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The Dark Crystal{Home vs. Theater viewing

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by skekKot, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

    Those that have seen Jim Henson's masterpiece "THE DARK CRYSTAL"; at home {VHS,LaserDisc,DVD,Blue-Ray,Digital} have a better understanding how the creators intended the picture to look. Except, that the VHS was full screen(pan & scan). But, the color of the picture is true to this unique film .

    The quality of the film's color as shown on the big screen; was'nt always true to the film.
    Due to the fact, most theaters projected the film with too much luminance, heightening the colors and artificiality of the production. *this artificiality was added by a process used by cinematographer Oswald Morris. Adding a "color-wash"(Lightflex with color tint).

    Jim Henson was actively involved in the compilation and transfer of the film onto LaserDisc {released in 1990} With his supervision the colors on the LaserDisc were precisely the colors which he and Frank Oz had originally intended.
  2. skekKot

    skekKot Active Member

    I myself have never seen the film at a theater. But, just recently it has been shown a few times near my home; either 25 cents or for free. But, i'am kinda glad that I did'nt go see it; even though it's my favorite film. But after reading that the picture color is different caused by the adjustment of the projector's lighting and that I have also read that a theater recently played THE DARK CRYSTAL using a Blue-Ray disc. One theater-goer stated the picture-quality was pretty bad, you could
    see pixelation on the screen! I have not seen a digital film onscreen and will not in the future.
  3. Laszlo

    Laszlo Well-Known Member

    I have seen all versions and the Blu-Ray is by far the best to date!

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