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The final "Farscape" shows...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by wolfy, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    Well, folks, the time is coming...

    Next week is going to be the last of one of the greatest shows on television (next to "The Muppet Show"), and it's ending...

    "Farscape" is having it's swan song next Friday night (tonight is the final of the latest trilogy of the series), and from what was said in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the show, I have a feeling that some of us are either going to be screaming our heads off (or rupturing our vocal chords), throwing things at our televisions or else just plain crying "Why, Sci-Fi, WHY?"

    Rumor has it that the show will have a nice, pat, standardized ending about a minute before the show ends, which COULD wrap up the series so nicely, but there will be some kind of major TWIST (yes, all capitol) in the next 30-60 seconds that will have faithful "Farscape" fans screaming for more, me included!

    I have NO idea what this twist is, but I am already sweating bullets and having bad dreams about it.

    I have also heard that there is going to either be a miniseries or a movie ("Movie, movie, movie"...keep the chant going, because this thing is bigger than "Star Trek" and could go on for YEARS), but that the stars and the Henson Company have to work things out first...

    Oh, please, Brian and all the Henson people...if you have even a TINY bit of love for "Farscape" fans in you, PLEASE do something to continue showing the program for us here in the USA...we LOVE it, and we really don't want to lose it at all!!

    Okay...I'm heading out to get my VCR warmed up for tonight, and I'm buying NEW TAPES for next week's two-hour finale...
  2. UncleDeadly

    UncleDeadly Member

    :eek:TWO HOUR FINALE?!:eek:

    Why have I not heard this sooner?
  3. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Ironically, next week's series finale will be titled "BAD TIMING". Everyone needs to tune in and show their support.

    After March 21st, Sci-Fi will begin airing Farscape re-runs each week.
  4. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter New Member

    He he! That's funny Phil.

    Good! I was thinking they might not do reruns of the show! I didn't start getting into it until four episodes before it's due to end!
  5. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    Oooooh, that IS ironic!

    Thanks SO much for letting us know, and for telling us that Sci-Fi will be airing re-runs starting the 21st of March.

    We missed a lot of the eps this season, and we really need to catch up on them!

    Considering we were such big "Farscape" fans (even going as far as to join the club and not complaining when we didn't get our newsletters or anything else from them we were promised except for the tape in a neat box and some posters), I'm surprised at us.

    But then, when they changed the time from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Fridays I had to make a major choice between "Farscape" and "Law & Order, SVU," which I try to never miss...

    Does Sci-Fi still air a second showing of the program later on at night? I haven't checked lately...

    I will be there, though, for the finale and I am hunting all the stores for the DVDs of the four seasons' worth of episodes. This two and three episodes on one DVD (to me) is a waste of DVD space. Give me a full season with extras and inside reports, interviews and background info from the stars about their characters on a two- or three-disc set and I'll pay the bucks for it!
  6. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik New Member

    Yeah, it airs at midnight.

    My friends and I love Farscape, and it's our Friday night ritual (last night we spontaneously decided to order pizza, which we inhaled while watching Farscape).

    I have a feeling we'll be tuning in next week...
  7. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    Thanks, Emmy...

    This way, if the hubby and little one wish to watch something earlier in the evening, I still get to record it off the satellite at midnight.

    Appreciate the help!
  8. toyzboy

    toyzboy New Member

  9. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    Woo-hoo! Glad to see they're finally putting Farscape back in the daily reruns.

    I can understand why people have a hard time getting into this show. I hated the first episode I saw. But people kept saying great things about it, so I watched another episode. I didn't like that one either. But it continued to be acclaimed by people whose opinion I respect. So I kept trying.

    Finally, after seeing about 5 episodes in the course of 8 months, I saw the second-season finale, "Die Me Dichotomy." Whoa. Now the series had my attention, and I watched it almost every week after that.

    Any new viewer should start at the beginning when the episodes start airing as daily reruns. They don't need to watch every episode, but starting at the beginning is the best place. And they should make sure not to miss hilarious episodes like "Crackers Don't Matter," "Out of their Minds," and "Won't Get Fooled Again." And as someone else said, the third season as a whole is just phenomal, with heartbreaking episodes like "Relativity" (possibly the show's best) and "Different Destinations," and entertaining shows like "Green Eyed Monster" (written by series star Ben Browder) and "Revenging Angel."

