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The best Muppet moment ever!

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Smiley, May 27, 2002.

  1. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    As for Fraggle Rock, I loved "Let Me Be Your Song" by Cantus the Minstrel. It's such a beautiful song. And while we're at it, when all the Muppets sing "Rainbow Connection" in the "30 Years" special. I guess.
  2. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton Well-Known Member

    My favorite moment is in MTM where Pete the restaurant owner is giving Kermit advice. The "Peoples is peoples" speech. I remember watching that for the first time thinking the whole time, "He's saying something. I know he is..." and when he wraps it up with "okay froggie?"

    Kermit was just as confused as I was.
  3. Blind Pew

    Blind Pew Well-Known Member

    I'd have to say one of my favorite moments on TMS is when Gonzo sings... "For You... I'd wash my hair with stinky glue, I'd put a spider in my shoe, I'd fry my legs and eat them toooo!! FOR YOU!!"
  4. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    MY TOP 3 Muppet Moments:

    Now there is of course the moments that make you cry or feel really deep(Tribute to JHH, the clips with Harry Belefonte giving that speach to the Muppets on TMS, etc)

    But my three absolute favorite Muppets moments:

    3. The closing number of TMM...WOW! Also tied with the closing of MTM

    2. The finale of Muppet Family Christmas(We so need more

    1. The final number of the Muppet Show Live last december!

    50 foot bossmen, pepe, elmo, beaker, kermit, the audience, wow.

  5. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    Peoples is peoples. I think that was some sort of discrimination against animals, puppets if you will.

    Other moments. I'd say Big Bird singing "Bein' Green" and the Muppets singing "Just One Person" at Jim's funeral. Though they were puppets singing songs from children's TV programs (and a Charlie Brown musical), they packed a powerful punch at that moment in time.
  6. CaptCrouton

    CaptCrouton Well-Known Member

    Really? I thought the "peoples is peoples" bit was just a comedy build up so that you thought that Kermit was going to get an "Aha" moment from Pete, but it didn't make any sense. Thus Kermit answers wryly, "Thanks Pete... That... helped alot."

    Most of my family, including my parents, are immigrants. So I have a real appreciation for the comedy of not understanding the person who's talking to you, even when they're speaking English. I lovingly recall an incident when my Opa yelled some kind of question to me across the field, and I didn't comprehend a thing he said. I just knew it was a question by the inflection and accustory at that. He'd get mad when I wouldn't understand him, so I just yelled back non-intelligibly a bunch of syllables. And he said, "Okay..." and kept on walking.

    That's why the Peoples is Peoples routine is so ding-dong funny to me. Now it's been a good amount of time since I've seen MTM. Does anyone have the script of that bit?

    - Markus
  7. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Ol' Buddy Bert Well-Known Member

    One of my favourite muppet moments is from a Muppet Show Pigs in Space segment.

    The segment starts with a close up of Link's hand drawing some space related objects on a pad of paper with a pencil.

    "If the vast outer reaches of the universe is here...

    *drawing another x*

    ...and we're here...possibly..."

    Piggy interrupts

    "Link, Link...what is that?"

    Link replies and points to the object Piggy is referring to.

    "That...that's a ducky."

    All the while the camera still stays on the Link's hand and the pad of paper.

    Very, funny stuff...and there's always more too!

  8. Zoot

    Zoot Active Member

    One of my favorite moments, and one of the funniest to me, is when Belafonte is singing 'Day-o' and Fozzie keeps interrupting him...and when they're echoing him, Fozzie is out of sync with the rest of the Muppets...

    Belafonte: Daaaaay-o!
    Muppets, and then Fozzie: Daaaay-o!-(Fzy'OH!'):o
  9. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member



    I just love good ol' stories like that. :)

    Man...I just had to think to myself whether it's "storys" or "stories"---that is how soooooo not-awake I am...
  10. Link Hogthrob

    Link Hogthrob Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Pigs In Space...

    Hey, Buddy Bert-

    On the lines of Pigs In Space, I always loved the episode in which Miss Piggy was so heavy that the Swinetrek was leaning to one side....

    Now, that's funny in itself, but then Strangepork has a line - something like, "It'll sure louse up our billiard game tonight!"

    Now, again, that's humorous, but still not my favorite part!

    Strangepork tells Link that he thinks that he has figured out the problem. Well, Miss Piggy has figured it out too and she snaps at Strangepork when he suggests anything....


    After a moment of silence, Links looks at Piggy and says....

    "Hey, I get it now!"

    HAHAHAHAHA!! For some reason that is soooo funny to me. Link being so stupid was always a source of great humor for me!!

    Does anyone like this bit? I'm anxious to see if anyone finds it as funny as I do!!

  11. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jim,

    That is a great sketch, and lots of people agree with you as this sketch was featured during the Muppet Show Live performance last December.
  12. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    The best Muppet Moment is when Janice and Mokey come into my world . . . which hasn't happened yet. ;)
  13. Ol' Buddy Bert

    Ol' Buddy Bert Well-Known Member

    Re: Speaking of Pigs In Space...

    "Does anyone like this bit? I'm anxious to see if anyone finds it as funny as I do!!"

    I quite agree with you...the timing is excellent and it's very funny throw-away gag. Good stuff, indeed.

    Honestly, I think Link is an under-rated character. He's not always a laugh-out-loud funny but he's always doing subtle things that are very very humourous.

    And Zoot...You're spot on with the Harry Belefonte "Day-O" sketch. Fozzie's timing is great and really sends that sketch over the cliff for me.

  14. Zoot

    Zoot Active Member

    Thanks Ol buddy bert -

    That littel scene within the sketch is the kind of universal humor that classroom full of pre-schoolers AND a boardroom full of executives can laugh at.
  15. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    And Paul Simon thought nobody would like the leg-frying motif!
  16. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    We liked it didn't we Matt? LOL! :D
  17. Zoot

    Zoot Active Member


    When Blind Pew and I watched that for the first time (In years) we couldn't stop laughing either. I love that episode with Paul Simon.
  18. fluffmuppet

    fluffmuppet Well-Known Member

    My favorite moment is Kermit singing "The Rainbow Connection" on the Muppet Movie. I don't know why, but the music on the Muppet movies (And on the Dark Crystal) are the most amazing peices of music I've ever heard in a movie. :)

    And just listening to Jim Henson sing for Kermit makes me feel really warm and happy :):)

  19. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, as for Henson's non-Muppet moments, "Labyrinth"'s musical numbers are my favs, particularly the ultra-catchy "Chilly Down."
  20. Blind Pew

    Blind Pew Well-Known Member

    Chilly Down

    Chilly Down is my favorite song from the Labyrinth. I absolutely love the fiery's dance. In the behind the scenes feature, its kinda neat to watch how they filmed that.

    "Good times, Bad food..."

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