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The Muppets' 60th Anniversary Trip

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 1

    Our story begins in at WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. The year is 1955. There's auditions for a new local show, and the casting has been almost finished.

    "I got the part!", said Blingo, a purple guy who looked like part-salmon, part-buffalo.

    "Yeah, but everyone who auditioned got hired", said Harry the Hipster.

    "I'm hungry", growled Yorick.

    "If this were Hollywood or something, there'd be a lot more people auditioning", said Harry.

    The boss, Mr. H, came out.

    "Well, I've hired all that I could afford to hire", said Mr. H, "and I just happened to have that many people audition, so...."

    Kermit then ran in.

    "Wait!", shouted Kermit, carrying a banjo and a record with him, "May I audition?"

    "Well, we've already hired as many people as we can afford", said Mr. H, "but I'll let you audition."

    "Oh, thanks", said Kermit, putting a record on the record player, "this is a duet, so can somebody lip-sync with me?"

    "Sam, you're the star", said Mr. H, "you do the duet."

    The record played, and Kermit and Sam lip-synced to "That Old Black Magic", though Kermit lip-synched to the male parts and Sam lip-synced to the woman parts.

    After it was over, everyone applauded.

    "That's good", said Mr. H, "but I think Sam should do the male parts."

    "Well, I guess I'm willing to do drag if I need to", said Kermit.

    "Well, now I've got to fire one of them", said Mr. H.

    Everyone else gasped.

    "You can't fire me, Mr. H", said Professor Madcliffe, "I've got a Harvard degree! I found it the day my brother graduated."

    "And you can't fire me", said Chicken Liver, "I simply don't want you to."

    Everyone else started talking over each other.

    Mr. H let out a loud whistle.

    "Okay, I guess the one I'll have to let go is....." Mr. H looked around, struggling to bring himself to do so, but then pointed to Blingo.

    "What? But why?", asked Blingo.

    "Well, for one, you're the only one who has not yet signed your contract."

    "But I thought I did, Mr. H", said Blingo.

    "No", said Mr. H, holding up a contract, "you signed a prop contract."

    The prop contract then exploded. The others looked shocked at first, then chuckled.

    "Hmm, hey Mr.. H, maybe that can be a trademark of ours", said Harry.

    "Hmmmmm", thought Mr. H, "But also, you are the only one who refuses to do drag."

    "Refuse to do drag is RIGHT!", said Blingo, "now you reconsider and put me on the show, without me doing drag, or else!"

    Blingo was then thrown out of the station buidling.

    "Oh, they're going to pay some day", said Blingo, "especially that.... Frog-like thing! I just need to figure out the perfect plan."

    Cut to today, when the Muppets are having a meeting.

    Scooter was reading a news paper, "how sad."

    "What's that?", asked Bunsen.

    "Over 100,000 banks in this city alone have been robbed."

    "I didn't know this city had that many banks", said Fozzie.

    "Okay, everyone", said Kermit, "last night's show was good, but as usual, it can be better."

    "I'm glad Statler and Waldorf aren't here", said Fozzie, "I can only imagine what they'd say."

    Then a thought bubble showed up, with Statler and Waldorf inside.

    "As usual, the show can be better", said Statler.

    "It can always be better", said Waldorf, "but it never is!"

    Statler and Waldorf laughed, then the bubble popped.

    "I know how to improve the show", said Crazy Harry, "use these prop contracts!"

    Crazy Harry held a prop contract, which then exploded.

    Crazy Harry let out a wild laugh.

    "That joke got old the 177th time", coughed Gonzo.

    "Anyway", said Kermit, "the network wants us to take a short vacation."

    "Can it be tropical?", asked Yolanda.

    "Why don't we go to the chicken farm by the Grand Canyon?", asked Gonzo.

    "Maybe we can go to the Hard Rock Hotel", said Floyd.

    "HARD ROCK! HARD ROCK!", shouted Animal.

    Denise then came in.

    "Kermit, you've got a special message", said Denise.

    "Oh, thank you, Denise", said Kermit, reading the letter, "Wow, somebody wants to give us, the Muppets, a special 60th anniversary vacation weekened at "Fun Wine Country", the place with wine, rides, art, high culture, and other great family entertainment."