    In the fourth season, the show seriously lost its way. In an effort to improve ratings, a villainous character was added -- I don't remember her name, but I just call her Cleavage, because that's why they brought her on board. There was a lot of sleazy sensationalism like this. Meanwhile, on Moya, a lot of great, interesting characters (like Stark and Crais) left the show, in favor of characters that were generic rehashes of those we'd already seen (the new redhead is just a slightly less brash version of Jool, and the mystic is a cheap version of Zhaan). These new characters were not as interesting as the ones they replaced. And while the show had always tried to fight its "Muppety" stigma because the characters were made by the Creature Shop, this season they really went overboard with making the aliens so gross that it was just unpleasant to keep the TV on. Plus, there were major continuity holes that one could drive a bus through. The writers never explained how Scorpius could survive being shot at point-blank range, and being buried in the cold ground in front of everyone! In fact, both Scorpius and "Harvey" have come back from the dead so many times, death has lost all meaning.

    The only two great episodes this year were the loopy, fanciful "John Quixote" and the fun "Unrealized Reality," both of which reunited some of the characters from previous seasons, in a sense. (I still haven't seen the rest of the 3-parter where John returns to Earth circa 1985. Aargh!)

    Anyway, just because the show was bad in Season 4 doesn't mean it couldn't have rebounded in Season 5. The series as a whole was good, and I'm disgusted that they never got the chance to rebound. I'm just hoping the last episode is a good sendoff.
  10. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    Wow, Chilly, you know a LOT about the various episodes of "Farscape!"

    What was the name of my favorite one, and the one my kids talk about ALL the time...where John had this cartoon dream about the crew, and it was done by Warner Brothers ala "Bugs Bunny/Road Runner" style?

    I swear, we were laughing so hard we almost choked that night!

    I have to admit..."Farscape" can be both for kids and for adults, as the jokes can get riske' at times, but it's something that people of ALL ages can really enjoy.

    And those COSTUMES! Would I love to have those makeup and costume people around MY house come Halloween and Convention times...!


    Well, I think I'll go to the "Save Farscape" site and get me one of those neat TShirts or sometime...I love the look of some of them, and I have to admit, even though I love "Farscape" and it's show and it's merchandise, I don't see too many "Save Farscape" items on their web site... :)
  11. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    "What was the name of my favorite one, and the one my kids talk about ALL the time...where John had this cartoon dream about the crew, and it was done by Warner Brothers ala "Bugs Bunny/Road Runner" style?"

    That would be "Revenging Angel." :)
  12. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Active Member


    They actually made the characters into cartoon form ?
    How did they look ?

    I wonder if Disney buys Henson, Would they start Farscape back up again ?

    It airs twice a day here, And three times Tuesdays !

    see ya
  13. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member

    The style of animation was very influenced by old Warner Bros. cartoons. I heard a rumor that this was the last thing Chuck Jones supervised before his death, but I didn't see his name on the credits. The animation was actually done by EM.TV. The likenesses were pretty good; I think I might actually prefer this style of animation (as opposed to anime) if Farscape became a cartoon series.

    Regardless of whether Disney or someone else owns Farscape, the problem is the same: that other networks view the show as "the Sci-Fi Channel's used junk." :( It's going to be an uphill battle for them to get anything on the air, whenever this buyout thing is over.
  14. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Just a reminder, Farscape season 4 concludes tonight. It will likely be the series finale as well. Check it out tonight at 8 pm eastern and 12 am eastern. Let us know what you think.
  15. wolfy

    wolfy Member


    I cried!

    How COULD they end it like that?

    And what's with the "To Be Continued" stuff?

    When? Where? What channel? How?

    Too many questions, totally unanswered!!

    Oh, and Pilot...poor, dear, wonderful Pilot...again, I cried...

    I'm emotionally drained...completely, emotionally drained...
  16. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Member


    It's not the creators' fault. I can't believe Sci-Fi wouldn't let them wrap this up. The episode was FANTASTIC right up until that last scene.

    (I should note, though, Wolfy, I think you misunderstood something. Pilot was hurting from the transfer, but I got the impression he would be all right.)

    Maybe there'll be a movie or an anime series, but I don't hold out much hope with all this buyout nonsense. Besides, Sam Beckett from "Quantum Leap" never made it home. "Sliders" ended on an unresolved cliffhanger. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to the idea that every show I ever like is going to have a bad ending.

    I'm never watching this stupid network again.

