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The Spectacular Spidey/Muppets Celebration

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by muppetwriter, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Hi-ho! Kermit the Frog here! And, boy, do we ever have a MARVELOUS celebration for all of you here on Muppet Central! What are we celebrating? (looks around a little) Uh...no, seriously. I'm asking. What are we celebrating?

    (crew member steps in and whispers to Kermit.)

    Kermit: Oh, right! We're celebrating one of the greatest crossovers since peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and chocolate...the Spidey/Muppets crossover! From now until May 4th, the release date of not just Spider-Man 3, but the third Spidey/Muppets crossover that it'll be based upon, we'll be providing you with some really neat materials, such as MARVELOUS Posters, the retelling of the second Spidey/Muppets tale with a new storyline and a hidden villain, and interviews with the characters from the third (and possibly last) Spidey/Muppets tale. And here to assist me in all of this is a woman who has been like a mentor to me, ever since I joined the field of journalism, Miss April O'Neil!

    (Instead of April, Pepe the King Prawn steps in.)

    Pepe: Hola, MC! I am Pepe, your fabulous king prawn-turned-interviewer, okay!

    Kermit: Uh, there seems to be some kind of mistake, Pepe. You see, I'm supposed to be handling hosting and interviewing duties with April O'Neil. You know, from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The guys who actually know how easy it is to be green?

    Pepe: Si! That is just de thing, Karmin. Because of de release of de new TMNT movie today, the gorgeous April O'Neil will be a little busy with its premiere. So, being de gracious king prawn that I am, I've taken the pleasure of helping jou host dis celebration--for a short period of time, of course. Because once I am done here, okay, I will go back and finish what will be de masterpiece of all masterpieces, okay!

    Kermit: Mm-hmm. Lemme guess. Your Fantastic Four/Muppets crossover, "The Silver Crystal", right?

    Pepe: Jou know it, froggy! We've got it all! De girls from W.I.T.C.H., the characters from that Avatar show, and Miss Jessica Alba, okay.

    Kermit: What about all of the great Muppet stars from Muppets Tonight?

    Pepe: Oh, jeah. Dem too, okay.

    Kermit: Well, aside from all of that, we have a great celebration ahead of us. And if you stay tuned, we'll have our first interview with one of the stars of the third Spidey/Muppets crossover, Jenny from The Muppets Take Manhattan.

    Pepe: Ohh, I loved her in that, okay.

    Kermit: That and a lot more on "The Spidey/Muppets Celebration"!:)
  2. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Pepe: Hola! Dis is Pepe again, reporting from de "set" of de upcoming third Tidey/Muffins crossover, okay. It might a little hard to see where I am at at dis time, but with some good description and imagination of jour part, we can make it happen, okay? Hehe!

    (Sound of explosions in the background.)

    Pepe: Eek! See what I mean? Even though jou did not hear da, it was very frightening, okay! It looks as if dey had just finished doing a great battle scene on a set that looks like some sort of construction site dat's across from a replica of de Muppet Theatre, okay.

    Sean: Alright everybody! Break for lunch!

    Pepe: Dat was de creator of "The MARVELOUS Muffins", the "muppetwriter", Sean What's-His-Face. But we are not here for him, okay. We are here to interview one of de lovely stars of "The Muffins Take Manhattan", Miss Jenny. And here she comes, okay.

    (Jenny steps in, wearing a black robe over a tattered black costume and a platinum blonde wig; her face is a bit messy.)

    Pepe: Mu dios mio!

    Jenny: Hi, Pepe.

    Pepe: What has happened to jou, okay?!

    Jenny: Don't worry. I'm fine. This is how I'm supposed to look for the scene I just finished for the third story.

    Pepe: Jou look as if jou had gone fifteen thousand rounds with a crocodile, okay.

    Jenny:*grins* You could say something like that.

    Pepe: Hehe! Gotta love teasers, okay! Speaking of which, what can jou tell us about jour role in de next story?

    Jenny: Well, I don't want to give away too much, because I know there are a lot of readers out there who want to be fresh before reading. But I can tell you this much, something tragic happens to me in this tale that leads me onto a great journey.

    Pepe: The Journey of Jenny. *laughs* Jou see what I did there? I made a reference to "De Dark Stone", which will be featured in de Muffins/Fantastic Four crossover.

    Jenny: I believe the movie was called "The Dark Crystal", Pepe.

    Pepe: Whatever. All dat matter is dat I am the star, okay.

    Jenny:*shakes her head*

    Pepe: Jou were in the second story? Is dat right?

    Jenny: Yes. I was playing my original role from "The Muppets Take Manhattan" as the waitress and aspiring costume designer at Pete's Lunchonette. Remember? You had a role in it.

    Pepe: Dat's right. I was in de story. I played one of de workers at de diner.

    Pepe: Hehe! I sure did get de last word on him, didn't I?

    Jenny: You sure did.

    Pepe: But back on de third story, what is it like being involved in such a tale dat crosses Muffins over with superheroes from Marvel Comics?

    Jenny: Well, it isn't as awkward as most people would believe. The Muppets actually did get a big break in the comic book world, when Marvel Comics released a comic book adaptation to "The Muppets Take Manhattan".

    Pepe: Si. I have a copy of dat comic. De draw the Muffins so well, but when it comes to de humans, dey make jou all look so weird. Jou look like something out of a "Blondie" comic strip, okay. Hehe!

    Jenny:*sarcastic* Gee, thanks.

    Pepe: I hear in dis story dat dere are going to be deaths. Four of dem.

    Jenny: Yes. Very tragic deaths. One of which is the reason why I go on doing what I do in this next story.

    Pepe: Can jou tell readers which death dat is?

    Jenny: Sorry. Gonna have to wait 'til May.

    Pepe: But May is so far away. Surely jou can tell us today. Perhaps by the bay. What do jou say...okay?

    Jenny: Why are you talking like that?

    Pepe: My bad. I'm drugged by Dr. Seuss, okay.

    Jenny: Right. *rolls her eyes*

    Pepe: Well, if jou cannot tell us anything about de deaths, den can jou tell us about de next MARVELOUS Muffin hero dat we're expected to read about.

    Jenny: I can tell you this much. He's someone we're all familiar with and would make the most MARVELOUS hero in the history of comic books.

    (Pepe stares blankly at Jenny for a while.)

    Pepe: Okay....dad didn't help us very much. (Jenny rolls her eyes again.) But it has been a marvelous pleasure talking with jou, okay.

    Jenny: The pleasure was all mine, Pepe. *walks away*

    Pepe: Dere jou have it, Muppet Central! One death out of de four dat will trigger de journey of one character. But for what cost? Why does Jenny go on dis journey? And why does she look so sexy with all dat black and de platinum wig, okay? Read de story on May 4th and find out, okay! But, in de meantime, stay tuned for more marvelous dings here on "The Spectacular Tidey/Muffins Celebration", okay!:rolleyes:
  3. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Hi-ho again, everyone. Our celebration really seems to be getting off to a good start. And it's only going to get better, as we treat you will all sorts of great materials. Up next...a MARVELOUS Mini's tale that takes place years before the events of the first story and relates to the upcoming third story in a marvelous way. It focuses on both Flint Marko, the soon-to-be Spidey villain known as "The Sandman", and Nicky Holiday. It's a marvelous twist on the cinematic ending of The Great Muppet Caper. Enjoy!:)

    Unhappy Holiday

    Flint Marko had always been a confused man, being lured into a life of crime from a terrible childhood; he and his mother were abandoned by his father and forced to live in poverty. Throughout high school, Marko turned to theft and cheating to get through class and to make ends meet at home. After accepting a bribe, he was expelled from school and soon found work as a mob enforcer, becoming involved in more and more illegal activity and slowly developing a violent and bitter personality.

    But somewhere in the midst of his life of crime, he was able to have found love, and he became romantically involved with a woman named Emma, whom he married and had a daughter with. However, being left with a family to care for, Marko was forced to take more drastic measures to get through life. One of these measures included Marko forming a partnership with a man he met one evening while pulling off a jewel robbery that ended up being botched. Though the man seemed like the ne’er-do-well type to Marko, wearing fancy playboy clothes (including rainbow-colored socks) and having a hairstyle that was something out of the early eighties, he was able to bail him out of jail and hire him to assist a great jewel robbery that he had been planning.

    In time, Marko learned the name of his new partner and boss: Nicholas “Nicky” Holiday. He was the brother of wealthy British fashion designer, Lady Holiday, who possessed a collection of fabulous jewelry. One half of the Holiday family fortune was wasted by the sponging Nicky, for whom she still possessed tinges of grudging affection and family feeling. But unbeknownst to her, Nicky was the one responsible for stealing a valuable diamond necklace from her, only a few days prior to the meeting between him and Marko.

    “You stole your own sister’s jewels?” Marko asked Nicky, as the two walked out of the New York police station Marko was being held in. “Why? What’s the motive in that?”

    “My sister owns practically more from our family fortune than I ever will.” Nicky replied. “And if you ask me, that’s not very fair.” As Nicky and Marko walked out of the station, they were greeted by three of Nicky’s associates, gorgeous British women who work for both of the Holiday siblings (one for modeling, the other for robbery). Their names were as unique and unforgettable as their appearances: Marla, Darla, and Carla.

    “You’re a real piece of work, Holiday.” Marko commented. “You hang out with three lovely ladies at the same time you pilfer your own flesh and blood.”

    “Aw, come on!” Nicky remarked. “You say that like it’s a bad thing, buddy.” When Nicky called him that, Marko didn’t feel too comfortable. He had only known Holiday for a few minutes, and the man had already acted as if he was his very best friend.

    “Listen, when it comes to things like robbery or theft, I work alone.” Marko told Nicky. “I don’t need some Hugh Hefner wannabe and his three Playboy bunnies to help me get through the hours of my own life.” Marko was just on his way back to his wife, daughter, and home, until Marla (Holiday’s auburn-haired associate) appeared in front of him and handed a large business envelope to Marko. “What’s this supposed to be?”

    “Leverage.” Nicky uttered, just as Marko opened the envelope and pulled out the Polaroid photos that were inside. Glancing at the photos, Marko noticed how they were all of his wife, Emma, and his daughter, Penny. Some of the photos even had Marko himself in them. He slowly began to realize what Nicky was doing, and it made him extremely angry.

    “You son of a…!” Marko immediately snapped; he dropped the photos and turned to Nicky, grabbing him by the collar of his black trenchcoat and slamming him against a brick wall. Seeing how angry Marko was made Marla, Darla, and Carla a little worried; they wondered if Nicky had gone too far with his threat. Even Nicky seemed a little intimidated by Marko’s violent attitude towards him. “If you dare go near my family, I…”

    “Nothing will happen to them.” Nicky said. “As long as you play nice and help me and my girls pull off one of the greatest heists of our careers.” Marko wanted so badly to smash Nicky’s face in for even bringing his family into the situation. He had a fist balled and ready to do so. But he kept himself from attempting to seriously injure Holiday, seeing how they were all still outside the police station, with several authorities roaming around. Once Marko had eased himself and let go of Nicky, both of them sighed a breath of relief, along with Carla, Darla, and Marla.

    “What do you want me to do?” Marko asked, and Nicky made a wicked grin appear on his face.

    “That necklace that we stole from my sister…we pinned the robbery of this pig.” Nicky said, and Marko gave him an odd look. “I know what you’re about to say. I’m just as nutty pinning crime on a pig as I am stealing from my own sister. But she was no ordinary pig. No, this pig was beautiful, alluring, sensually strong, and…” Before Nicky could go on, his three female associates cleared their throats as a gesture of reminding him of their plan. “Oh, right. Well…soon after we pinned the crime on the pig, we found out that my sister is displaying her even more valuable prized possession, the coveted Baseball Diamond, at the Mallory Gallery in Downtown Manhattan.”

    “You’re failing to mention where I’m included in all of this, Holiday.” Marko indicated, making Nicky only more nervous with his impatience.

