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Still missing Jim...

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by muppetfreak12, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I did not know that Jim was dead till a few years ago when I saw the MTI was a Brian Henson production and I thought WHAT!!!

    And dad said that Jim was dead I was like, "Oh."

    Back then I didn't have the love for the Muppets that i have now but it was still a blow you see I had always wanted to meet this phenominom.(Don't sing Sarah)

  2. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Active Member

    awwwww i feel so stifled.....

  3. muppetfreak12

    muppetfreak12 New Member

    YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! This is really great. It's really cool to find people who are A LOT like me. I start to sing when people say phenomonon! I have kermit slippers! I have a TON of pictures of the muppets, etc. on my binder! This is great. I knew NO ONE who is like me, until now. I really like being weird, too! Ohhhh... The other day this kid said "At least I don't like the muffets, or whatever!", and I flipped out. I have inside jokes with myself, too.

    OH!!! Yesterday I went to a store called Hot topic, and they have a lot of cool muppets stuff. I got animal, rizzo wearing a leather jacket, and a kermit stuffed animals. I also got two pins that say "Gonzo for president", and "Pepe for president". I wigged out.

    Oh! One other thing. has anyone heard "furry happy monsters" by REM? That song rules! :) :) :)
  4. muppetfreak12

    muppetfreak12 New Member


    I forgot! Has anyone heard "The Tomorrow Song"? That song is even better!!!! :)
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I started on a journey just about a year ago to a little town called Morrow in the state of Ohio...

    No never heard of it.
  6. Pino

    Pino Member

    Well if you listen to the songs like being green of rainbowconnection I think his religion is great!.. When I hear those songs I always think... why did he die while the world needs him the most at this time!
  7. muppetfreak12

    muppetfreak12 New Member

    I think that sometimes, too!!!
  8. electricmayhem

    electricmayhem New Member

    I totally know what you mean about getting upset. This is a really trivial little thing that I saw but it still made me mad: a girl I went to high school with is on my msn list and the other night I saw that her name was "If Kermit was a frog, what was Gonzo". It just made me really upset because this would have been the kind of person to say "Who's that" if i ever wore my Electric Mayhem shirt. It was the kind of thing an non muppet fan would say thinking they were being clever when in reality, any real fan knows that Gonzo is obviously a 'whatever'. Always has been, always will be. :concern:

    Anyway, now that i've ranted a bit, I can't remember when exactly I learned that Jim had died. It probably was not till many years later but I'm not sure. I think about it alot though when I watch the movies and it usually makes me teary eyed.

    Heehee! Next time you should say, "Yeah, wanna make somethin' of it?? and then throw a muffin at them:)
  9. ryhoyarbie

    ryhoyarbie Well-Known Member

    i never get upset when i see a muppet movie, sesame street, the muppet show,etc. henson may be dead, but atleast his dream of entertaining people is still going on through new generations of people. so as long as that is going on, then it's not that depressing.

  10. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Everytime I watch some medium with Jim Henson,old SS clips,movies,anything I just feel so numb hearing his voice.And I think,man,that's Jim underneath that puppet.<sigh>I still miss him,oh so very much.What a genius he was. :sympathy:
  11. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    I've always dreamed of meeting Jim Henson when I was a kid. And when I heard he died, I was destroyed. For the past few days, I felt a little depressed. Then one night, I had a dream that I met Jim Henson and he showed me a film how he did his stuff. And it made me feel better when I woke up.

    And I also felt a little better too after I saw The Muppets Remember Jim Henson special and hearing Kermit speak again. Then I smiled when the Muppets made short skits on the Today show where the new voice of Kermit got to be tried out.

    And Kermit seemed to go back to normal in the Muppet Xmas Carrol and Muppet Treasure Island. And Muppet's Tonight was a treat too. I wonder if Jim is pleased on what his followers have done with these past projects without his leadership.
  12. Yeah, it makes me well up with tears to think that Jim isn't with us anymore. I hate the fact that I've never really been able to cry over a person's death though. Maybe it effects me more than tears, or maybe I just think about things to much and don't give my emotions a chance. I feel really awful not crying about something so serious, but it still effects me the same way.

    One thing that's helped me not get depressed over Jim's death is the very fact that we're still talking about him on this very board. He did SO MUCH with his life, its effects still give the feeling of his being alive today. Jim taught me to look for the positive aspirations in every situation, so I can even find them now that he's gone. Still, the thing that bothers me is the fact that I can never let him know how thankful I am to him for being such a wonderful influence on my life. I love that guy.

    The only thing I can remember about when Jim died is an imaginative reconstruction. My mom tells me I was watching Sesame street when our pastor came by and saw what I was watching. He told my mom the news, and I guess it didn't affect me much then cause I didn't know who he was... but boy does it affect me now! :cry:

    When Mr. Rogers died, I remember hearing the tale end of the radio report while I was getting ready for school: "...neighborhood. He was 73." Just the word "neighbor" and I knew it was him. I really felt like balling then too, but I somehow couldn't. Does that happen to anyone else? Am I broken?
  13. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    this is so wonderfull

    I really really miss Jim and i also miss richard to. most the people i look up to are now gone frnom us. i got really sad today when i saw that SS did not even have Jim's name in the credits at all. that sad Jim was a big part of SS and i cant beleive they whould not rember him. and im a little mad that i dont think that the new disny muppets will use his name ethier. Oh how i wish Jim would come back just for a few months and fix all this mess . :)
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Speaking of a freak, did you hear about the bearded lady who shot a hunchbacked dwarf out of a canon, knocking a train of the rails?

    It was a freak accident.

    :boo: Boo!
    :sleep: Hisss!
    :boo: Get off the stage!


    On a more serious note, yes I do still miss Jim too.

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