    "And they have wine at a family fun place?", said Bobo.

    "It says that most expenses have been paid for us", said Kermit, "and be sure to bring as many Muppets as you can."

    "Well, I can't go", said Denise, "I have to work."

    "Aww, that's too bad", said Kermit.

    "I can bring some of my scientiffic equipment", said Bunsen.

    "Mee mee mee mee", agreed Beaker.

    "This place seems like a highly cultural place", said Sam the Eagle, "I congraduate this person for inviting us. He has great taste. So who invited us?"

    "It actually doesn't say", said Kermit.

    "It's probably Walter", said Scooter, "he'd probably want to have all the Muppets included."

    "Or maybe it's that Minor Muppetz guy", said Lips.

    "Well, it's such a great coincidence that we are having this trip at the same time that the network wants us to have a break", said Kermit, "and unfortunate that it has to be when Denise can't come, but let's get packing!"

    Everyone cheered.
  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 2

    The Muppets arrived at the parking lot of Fun Wine Country.

    "We're finally here", said Miss Piggy, "that was a long bus ride."

    "It was only 21 minutes", said Kermit.

    "Next time", said Piggy, "can Moi have a plane or private jet?"

    "I can't wait to have all the cheese I can eat!", said Rizzo.

    "What a nice view", said Rowlf, admiring the view, a large park with rides, vendor stands, outdoors restaurants, a big swimming area, an amplitheater, and an art gallery.

    "It looks so cultural", said Sam.

    "This looks like it'll be a nice vacation", said Statler.

    "Yeah", said Waldorf.

    "But since we're with all these weirdos, it won't be", said Statler.

    "I'm glad you could make it, mom", said Fozzie.

    "It's not every day you get to go on such a nice vacation", said Ma Bear, "Uh, it WILL be a nice vacation, right?"

    "I think we should check into the hotel", said Kermit, "Walter!"

    "Yes?", asked Kermit.

    "Will you please make sure everyone is here?", said Kermit.

    "Okay", said Walter.

    Kermit went to check in, followed by a number of others.

    "We're the Muppets", said Kermit, "we were booked a most-expenses-paid anniversary weekend."

    "Travel was not included among the 'most expenses paid'", said Miss Piggy.

    "Okay", said the clerk, "how many are here?"

    "I think it's 1,036", said Kermit.

    "We only have 573 rooms", said the clerk, "and only one is not being used."

    "That's disappointing", said Kermit.

    Cut to the hotel room, which was filled with Muppets.

    "Okay, everybody find somewhere to sleep", said Kermit, "we'll draw straws to see who all sleeps on the bed."

    "They said that 40 of us can fit on there", said Scooter.

    "And 90 can fit on the couch", said Fozzie.

    "It's a good thing Animal and I packed out hangers", said Gonzo.

    "Love hangers! love hangers!", shouted Animal.

    "We in the band can sleep in the bus", said Dr. Teeth.

    "Like, I think Zoot's already sleeping", said Janice.

    "I'll sleep on the TV", said Chip, climbing on top of the television, which was a big 1990s television set, as opposed to a flat screen.

    "I think they said that some of us can sleep in the lobby", said Leon.

    "And we can sleep outside as well", said Droop.

    "I think the other monsters and I will sleep in the closet", said Uncle Deadly.

    "I'll sleep in the drawers", said Pepe.

    "I found a mouse hole", said Rizzo.

    "Maybe now would be a good time to perfect my digital room", said Bunsen.

    Walter came in.

    "Well, I checked", said Walter, "and not all of us are here yet."

    "And we're already this crowded?", asked Scooter.

    "I think we'll stay at a better hotel", said Waldorf.

    "Yeah", said Statler, "one that's in a different state than here!"

    "Should we go to the Waldorf Astoria or the Statler Hilton?", asked Waldorf.

    "I think we should go outside and check out the place", said Robin.

    "That's the spirit", said Kermit, "let's all go!"

    Everyone was ready to get out of the crowded hotel room.

    "Hey, watch it", said Zoot, "don't step on me while I'm sleeping."

    Meanwhile, Blingo was in the next room. He opened the doors, seeing the many Muppets leaving.

