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The Muppets may be in trouble. :-/

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by MrBloogarFoobly, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    No thanks to Disney's bad WTP preschool shows (never saw book of Pooh and can't judge on that) and Disney's marketing since the 90's Pooh became a preschool thing. That's a real shame. The classic Pooh shorts, even the newer Pooh movies were brilliantly done. I'm guessing too many parents decided for the DVD to come out because they wouldn't take their very young children to that kind of movie in theaters (same thing that foiled Elmo in Grouchland). Plus, Harry Potter. And as great as WTP was, it was pretty short. 10 bucks for 90 minute movies, fine... 10 bucks for something that, with advertisements and short was up in virtually an hour? If I didn't relish the thought of seeing well done 2-D animation on the big screen as much as I did, I probably would have skipped it too.

    All and all, great film, tad too short, but I can't really say what they could have done to make it longer without stretching it too thin. And it was great to hear Tom Kenny work with Jim Cummings again (big Catdog fan here).

    Smurfs is an amazing anomaly, in so much that Sony was ready to dump the film in the August graveyard (Does anyone remember the G.I. Joe movie? Someone that doesn't go to Marshall's and see the clearance movie merchandise, that is). They had that little faith in it, considering the plot they settled on trying to Chipmunk up the franchise... and the thing is, it wasn't even the WORST plot up for consideration. One early draft was that the Smurfs were toys cried to life by a little girl. Basically the Fat Albert movie with something even less applicable. But Sony made a decision to move it up to July, and somehow, the timing of the movie was just right and it became a hit for some reason. It's not a great or even that good a film, but by no means as terrible as I thought... but I thought it was going to be a soul crushing piece of aversion therapy. Hank Azaria made the film better than it needed to be.

    Same thing with that crappy Gnome thing (though I refuse to watch that)... it was the only family film during winter vacation, and it actually did better in the later weeks it was out. Disney dumped it into a slot they didn't think anyone would see it (I'm not getting into the film's many production problems or that the film was a contractual obligation), and amazingly it did well due to being an exclusive.

    BUT there's no excuse why Yogi Bear did as good as it did. We had Rapunzel out there, and granted... the whole princess thing scared off boys, but it was just...ugh... I can safely say, Smurfs (ashamedly) had me laughing it up (at least with Gargamel), I barely cracked a smile during that Yogi movie. My Hanna Barbera fandom betrayed me on that, and if I wanted to see Rapunzel, I would have had to have waited an hour... I should've waited the hour!

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