    “I think it’s about time the girls and I raised the stakes on our business.” Nicky said. “For some time now, our little team has been consistent on beauty and brains. Well, I think it’d be really marvelous if we were to include some brawn into our operation.” Marla, Darla, and Carla looked to one another with interest; not even they were aware of what Nicky was concocting at that moment. “I really believe if you were to assist us on future heists, after this upcoming one, then our job would be a lot more easier than it has already been. No one would have to worry about messing with us, and maybe we can get the things we want without having to steal them.” Marko believed Nicky was too full of himself to make such an offer. He was a loner, and he planned to always be one.

    “You really are something else.” He said. “You threaten the safety of my family for what? To become your lackey? Your bouncer?!”

    “I was thinking more on the lines of partner…or bodyguard.” Nicky said, and Marko just shook his head, snickering and smiling. “Come on, Marko! I’m giving you the offer of a lifetime here. Think of what we can accomplish, once that diamond is in our possession.” Marko did think of it, and though the idea of working with such a lowlife made him cringe, the thought of being able to take care of his family made him hope for better things. Nicky could tell he was getting through to Marko, noticing the sympathetic look on his face. “Your wife and your daughter will always be happy. And you’ll never be just another thug on the street.”

    “Hey! I ain’t just another thug!!” Marko snapped, the loud tone in his voice nearly scaring Nicky out of his rainbow-colored socks.

    “T-Then prove it t-to me.” Nicky said, and Marko just stared at him for a long moment, while Marla, Darla, and Carla stared at him. They were cautious of the next move he made, and even the slightest one (such as Marko reaching up and rubbing his fingers through his short brown hair) made them jump a little. Marko paced back and forth between Nicky and his associates, thinking of all the pros and cons to the deal. Finally, he stopped pacing and pointing viciously at Nicky.

    “If you even think about stabbing me in the back during the deal, I won’t hesitate to put you and your girlfriends in the nearest dumpster!” Marko stated, and his threat made Nicky and his female partners shiver as if a chilly wind was passing through them. They took it serious enough to not even once think about betraying him.

    “D-Deal.” Nicky stammered, just before he reached out and offered Marko to shake his hand. But Marko didn’t shake it. Instead, he just stared at Holiday and then at Marla, Darla, and Carla, studying each of them as he started to walk away. While he was walking, Nicky made sure to remind him of their plan. “Don’t forget! Tomorrow night at the Mallory Gallery!” Nicky wasn’t certain if Marko had gotten the memo or not, because he just kept walking as he addressed him.

    “What have we gotten ourselves into, Nicky?” Marla asked.

    “Can we trust someone who we’ve only met for just a few minutes any more than he can trust us?” Carla asked.

    “What if our plans fall through?” Darla asked. “He will be dreadfully furious if they did.”

    “Don’t worry, girls. This plan is foolproof.” Nicky assured. “With the pig in prison and everyone thinking that the jewel thefts have come to an end, there’ll be nothing to stop us.” The models-turned-thieves just stared at one another again, obviously doubtful of their upcoming heist. Nicky noticed how doubtful they were, and he got a little offended. “Hey. If I mean nothing will happen, I mean that nothing will happen.”


    The next day wasn’t all that good for Flint Marko, because he still felt very tense over the job that he was going to help Holiday and his associates do that evening. His wife approached him several times to ask if everything was alright to which he replied that things were “just fine” and that he was “worried about a meeting for a new job” that he was “taking.” Buying into his lies, Emma left him alone with some good advice.

    “Just think of how happy we are, whether we have money or not.” She said, and her advice only made him feel tenser. He kept asking himself if it was really their finance that he was worried about. And if it was, then he asked himself it there was a better way to keep it steady.

    “Twenty years ain’t worth this.” Marko told himself, and he was about to pick up the phone and contact Nicky, but then he stopped, remembering that he had no way of reaching him. He didn’t think to get a phone number on the night of their first meeting. He felt real discouraged over the situation, wondering if there was any way of getting out of it.

    Suddenly, the phone rang.

    Even if he was able to get out of the job, Marko wondered if Holiday could be capable of framing him of the whole thing. He might’ve seemed like a lowlife coward to Marko, but he was smart enough to dig up some personal information on him. Marko wanted to just let the phone keep ringing until Nicky assumed that no one was home and hang up. But after at least fifteen rings, Marko knew that he would never give up.

    He picked up the receiver and spoke into it, “Hello?”

    Just checking to see if you’re still in this with us.” Nicky asked over the phone, and on the other end, he could hear Marko sigh over the phone. “Listen, if this is all too much for you to handle, then just tell me and I’ll let you quit.” Marko was grateful of that offer from Holiday, until…“But just remember the opportunity you could’ve had to give your wife and daughter the life that they…

    “ALRIGHT!!!” Marko yelled, realizing at the last moment how much of a mistake it was to let his emotions come out like that. He could hear his infant daughter crying in the next room and his wife coming to comfort her.

    “Flint?” She asked from the room. “Is everything alright?” Marko closed his eyes, which were welding up with tears as he listened to the sound of his wife’s voice.

    “I…I’m fine, Emma.” He replied, and he took a deep breath before speaking into the receiver again. “Just…Just meet me on Robinson Street when you’re ready.” He quickly hung up the phone and wept on the floor afterwards. His wife stood nearby, with his baby girl in her arms, looking on with a great deal of concern.


    Nicky and his girls met Marko at the location he had given them. They picked him up in their slick, black Pontiac Firebird (one of Nicky’s favorite vehicles) and drove him to the Mallory Gallery in Downtown Manhattan. Once they arrived there, they entered the building in such a daringly slick way that they were completely undetected by the armed guards who stood outside and kept watch of things. Even Marko found himself impressed by some of the gadgets that they had used to get inside.

    Everything seemed to be going splendidly to Marko. No one was aware of their presence in the closed and emptied Mallory Gallery, and there was no alarms or other security devices that could’ve picked them up. Marko was beginning to regret ever doubting Holiday and thought of his partnership with him and his associates as a marvelous sign. Finally, he was going to have the life that he dreamed of having and hoped of sharing with his wife and daughter for the longest time, all because of one baseball-shaped diamond that rested within the center of the gallery, which he and his new partners had entered.

    “It’s beautiful.” Marko uttered, as the sparkling diamond glistened in his teary eyes. Nicky and his associates looked at Marko and then to each other, smiling proudly. Marla stepped up to the glass case that the diamond was being displayed under and began to cut open the top half of it with another one of their special gadgets. Once it was, Marla reached inside the case and grabbed the diamond, grinning at it while it was nesting in her gloved hands. “This has got to be the best night of my whole life.” And that was when a completely different and yet peculiar voice addressed the group.

    “Excuse me. But I don’t think that belongs to you.” The voice said, and when the thieves turned their heads, they found themselves face-to-face with a large group of unusual characters, from a little green frog to a blue and furry character with a hooked nose, all of which were forming a large net of themselves in order to lower safely into the room.

    “What the…?” Marko could barely believe his eyes, as he watched some of the characters fall and land onto Nicky and his girls. A couple of characters dressed in lab coats had landed on Marko, but he was able to throw them off of him afterwards. He stared in confusion as the unusual characters began to toy with his new partners, taking the diamond away and keeping it from them by playing a rousing game of baseball. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Marko saw how another one of the characters was chasing Marla, Darla, and Carla all around the room, while screaming “woman” over and over again.

    Marko was seeing what was once a well thought out plan fall to pieces before his very eyes. His trust in Nicky Holiday had quickly deteriorated, and he knew that with all of the zaniness happening in the room, it would not be long before the police would arrive and see what was happening. Feeling very angry and defeated, he began to retreat from the room, only to be then confronted by two preteens. One was a beautiful green-eyed redheaded girl with braces and a cute ponytail, while the other was a freckled, brown-eyed, blonde-haired boy with a naked baby mole rat in his pocket.

    “Going somewhere, mister?” The redheaded girl said, with a determined look on her face, and Marko was bewildered over the appearances of the odd strangers who seemed heroically anxious to keep Marko and his new partners from escaping the gallery.

    “Who are you weirdoes?!” Marko exclaimed.

    “Well, actually, there’s only one weirdo in our group.” The blonde boy uttered, pointing past Marko and directly to Gonzo, who was busy keeping the diamond away from Nicky and his associates. Between Marko’s anger over Holiday’s failed plan and his impatience with the characters that meddled into it, Marko had become a force not to be reckoned with.

    “If you kids think you can stop me, you are badly mistaken.” Marko said. “Now, get out of my way!” He pushed past the preteens and made his way to the nearest exit. But the redheaded girl wasn’t going to let him off that easily. While he was running, she began to execute several cartwheels and somersaults, before landing in front of Marko and blocking his path again. “Don’t make me bust you up, little girl!”

    “I seriously doubt if that’ll happen.” The redhead remarked, and Marko grinned at her, not wanting to hit a preteen girl. So, instead of actually hitting her, Marko pulled his punches and made it seem like it was hard to beat her. She quickly dodged left and right, as Marko attempted to knock her out of his path to the exit. “Come on! Is that the best you’ve got?” Her words only angered him even more, and soon he was no longer pulling his punches. One had even found its mark square at her chest, knocking her down to the floor.

    “KIM!!!” The blonde boy screamed, and he found himself becoming very furious with Marko, who was surprised of himself for doing what he did to the redheaded preteen.

    “I’m sorry, kid.” Marko told her. “But I can’t go to jail again. Not while I’m taking care of my…” Before he could finish what he was saying, Marko felt something hard smack against the back of his head, and then everything had gone dark before his very eyes.


    When Marko had regained consciousness, he found himself outside the Mallory Gallery, surrounded by several police officers that were handcuffing Nicky Holiday and his girls, as well as himself. He looked around in a daze, seeing the two preteens and the unusual characters who had all foiled their plan together and was the only reason why they had gotten caught. But Marko blamed Nicky Holiday himself for the disaster more than any of them, and he didn’t hesitate to let him know that he did, as he spotted him speaking passionately to the same pig that he supposedly framed.

    “For a moment, I actually believed you, Holiday! I believed you would help get my life together and look what happened! I’m going back to jail…or worse! You’ve taken everything that was important in my miserable life away from me!!!” Everyone, including Nicky himself, turned and looked at Marko, as he tried to break free from the ten police officers that were trying to hold him down and keep him from getting near Holiday. “I swear to God Almighty that I will kill you the next time we cross paths! You hear me, Holiday? I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

    Nicky was stopped cold by Marko’s threats. He just stared at him for the longest time, as the police officers that were arresting him had placed him inside of their squad car. As the car door was closed on him, Marko stared at all of the faces…all of the people responsible for what he believed to be the most embarrassing and unforgettable night of his life. He glared from the two preteens to the unusual puppet-like characters and finally at Nicky Holiday himself, as he was driven away in the squad car. When he was far from the Mallory Gallery, his anger had eased by only a fraction. Thinking of his wife and daughter was the only thing that kept him from exploding while sitting between two police officers in the backseat of the squad car, while two were up front.

    “You really know how to pick your friends, Marko.” said the police officer who was driving the squad car, in a very sarcastic tone. “Of all the people, you chose a guy who was stupid enough to get himself caught by a bunch of Muppets.” Marko heard the name of the group who caught him and his former partners in the act, and he got a little curious.

    “Tell me, officer.” He said. “How do you kill something like that? How do you kill a Muppet?”

    MARVELOUS Mini's

    Kermit: Stay tuned for more marvelous stuff, as "The Spidey/Muppets Celebration" continues.:)
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Very powerful stuff... Loved the interview with Jenny, I kinda have a guess as to who she's supposed to be... And the story, oh! That was great and chilling at the end and ooooh... Looking forward to this very muchly.
  5. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Count. I was going for chilling at that ending. And I won't spoil anything for Jenny and her role in the upcoming story.