    "Looks like they're all here", thought Blingo, "now I can start with my plan. Even though it's really just Kermit I have a grudge against. Who would have thought that the one responsible for me not getting picked for that local television show would have had worldwide fame? If I was picked instead, I might have been the one to become rich and famous. And who knows, maybe Kermit would have been the one to trick me into this trap."
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  3. kathy26

    kathy26 Well-Known Member

    I Think you meant to have Walter say Yes
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  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 3

    The Muppets were exploring the area.

    "Wow, look at all this science equipment", said Bunsen.

    "Oooh", said Beaker.

    "This gadget would work perfectly with our lightning-collecting device", said Bunsen.

    "Hey, Camilla, they've got some electric pipes", said Gonzo.

    "Bawk bawk?", said Camilla.

    "Look at all this wine", said Miss Piggy, "this costs more than Moi's pay check."

    The Swedish Chef put his finger in a bowl of wine, tasted it, and didn't like it, so he poured a little of his own drink into the mix.

    "Hey, Uncle Kermit!", said Robin, "let's go on Mr. Frog's Wild Ride!"

    "Okay", said Kermit.

    So Kermit, Robin, Gonzo, Camilla, Rowlf, Baskerville, Floyd, Janice, Beautiful Day Monster, Pops, Fleet Scribbler, and Digit went on the ride.

    The ride started going smoothly.

    "This is nice", said Kermit, "I think I could swim here."

    "Look at all of the animatronics", said Digit.

    "It's a big place after all", said one of the animatronics, who started to malfunction, "after all-after all-after all..."

    "At least I am real", said Digit.

    Blingo was hiding behind some of the animatronics.

    "Okay, I'll just snap these cables a little, and all will go wrong", said Blingo.

    The ride then dropped down 30 feet. Those on the ride were screaming.

    "Just about done...", said Blingo.

    After cutting the last cable, several electrical explosions went off.

    "Wow", said Janice, "This is, like, rully scary."

    "It's just part of the ride", said Floyd.

    The lights started flickering.

    Rowlf started barking.

    "I didn't know you actually barked like a dog", said Baskerville.

    "Oh yeah", said Rowlf, "I guess I've never felt this protective before."

    The various animatronics started shooting off from where they were.

    "Cool", said Robin.

    The ride then took them near a saw mill, where they were headed towards a dangerous saw.

    Blingo hid nearby.

    "This is part of the show, but I replaced the fake spinning saw with a real one. According these blueprints, the ride is supposed to spring over the spinning saw, but if I make these adjustments, the saw will shoot off and harm them."

    Blingo pressed down on a lever, but instead of shooting off at the Muppets, it shot up over its direction, and went chasing after Blingo.

    "Oh no!", said Blingo, running from it.

    Digit observed, "that animatronic looks more realistic than the others", said Digit.

    "That animatronic looks familiar", observed Kermit, "as if it's based on somebody I met once 60 years ago. But I can't pinpoint who."

    The ride ended, and as soon as they all left the building, the entire building collapsed.

    "Wow, what a cool way to end the ride", said Gonzo, "I'm going again."
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  5. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 4

    Bunsen was trying out his latest invention, a beam that creates living space.

    "With this invention, we'll have more sleeping space in our hotel room, enough for all of us Muppets. Let's turn it on."

    Bunsen turned the switch, and a beam showed a door shape, leading to an alternate dimension.

    "Mee", said Beaker in awe.

    "Let's go inside", said Bunsen.

    They both went in.

    "There's plenty of space", said Bunsen.

    "Mee mee mee meep".

    Smoke started to come out of the machine.

    "Looks like there's something wrong with the machine", said Bunsen, who ran out and turned off the machine, which caused it to stop smoking.

    "Looks like I'll need to make some adjustments, Beaker", said Bunsen, who then turned around, only to find that Beaker was not there.

    "Uh, Beaker? Hmm, where'd Beaker go?"

    Kermit and Robin were now heading to the ferris wheel.

    "The ferris wheel looks like fun", said Robin.

    Thog walked by, crying.

    "They won't let me on the ferris wheel", sniffed Thog, "they say I'm too big."

    Kermit and Robin got on the wheel. The ferris wheel then started to move at the usual pace of a ferris wheel.

