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The New York Pops play The Muppets at Carnegie Hall April 14

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by Phillip, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't afford the post benefit tix either, so don't feel bad. Either way it's going to be a PHENOMENAL show, and I'm really looking forward to it.
  2. MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member

    I don't feel bad! Being in the presence of legends is nothing to feel bad about. :)
  3. Phillip Administrator

    The wonderful Matt Vogel posted the following Carnegie sneak peak pictures this morning on Twitter. Check them out and let us know your thoughts. Follow Matt on Twitter here.

    Rowlf the dog on the screen at Carnegie.

    Leslie posing on the stage at Carnegie.


    It's the day of the show, y'all!


    Matt Vogel's view from the stage.


    Site visit at Carnegie.


    Getting ready...




    Great dinner tonight with the gang.

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  4. Frogster Active Member

    What is that video of Rowlf from, where he's wearing a watch? Anyone?
  5. BlueFrackle Active Member

    That's the video in one of the behind the scenes montages (Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson? Secrets of the Muppets?) where the camera pulls wide to reveal Jim performing! Wonder what the sketch is?

    Phillip likes this.
  6. matleo Active Member


    That was the pre-show to the old 'Here come the Muppets" show at Disney MGM studios. the show itself was a 15 min performance with walk-around Muppets (Kermit, PIggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Bean, and the EM band). But the presehow was this hilarious bit featuring Rowlf and Sam with Rowlf basically singing various songs (Lydia the Tattooed Lady, etc) and Sam interrupting and interjecting.

    Anyway, if you look closely you can see Rowlf wearing a watch which he used to keep track of how much time was left before the show.
    Phillip likes this.
  7. BlueFrackle Active Member

    Oh I see! I have wondered for YEARS about where this clip came from, thanks!!

    Now, I wonder if anyone ever recorded it on a camcorder?!
  8. Phillip Administrator

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