    Now, let's go back to Kermit....

    Kermit: Thanks, M.W. We have a lot more marvels to explore during this celebration, such as the black stuff that covers Spider-Man in the next story and turns him into a more villainous version of himself. In "The Spectacular", members of the C.O.V.N.E.T. organization have regrouped to hunt down and destroy the Symbiote (as they call it) before it or Spider-Man himself can do any further harm. And with me at this time to explain more about that part of the tale is the infamous K. Edgar Singer, who was originally the villain of our sixth Muppet film, Muppets From Space. How are you, Ed?

    Ed: I'm actually doing fairly well, Kermit. I just got done reading the script to one of the final scenes of the story, and I'm not too happy right now.

    Kermit: Oh...well...I'm sorry to hear....

    Ed: You want to why I'm not happy, Kermit? Because in this next story, I'm....

    Kermit: Ed! Ed! This isn't a spoiler thread! Please refrain any plot details that are crucial to this upcoming crossover.

    Ed:*sighs* Oh, alright. What do you want me to talk about then?

    Kermit: Well, I figured you could start out by telling us why you're back to being a bad guy again? I thought you reformed yourself at the end of Muppets From Space.

    Ed: I thought you said you didn't want me to reveal plot details that are crucial to the story.

    Kermit: Yeah, but that's just a small detail. I'm sure you can explain to us that one little plot.

    Ed: Fine. *takes a deep breath* I come down to Earth from Gonzo's home plant, crash my ship, and get amnesia.

    (Kermit stands and stares at Ed for a long time.)

    Kermit: Uh...wow. OK. That plot was smaller than I imagined. *clears his throat* So, uh, can you tell us why exactly you were sent back to Earth by Gonzo's relatives in the first place?

    Ed: I....*stops and thinks for a moment*....You know, I can't recall why they did.

    Kermit: Uh, Ed? It's just a story. You don't really have amnesia, do you?

    Ed: Well, I did hit my head pretty hard on the C.O.V.N.E.T set during that scene Bobo and I were doing. I suppose I must be suffering from short-term memory.

    Kermit: Well, lemme help make it longer. Has your coming back down to Earth have anything to do with the Symbiote itself?

    Ed:*snaps fingers* Ah, yes! It does! The Gonzonians sent me back down to warn Gonzo of the threat that the Symbiote poses to all of the humanity on this very planet.

    Kermit:*nods his head* Interesting. So, Ed, you've seen the trailers to Spider-Man 3, right?

    Ed: Yes, I have.

    Kermit: And does the sight of Venom intimidate you? I mean, he's no Gonzo.

    Ed:*laughs* Of course not. I've encountered creatures far more worse than Venom. Take the villain of Ryan the prawncracker's story, "Old Friends Who've Just Met", for example. He was just as vicious as Venom.

    Kermit: Yeah, that Exod sure was a mean fellow. And it took every Muppet, every Gonzonian, and even you--as a good guy--to stop him.

    Ed: Yes, Exod was a very admirable foe. And, uh, do me a favor, Kermit. Please don't show any parts of that story where I'm referred to as Z...Zon...Zononononon.....

    Kermit: Zongo?

    Ed: DON'T....CALL....ME....THATTTTT!!!!

    Kermit:*shaking with fear* Uh, s-sure, Ed. N-No problem.

    Ed:*takes another deep breath* My apologizes. It's just that....next to "Freak-Boy", "Wacko", and "Paranoid Delusional Psychopath", "Zongo" is the name that depises me the most. *begins snapping his neck* It just...makes me...feel alone...in this universe.

    Kermit: Uh, yeah...right. *clears his throat again* Well, you're definitely not alone when it comes to the guy who becomes the creature known as Venom, Eddie Brock. His life is just as rough as yours.

    Ed:*surprised* Really? He seemed like an okay guy when I met him on set.

    Kermit: Well, you see, the guy who you met on set was Topher Grace, he plays Venom in the film and in our version of it. He's always an okay guy. You ever seen That 70s Show?

    Ed: What 70s show?

    Kermit: No, That 70s Show.

    Ed: What 70s show?!

    Kermit: No, look at the bold and italicized words in my line, Ed. The show that Topher Grace starred in is That 70s Show.

    Ed:*getting frustrated* What 70s show are you talking about?!

    Kermit: The one that aired on the FOX Network.

    Ed: And what was it called?

    Kermit: That 70s Show.

    Ed:*angrily* Do you know the name of the freakin' show or not?!?!

    Kermit: I'm telling you its name, Ed. That 70s Show.

    Ed: ARRRGHHHH!!! This interview's over! *starts walking off* Bobo, save that last Bear Claw for me, will ya?

    Kermit:*shakes his head* Sheesh. Well, I don't know how much we got from K. Edgar Singer, folks. But we'll make sure to get some more from the other stars of the third Spidey/Muppets story soon. Stay tuned...the celebration continues.:)
  6. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member


    For those who are big Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends fans like myself, you'll be happy to know that Nina Valarosa, the strict police officer and Eduardo's creator from "Good Wilt Hunting", will be in the story. She'll be helping our heroes in solving the case that involves Flint "The Sandman" Marko and Nicky Holiday.

    We'll be exploring more on this in interviews with characters from the secondary franchises involved in the crossover.
  7. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    And now for a special segment, which is exclusive to this celebration. I'd like to call it...


    It brings up actual information about the "MARVELOUS Muppets" series that I'd never brought up before. So...


    Originally, the series was going to cross over characters out of Marvel Comics with characters out of Disney. The first idea was going to have Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy be The Daily Bugle reporters (much like they were in the second Spidey/Muppets tale) and Max, Goofy's son (who will be featured in the next one as a reporter), would be the first one to discover Peter Parker's spider-like abilities.

    Before "The MARVELOUS Muppets" came to be, several ideas followed. One of which had the girls from W.I.T.C.H. (who are now the stars of the F4/Muppets stories) be the main franchise that crosses over with the Marvel heroes. Another had characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, an idea that might come into play one day in the future.

    So now you know.;)
  8. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    WOW muppet writer, I LOVE it! Great stuff!! I can't wait!! *bounces*
  9. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Pepe: Hola, friends! Here comes another special treat for jou, okay! It's de very first "MARVELOUS Muffins" story, de first Spidey/Muppets crossover, "De Amazing, okay!" Actually, dere's not an "okay" in de title, I just added dat myself, okay. But anyways, de story will be retold again, included with interesting side-notes from de muffinwriter himself. Dey'll pop up in black bold, italicized words just like dis. Whoa! Dat's freaky, okay! So, here it is, "De Amazing!":rolleyes:

    The MARVELOUS Muppets
    "The Amazing!"​

    (This was the first and only "Marvelous Muppets" story without bold-fonted letters in the title.)

    My name is Sean Thomas, and if anyone told you that my life was anything but ordinary and that the things I’m about to tell you are just pure fiction…well, let’s just say someone may have been pulling your leg.

    ("Sean Thomas" is the pen name that I use for all of my fanfic stories. There is a reference to the Spider-Man 2 song by Train in that sentence.)

    I’m 33 years old, and I guess you can say that I’m one of the handsomest black males in America; people are always telling me that I bear a striking resemblance to Malcolm-Jamal Warner…and they’re absolutely right! I’m one of those friendly types that are always laid back, have a great deal of respect for friends and family, and always get things done no matter what.

    (Out of everything in Sean Thomas's description, only the age and reference to Malcolm-Jamal Warner are false.)

    I work as a journalist for the Daily Bugle, a popular newspaper that almost everyone in New York City reads every single day, which means that my boss would be the paper’s publisher, J. Jonah Jameson (a flamboyant skinflint with a short black mustache who frequently and loudly castigates the employees and chomps on an ever-present cigar). Before I decided to go into journalism, I really wanted to go into a career in science to do remarkable things like come up with a new form of fusion or something. With an I.Q. of 260, you’d think I’d be pursuing such a career; but I’d rather stay out of the spotlight.

    (The genius of Sean Thomas is actually the key factor of his character. It's not an exaggeration. He was once an assistant to Curt Connors.)

    Being a journalist for the Daily Bugle has its ups and downs. The good side being the fact that my beautiful 35-year-old sister, Lori Thomas (who has been one of my greatest supporters over the years), is working alongside me as a photographer. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that Lori and I come from the same heredity, which I can respectfully understand, since Lori is a red-haired, hazel-eyed Caucasian woman that most people say bears a strong resemblance to Debra Messing (and, again, they’re absolutely right!).

    (The Debra Messing reference, like the Malcolm-Jamal Warner one, came as a result of imagining how this story were to look if it was an actual movie. Sean and Lori are actual biological siblings; neither of them are adopted.)

    Lori was a streetwise woman of integrity and kindness; though she sometimes tends to let her job go to her head, you can bet that she’ll always be there to get the scoop, as well as back her friends up in any heated situation.

    (Lori's character is actually based off of TMNT heroine, April O'Neil.)

    However, there is always a negative side to anything that is positive, and the bad side to being a journalist in the Daily Bugle is that I’m forced to work with three of the most peculiar characters you will ever meet in New York (Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo the Great). Of course, with all of the bizarre stories that we’ve been digging up for the past five years, Lori and I have no choice but to work with such peculiar characters. Out of the three of them, I must say that I enjoy working with Kermit on certain stories; he used to be a reporter for the “Sesame Street News” and interviewed many nursery rhyme characters, before he became investigative reporters with Fozzie and Gonzo. Kermit is always a hard-working frog, which was the least I can say for Fozzie and Gonzo, who were two fellas that were extremely difficult to work with. Gonzo always likes doing weird things and Fozzie always has the urge to tell a semi-funny joke during the investigation (which is why Lori loves working with them).

    (Sean and Lori had worked with Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie for approximately five years prior to this story.)

    One early Saturday afternoon at the Daily Bugle, Robbie Robertson (the Bugle’s editor-in-chief and the only employee who does not fear the wrath of J. Jonah Jameson) told Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and me that Jonah had bought us tickets to see a wrestling event in midtown Manhattan and wanted us to do a story on Bone Saw McGraw (a fierce wrestler that was six foot nine, three-hundred pounds of pure muscle) and his three minute challenge with an amateur wrestler.

    (Randy Savage, the man who played Bone Saw in the movie, is actually six foot two and weighs two hundred and forty-five pounds.)

    We all kinda doubted this so-called assignment that Jameson was giving us, seeing it as some way of embarrassing us for some strange reason; Gonzo, however, thought of it as a chance to show off his skills in wrestling, but I was luckily able to talk him out of it. The thing we didn’t realize at the time was that this assignment was the genesis of a huge phenomenon.

    (One of the deleted scenes to the story includes Gonzo actually stepping into the ring and going up against Hulk Hogan. It's an obvious reference to Muppets From Space.)

    Lori drove us to the smallish arena in her black 911 Turbo Porsche and parked it into an extremely crowded lot of many different types of vehicles. We joined up with the thousand wrestling fans that were streaming into the arena, and we could not have stuck out any further from the crowd, especially with Kermit wearing that gray hat and trenchcoat and Fozzie with a “press” card sticking out from the band of his brown, old-fashioned hat.

    (Lori ironically drives a Porsche that was manufactured in the same year that The Great Muppet Caper--which Kermit and Fozzie's attire are in reference to--was released.)

    Speaking of Kermit, he didn’t exact take this assignment with much ease; the ravenous fans chanting “Bone Saw” (as well as Gonzo holding up a sign, with the words painted in red, which said, “We want blood!”) made the frog a bit nervous.

    “Sheesh!” exclaimed Kermit, as he gazed around at the raucous people that surrounded him. “You think Mr. Jameson would’ve given us a more comfortable and kid-friendly story to investigate.” Kermit could not ignore the violent message that Gonzo’s sign was giving. “Gonzo, why on earth would make such a gruesome sign?” Gonzo was a little surprised over Kermit’s reaction.