    "This is great", said Lew Zealand, as he was getting close to the top, "I'll throw a fish from up here!"

    Lew threw a fish, but by the time it came back, Lew was already higher, and the fish hit Statler in the face.

    "I knew this would be a fishy ride", said Waldorf.

    Blingo was by the ferris wheel, playing with the electrical box.

    "I'll make this wheel go faster", said Blingo.

    Soon, the wheel was spinning at 80 miles a minute. Everyone was screaming.

    "I've got an idea!", said Lew, who threw a fish... And the fish came back to him this time.

    "Here is a Muppet News Flash!", said The Newsman, who was riding the ride, "The Newsman is on a malfunctioning ferris wheel."

    The power box soon exploded, and the ferris wheel stopped. Everyone was too tired afterwards.

    "Let's not go back to the hotel room", said Mildred to George.

    "I agree", said George, "we can all sleep here."

    "Hmm", thought Blingo, "maybe I should have taken out the screws first."
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  6. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 5

    Kermit walked away from the ferris wheel, still a bit woozy from the experience.

    "Hey, Kerm", said Clifford, "I'm having a wonderful time here."

    "That's good", said Clifford, "but I think I should have a talk with the manager. Things keep falling apart."

    "Si", said Pepe, "my Play Prawn magazine blew up, okay. If I didn't know better, I'd say somebody was trying to kill us, okay."

    "It's not all dangerous", said Bean, at the nearby minature golf course, carrying a golf club, "we've just got to do the safest, cutest activities."

    Bean raised his golf club and swung it at the golf ball. It exploded as soon as it was hit.

    Everyone was laughing.

    "That's funny, but I'm still concerned", said Kermit, "I should talk with the manager or the cops."

    At the parking lot, Blingo was ready for the next part of his plan.

    "Okay, so so far, my plans have not been fatal enough. Some have backfired on me. AAAH!"

    The spinning saw from earlier came back, in Blingo's direction, but he jumped out of the way.

    "Phew, good thing I have good jumping skills", said Blingo, "but now I've got my mallet, sack, rope, match, and mini-rocket. I'll just find Kermit, put him in the bag, and send him to the sun."

    Blingo let out a maniacal laugh.

    At the same time, Constantine had come to the park, hiding in the bushes.

    "All of those Muppets are here", said Constantine, "I've fooled them once, and I'll fool them again. I'll just cover my mole..."

    Constantine put make-up on his mole and then came out from hiding.

    "Hi ho, I am Kermit. YAAAYYYY!!"

    Blingo then showed up, hit Constantine on the head with the mallet, stuffed Blingo in the sack, and ran off, unnoticed by the crowd. Except for one...

    "Zoot, you look like you're drifting off into space", said Dr. Teeth.

    "I thought I just saw a purple salmon buffalo kidnap Kermit", said Zoot.

    "That's ridiculous", said Dr. Teeth, pointing the other direction, "See? Kermit's over there."

    "Oh, right", said Zoot, "I really need to get off the stuff."

    Blingo tied the sack to the mini-rocket, as Constant was struggling inside.

    "No use struggling, Kermit, I'm going to send you to the sun!"

    "KERMIT??", said Constantine, who burst his head through the bag, "I'm not really Kermit. I am Constantine, world's number one criminal. See? I've got the mole."

    Constantine's mole was now showing.

    "Oh, my mistake", said Blingo.

    "Now let me out of this bag, you fool!", shouted Constantine.

    "Hmm", thought Blingo, "I don't think s...."

    The rocket then blasted off, sending Constantine with it.

    Constantine yelled as he was blasting away.

    The Sesame Street gang then showed up.

    "Well, it's great to finally be here", said Big Bird.

    "Hey, froggy babyyyy!!!", shouted Grover as he went to give Grover a back slap.

    "Well, I'm glad you all could make it", said Kermit, "though you are late."

    "Well, we had trouble getting here", said Telly.

    "Nobody could tell us how to get here", said Bert.

    "How to get here from Sesame Street", laughed Ernie.

    "I tried to get directions", said Don Music, "I thought I'd never get it right, never!"

    "Sam also had trouble getting us here", said Big Bird.

    "I know the way now", said Sam the Robot, "It's that way".

    Sam started to go into the other direction.