    :mad: :( :eek: :boo: :grouchy:
  17. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    I think most of this episode last night was written and shot before the news of Sci-Fi's cancellation came down last September. So it's not like this is how they wanted the show to end. Sci-Fi decided it would end this way.

    I thought the thank you to the supporters of Farsscape at the end of the show was kind of a slap in the face since Sci-Fi isn't even allowing a proper conclusion to the series.
  18. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    I don't really think it was a "slap in the face" to the viewers, Phil.

    I think the people from "Farscape" honestly do thank the viewers for their loyalty and patronage.

    What I think is a slap in the face, though, is that Sci-Fi feels that "Farscape" isn't really good enough for them to put on their channel...

    For some reason, they feel that moving the show from it's great 9 p.m. Friday night time slot to 10 p.m. Friday, opposite NBC's heavy hitter "Law & Order, SVU," just to help "Stargate - SG1" make it's debut and pull in some viewers. That wasn't nice of Sci-Fi to do in the first place.

    Then Sci-Fi seemed to make out like "Stargate" was getting better ratings (okay, some of "Farscape's" viewers did leave because of the time change, but was it so many the ratings fell THAT drastically?) than "Farscape," and started rumbling about the cost of the program vs the amount of revenue it was bringing in.

    THEN comes the "the show costs too much," "we can get better effects and ratings with American-made shows like 'SG-1'" and all that crud that I heard was going around that Sci-Fi allegedly was saying to "Farscape," which made things worse.

    THEN...the death knell..."we aren't going to renew your contract," "we have less costly shows lined up that we think viewers will enjoy more." "we're cancelling the show as of this season..."

    "Farscape" fans have been working their collective rears off to save this show, and to what end? Only to have Sci-Fi ignore their pleas and end the show with no hope or knowledge of having it on another channel.

    We have the rumors of a movie, a miniseries, animated series and comics to live on, but even the "Farscape" magazine ended with the March 2003 issue; is this really hope of a future of some kind?

    Personally, I will not watch Sci-Fi any more. I only watched it for two programs (currently): Twilight Zone (original shows) and "Farscape." When "Quantum Leap" was on I'd watch them, because I LOVED Scott Bakula who played "Sam." When I was single I wanted to marry someone just like him...sweet, kind, good looking, understanding...a doctor...

    Since neither of those programs are on any more, and I am not really into "Twilight Zone" much any more (I can see it at noon?), I have no need of the Sci-Fi channel.

    Besides, I don't have any love for "Dune," "Children of Dune," "Rivertown" (or whatever it is called), "Tremors" (a waste of film as far as I'm concerned, all three movies and now the show, which I will probably get flak about from it's fans) or whatever other show they might put on in place of "Farscape" or on most other nights...

    Oh...I guess I do like "Mystery Theater 3000." Does that come on Sci-Fi? If so, darn. I'll miss that...

    And Chilly, I know that Pilot was all right after he and Moya regenerated, but he was in such pain when he was being cut away from her in the first place. I remember what pain he went through before, both when he became part of her and when they were torn apart once before. Pain for both of them. And he was being so noble and self-sacrificing about doing this for John and the crew...

    THAT'S what made me cry...
  19. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    I wasn't in any way saying that the "slap in the face" was from the Farscape cast, it is from Sci-Fi for the way they have handled this mess. The cast and crew have been amazing to the fans during this time.

    I totally agree with you that changing the timeslot played a roll in the shows demise. What was even worse was taking the show off the air totally for 4-5 months, then adding it again last summer, then yanking it off again until January. Sci-Fi could have at least shown re-runs on a more regular basis instead of showing nothing in the down times.
  20. wolfy

    wolfy Member

    RE: the "thanks" at the end of the show...

    Oh...okay, I think I must have misread how you meant it. Sorry.

    And yes, the way they kept yanking the show, putting it on again months later then pulling it again for weeks on end WAS a horrid way to do things to both the fans and any new viewers of "Farscape."

    My husband feels that what Sci-Fi did was barely short of sabotage to the show, for whatever reasons they did it for...

    All I know is that I had to agree with whomever said they wouldn't watch Sci-Fi again...I have no REAL reason to, now, as "Farscape" was the best show there was on the air for that station!

    By the way...what the HECK happened to Scorpius and Zu? I know that John sent them somewhere (with a bomb attached to Scorpy's bod), but were they on the Scarren ship that met them in the wormhole, or did they die somewhere else?

    I am so confused...!

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