    “Gosh, Kermit,” He said, “I figured it would help us blend in with the crowd. I mean, look at everyone.” Kermit took a moment to notice some of the things that the fans were carrying with them, such as real sharp saws, blood-covered bones, and black & white makeup that made their faces look like skulls. The sight of such grotesquely decorated objects made Kermit sick to his stomach.

    “Do I really have to?” inquired Kermit, as he kept his focus away from the raucous crowd. “Well, I guess there is one bright side…at least Sam the Eagle isn’t here to witness all of this.”

    “Oh, I heard he’s scheduled to sing the national anthem!” Fozzie told Kermit, who had just about heard everything.

    “How were they able to book him?” Kermit asked.

    “You know Sam,” Lori said, “He’s willing to sing the national anthem, no matter what the occasion is.”

    “But Sam detests random acts of violence.” Kermit stated. “He thinks it’s…unpatriotic.”

    “Ya know, for a fella that detests violence, it sure is strange how he believes fighting for America is the most patriotic thing in the world.” I said, and Lori smiled at me, also realizing how unusually ironic it was.

    Once we were inside the packed arena, we were about to head straight to our seats, until Fozzie got a sudden hankering for a funnel cake, a humungous tub of popcorn, and a foot-long hotdog, both marinated with honey, and a honey-sweetened Dr. Pepper in addition. Honestly, Fozzie’s appetite is a whole lot weirder than Gonzo’s personality. Soon after he got his meal, we all went to our ringside seats and focused our attention on the center stage, where the wrestling ring was located.

    (Dr. Pepper was the actual sponsor for the first Spider-Man film. There is no honey-sweetened version.)

    Inside the ring were two wrestling announcers named Johnny Fiamma and Sal Manella, who both spoke like they were part of the mafia. Johnny is known to have an “Old Golden Throat” because he is a natural when it comes to singing on stage; he usually took gigs that involved singing, but Sal (his monkey friend) convinced him that announcing for wrestling events produced larger amounts of “green stuff.”

    (Sal Manella helps Johnny replace Bruce Campbell in this scene, but he replaces Bruce entirely for a scene based off of Spider-Man 2 for the second Spidey/Muppets story, "The Amazing...Sequel!")

    “Hey, hey!” stated Johnny, speaking through a microphone that both him and Sal were sharing together. “How youse doin’ here tonight? I tell ya…I haven’t seen this much blood and gore since ‘The Godfather of the Bride’.” It was obvious that the audience didn’t feel like hearing Johnny Fiamma talk, because they kept on chanting “Bone Saw!” in between his words. Johnny and Sal looked like they were getting a bit hot under the collar.

    “Uh, ya better get on with the show, Johnny.” suggested Sal, and Johnny went ahead and focused on the event that was taking place at that moment.

    “Right. Right.” said Johnny, and he held up a small card that he used to help him catch up with the show. “Uh…let’s see here. Oh, yeah!” Once he got what he was supposed to say, he put away the card and turned back to the crowd. “Alright. Let’s bring out the real star of this show.”

    “Yeah! Yeah!” exclaimed Sal, getting real excited. “He’s the spine-crunchin’, skull-slammin’, leg-snappin’, finger-breakin’, flesh-eatin’…” While Sal was chatting away about the ruthless wrestler, Johnny and the crowd were getting more impatient, wondering when he was gonna stop talking. “…the eye-stabbin’, tongue-slicin’, nose-squishin’, vertebrae-rupturin’…”

    “Sal! Sal!” interjected Johnny, and Sal immediately stopped and looked at Johnny, who was pointing at his watch and indicating that he was wasting time talking.

    “Oh, oh, yeah! Sorry, Johnny.” said Sal, soon before Johnny took over again.

    (With the exception of the third Spidey/Muppets crossover, the stories were primarily meant to have Spider-Man encountering classic Muppets and references to classic Muppet films like The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan. The characters of Muppets Tonight--Johnny, Sal, and Pepe the King Prawn from the second crossover--appeared for the sole reason of being the most popular characters out of the "new generation" Muppets.)

    “Ladies and gents, it is my pleasure to introduce…Bone Saw McGraw!” said Johnny, and as everyone directed their attention to the entrance, it wasn’t Bone Saw that came into the arena…it was Sam the Eagle himself. I could tell that this wasn’t part of the program, because Johnny and Sal were looking at each other in confusion. Meanwhile, in the audience, Kermit was still impressed that Sam even bothered to show up for the event.

    “This should be interesting.” He said, as Sam entered the ring, with his own microphone in his hand, which he spoke seriously into.

    “Let me be the first one to say that this entire show is nothing but a mindless, inexcusable form of entertainment that I would hardly call an American sport.” stated Sam, and judging from the boos that were directed towards him, there was no doubt that Sam was the last character the crowd wanted to see. “I have been permitted to sing the national anthem for this rancorous event, but I refuse to sing such a beautiful, patriotic song to a bunch of wild animals like each and every one of…”

    It was funny how Sam just happened to mention about animals, because the next person that came into the ring was Animal himself, who was working as one of the security personnel that was hired to drive annoying guys like Sam out of the ring. Animal growled like the madman he was when he came into the ring, which forced Sam to instantaneously stopped his talking and jump away from the ring and run out of the arena as fast as he could, with Animal in high pursuit. After that whole scene was over, I looked over at Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Lori, who all could not believe what they just witnessed.

    “Wow! That was almost as crazy as the time he sang with Janet and Justin at the 2004 Super Bowl.” Gonzo said.

    “He’s barely gotten over that controversial mess.” said Kermit, just before all of the lights in the arena suddenly went off, leaving us in an unbelievably pitch-black situation that alarmed Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Lori. “Hey! What’s going on here?”

    “Gee, I don’t know.” Fozzie said. “But it sure is spooking me out.” That’s when a single spotlight came on and shined high above the arena, aiming itself directly at the ring entrance, where Bone Saw McGraw came out into the arena from to the pleasure of several roaring fans. Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I were very intimated by the appearance of Bone Saw McGraw, who strangely looked similar to another wrestler in a bigger organization.

    “Man!” Lori exclaimed. “If it wasn’t for the disgusting brown saliva that was coming out of his mouth and onto his bushy beard, he’d have my adrenaline pumping for sure.”

    “I’ve got a feeling that neither of us is going to like what’s going to happen in that ring.” Kermit assumed.

    “I beg to differ, Kermit.” Gonzo contradicted. “I think that what we’re about to witness will be one of the greatest performances, right next to my tire-eating act.” Kermit shook his head in disgust at the similarity between Gonzo’s act and Bone Saw’s performance in the ring.

    (Gonzo's act is an obvious reference to one of the early episodes of The Muppet Show.)

    “Hard to believe that’s what’s got me shaking right now.” said Kermit, and he got even more nervous when Gonzo lifted his violent sign high up in the air, as Bone Saw jumped into the ring and prepared himself for his match with an amateur wrestler. While the fierce wrestler was preparing, Johnny and Sal (also intimated by Bone Saw’s appearance) mustered the courage to share the same radius with him and announce the match at the same time.

    “Well, uh, we sure have been waiting for this moment, haven’t we, Sal?” said Johnny, and Sal nodded with agreement.

    “You’re absolutely right, Johnny!” exclaimed Sal, and he directed his attention to the raving crowd that was us. “Three minutes, ladies and gents! Three minutes is all that it takes to win three thousand dollars for one match against the snarling, grotesque beast that stands before us.” Hearing how Sal described him made Bone Saw very offended.

    “Hey, monkey-bones!” snapped Bone Saw, and Johnny & Sal jumped at the gruff tone in his voice, turning their attention to him. “Who ya callin’ a beast?!?!” Johnny hid behind Sal, both of them quivering with fear.

    “U-U-U-Uh…what I meant to say is Bone Saw McGraw is so tough that not even a snarling, grotesque beast like Randy Savage can beat him!” said Sal, in a desperate attempt to cover his previous comment.

    “Absolutely, Bone, baby.” commented Johnny, peaking over Sal’s shoulder. “Savage, Hogan, The Rock…none of those crybabies got nothing on you.”

    (It'd be at this point when Hogan would stand up from the crowd and challenge anyone to battle him in order to prove how good he is. Gonzo would obviously be the one to step up.)

    Bone Saw, satisfied with the new comments that Johnny and Sal made, turned his attention to the ring entrance, waiting for the first amateur wrestler to come out. Maintaining back to their announcing positions, Johnny and Sal headed out of the ring and moved toward the ring entrance, standing in front of large, white curtains. “Well, if our first victim can withstand just three minutes in the ring with Bone Saw McGraw, the sum of three thousand dollars will be paid to…” Johnny stopped talking into the microphone for a brief moment to peek behind the curtain and speak to an unseen person. I couldn’t tell who he was talking to, because the white curtains made it impossible to see who was behind them, and the roars from the crowd made it hard to hear what was being said.

    “I wonder who the first victim is.” Fozzie said.

    “Someone who’s gonna need a serious medical bill when this is all over.” I told Fozzie, just as Johnny went back to talking into the microphone, announcing the first amateur wrestler.

    “THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!!!” He yelled, and both he and Sal moved away from the curtains, at the exact moment they parted to reveal a guy that could hardly be classified as a wrestler. The so-called “Amazing Spider-Man” was a guy that looked like he stood at five foot eight inches, had part of his face obscured by a red ski mask, and wore what appeared to be a homemade wrestling attire of a blue sweatpants, white/red tennis shoes & gloves, and a red sweater that had a fairly amusing black spider insignia on it. Everyone thought that the amateur wrestler known as “Spider-Man” was nothing but a complete waste of time, because he had the appearance of a cruiserweight that was going up against a heavyweight. As Spider-Man approached the ring and entered into it, my friends and I could not get over the height and build difference between Bone Saw and Spider-Man.

    “Sheesh!” exclaimed Kermit, truly astounded. “Look at the size of that Spider-Man guy! He’s a popsicle compared to that behemoth, Bone Saw McGraw, in front of him. He’s gonna die in that ring!”

    “Don’t worry, Kermit.” Fozzie said. “It’ll only be for three minutes when these two nice gentlemen fight in the ring. No big deal.”

    “Yeah, but it would be a lot more fun if they had them surrounded by a giant, two-ton steel cage.” said Gonzo, and right after he said that, what else were to suddenly fall around the ring than a giant, two-ton steel cage. All of the spectators, including Gonzo, were very pleased to see a massive cage surround the two competitors. “Oh, boy! Now this is what I’m taking about!” Gonzo set down his sign and lifted his camera, aiming it at the ring and taking several pictures of Bone Saw and Spider-Man, while both Kermit and Fozzie were becoming scared and nervous.

    “I-I-It’s o-o-okay.” said Fozzie, frantically containing his composure. “As long as neither one of them have blood squirting out of their heads, everything is okay.” Lori and I saw how Kermit and Fozzie were shaking with fear over the violence that was going to happen inside the ring; my sister turned to me, with a grin on her face.

    “Ten bucks sayin’ the web-head’s gonna get his face mauled by Bone Saw.” uttered Lori, and I just couldn’t back away from a beat like that; my money, of course, was on Spider-Man.

    “You’re on!” I acknowledged, just as the match between Spidey and Bone Saw commenced.

    (Lori had never paid Sean back for the bet.)


    (Nowadays, only when the chapter exceeds past its limit would it be split up into parts. Chapter One of "The Amazing!" was not that long.)

    Pepe: Hehe! Dat was fun, okay! Stay tuned. Dere's more to come.:rolleyes:
  10. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, P.C.;)
  11. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Wow. It's already time for another segment of....




    Almost 60% of the "MARVELOUS Muppets" series is based off of The Great Muppet Caper, from the journalistic careers that Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo have taken at The Daily Bugle to Nicky Holiday's villianous role in the upcoming third crossover. Most of this comes from the fact that The Great Muppet Caper is my top favorite Muppet movie.