    "Uh, Sam, we're here", said Big Bird.

    "I counted all the times we went in the wrong direction", said The Count.

    "Hey, where the cookies?", asked Cookie Monster.

    "Cookies are over there", said Clifford, pointing to the cookie buffet.

    "I had fun getting lost", said Oscar, "but now that we're here, the fun is over, right, Bruno?"

    "Elmo's ready to have fun!"

    "Well, Elmo", said Kermit, "while it is enjoyable here, things have been falling apart."

    "That's okay", said Biff, "Sully and I can fix it, right Sully?"

    Sully was about to say something, only to be interrupted by Kermit.

    "Well, I think somebody might be trying to sabotage us", said Kermit.

    "Well, then, this looks like a job for Super Grover!"

    Grover ran into a telephone booth, which fell apart while Grover was changing into his super hero costume. Everyone nearby gasped.

    "Oh, I am so embarrassed", said Grover.

    "Hi, So Embarrassed, I'm Link Hogthrob."
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  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6

    Bunsen was perfecting his invention.

    "Okay, if I adjust this a little, the digital room space might come back..."

    Bunsen hit a button, the digital room appeared, and Beaker came screaming and running out, covered in bugs.

    "Beaker! What were you doing in there?", said Bunsen.

    Beaker jumped into the shower, washing off the bugs.

    Bunsen turned off the machine, "Well, I guess there were just too many bugs in this thing."

    Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus were walking away from the ferris wheel.

    "I'm so sorry about what happened, Snuffy", said Big Bird.

    "Yeah, they say I'm too big for the ferris wheel"", said Snuffy, "and they don't have a Snuffleupagus-sized ferris wheel like the other parks do, AND even without those setbacks, the ferris wheel is broken!"

    "Well, let's find ourselves another ride", said Big Bird.

    Blingo was hiding behind a tree.

    "Okay, so one of my traps backfired on me, and another involved me capturing the wrong frog", said Blingo, "though I'm glad he's still captured. I don't want to get the wrong frog again. I wonder if he's hit the sun yet."

    In a cut-away, the rocket was still heading towards the sun, only to run out of fuel and fall down.

    "What does number one criminal do to deserve this kind of treatment?", asked Constantine.

    The rocket - and Constantine - then fell right down into the Gulag.

    "Ouch!", yelled Constantine, "I vonder where I have landed..."

    Constantine then noticed that he was in the gulag.

    "Oh no, I just escaped again and now I'm back..."

    Back at the park...

    "I know!", thought Blingo, "I'll just sabotage ALL of the rides!"

    Blingo laughed maniacally, unaware that Forgetful Jones was behind him, having heard everything. He ran off to warn the others.

    "I've got to warn them", said Forgetful Jones.

    Forgetful Jones ran up to Kermit.

    "Hey, McKermit!"

    "It's Kermit! Kermit!"

    "Oh, well, I just got to tell you what I heard, it's very important!"

    "Okay, Forgetful Jones", said Kermit, "what is it?"

    "Oh no", said Forgetful, "I forgot!"

    Kermit scrunched his face.

    "Hey, Kermit", said Fozzie, "would you like to go on the roller coaster with us?"

    "Yeah, this should be fun!", said Gonzo.

    "FUN! FUN!", said Animal.

    "I don't think so", said Kermit, "so many rides have been falling apart. I don't think I want to go on any more rides today."

    "Yeah, you've got a point", said Walter.

    "I don't blame you", said Clifford.

    Most of them in agreement.

    "Well, I still want to go on", said Gonzo.

    "Uh, Gonzo...", said Kermit, trying to stop him.

    "Look, there's no line", said Gonzo.

    "That's because we all decided not to go on the ride", said Ernie.

    "Yeah, only a fool would go on it after what all has happened", said Bert, "I'll go see if there's a paper clips ride."

    "Elmo doesn't want to go on the roller coaster".

    "I never wanted to go in the first place", said Telly, I'm afraid of roller coasters."

    "I guess nobody's going to ride the roller coaster now", said Sweetums, who walked away, out of view, showing that Mr. Poodlepants was the only one on the ride.

    "Well I'm excited about this", said Mr.. Poodlepants, as the roller coaster started to move.

