...I won't even touch that area...:D

  15. grail New Member

    and *I*...won't touch that joke...
  16. Joseph New Member

    You are Byron and Nate's whipping boy so I think you have a misconstrued view of things..
  17. Joseph New Member

    Hmmmmmm Does that mean he has to start wearing poodles as hats??
  18. Sunshineboz New Member

    Yes, I need to write them a letter and tell them my unhappiness for not getting the Cartoon Network on Digital Cable (w/ most channels) in San Francisco (Twin Peaks area). They get better channels in Oakland!
    What's the deal?!
  19. Crazy Harry New Member

    There are so many things wrong in that sentance, I don't know where to begin.
  20. Jackie New Member

    I think it means really curly hair!

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