    So now you know.;)
  12. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Check it out. This is what one of our Muppet Central members said about "Part One" to the first chapter of the first Spidey/Muppets crossover.

    That reply was posted on August 18th, 2005 at 2:30PM. Thanks again, Beauregard.:)
  13. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Hi-ho! Let's get back to the side-noted first crossover tale.:)

    Chapter One (Part Two):​

    The crowd cheered wildly, calling for Spider-Man’s immediate destruction. Bone Saw roared, happy to oblige, and hurled himself across the ring; Spider-Man’s eyes grew wider, seeing the vicious behemoth charging towards him. That’s when the unbelievable happened; at the last second, Spidey leaped straight up in the air. Bone Saw passed under him and rebounded off the ropes, just before he looked up and noticed how Spidey had landed neatly on his shoulders.

    (Parts of the story were copied from the Spider-Man script, the one that wasn't written by James Cameron. Spider-Man landed neatly on Bone Saw's shoulder in the script, but not in the film.)

    Kermit and Fozzie, who had their hands over their eyes and peeking through them every now and then, couldn’t help but to move them away and take notice of some of the remarkable things that Spider-Man was doing in the ring. Gonzo, sitting in between Gonzo and Fozzie, was cheering over Spidey’s amazing agility.

    “Wow!” Gonzo exclaimed. “What kind of wrestler is this guy?”

    Bone Saw attempted to fall back and crush Spider-Man under him, but the web-head was too quick for that. He stretched out his wrist and shot a real web straight above him to the bars at the top of the cage, which had to be twenty-feet up. The web stuck there at the top, and when Bone Saw dropped to the canvas, he was alone.

    Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo were again surprised by the amateur wrestler’s moves, but they couldn’t have been more impressed than Lori and I was. I’ve watched wrestlers do some great things in the ring, every time I cut on the television at nine o’clock in the evening; but never have I seen someone like Spider-Man do any of what he did in that ring.

    (I actually do catch wrestling on television on Monday evenings, but not at nine o'clock.)

    “This guy isn’t a wrestler!” snapped Lori, angrily. “He’s some kind of freak of nature!” I could tell my sister was only angry because of the money that she was gonna have to give me, if Spidey won the match.

    “Maybe he’s an alien.” assumed Gonzo, just as Lori gave him a dirty look that Gonzo soon noticed. “Hey, I’m not saying he’s the type that shoots himself out of a cannon, okay?”

    (This quote by Gonzo was the first reference to Muppets From Space in the story. Had the "Hogan versus Gonzo" scene been intact, it would've been the second.)

    Back in the ring, Bone Saw lied on the mat and blinked puzzlingly, the wind completely knocked out of him. Directly above him he noticed Spider-Man, dangling upside-down from his web. Bone Saw screamed in anger and leaped to his feet, while Spidey flipped over and climbed up his web strand, until he was twenty feet above it all.

    “What kind of wrestler creates real spider webs?” I asked, but because of the roaring crowd behind us, neither Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, nor Lori heard my question. Of course, it didn’t really matter if they heard it or not, since no one could really answer such a complex question like that.

    Soon Spidey let go of his webbing, dropping twenty feet straight down, and he landed right on top of Bone Saw, who dropped to the canvas beneath him, pinned. The crowd was freaking out and the flashbulbs from several cameras, including the one Gonzo brought, were popping, as the referee counted from one to three and declared Spider-Man as the winner. The once amateur wrestler that had turned into an larger-than-life figure in just two minutes had gained the respect from the raucous crowd; he raised his arms triumphantly.

    Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I did not know what to say about the amazing display of athleticism that we had just seen. It was evident that we had the perfect story to give J. Jonah Jameson the next day at the Bugle, and Gonzo had the perfect photos to be printed along with it. After the match was over, Lori dug into her small, purple leather purse and handed the ten bucks to me, while giving me a disgusted look.

    (She did give Sean the money. My bad.)

    “And don’t say that I’m never a woman of my word.” said Lori, and I smiled at her, as I took the ten bucks out of her hands.

    “Too bad we can’t print this into the paper.” I commented, and Kermit looked at me as if I was crazy, when he heard what I had said.

    “You wanna print ten bucks into the next copy of the Daily Bugle?” Kermit inquired.

    “No,” I remarked, “I wanna print the fact that she gave me the ten bucks. Until this very night, I have never won a bet against my sister.” That’s when Lori furiously got up from her chair and walked away from us, surprising Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, and me.

    “Until this very night, I’ve never seen a woman so upset about losing ten bucks.” stated Kermit, and I shook my head with disappointment, not towards Lori…but myself. One of the things that forgot to mention about my sister was that she has a problem with losing; she always likes to win any chance she can get. And I should have known that when I took her ten bucks away from her…and so did Kermit. “It looks like the only thing that’ll make her feel better is getting it back.”

    (Lori's hatred for losing is based on the same feeling my older brother gets when he loses. That fact will be explored more in future "MM" tales.)

    “You really think so?” I asked him.

    “Of course.” Kermit replied. “Besides, it would only make you look like a crook, if you didn’t give it back. And the last thing you’d want to do is rob your own sister.” That’s another reason that I love working with Kermit the Frog; he always knows how to convince anyone about anything. He’s the conscience that I dreamed of having, even if he isn’t a cricket.

    (The joke was a play on the fact that both Kermit and Jiminy Cricket are green and in relation to Disney.)

    Later that night, as Lori was driving us towards the east part of Manhattan, which was the part of the city that all five of us lived in a crazy apartment building known as “The Happiness Hotel”, Gonzo and Fozzie were sitting in the backseat of the Porsche, while Kermit sat between Lori and me at the front seat. Nobody had said a word to each other during the trip, and Kermit reminded me of what I should do with Lori’s ten bucks, when he gently nudged my right arm.

    “Oh, yeah.” I murmured, just before I pulled the ten bucks out of the right pocket of my black jeans and turned to Lori with it.

    (Only a brief description of my character's attire is mentioned here. Sean Thomas' everyday clothing consists of a brown leather jacket, black pants, and a blue t-shirt.)

    “Here, sis.” Her eyes moved away from the road for a second to glance at what I was handing her, and when she realized it was the ten bucks that she gave me, a smile slowly emerged from her face as she looked back towards the road.

    “This isn’t something that you convinced him to do, is it…Kermit?” She said, and Kermit was surprised over her assumption, believing that she might’ve known about the conversation him and I had.

    “Uh, n-no, Lori.” said Kermit, and his stammering may’ve been somewhat of a clue for Lori. “This is all just brotherly love.”

    “Brotherly love?” uttered Fozzie, somewhat puzzled, as he looked out the window. “Have we gone past the state line?” Kermit gave Fozzie an exasperated look, at the same time I had placed the ten bucks into Lori’s purse. She noticed the kind gesture that I made just for her, and her smile grew a couple of inches wider.

    (The stories in "The MARVELOUS Muppets" series have never really relied on comedy that often. It's more of an action series than a comedy. Fozzie's "brotherly love" joke was an example of that.)

    For a moment, my sister and I were sharing quite a peaceful moment, until we were suddenly cut off by a cluster of squad cars that seemed to be heading in the direction of the Hudson River. Because of the sudden distraction, Lori lost control of her Porsche and accidentally drove it onto the sidewalk; the only thing that stopped us was a red fire hydrant that slammed against the front of the car. Not only did the impact put a nasty dent on the grill, but it also detached the hydrant from the pavement and unleashed a geyser of water that showered all over us.

    “Aw, man!” exclaimed Lori, as we all stepped out of the Porsche and saw how horrible the damages were. “My insurance is halfway to Krypton by now!” While the rest of us were gazing at the damages, Gonzo was focusing on the squad cars that were still heading towards the Hudson River waterfront.

    (Before "Sesame, DC", the only references between DC Comics and the Muppets were in quotes like the one Lori made in this part of the story. It's actually my answer to Sam Raimi's "Superman" references in the first film.)

    “Only a serious crime can attract that many police officers.” said Gonzo, and I knew by the ecstatic tone in his voice that he was just itching to get in on the action.

    “If you’re thinking about investigating that situation, you might as well forget about it, because this Porsche is going nowhere.” I told Gonzo, who took one good look at the front of Lori’s Porsche and then turned his attention to an approaching taxicab. What Gonzo did next didn’t surprise any of us. Once the cab came near the area, Gonzo jumped high into the air and landed on the cab’s hood, forcing it to come to an abrupt stop.

    (Gonzo's "jumping in front of a moving taxicab" maneuver was one of my favorite gags in The Great Muppet Caper, so much that I decided to make it a running gag for this story--and possibly other "MM" tales.)

    “As long as they keep on stopping, we’ve got nothing to worry about.” uttered Kermit, while Gonzo, still on the hood of the cab, turned to us.

    “Well?” He said. “Are we going or what?”

    “Wait a minute!” Lori shouted. “We can’t just leave my Porsche here!”

    “Sis, I’m sure no one in this side of the neighborhood would steal a wrecked Porsche.” I said, and Lori gazed at her car for a moment, thinking over what I told her, and she made up her mind.

    “Okay.” Sometimes it surprises me how easy it is to convince my sister about something. Before we went into the taxicab, I contacted the local auto repair shop on my cellular phone, and I gave them the location to where the wrecked Porsche was (in order for them to tow it away) and also that my friends and I would meet them at the shop in an hour.

    Following the fast-moving squad cars, we soon found ourselves exactly where I figured we would end up: on the Hudson River’s waterfront. It was there when we found a ring of police cars surrounding an abandoned factory, where a Chevy had crashed into a dumpster, with the driver’s door hanging open. Radios were squawking and cops were clustering around the barricades, planning how to go in and who had to do it. Desperate to get the scoop, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I approached a police captain and started asking questions.

    (This same police captain was originally supposed to have a role in the second crossover, but there was no room for him in the plot. He may possibly make a return in the third crossover.)

    “What’s going on?” That was the first obvious question that I asked the captain.

    “We got word that some carjacker committed a murder/thief, just fifteen minutes ago.” replied the captain, and Gonzo was beginning to get very excited, realizing how big of a story we had on our hands. But Lori desperately tried to get Gonzo to contain his excitement, long enough for us to get more out of what was happening.

    “Where was the crime committed?” Kermit inquired.

    “Right outside the Victor Richards Arena in Downtown Manhattan.”

    (The name of the arena is an amalgam of the Fantastic Four characters, Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards.)

    That’s when it struck us hard that the whole incident had occurred near the same location we were in, only seconds after we left. Before I could’ve asked the captain another question, his eyes darted toward us, and he soon realized that the five of us were only reporters; he started to push us away from the scene. “Alright! Get back! This is no place for press members!”

    “Who said anything about us being members of the press?” asked Gonzo, just before the police captain reached over to Fozzie and touched the press card on his hat with his left index finger. It was that one thing that told the captain about us.

    “Oh…this?” said Fozzie, and he began to make up one horrible cover-up. “This is just something that my mom told me to wear, because…because…i-i-it helps me know what to do after I ‘handle my business’.” While Fozzie was grinning ignorantly at the captain, the rest of us lowered our heads with exasperation.

    “I did not need to hear that.” I uttered, just as an officer shouted out to everyone and aimed the searchlight towards a certain part of the factory.

    “Hey! Look!” He said, and we all turned our heads to see where the light was illuminating and spotted two male figures standing near an old, dirty window that was shut. It wasn’t that long before something shocking had happened, such as one of the figures falling backwards towards the window, crashing right through it, and falling at least forty feet to the hard wooden deck below.

    “Wow!” exclaimed Gonzo, as we all walked over to the inert body that was lying across the deck. It was the body of a squirrelly-looking guy with hair that was dyed in a platinum blonde color, and the wicked fall that he took had completely broken his neck in half, thus killing him.

    (Even though this story was written in late-2005, and news about Sandman's appearance in Spider-Man 3 hadn't come in yet, this point of the story is not just relevant to the plot of the third movie, but also to my version of it as well. You'll find out why when you read it.)