    "Oh no", said Kermit, "somebody's on the roller coaster!"

    "Eh, it's just Mr. Poodlepants", said Pepe, "I don't think anybody will feel sorry for him, okay."

    The others nodded in a "you've got a point" agreement.

    The roller coaster started to go up.

    "Whee!", said Poodelpants.

    And then it was at the top, and then went down.

    Mr. Poodlepants let out a more excitable "WHEEEE!"

    The roller coaster went into loops, all over, and eventually, it stopped.

    "Wow!", said Mr. Poodlepants, "THAT was fun!"

    "Hey, nothing happened to him!", said Telly.

    "I guess you were wrong, Kermit", said Fozzie.

    "Yeah", agreed Kermit, "I guess that just because a few rides had problems doesn't mean that all the rides will."

    Blingo was still thinking about the next part of his plan.

    "Which ride should I tamper with first? I know! I'll tamper with the roller coaster!"
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  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 7

    Elmo was going to the wine table for a drink.

    "Elmo sure is thirsty!", said Elmo.

    "No, don't drink that!", said Herry, "that's wine!"

    The wine started whining.

    "Oh thanks for the warning", said Elmo.

    "We are too young to drink that stuff, said Herry, "well, actually, I don't know whether I'm too young. Don't know how old you have to be to drink that."

    "Well, better safe than sorry", said Ellmo.

    At the hotel room...

    "What's going on?", said Mumford.

    "I'm trying to perfect my invention", said Bunsen, "it creates digital space we we all can have more room in this hotel."

    "Mee mee", said Beaker.

    "I know the perfect spell for perfecting inventions", said Mumford, "Now stand back... A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!"

    A puff of smoke came out... But instead of fixing the invention, it turned Beaker into a bunny.

    "Oh, dear", said Bunsen.

    "I must have used the wrong words", said Mumford.

    Beaker hopped around the room.

    Many of the Muppets were looking around the art gallery.

    "So many cultural pictures", said Sam, who then saw some undignified pictures, "well, I knew it was too good to last."

    The Count counted the paintings, "One painting, two paintings, three paintings..."

    "Look!", shouted Cookie Monster, "pictures of COOKIES!"

    Cookie Monster started to eat one, only to be stopped by Ernie.

    "No, Cookie Monster!", said Ernie, "you can't -- I mean, you shouldn't eat the paintings."

    "Oh,, right", said Cookie, "Me should know better by now. Me learned not to eat pictures in two different specials."

    He then saw Sweetums eating a painting.

    "Hey, don't eat that!", said Cookie.

    Blingo was on top of a chandelier, loosening it.

    "This chandelier will fall on top of Kermit. Ha ha ha!"

    He climbed up on the rope right before loosening the last thing holding it up, and then the chandelier fell towards Kermit.

    "Watch out, Kermit!", shouted Piggy, who jumped and pushed Kermit out of the way. The chandelier fell... Right next to Piggy."

    Blingo had quickly climbed and hidden himself.

    "Wow, you saved me, Piggy", said Kermit.

    "Moi thought you were right under where it was falling."

    Bert noticed a hole in the wall.

    "Hey, what kind of a hole is this?", asked Bert.

    Gobo Fraggle then came out of there.

    "Hey, can you tell me how to get to the Muppets 60th anniversary festivities?", asked Gobo, followed by Wembly, Red, Mokey and Boober.
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  9. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    The Fraggles were looking at the various things to do.

    "Aaahh!", screamed Boober, pointing to the ferris wheel, "there's a scary round monster over there."

    "Hey, there's a pool over there!", said Red.

    "I think I'll go back to where the art is", said Mokey.

    "I can't decide what to do", said Wembly.

    "Well, at least I can try this new kind of doozer construction", said Gobo.

    Traveling Matt then showed up.

    "No, nephew Gobo!", shouted Matt, "I once had a doozer stick like that. It was awful."

    "Oh, thanks for the warning", said Gobo.

    A Doozer then appeared.

    "Hey, there's more building space here", said the Doozer.

    Traveling Matt saw that they were by a roller coaster.

    "Oh no, not that thing again", said Matt.

    Mr. Snuffleupagus walked by.

    "AHHH! A MONSTER!", shouted Traveling Matt, who ran away.

