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T*K*O-"Playin' Hookie"

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by D'Snowth, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member


    Episode #: 3
    Title: “Playin’ Hookie”
    Original Airdate: 07-Jul-2005
    Written by: D’Snowth
    Created by: MrsPepper
    Gueststars: KermieBaby47, Vibs, and Beauregard as The Custodian
    Special Muppet Guest Appearance by: Ernie and Bert

    Our scene opens today, er, tonight at 3976th ½ T*K*O, where Vic Romano, That Announcer, KermieBaby47, and Vibs exit MrsPepper’s office after their nightly progress report.

    VIC ROMANO: (Yawn) Hmm, boy, what a long day!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: You said it, killing threads is trying work!

    VIC ROMANO: Tomorrow’s Friday. If only I could take a day off tomorrow.

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Yeah me too.

    Later, it was closing time for the main thread killers. Everyone locked up their offices, and headed out the door.

    VIC ROMANO: Boy I wish I could take tomorrow off!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: (Getting tired of hearing that over and over again) If you wish it so much, why don’t you?

    VIC ROMANO: I’m the chief thread killer, I CAN’T take a day off………you haven’t been killing any threads lately, why don’t you take the day off?

    THAT ANNOUNCER: I don’t think so, you’ll probably rat me out!

    VIC ROMANO: Okay okay! I should’ve known better that to bet you could do anything.

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Oh, so you wanna bet, huh?

    VIC ROMANO: Sure!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Okay then, I bet that you couldn’t skip T*K*O for a day!

    VIC ROMANO: And I bet the same thing on you!

    With that, Vic and That Announcer shook on it, and left the headquarters for the night. After two seconds, the moon turned into the sun, and the closed sign turned into an open sign. Always being the first to arrive, D’Snowth was in his office, placing a cage on his desk. Inside the cage was his pet bunny, Tommie (who is a girl).

    D’SNOWTH: Now you behave yourself, or I’ll never bring you down here again!

    With that, D’Snowth logged on to his computer. Seconds later, MrsPepper arrived and headed through D’Snowth’s office to get to her office. But the bunny didn’t go unnoticed.

    MRSPEPPER: D’Snowth, how many times have I told you, “No animals in the building!”

    D’SNOWTH: She’s not just an animal, she’s like a member of my family.

    VIBS: (Walking down the hallway) Oh yeah, which one is she like? (Guffaws) Oh I’m so funn-ee!

    MRSPEPPER: That’ll be enough out of you! (Back to D’Snowth) Just go take attendance.

    Commercial Break.

    Moments later, D’Snowth was walking down the hallway with a clipboard, having finished taking attendance. Not watching what he was doing, he accidentally bumped into Beauregard.

    D’SNOWTH: Oops, sorry about that Gardy.

    BEAUREGARD: That’s alright, just please remember to flush next time. (Walks off)

    D’SNOWTH: I always flush. Oh well.

    Moments later in MrsPepper’s office…

    D’SNOWTH: …KermieBaby47, present. Vibs, present. And even Beauregard, present.

    MRSPEPPER: You seemed to have skipped Vic Romano, and That Announcer.

    D’SNOWTH: No ma’am, they’re not here.


    MrsPepper stormed out of her office, through D’Snowth’s office, down the hallway, and looked into Vic and That Announcer’s offices, only to see the lights are off, and so are the computers.

    MRSPEPPER: This is unbelievable! How can our two top thread killers not be here?!

    D’SNOWTH: (Getting scared) Um, perhaps they’re just running late?

    MRSPEPPER: I smell a couple of rats!

    VIBS: (Peeking out of his office) What do they smell like? Hahaha!

    ALL: VIBS!...

    MRSPEPPER: I’ll be making a couple of phone calls!

    Meanwhile, outside headquarters, Vic was hiding in one bush spying to see if That Announcer shows up. Little does he know that in the next bush, That Announcer is spying to see if Vic shows up.

    VIC ROMANO: (Thinking to himself) I’m not losing that ten dollars!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: (Thinking to himself) I’m not losing my iced tea!

    Meanwhile back in D’Snowth’s office…

    MRSPEPPER: (Hangs up phone) Nothing! How dare they skive off their duties! Someone’s gonna pay, and it’s gonna be you!

    D’SNOWTH: Why me?

    MRSPEPPER: Oh, no, you’re not going to pay, Vic and that, that, That Announcer will whenever I get my hands on them! (Sniffs) And will you do something about that stinky rabbit! (Slams the door)

    D’SNOWTH: She’s not a stinky rabbit, she’s a stinky bunny!

    Meanwhile, down the hallway…

    KERMIEBABY47: Ooh, I don’t know what to do, how am I supposed to know what threads to kill if Vic isn’t here to tell me!

    VIBS: You shouldn’t be told to kill, you should have a contract!

    KERMIEBABY47: (Getting annoyed) Y’know, you’re not funny!

    VIBS: Of course not, that’s why I’m a thread killer, I have a contract…I’ve got a contract so I can go out and kill ‘em!

    Back at the boss’s office…

    MRSPEPPER: Looks like I’ll have to call in a couple of stand ins.

    Commercial Break.

    Later that afternoon, Vic and That Announcer were getting bored, and uncomfortable in their bushes, until, something unusual got their eyes…Ernie and Bert, THE Ernie and Bert were walking into the 397th ½.

