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The final "Farscape" shows...

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by wolfy, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Scorpy and Zu are fine. The bomb would only be triggered if Moya was not allowed to get away in peace. Because Moya did get away safely, Scorp and Zu were seen later aboard the Peacekeeper ship, with Scorpius saying that John would soon come back to them of his own volition. John talked about it but changed his mind. I think that's the last we saw of them.

    Again, it's always obligatory for the network to thank the viewers at the end of a run of a show with a heavy fan base. But they don't really care, as evidenced by the fact that (as you both have pointed out) they took them off the air so often, then put them in a bad timeslot and didn't give them a chance to redeem themselves. SG-1 was on the verge of cancellation when it joined Sci-Fi. How well would IT have done in Farscape's timeslot?

    When I said I'd never watch Sci-Fi again, it was mainly exaggeration to make a point about how mad I was. I can't say that I won't watch the network 10 years from now, or that I'll never catch a rerun of a favorite show in passing. But Farscape was one of my only "appointment" shows a week, and the only one on Sci-Fi. Hence, no need to watch it any more. I'm not interested in "Tremors" (just how many different ways can you kill a big bug?) and I don't care about the "Battlestar Galactica" mini-series in December, since they've gone out of their way to anger fans before it even airs.

    Sci-Fi has repeatedly said in interviews that they hate the "geeky" sci-fi fan and they're always trying to appeal to a "mainstream" audience. Guess what, Sci-Fi? We ARE your audience. If you aired cooking shows and sitcoms on a sports network, you'd anger the very people who were watching your channel, and they'd stop tuning in. Sci-Fi, if you keep this up, you are going to be paying the piper very soon.
  2. wolfy

    wolfy Well-Known Member

    Well, I don't know how "geeky" we really are, since the only real Sci-Fi fan in the family is my hubby, but the boys and I enjoy scifi stuff, and we aren't the "geek" types (you know, pocket protectors, slide rules, the knowledge of various mathematical equations on the tip of your tongue as well as being able to tear apart a computer and put it back together in an instant...), nor are we the heavy-duty scifi types (ala "Trekkies" et al, going to conventions, worshiping Asminov or Roddenberry...).

    What we are are normal people; watch numerous, varied television programs, including soaps (everyone gasp, now), use the computer for work, play and school, enjoy reading, writing, playing, cards, board games, travelling, just being with each other and our pet (a dog).

    Yep, we are the typical broke American lower-middle-class family with all the struggles, trials and tribulations (but no tribbles)...

    We are of the ages between 10 and 51, so we meet all the demographics that those places who want to sell things to crave, so the Sci-Fi channel must love us, right? And they would want to put our favorite kinds of shows on the air, right?

    Noooooo, they take our best viewing off the air and chase us off.

    Again, I agree with Chilly that, while I can't say "never, ever, ever again" because of reruns of "Farscape" or "Quantum Leap" when it comes to watching Sci-Fi, I will say that, unless those shows are on, I won't BE watching it at all...

    Okay, NBC, CBS, ABC or whomever else (Food Network gets me for "Iron Chef" every week)...HERE WE ARE!!

    PS...sure would like to know what is going to happen with Scorpy and Zu, because just leaving them off on their own wasn't a very satisfying ending, especially since they seemed to be getting...um, close...

    Thanks for the info, though, Chilly...I was wondering what happened to them on the show. Don't know where my brain was at that moment...(probably upset enough about this being the last show ever that I wasn't paying attention fully...)
  3. EmmyMik

    EmmyMik Well-Known Member


    I forgot that this was on last night.

    Of course I've been out of it lately (I woke up this morning, wondering what exams I had today. Then I realized that I didn't have any. And then that's when I realized that I missed the Back to the Future cartoon on Fox. Darn it all!)...
  4. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Yep, it was unsatisfying, particularly after Scorpius has been so built up as the Darth Vader of the Farscape world. He deserved a more interesting ending. But that's what happens when you don't get the extra year of your contract that your network promised to you.

    Emmy: Isn't that the worst? I can't tell you how many times I've done that. Sci-Fi is showing Farscape again from the beginning, starting on Mar. 31, so keep your eyes open for the episodes you've missed. (The finale probably won't be till July or August!)
  5. PinkTribeChick