    "What's so scary about a monster?", said a confused Snuffy.

    Blingo was hiding behind a dumpster.

    "Okay, so I have to come up with the best part of my plan. The part that succeeds in getting rid of that frog. I might be able to get enough explosive equipment to spread around the park to destroy him and everybody else. "

    Of course, Oscar the Grouch just happened to be in that dumpster, wit.h Slimey and Fluffy.

    "Oh no", said Oscar, "I've got to warn everyone. Even if that means helping them."

    The lid on the dumpster then fell over, closing on them.

    Oscar struggled to open the lid from underneath.

    "Oh no", said Oscar, "we're trapped! Why do the best attractions have to cause the most accidents?"
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  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 9

    It was night time, and things were actually going smoothly.

    "It is such a romantic night", said Piggy.

    "There's so much to do", said Mokey.

    "Fer sure", said Janice.

    "Hey, I found an amplitheater", said Floyd.

    "Wow", said Janice, follwing Floyd.

    The Electric Mayhem soon made it to the stage.

    "Let's play some music", said Dr. Teeth.

    "YERRR!! PLAY! PLAY!", yelled Animal.

    The Electric Mayhem then started to play "Electric Avenue"... and soon found themselves joined by Solid Foam. They were then joined by Honkers, Dingers, and Martians yipping. Cantus and the Minstrels then joined up and played music with them, and finally, Hoots the Owl gave a stirring saxophone solo.

    Everyone applauded.

    "The rides and attractions may be falling apart, but not the music", said Waldorf.

    "That's probably because the bands are so bad they CAN'T fall apart", said Statler.

    The two laughed.

    Kermit watched some of the Doozers build some constructions, and then had a thought.

    "Wait a minute! With all that has fallen apart, we could have easily fixed things."

    "What do you mean?", asked Fozzie.

    "Well, we've got many technicians, repairmen, construction workers, and magicians", said Kermit, "We could have easily gotten things fixed with the help of Beauregard, Lindberg, Chip the IT guy, Bunsen, Beaker, Biff, Sully, Mumford, Abbby Cadabby...."

    "And that one waiter of mine probably works in repairs of some sort", said Mr. Johnson.

    "Oh, I do, sir", said Grover.

    "And he'd probably mess up", said Johnson.

    "Hmm", thought Kermit, "actually, I think almost everyone I listed would make things worse as well."

    Oscar then ran up, covered in dirt.

    "I have to warn you, Frog! I've been stuck in trash for too long..."

    "You actually think you've been in the trash for too long?", asked Telly.

    "Anyway, I overheard...."

    But it was too late. A large amount of fire appeared.

    "Oh no!", cried Boober, "we are DOOMED!"

    "No we're not!", said Abby Cadabby, "I can fix th... Oh rats!"

    "You called?", said Rizzo.

    "I forgot to bring my wand", said Abby.
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  11. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Chapter 10

    There was fire surrounding everyone, and facing them all was Blingo,, with a big flare gun.

    "It's time to get things finished", grinned Blingo, pointing the flare gun at Kermit.

    "Wait... Haven't we met?", asked Kermit.

    "We did", said Blingo, "60 years ago. I was about to be cast on Sam and Friends, but then YOU had to audition, and they couldn't keep everybody..."

    "And ME!"", said Fozzie.
    "And me", said Gonzo.
    "And me", said Walter.
    "And me", said Ernie.
    "And me", said Bert.
    "And me", Red.
    "And me", said Mokey.

    "ENOUGH!", said Blingo.

    More of the Sam and Friends cast came by, close to Kermit.

    "Oh, it's the early 1950s family I never had", said Blingo, "but I was the only one let go so that you, Kermit, could be fired. And so I set out to destroy you. But first I got hit by a car and entered a 60-year coma. Once I finally woke up, I heard people talking about you, about how great you are , and learned that you became the sole break-out star."

    The rest of the Sam and Friends cast gave Kermit jealous stares, Kermit looking a little sheepish.

    "Luckily, I am quite resourceful, and have figured out what to do", said Blingo, "and since I am skilled at robbing banks, I robbed over 100,000 banks in one city alone to make this weekend possible. Of course, I had to make it 'most expenses paid', since it was only 100,000 banks I could afford to rob."