    VIC ROMANO: (Thinking to himself) What? MrsPepper didn’t say anything about…

    THAT ANNOUNCER: (Thinking to himself)…having guest speakers today…

    VIC ROMANO: Oh my gosh, Ernie and…

    THAT ANNOUNCER: …Bert here? At our…

    VIC ROMANO: …Headquarters? I’ve…


    VIC ROMANO: …To…


    VIC ROMANO: …This…


    With that, Vic and That Announcer came out of their bushes, and discover the other was hiding in the other bush.

    VIC ROMANO: Ah-ha! I knew you would show up today!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Look who’s calling the kettle black!

    VIC ROMANO: All right, hand over the tea!

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Not until you hand over the ten bucks!

    Pause. Vic and That Announcer then rush into the 3976th ½ to meet Ernie and Bert. Meanwhile in MrsPepper’s office…

    MRSPEPPER: I’m just looking for a couple of simple people to take over thread killing today. Do you think you can handle it?

    ERNIE: Hmm, that sounds like a fun game! How about it Bert?

    BERT: Ernie, are you kidding? I don’t want any part in any killing!

    All of he sudden…

    VIC ROMANO: Where’s Bert?

    THAT ANNOUNCER: Where’s Ernie?

    BOTH: We’re both big fans, can we have your autographs?

    MRSPEPPER: Well guys, sorry to take your time.

    BERT: That’s okay, Pigeons in the News hasn’t start yet…

    ERNIE: And Rubber Ducky hasn’t had breakfast yet.

    They leave.

    MRSPEPPER: Now then, as for the two of you…



    BEAUREGARD: Any paper you find go into the green bags, and any bottles and stuff go into the blue bags. Any change you find is your’s!

    VIC ROMANO: Let’s say this whole bet never happened.

    THAT ANNOUNCER: It’s forgetten!

    THE END​
  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member




    HYSTERICALLY FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    Aah, I said the word "Skive", excellent! A ++++
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Another good episode. The guest stars were always the best part of your scripts Mr. Snowth.

    But isn't Vibs a "she"?
  5. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Oops, please forgive me. Next time, I think people should let me know before I start assuming...I already know that MrsPepper is a she, and Vic Romano, That Announcer, Beauregard, and myself are he's.
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Oh oh, I'm a he D'Snowth! But seriously. Very funny. Loved E&B.
  7. That Announcer

    That Announcer New Member

    Know what? I think that this is your funniest script yet! Thanks for making me a guy with a mean streak, as I'm usually not like that, which is why I like myself portrayed in fictions. :) I truly can't put you at fault for this one, great job!
  8. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Glad you all liked it! I too agree this is the funniest episode yet. It's still kinda hard portraying Vibs as the joke-killer. I never was good a thinking up joke...hey I guess I'm a joke killer as well!
  9. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Active Member

    Excellent, again. And man, prawncracker, I LOVE YOUR AVATAR. It's like, don't rub Elmo the wrong way, or face the wrath..
  10. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    HOLD IT!!

    So... all the time several people from inhere have thought I was a "he"!? That is HILLARIOUS!! So am I typing in a maskulin way? Am I saying boy-ish things? C'mon I need to know why you thought I was a he and how many who thought I was a boy!

    - And to those who didn't get it yet:

    I'm a SHE.

    My name is Louise, not Louis.
    Not that anyone ever called me Louis.
    Never mind.

    Oh and by the way... I LOVE the episode! :flirt:
    ...um... no not that way, just... I like it. :boo:
    NO I said I LIKE IT!! :cry:
    Now why is that sad?

    ... You get the point. I hope. (Great episode!)
  11. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Whoo! Loved it!!!
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    If you like that, you should read my latest fan-fic, The Revenge of Elmo.:D I love plugging things in other peoples threads.:excited:
  13. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    I still like rully wanna know why certain people like thought I was a he when I'm rully like a she fer sure!...? :halo:
  14. That Announcer

    That Announcer New Member

    :attitude: sez: "Oh don't worry. It's just those fools being UN-American."
  15. Vibs

    Vibs Active Member

    Yes! Those UN-american fools! Right.

    ... Oh I forgot... I'm an UN-american too...

    :mad: - Give me my gloves back!!!

    Oh sorry Piggy. I just really like them.

    :mad: - But they are MINE!!

    Right. Sorry. It won't happen again.
  16. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Funniest episode ever! Sorry to respond so late; but ironically, I've been off... not really, just busy, but I'm here now, nice fun script. ;)
  17. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Hope you get a chance to view "The Not-So Joy of Rules". It's a very punny script.
  18. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    I'm sorry. I don't understand this thread. What is this?
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    This is the third episode of our new series "T*K*O" which stands for "Thread Killers Organization". Basically what it's about is, we're part of an organization, and our purpose is to kill as many threads as possible. To clear things up a little more, we're known as Thread Killers because it seems like if we post in a thread, we kill it, or if we start a new thread, it tends to be ignored. The characters are MrsPepper as the President, myself as Vice President, Vic Romano as Chief Thread Killer, That Announcer as Vice Thread Killer, and KermieBaby47 and Vibs as Union Thread Killers. Oh, and Beauregard is our custodian. Basically, it's just a new fan-fic series starring us. Here's another suggestion: if you go to the first thread entitled "Thread Killers Organization, or TKO", you'll understand why we did this, and you'll also find the pilot episode. Afterwards, the rest of the episodes are self-titled thread. Episode one is "The Recruit", episode two is "Workforce", this thread is episode three "Playin' Hookie", and episode four is "The Not-So Joy of Rules". Episode five will be posted tomorrow.

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