    As Gonzo began taking pictures of the man’s dead body, I looked up at the section of the building that he had fallen from, only to see the second figure standing by the shattered window and looking down in our direction. I wasn’t exactly sure which of the two men was the carjacker, but I started to think it was the same amateur wrestler that defeated Bone Saw McGraw, because the second figure was wearing the exact same Spider-Man attire.

    “There he is!” Those were the three words that came out of my mouth, as I pointed to where the second figure was standing. But as soon as I blinked, the man had disappeared from the spot and Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Lori, and all of the officers were left staring at an empty space.

    “There who is, Sean?” asked Kermit, and even though I wasn’t looking at him when he questioned me, I could tell by the tone in his voice that he was extremely confused. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame him for being that confused, since I seemed to be quite lost myself as to what was going on and how we were gonna tell Jonah all about it the next day.

    (Not very many of the "MM" tales have been told in first-person perspective. This story counts as the only one to ever follow the method, giving the story a much deeper feel for the reader of being in the story with Sean Thomas. Also, the analogy of the first story being told in first person fits in well.)


    Kermit: Wow. There's a lot of great background to this story. There's more of it to come, so stay tuned.:)
  14. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member


    Another one of our own Muppet Central members will be playing a vital role in the upcoming third crossover. You all know him as Ed or "The Count", but by this May, you'll know him as "Dr. Morbius". Ed's role will be based on the Spider-Man anti-hero, Morbius the Living Vampire, but I can tell you ahead of time that he won't become a vampire in the story. Though he might in future "MM" stories.:)
  15. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Dr. Teeth: Hey, cats. What up! This your main man, Dr. Teeth, here with the rest of the Electric Mayhem. Say "what up", E.M.

    Janice: Like, wow. It's the Muppets and Spider-Man. I wish I could crawl up walls and spin webs.

    Floyd: I tell ya something, baby. You've already caught me in your web of love.


    Zoot: Huh? What?!

    Dr. Teeth: If you all you cool MC's are wonderin' why we're here, then allow us to explain. There's a lot of wicked tracks to the Spider-Man movies, and we--The Eletric Mayhem--are here to perform them.

    Floyd: That and then some.

    Janice: And then some mo-ore!

    Animal: MORE! MORE! MORE!

    Dr. Teeth: So sit back and check out these cool lyrics by us--The Electric Mayhem--and then listen to the actual track through a vid off of YouTube.

    Floyd: Our first rad performance will be based off the song, "Learn To Crawl" by Black Lab.

    Dr. Teeth: On the count of three!

    Animal:*clicks drumsticks* ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

    (Floyd and Janice start off with their electric guitars, then Animal kicks in with the drums.)

    Floyd: You can laugh, you can feel fine
    You can dance with a little twist
    Tell your pretty red-head babe, you forget that I exist.

    Janice: Can you see yourself in a battered eye
    Would you leave me on the side of the road
    Would you wall crawl up to me, would you talk to me?

    Floyd/Janice: Already asking, down on my knees.
    I'm already begging, begging you please.
    Can you teach me how to fly?
    You see I'm scared to die.
    I've only just begun to learn to crawl.
    Can you teach me how to fight?
    You can keep me up all night.
    Would you be there on the ground if I should fall?
    Fall for you.

    (Floyd and Janice play their electric guitars a little, before moving on.)

    Floyd: I can feel it like a spider's sting,
    Like a memory in my mouth.
    I feel like the morning fell, like the bottom's falling out.

    Janice: I can see what's up there above it all, even down in the valley below.
    Wall crawl up to you, I can talk to you.

    Floyd/Janice: Already asking, down on my knees.
    I'm already begging, begging you please.
    Can you teach me how to fly?
    You see I'm scared to die.
    I've only just begun to learn to crawl.
    Can you teach me how to fight?
    You can keep me up all night.
    Would you be there on the ground if I should fall?
    Fall for you.
    Fall for you.

    (Floyd and Janice rock harder with their guitars, while Animal bangs harder on his drums.)

    Animal: NA-NA-NA-NA!

    Floyd/Janice: YEAHHHHH!!!!
    Can you teach me how to fly?
    You see I'm scared to die.
    I've only just begun to learn to crawl.
    Can you teach me how to fight?
    You can keep me up all night.
    Would you be there on the ground if I should fall?
    Fall for you. (Animal: NA-NA-NA-NA!)
    Fall for you. (Animal: NA-NA-NA-NA!)

    Check out the song here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTJfdDs5HeE
  16. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Kermit: Boy, did that sound like a great song by the E.M. band or what? But now it's time to get back to the first story again, with Chapter Two--where the plot really thickens.:)

    Chapter Two:

    The next day at the Daily Bugle was quite a dozy; I remember us telling Jonah everything that happened the other night, from the wrestling event to the carjacking incident that occurred afterwards. Jameson had shown more interest in the carjacking incident than he did in the wrestling event, which pretty much told me that we did the right thing following the police to the scene at the abandoned factory. We really owed Gonzo one for convincing us that it was an excellent idea.

    When Jonah asked if we had taken any pictures from the crime scene, we couldn’t have been happier to give him the copies that Gonzo made especially for him. Usually when Jonah analyzed a Bugle photographer’s pictures, he’d make offensive comments about them and then congratulates the photographer for taking them. However, the story with Gonzo was the complete opposite; whenever he analyzed his pictures, Jonah would first make pleasant comments about Gonzo’s photos and then tell him to do a better job next time.

    “Sure thing, Mr. Jameson.” Gonzo would always say this with affirmation, even though he had no idea what made his previous photos so bad.

    After analyzing the photos (which were actually of the squirrelly-looking fella with the platinum blonde hair and not of the other guy, Spider-Man), Jameson then asked us basic things about the story, like: “Where did it happen?”, “How did it happen?”, and “Who was responsible?” However, on that particular day, he just came right down and asked one simple question.

    “So who was the carjacking murderer?” He said, and his question seemed a little…no, very puzzling to us.

    “Uh, what do you mean, Mr. Jameson?” asked Kermit, sincerely. “The photo of the carjacker is right there.”

    “No, Mr. The Frog…” said Jameson, while Kermit was quick to correct him about his name.

    “It’s, uh, just Kermit, sir.” insisted Kermit, and Jameson gave him a blank stare that told Kermit that it really didn’t matter what name he preferred to go by. “Um…” Kermit swallowed hard under his nervousness, “You were saying, sir?”

    (Very often does anyone refer to Kermit as "Mr. The Frog". However, J. Jonah Jameson almost always does.)

    “You five gave me photos of a dead man that you claimed was the carjacker.” Jameson indicated. “But right now, I’m under the influence that this deceased man is not the murderous carjacker.”

    “But the police said that he was the only suspect at the scene.” I said.

    “The police also said that two men were spotted inside the factory at the scene, just before the one man fell out the window.” Jameson stated. “Now how are any of us supposed to know that the one suspect at the scene is the real culprit of the crime?”

    “The description they had of the carjacker they were looking for matched the identity of the man that died at that scene.” Lori told Jonah. “Wouldn’t you think that’s enough proof as to who the real culprit is?”

    “What I think is that this second weirdo that was at the scene is a murderer himself!” Jameson exclaimed.

    (At this point, Gonzo would've remarked to the "weirdo" reference in that comment of Jameson's. But I kept from doing so to take this part more seriously.)

    “He murdered the murderer, which pretty much makes him a murderer himself.” At that moment, I wanted to tell Jameson that he may’ve been right, because the second guy that I spotted in the previous night was one of the contestants from the wrestling event and that his name was Spider-Man. I refused to tell him at that moment, only because I wanted to be sure if Spidey was really who I believed him to be.

    “Well, what do you want us to do, Mr. Jameson?” asked Kermit, and Jonah took his time thinking up an answer to Kermit’s question, as he sucked on his huge, brown cigar and blew out a lot of gray smoke from his mouth. That’s when he finally came up with a good reply.

    “A raise!” He said, and the five of us were pleased to hear that, until he afterwards added, “Yeah! A two percent increase in your salary.” What was so disappointing to us about that raise was the fact that Jameson wasn’t even paying us that much anyway! All we got for working ten hours a day was twenty dollars, and that even wasn’t enough to pay for our rent at the “Happiness Hotel.”

    (If you do the math, the reporters' raise had been increased from twenty dollars to forty dollars for ten hours a day.)

    “Sounds…great…sir.” I said, unenthusiastically, and Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Lori were sharing the exact same feeling I was.

    “Good!” Jonah remarked. “Now get out of my office, before I change my mind.” We were on our way out of Jameson’s office, until the phone on Jameson’s desk rang, and he picked up the receiver to speak to the person on the other line. Before we even made it out the door, Jameson pointed to us and called us back in for something, right before he got done talking to the caller and hung up the phone.

    It turned out the person on the other line was the same police captain that we met last night near the abandoned factory. He and some fellow officers were doing some investigating at the scene, and they needed Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and me to go over there and help them out, since we happened to be at the scene in the previous evening.

    Of course, the five of us were happy to accommodate the police in their investigation at the factory near the Hudson River; unfortunately, we had to take another taxi to the location, since Lori’s Porsche was still being repaired at “Oz’s Fix-Up Shop” (I can only imagine how much we’ll have to pay for it).

    ("Oz's Fix-Up Shop" is a reference to both Frank Oz and a place on Sesame Street.)

    Once we arrived at the factory that early afternoon, we joined the police captain, whose name turned out to be “Larkin,” and assisted him and his fellow officers in an investigation throughout the entire building.

    During the investigation, my friends and I had split up; while Gonzo, Fozzie, and Lori went with some other officers, Kermit and I joined Captain Larkin and three lieutenants in inspecting a room that was somewhere on the nineteenth floor of the factory. Neither of us found anything that would help us out in our investigation; that is, until Kermit discovered a strand of webbing on the floor.

    “Hey, look at this.” said Kermit, and he picked up the web strand, just before we examined it closely. I knew that my suspicions were correct, because the web strand was as real as the ones that Spider-Man shot out of his wrist during the match between him and Bone Saw McGraw. Captain Larkin and the lieutenants only saw the web strand as something that some of the common spiders in the condemned building made.

    (There is a deleted scene from the story in which Dr. Connors helps Sean Thomas run some tests on Spider-Man's webbing to prove whether it is real webbing or not. That scene further tells how he was able to make the connection in this part of the tale.)

    “This is a pretty old building.” Larkin told Kermit. “I’m afraid a simple strand of spider-webbing isn’t much evidence to go by, Mr. Frog.”

    “Yeah, but look at the size of it, Captain.” Kermit indicated. “I’ve seen a lot of spider webs back at the old swamp, and they were nothing as big as this one is.” Kermit had an excellent point; normal web strands have the size and thickness of an average dime, but the one we found there in the room was almost the size and thickness of a human arm.

    “I seriously doubt if we’re dealing with a giant, mutated spider here, Captain.” I bantered, and the lieutenants chuckled over the ridiculous joke that I made, while Larkin didn’t seem too amused. He set his hands on his hips, as he gave me a cold, hard stare that did not intimate me at all.

    “So, uh, what do you think it may’ve been, Mr. Thomas?” He asked. “Could it be some kind of man that shoots fake webs out of his body like a real spider?” Larkin didn’t know how far from the truth he was. I wanted to tell him all that I knew about “The Amazing Spider-Man,” but it was at that moment in time when my suspicions began to change. Instead of thinking that Spidey was some sort of murderous criminal that might’ve killed the carjacker in cold blood, I was beginning to believe that he truly was some kind of a hero and that he did everything out of justice only.

    “You tell me, Captain.” I said. “Your theory is as good as mine.” Larkin just stood there and looked at me for at least four or five minutes, and then he just slightly nodded his head and turned to Kermit and the web strand in his hands, with his back facing me. That one reaction told me that he was the one that was intimated.