    Blingo then cocked the trigger on his gun.

    "And now, I...."

    Blingo then got zapped by Bunsen's digital space-saving device, trapping him inside.

    "Well, now he's trapped", said Bunsen, "we'll send him to the police."

    On the inside of the digital space-saving room...

    "I'm trapped!", said Blingo, "but it's okay, I'll just use this gun to get out."

    He fired... But it only caused the machine to catch fire.

    "I guess I'll have to fix it again before we can get him out of there and into his prison", said Bunsen, "And I think there might still be some bugs in there."

    Cut to Blingo, now covered in bugs, running and screaming from the digital world.

    In the real world, everyone cheered... Until they realized that they're still surrounded by fire.

    "Uh-oh", said Fozzie, "we're still trapped!"

    "Don't worry", said The Count, "The Countess von Dahling has been counting how many of us are here."

    "And that's 1,037 wonderful Muppets!", said Countess Dahling von Dahling, making it rain and putting out the large fire.

    Everyone cheered.

    "Let me know when you want me to start counting backwards, dahlings", said Countess.

    All the Muppets were back at the hotel, crowded into the hotel room.

    "This isn't helping my claustophobia", said Boober.

    "Shouldn't we have just gone back to out Fraggle hole?", asked Red.

    "I don't like having to share my can with so many of you", said Oscar.

    "I've created some space", said Big Mean Carl.

    "Help us!", yelled one voice from inside Carl's stomach.

    "Get us out!", yelled another voice.

    "Well, this has been an interesting vacation", said Kermit.

    A knock was heard on the door. Bobo opened it.

    It was Denise.

    "Well, Kermit, good news! I was able to make it after all!"

    "That's great", said Kermit, "even if this is a crowded room."

    "It was a crowded lobby and stairway as well", said Denise.

    "Oh boy", groaned Miss Piggy.

    "Well, what's important is that we all have each other", said Kermit, "and we're all here, right?"

    Suddenly, some loud sounds were heard from outside, causing many to bounce a little up off the ground.

    Sprocket barked.

    "What could that be?", asked Matt.

    Matt, Gobo, Sprocket, Herry, and Beaker all looked out the window.

    "Oh, it's the Gorgs", said Gobo.

    Junior, Pa, and Ma Gorg were all outside.

    "Well, we finally made it", said Junior.

    "Where do we stay?", asked Pa.

    Everyone laughed.

    The End
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  12. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    And now for some facts about the development of this fan fic.

    As I was deciding on how to end it, I thought up a few additional endings:
    1. Instead of tying Constantine to a rocket and blasting him away (and landing back in the Gulag), Blingo would have locked up Constantine (I also considered having Walter find out about Blingo, get caught, and get locked up as well), only for Constantine to show up and save the Muppets from Blingo... And then, despite being a hero, getting arrested for breaking out of the Gulag.
    2. The Gorgs show up during the climax and somehow save the Muppets, maybe by stepping on Blingo.

    I had considered waiting a bit before we knew that Blingo was the one responsible for all the accidents, but since I put the 1955 flashback at the beginning, I think people would have expected him to be behind it. Of course, after finishing, I felt that maybe I shouldn't have opened it that way, and either have the viewers unaware until a few chapters in who was behind the disasters, or have the character be known but his name and motive unknown until he confronted Kermit at the end.

    I had planned on having the gag where Carl "creates" extra space for the hotel in the first hotel room scene, but forgot about it. When I decided to have it end with the Muppets back at the hotel (and that was actually a decision I made at the last minute) and when I realized I was doing another scene there, I put in what I forgot.

    Regarding the roller coaster scene with Mr. Poodelpants: I originally planned on having it be Angelo on the roller coaster, then thought maybe the roller coaster should be filled with characters who tend to be despised by many fans (I was thinking Angelo, Poodlepants, Bill the Bubble Guy, the Deep Dish Nine cast, Muppets Tonight Band, and Andy and Randy Pig). But aside from Angelo, I had trouble thinking up "despised" characters who didn't originate on Muppets Tonight (and I didn't think to include any despised Sesame Street characters - I could have included the Monster Clubhouse monsters, maybe Elmo and Zoe).
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