    PinkTribeChick Active Member

    Dude...I was nearly in tears and screaming at the TV because of that ending. They finally get engaged - and the baby is his...all is right with the world...and then out of nowhere this ugly looking creature disintegrates them! It was just so wrong!!! :mad: The very least Sci-Fi could have done was to let them film one more episode - some sort of proper ending to the series, rather than the mean jolt we got! I can only hope Disney has some sense, and if they buy Henson - they will latch on to this wonderful show and give it everything it deserves - including a real, decent ending that ties up all the loose ends!
    Shame on you, SciFi - you obviously have very little respect for your fans . . . :grouchy:
  6. daimyo_00

    daimyo_00 New Member


    Hey all :D I am new to the forum. I signed up after the finale episode. But I did some digging and have found some really interesting info. I guess as you all may have heard, is that Sci-fi pulled the plug on Farscape because of the ratings. They new what they were doing when they wrote the last episode, because when they decided to take the last season, they only signed up for 11-13 episodes (i cant remember the exact amount), instead of the normal 22 episodes. The good news is, from my reliable sources, is that this is all a marketing ploy. Sci-fi, from what I understand, is either going to start producing or airing, new Farscape episodes next January. So think of it... Farscape with bad ratings, and insane finale that has people screeming for more, how do you think the ratings will be if and when they start airing new episodes. Pretty good I think. BUT...the clincher is, is that it is unsure whether Sci-fi will be airing the episodes, or another cable channel. But i hope this little bitt of info will keep a few of you from jumping out a window, at least til January :D
  7. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Damiyo, I appreciate your trying to keep our sanity and prevent us from jumping out windows. :D But I do have to ask, what is your source? Many online sources are not reliable--even Ain't It Cool News is right only about half the time. So I'm just curious as to where you heard this.

    The online sources I typically trust for Farscape news include Cinescape.com, Scifi.com, and of course, Muppet Central.
  8. FerrariGuy

    FerrariGuy New Member

    I had heard that Sci-Fi was going to cancel the series, but with it bouncing on & off the air I wasn't sure until it was announced that the SERIES finaly was going to air last Friday.

    I found this forum doing a web search trying to find out what the future fate of Farscape & the Jim Henson Co was... & registered so I could post.

    I just wanted to say that I thought the *current* final episode was BRILLIANT just like every episode of Farscape has been. It strikes me that the ending may very well have been the doing of the writers rather than the Sci-Fi channel with the possibility of causing what hopefully will be a tremendous outcry that will bring the series back to life. I thought it was probably the most well written *wish it weren't ending* series finaly ever. Anyone remember the end of Moonlighting? I really applaud the writers & producers for not cutting the ending. Course.. that could just be wishful thinking.

    If the writers had wanted a pretty ending.. they HAD the oportunity. Slip in 3 more minutes of commercials & cut the final few minutes & gee wiz bang.. nice tidy wittless ending. Click....

    Sci-Fi has lost me as an appointment viewer as well... I could care less about the rest of the marginal mainstream last a season or two shows it it currently sponsering. Stargate is fairly good, but it's no appointment show... they wanted mainstream... they got it...

    I think I might get into some of the initiaves www.savefarscape.com is suggesting. (old news to some I'm sure)


    The main idea is to get Farscape fans together for a food drive. BUT, the fans will be selective & buy food from advertisers that supported Farscape (list available). Pretty nice idea & hopefully may help save Farscape as a side benifit.

    Paul Kobres
  9. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member



    I cant believe this !

    I saw this episode a few weeks ago on UK TV !

    I was like "Oh My God, What is gonna happen?"
    I didnt even realise until i read this !

    Whoa, I nver knew that we got Farscape before you guys!

  10. Chilly Down

    Chilly Down Well-Known Member

    Hi, FerrariGuy! Welcome to the forum! :)

    From all that's been reported, the ending of the show was not a deliberate attempt to cause an outcry to get the show back. They were pretty much just wrapping filming, and Sci-Fi called to tell them it wasn't honoring the rest of its contract. The writers had written the ending the way they did based on the belief that they would be back for a fifth season.

    For that matter, if they had deliberately planned it that way, I would be against it. "Sliders" also deliberately ended with a cliffhanger, even though Sci-Fi had told them to wrap things up. Three years later, it's still unresolved. The networks never listen, and the only ones hurt are the fans.

    At any rate, Farscape didn't need a crazy cliffhanger ending to get a public outcry. It already got one in September when the cancellation was announced. And despite a massive effort by fans, all the work has fallen on Sci-Fi's stubborn deaf ears.

    I agree with you that the ending is good, but only as a season finale, not a series finale. I'm not interested in a happy, witless ending either, but there's a balance somewhere between that and the utterly cynical, nihillist ending we got.

    The analogy I like to use is "Back to the Future." The original movie ended with Doc and Marty flying off on new misadventures--"uh, oh, here we go again!" I like the sequels, but if they had never followed up on THAT cliffhanger, I would still be happy. It was great fun. Now imagine that the movie ends instead while we're enjoying a warm embrace between Marty and Jennifer...and then, without rhyme or reason, Biff runs out of the house and shoots them both dead on the spot. Roll credits.

    That's how I feel about the end of Farscape. They didn't have to be mushy, but they didn't have to (as Danny Horn so eloquently put it) "kill the puppy" either.

    Anyway, those are just my thoughts in the matter. Looking forward to future discussions with you!

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