    (If you want to imagine what Captain Larkin looks like, here's a hint: think of Jerry Juhl.)

    “Look, I don’t think that this was some mutated spider or some guy’s idea of a practical joke.” said Kermit, as he dropped the web strand and moved over to the shattered window. “What I do know is that the carjacker didn’t fall out by accident. I’m thinking that he may’ve been startled by the other guy’s appearance, and it prompted him to take quite a dive.”

    “But who is this other man that was spotted at the scene?” Larkin queried. “And is he as dangerous as the carjacker was?” That’s when Gonzo, Fozzie, Lori, and the other officers rushed into the room, with one of the officers holding a red object in his right hand.

    “Captain!” The officer exclaimed. “We found this on the roof of the building.” He handed the object to Larkin, and as he held it in his hands, we all got a good glimpse of it. The object turned out to be a red ski mask that was very much identical to the one that Spider-Man wore on his head, during the wrestling match. I knew that this might’ve hinted Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Lori that Spidey was probably at the scene on the night before, because each of them were giving suspicious looks to one another.

    Luckily, Larkin did not take the red ski mask as a legit piece of evidence, the same way he didn’t trust in Kermit’s discovery of the huge web strand. He believed that much stronger evidence (i.e. any type of fingerprinted weapon, a wad of chewed-up gum, or anything that had a trace of DNA on it) was a lot provable. But a red ski mask and a large web strand were, in his mind, pointless to the investigation.

    “I’m beginning to think that this whole thing is just a waste of time.” Larkin said. “The culprit of this crime is dead, so there’s no sense in doing any further investigating.”

    “But, Captain,” Another officer uttered, “What about the second suspect who was spotted at the scene?”

    “As far as I’m concerned, there is no second suspect.” Larkin said. “It may’ve been just some kind of statue that freaked the carjacker out, just before he crashed through the window and fell to his death.” Lori found the captain’s assumptions a little difficult to accept.

    “A statue?” She said, dryly, and Larkin gave her that same cold, hard stare that he gave me. Of course, he was staring at a fellow member of my family, so it was obvious that she wouldn’t be intimated either.

    “Yes, ma’am…a statue!” exclaimed Larkin, just as he turned to the other officers. “Come on, boys! Let’s go get some lunch!” And with that, Larkin and the other NYPD members departed from the scene, leaving the rest of us standing in an empty room. Lori was very upset over the fact that the officers were just letting the situation fly over their heads, when there was still much to be investigated.

    “I don’t buy that whole ‘statue’ thing for a second!” Lori snapped. “I don’t think any of us should give up on this!”

    “Well, what’re we supposed to do? Go out and place that mask on every head in New York, just to see if it fits?” said Gonzo, and his eyes widened with amusement at the thought of that idea. “Hey, that might be crazy enough to work.”

    “Gonzo, there has to be millions of people here in the city.” Kermit said. “I’d doubt if we would find the owner of that mask, just by fitting it on their heads.”

    “You never know when one of those people might have the largest head in the world.” Gonzo remarked.

    “And what would that prove?” Kermit asked.

    “Well, for one thing, it’d prove that they have a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.” replied Gonzo, and Kermit made an exasperated face, while shaking his head and putting his right hand over his face. I immediately ended all of the bickering by using my common sense, which happened to be a vital tool of mine.

    “Look, maybe Larkin just happen to have the right idea,” I said, “We can’t really go by a red ski mask and a large web strand.”

    “Sean!” shouted Lori, who looked as if she was appalled over the fact that I was giving up so quickly. “What’re you saying?! It's obvious that these two pieces of evidence prove that the second man may’ve been…” Before Lori could’ve said “amazing” or “Spider-Man,” I interrupted her quite abruptly and aggressively.

    “I said drop it, Lori!” I yelled, and I believe the harsh tone in my voice might’ve forced my friends to jump a little, so I cooled myself down a bit. “It’s best if we just ignore this whole thing and go on with our lives, okay?” It was quiet in the room for a very long time, before Lori finally nodded her head in acknowledgement; she then left the room with a great deal of disappointment, which kind of upset me.

    (Sean's aggression and the arguments between him and Lori are a key factor in their relation to one another, and it will be explored more in the third tale.)

    “We’ll leave you alone for a while, Sean.” said Kermit, and I felt appreciated that he knew exactly what I was going through right now and that I needed some time to myself to think about the sudden situation. As soon as Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo left the room, I paced back and forth around the empty room, pondering over everything that I had discovered about the mysterious Spider-Man that seemed to have saved the day.

    But my train of thought was broken as soon as something fell right in front of my face and hit the ground with a gentle splattering noise. I looked down at the object and noticed that it was another strand of webbing that was identical to the one Kermit found. Suddenly, something else fell from above and that time landed on the back of my neck; as I moved it away from there, it felt real warm and sticky like caramel. When I got the substance off my neck, I gazed at it in my left hand and saw how it was yet another strand of webbing.

    (It's to be determined whether or not Spider-Man's webbing feels exactly that way. My description is close to that of caramel, like it says in the paragraph, which I often think of Spider-Man's webbing as being like.)

    Curiously, I looked up from the web strand in my hand to the rafters above my head, only to see how they were entirely covered with endless spider webs that were bigger than the usual ones that you would find in places like Kermit’s old swamp home. I didn’t know how Captain Larkin, the others, or I could have missed such an unusual display, because it might’ve been the best bit of evidence that we could find. But it was probably for the best that neither of us discovered it; otherwise, Spider-Man would’ve become the suspect that I believed him to be. I simply left the room and rejoined Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Lori outside the factory, where we got into our taxi and left the scene.


    Kermit: What an intriguing chapter. Glad I was a part of the whole thing. Stay Tuned, Muppet Centralers...er...uh...True Believers.:)
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Few things to point out about the notes.
    1 When you say "intimated", do you mean "intimidated" instead?
    2 Lew Zealand is one of the few Muppet characters who does happen to refer to Kermit as "Mr. The Frog".
    3 Oz's Fix Up Shop, while a reference to Frank Oz... As a reference to one of Sesame Street's landmarks becomes a bit fuzzy. The name of the shop run by Luis and María is the Fix-It-Shop, originally run by Luis and Rafael (played by Puerto Rican thespian Raul Julia) which was changed to the Mail-It-Shop around Season 33 and back to the Fix-It-Shop for Season 37.
    Just a few little things I noticed... But I hope this celebration continues at full-force.
  18. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Count. Even my notes could use some revision. But didn't you get onto me before about that word?:)

    Actually, the "Oz's Fix Up Shop" reference was really thought up from thinking of both Frank Oz and the place on Sesame Street when I first wrote this story. So although it's "Fix Up" and not "Fix It", it still came from the fact that there was such a place on SS that fixes broken things.
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mayhaps I did... Alittle nitpick to help clean the script and give it the polish it deserves. If you were searching for a shop somewhat on the lines of vehicular repairs from Sesame, you could've also refered to Al's Alphabet Repair Shop. Though they fix letters of the alphabet there, maybe it could've branched out to service broken cars to. Just a suggestion, looking forward to whatever's next.
  20. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Well-Known Member

    Well, then lemme hand it to Kermit, so he can introduce the next treat.

    Kermit: Thanks, M.W. Well, everyone. It's really been an interesting six days since we began this celebration, and we're far from done. Up next, "Part One" of Chapter Three from the first Spidey/Muppets crossover, with more side notes from muppetwriter himself.:)

    Chapter Three (Part One):​

    Not telling anyone about everything that I knew and suspected concerning Spider-Man was probably the best thing that I could’ve done in my entire life, because the next few months turned out to be just one enormous transition from zero to hero for him. Over those few months, Spidey had done so many great things for so many innocent people in New York City, thus proving to be a worthy superman figure (well, actually…that’s another story).

    (While writing this story, I was thinking of the possibilites of a Muppets/DC Comics crossover, which at first was actually going to be like "MARVELOUS" only with DC. But I wanted to distinguish this series from a DC one, so that's when I decided on a single Muppet franchise that relates to DC Comics in a way, more than the fact that it was once involved with Warner Bros.)

    Everyone at the Bugle was running ragged over the “Spider Craze” that was happening all over the city, trying to get the scoop before other tabloid newspapers did. If there was one thing that I might’ve regretted about not telling anyone about Spider-Man, it was not telling Jonah about it first; because since he found out about the wall-crawler, he had become harder to be around than ever before, due to his unhealthy obsession. However, if Jonah did know about it before everyone else, then Spider-Man’s reputation would’ve been ruined, even before he gained one. Jonah didn’t buy the heroic figure that Spidey had donned upon himself; for some strange reason, he was anxious to exploit Spider-Man for the “criminal” that he believed him to be.

    While Jonah was on his obsessive mission, the rest of us were busy going to places where we could get some positive reactions to Spider-Man’s goodwill towards the New York citizens. The one place that Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I decided to go to for some great interviews was, of course, Sesame Street; it was there that Spider-Man was last spotted, stopping a gang of prowlers from getting away with some serious crimes. Luckily, when we arrived at Sesame Street, all of the residents had gathered together at a street corner, discussing about Spider-Man’s recent appearance.

    (Working "Sesame Street" into the "MARVELOUS" universe was a fun experience for me, because the show relates to Spider-Man in a way. "The Electric Company", the Children's Television Workshop's show before SS, had sequences that spoofed the Spider-Man comics with a Spidey character that talked with thought and speaking bubbles.)

    “It was unbelievable!” Bob exclaimed. “One minute, Mr. Hooper’s shop was almost broken into, and then the next…Spider-Man swoops out of nowhere and traps a couple of burglars in his web.” Everyone shared their amazement over the story that Bob told them, just as Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I came over to them and attempted to get an interview.

    “Hi-ho, everyone.” said Kermit, who was sort of like a native to Sesame Street, with his history of reporting there and all. As soon as all of the Sesame Street natives noticed Kermit, big smiles appeared on all of their faces.

    “Hey, look, everybody!” Big Bird said. “Kermit’s back!” However, the infamous Oscar the Grouch seemed to be the only one not happy to see Kermit back in Sesame Street.

    “Oh, great. The annoying amphibian’s back to pester us with more of his investigative reporting.” grumbled Oscar, but Kermit didn’t let his negativity bother him.

    “Yeah, it’s great to see you, too, Oscar.” uttered Kermit, as he focused on everyone else. “Hey, everybody, these are a few friends of mine that I brought with me from the other side of the bridge.” He gestured towards the rest of us and began introducing. “This is Gonzo the Great, Fozzie the Bear, Sean Thomas, and his older sister, Lori.”

    “Welcome to Sesame Street.” Maria told us.

    (Unlike "Fraggle Rock" or "Muppet Babies", "Sesame Street" never really had its own line of comics from Marvel, though characters like Ernie, Bert, and Cookie Monster were featured in the final panels of Marvel's comic book adaptation to "The Muppets Take Manhattan".)

    “It’s great to be here.” I said. “Kermit has told us a lot of interesting stories that he has covered here in this side of town.”

    “Are you here to get a scoop on the Amazing Spider-Man?” Elmo inquired.

    “Well, what do you think?” said Oscar, sarcastically. “That web-head has been the talk of the town, ever since he started saving everyone from everything. Personally, I think we were all fine, until he came around.” The other residents of Sesame Street were a little disappointed by Oscar’s rudeness towards Spider-Man.

    “Oscar, how could you say something like that, just after what we been through?” Luis asked. “If it wasn’t for Spider-Man, Big Bird’s nest and everything around it would’ve been stolen by those burglars.”

    “That’s right, Oscar.” said Big Bird, but Oscar didn’t seem to be convinced or even cared for that matter.

    “So the web-head saved bird-brain’s nest! No big deal!” exclaimed Oscar, in that grouchy tone of his.

    “How about the robbery that almost took place at the Mail-It Shop?” Gabby asked Oscar. “A lot of people’s mail could’ve been stolen that night.”

    “That’s right.” affirmed Maria, but Oscar still refused to be convinced.

