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Star Wars Prototypes

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Psammeadboi, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I think we're looking at two different prototype images, as these look absolutely wonderful!

    I wish they were articulated, but for a 12 dollar price point...these look absolutely flawless to me. I miss the more rounded as a change of pace from the the Mcfarlane influenced Palisades.
  2. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Cool and Desirable but not Flawless...

    I wouldn't call these flawless by any means. They are a little more cartoony than I would have liked. I wish they'd gone more stylized as long as they weren't following the puppet design so closely. Kind of like the animated Clone Wars style toon treatment. One thing's for sure. They closely followed the initial conceptual art they provided and released.

    But nonetheless they sure do add variety to the Muppet figure universe - especially being so long awaited by fans! That is in part why I'm a little picky about the design. I'll certainly be adding them to my collection along with some Muppet Kubricks that on their way to me soon. :flirt:

    Hope I get a blind boxed Beaker in the assortment, but it's anyone's guess. :confused: :eek:
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Its like if a Muppet figure doesnt have an almost grotesque like sense of Mcfarlane detail and paint schemes, its not "good".

    Haha...which is funny, as I consider the 1978 Fisher Price Muppet figure line my favorite out of any Muppet figure series, and wish they would revive that look/scale
  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I hear yah. Personally, that sort of look with the Muppets was a one time thing. When the SS line was cancelled mid-first series, that was the time we closed the door on stuff like that.

    Only thing I said I have a little problem with is they clearly based these on cartoon drawings, and not puppets, but they're still really cool... especially allong the lines of theme park souvenires. You know, the crazy crap you buy just to say you were someplace. These are pretty high quality comparied to some of that stuff. These really have a classic sense of Muppet style PVC's.
  5. the80sdrummer

    the80sdrummer Member

    Nah, I think we are looking at the same pic just with different standards. I can see myself buying these now, displaying them for about a month or two and then stuffing them in a drawer or tub in less than a year only to resurect them for a yard sale later in life. I'll save my money. Disney won't get my dollars for these PVC's.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Fine. just don't ruin it for every body else. okay? You know how long we've been waiting for a licensed Dirth Nader?

    Jeezz... same people who say "I ain't waistin' my 12-20 bucks on a cheap collection," but will pay 300 bucks for a giant Ugly rabbit painted by some unknown artist they don't really care about.
  7. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Aw DrTooth, what do you have against urban vinyl/hong kong styled designer toys? :(

    I think it may just be a generational thing. I grew up in the early to late 80's(born in 1978), so I grew up in the golden era of 3 1/4" scale action figures and pvcs. The scale of the 1978 Muppet fisher price figures, the 2003 Jack in the Box Muppet Show figures and the
    Palisades Muppet Minis(2003-2004) is exactly the size I love.

    Every Muppet fan now somehow wants this Palisades level of detail...which was good for the time, but Im not sure the Mcfarlane era of detail has to be applied to every single Muppet toy release.
    Sometimes...I dont need microscopic dimples and rust color buttons, with realistic cloth aesthetics to my Muppet figures:)
  8. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    You are so right about the size of Palisades' Muppets. I have nothing aganst the dimples, textures or buttons, but I did think the articulation was a bit much in many cases. I think the figures should have been a cm or so shorter and had only half the articulation because it really compromised some of the sculpts. Beau is a beautiful example of how a low articulation could look. Now shrink him down about 15-20% and he's perfect in every way.

    I'm just not wild about the new Star Muppets indistinct cartoony style. I think they should have gone a little further. It's clear the cartoon style here is created more out of lax standards than stylization. Still getting them though. In all they get a C+ from me on their PVC merits (not their closeness to other figure brands, styles or nostalgic connection). :wisdom:
  9. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Jamie, I like your art so much that I think you may have just turned me off to these figures! You have too much power over me! NOOO!
  10. the80sdrummer

    the80sdrummer Member

    Wow, wasn't looking to make an enemy by voicing my opinion on this public message board. To quote Kermit..."sheesh". :confused:

    BTW, what giant ugly rabbit are you talking about?
  11. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Blushes :o I think your stylish take on the characters would make for some product I'd want to see and buy! :)
  12. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I just hate the heck out of them. It's like pretend mechanical produced wimzy. I do like the Gary baseman stuff, since I'm a fan of his work. But all and all, just gimme an action figure or PVC or even a plush. I'm old school.

    Sorry to be so snarky about it. You have to understand something action figure collecting vs Muppet colletcing. There will always be an action figure series going. As for Muppet Merchandise, after the Palisades line ended, there was a huge void. Granted, some people were able to fill the void with the master replicas, but I find them too pricey and too big for a colletcible type deal. Other than that and the season set DVD's, this is the most exciting thing that we've got since then.

    of course, no one from Disney told us they were going to copy the Palisades style to make these, unlike a certain toy company that I swear to God cursed the Sesame Street toy line. 4fun4kids or whatever the whatever it was. They're doing their own thing, and they're making pretty much a classic style PVC set... which frankly looks a million times better than half the other PVC's we've seen. And that includes Schliech. Sorry guys... :smirk: It would be cool if they made full sized action figures with the same detail, but the ship has sailed on that.

    We've been in a Muppet Merchandise dry spell, not just so much since Disney, but after the Palisades line was over. this isn't 2002, when the fans can be choosy, since there are billions of different products out there. I'd kill for that. You couldn't punt a football without hitting a Gonzo letter opener, or a Kermit the Frog Macaroni sculpture.

    So basically you get the gist. I doubt we'd see Palisades quality on any muppet product ever again.

    And by giant ugly bunnies, I of course mean the Dunnies, going back to my previous thing about hating vynal designer figures. Designers ruin everything. They're still made in the same Chinese workshop that Happy meal toys are made from.
  13. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Have you ever tried to sell/push/give any of your art to Disney/Muppets? I tried desperately just to get in touch with (back when it was) Muppets LLC. Just a call back was impossible. I never even got a chance to show them anything. :(

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