    “A bunch of dumb letters and packages that were sent by a bunch of dumb people from far away wouldn’t have been missed! Believe me!” Oscar contradicted.

    “And what about all of the cars that could’ve been stolen, Oscar?” Gordon stated. “Almost half of them were broken into last night.” I believe it was then that Oscar began to change his feelings about the whole thing, thinking that prowlers stealing cars was a somewhat serious situation.

    “Well, uh…” He stammered, and before he could’ve come up with a perfect retort, Telly spoke up.

    “A-And what about your home, Oscar?” Telly queried. “If S-Spider-Man hadn’t been here, those crooks would’ve stolen your garbage can for sure…and…and probably with you in it!” Though Oscar was rude to each and every one of them, the S.S. gang shuddered at the thought of Oscar being abducted by criminals; as they chattered amongst themselves, Oscar became very furious (probably because he was proven wrong again) and snapped at his “friends.”

    (The name of the popular neighborhood shares the same initials as one of Marvel's most cosmic heroes, The Silver Surfer.)

    “Alright!” Oscar bellowed. “So the Man-Spider…”

    “Spider-Man!” Everyone corrected him.

    “Whatever!” Oscar remarked.

    (The Man-Spider is the creature that Spider-Man had once mutated into in the comics and on the animated series in the mid-90s on Fox Kids. The horrific mutation involved Spidey momentarily losing control of his powers and growing four more arms.)

    “So he saved us common folk from a bunch of wimpy prowlers! I still think this world was just fine, before he showed his ugly mug here in the city!”

    “But, Oscar, this world was plagued with nothing but crime, before Spider-Man showed up.” Bob indicated.

    “You say that like it’s some kind of disease.” Oscar said.

    “In a way, Oscar…it is.” stated Gordon, and everyone nodded in agreement with him, while Oscar became more and more furious.

    “Well, say what you want about that pest! Yeah, he can do whatever a spider can, like spin a web any size and catch thieves just like flies…” said Oscar, just as the others abruptly interrupted him with excitable comments.

    “Is he strong?” asked Fozzie, as he was jotting down notes of everyone’s comments on a small notebook.

    “Listen, bud!” snapped Oscar, impatiently, and he tried to get his comment out, until Baby Bear interrupted him.

    “He’s got wadioactive blood!” He told Fozzie.

    (At the time I wrote this story, I didn't know very much about the old school Sesame Street--with the exception of Mr. Hooper, David, and a few other characters--and I wanted to go for the same "old school" approach that I went with the Muppets. But since I added cameos from the "Muppets Tonight" characters, it seemed only fair to include some from the most recent S.S. characters.)

    “Can he swing from a thread?” Lori inquired.

    “Just take a look overhead.” Bob told her, just before one of the little kids that hung around Sesame Street pointed to something.

    “Hey! There goes the Spider-Man!” yelled the kid, and sure enough, far in the distance, there went the Amazing Spider-Man, swinging in and out between large buildings like he always did. Everyone, except for Oscar, was amazed by the appearance of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man; just seeing him there in the distance made Oscar a thousand times more frustrated.

    (Much like its comedic moments, the "MARVELOUS" series isn't very well known for musical ones either. The reason for that is music interludes seem to take away the dramatic impact of the story.)

    “Alright! That’s it!” Oscar shouted. “I’m sick of everyone bragging about the Spider-Man! He’s not as great as you all claim he is!”

    “If he can stop a gang of prowlers, then he must be great.” Big Bird told Oscar.

    “Just wait and see, ya big turkey!” Oscar said. “One of these days, Spider-Man will meet his match, and then who will ya cheer for, huh?”

    “Oscar, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you’re…jealous.” commented Maria, and a sly grin crept across Oscar’s furry face.

    “Well, what can I say, Maria? I am a green grouch after all!” remarked Oscar, dryly, just before he turned back to Kermit. “Speaking of which, good luck on the story, Kermit…NOT!!!!” After that, he ducked his head back into his garbage can and slammed the lid shut, giving himself the privacy that he wanted.

    (For a Creative Writing class I was taking late last year, I read this entire scene on the very last day we had in there. The reception was really good.)

    “Boy, what a grouch!” Gonzo said.

    “Well, that’s Oscar for ya.” said Kermit, and that’s when the cellular phone in my right pocket rang. When I took it out and answered it, who else were to be on the other line than J. Jonah Jameson himself, shouting loud enough for me to move the receiver away from my ear.

    First, Jonah asked me where Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, Lori, and I were at that time, and I didn’t have the heart (or courage, for that matter) to tell him that we were trying to get some positive reviews on Spider-Man at Sesame Street. I simply told Jonah that we were grabbing a bite at Burger King, while interviewing an employee that had some negative things to say about Spidey.

    (Burger King was one of the sponsors for the second Spider-Man film.)

    Right after he told me to drop the whopper, he instructed us to head over to Times Square and join in on the World Unity Festival (which was kinda like a copy of the Macy’s Thanksgiving parades, with large balloons and everything) that was being held. He said that there was some important board directors from the OsCorp and AeroQuest companies that were going to be there to seal the deal on their merger and that we needed to get some photos of them.

    Jonah added that Peter Parker, an 18-year-old amateur photographer that was hired only a month ago, was also going to be there to assist us in taking photos. Kermit and I happened to have the chance to meet Parker on the day he was hired by Jonah; he is a great-looking kid with a lot of potential, but he always seems to be unsure about his lifestyle. Sometimes he comes to either Kermit or me and asks us for some advice on things like women, rich friends, college, and life itself. We didn’t really give him some legit answers, but we knew that we were helping him in a way that seemed satisfying. I could tell that he was the type of kid that had a rough time in high school, because his appearance did seem kind of…geeky.

    (There is actually an entire chapter that was deleted from this story, in which Kermit and Sean give Peter a first-hand tour of the Muppet Theatre and even go to Pete's Luncheonette from "The Muppets Take Manhattan" for an afternoon lunch. In the latter part of the chapter, Rizzo makes an appearance and even has dialogue, while Jenny and Pete are only mentioned. The scene goes into detail on a possible relationship between Jenny and Peter, which was vaguely explored in the second crossover and will be explored even further in the third one.)

    We said farewell to all of our friends at Sesame Street and took a taxicab (Lori’s Porsche was still under heavy repairs by that time) over to the World Unity Festival at Times Square, where we met up with Peter Parker in a vast crowd of people. I introduced Peter to Fozzie, Gonzo, and Lori under the heavy loud music that was being performed by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, who just happen to live with us at the Happiness Hotel; they were joined on stage, for that one time only, by a famous pop singer named Macy Gray.

    (The only time when there are musical interludes is when characters are on stage, much like the Christmas "MARVELOUS Mini" story, or dancing/singing along to music being played in the background through a jukebox, stereo, or television set. There are even some cases when there's a song stuck in a character's head, such as Dr. Phil van Neuter with "Cooperation" in the F4/Muppets crossover. However, these moments in the stories don't last very long.)

    As we stood in the large crowd of spectators, Peter and Lori began taking photos of the board directors that were high above the festivities on a wide balcony to the colossal Empire Grand building. With the board members were military personnel, ambassadors from other countries, and two people that Peter seemed to have known personally. I noticed how Gonzo was taking photos of something else that had nothing to do with our assignment.

    “Gonzo! What’re you doing?” I asked him.

    “There’s a guy over there that looks just like Stan Lee!” He replied, and I looked across the heads of several people to see a man that indeed looked like the famous comic book guru. Fozzie also noticed the Stan Lee look-a-like standing nearby and got twice as excited as Gonzo was.

    “Hey! Could you imagine the publicity the Bugle would get, if we were to interview a guy like him?” Fozzie asked.

    “Yeah!” said Gonzo, and I knew immediately that a bad idea was coming up.

    “No. You…You guys aren’t thinking of…” I uttered, and before I could’ve finished my question, Gonzo and Fozzie went right ahead and walked off to interview the man that they believed to be Stan Lee. Kermit walked up next to me and also watched them disappear into the crowd.

    “Where are those two going?” asked Kermit, with a puzzled yet annoyed tone.

    “Oh, they found some guy that looks like Stan Lee, and they’re going to interview him.” I said, and Kermit just stared at me for a while and then shook his head.

    “You wanna know something more amazing than Spider-Man?” Kermit asked.

    “What?” I said.

    “The fact that those two have kept their jobs longer than anyone else on the staff.” Kermit said.

    “I heard that.” I rejoined, just as Lori approached us with a fulfilled grin on her face.

    “I’ve got enough pictures on this camera to develop a comic book!” exclaimed Lori, happily, as she kissed her camera. “No more two percent raises for us, baby!”

    “Hey, that’s great.” Kermit told Lori.

    “Yeah, and speaking of comics, did you know that…” But before I could’ve completed the question, she looked over my left shoulder and noticed “The Man” nearby with Gonzo and Fozzie, getting a thousand times more excited than the two of them.

    “Oh! Stan! Stan! What’s up, man?!” shouted Lori, as she walked past me and joined up with Fozzie and Gonzo, as they all met “Stan Lee.”

    “Did you even have the heart to tell her that it might’ve not been him?” Kermit inquired.

    “I didn’t even have the heart to tell her that the lens cap kept her from getting those photos of the board directors.” I stated.

    “Well, I guess the only comic book for those types of pictures would be the ‘Black Avenger’.” commented Kermit, just before he glanced over at Peter, who had stopped taking photos for some reason. “I just thank goodness that we have Peter Parker to back us up.”

    (Much like Jim Henson was the "father" of the Muppets, Stan Lee was the "father" to some of the characters introduced through Marvel Comic history. Had this story not been told in first person, there would have been a scene in which Jim and Stan interacted at the festival, one selling comic book memorabilia and the other selling materials to build the "perfect puppet".)

    “Yeah.” I said, as I took a brief moment to stare at Peter, who was staring up at the two people he personally knew on the balcony. It turned out that they were a couple of friends of his from high school named Harry Osborn (son of Norman Osborn, the chairman of OsCorp that was soon to be fired from his position) and Mary Jane Watson (a gorgeous young redhead that both Peter and Harry seem to desire deeply). I could tell by the sad look on Peter’s face and the way Harry and Mary Jane were sharing a lovely moment that there was definitely a love triangle happening.

    But love was the least thing on everyone’s minds, when some kind of unknown flying figure appeared in the distance. The crowd stopped their activities, the band halted their performance, and everyone else immediately quit what they were doing, just to watch the soaring figure that was leaving a trail of black and gray smoke behind, as it was beginning to come towards us.

    “What the heck is that?” Kermit asked.

    “It must be a new addition.” I assumed, while the figure had gotten closer and closer to us, until we watched him fly high over our heads. It was then that Kermit and I got a good, long look at the figure and realized that it was some sort of mechanical glider, carrying what appeared to someone dressed in a metallic green suit with a goblin mask to match.

    “Looks like I’m not the only one in green at this festival.” uttered Kermit, and we watched as the “Green Goblin” went around a large building for another pass.

    (There were a lot of inside jokes on the color green for this story, as well as other "MARVELOUS" stories--the Hulk/Muppets crossover was at one point going to be called "Bein' Green: The Story of the Hulk". In this story, Oscar the Grouch--who is green--makes a premonition about Spidey's ongoing battle with the Green Goblin, Kermit's quote in this scene, and Kermit's rant later on during the Queensboro Bridge scene.)

    It passed several of the enormous parade balloons, before it finally got near its primary target: the balcony of the Empire Grand. Suddenly, the Green Goblin unleashed a small, round, orange-colored object that exploded underneath the balcony and caused the entire structure to shake violently, knocking the people on it off their feet. One section of the balcony was beginning to crumble away, with the young Mary Jane still on it.

    Everyone down on ground level began to panic, as several bits of large and small debris showered down on us. Kermit and I ran over to Gonzo, Fozzie, and Lori, as we all ducked from the large pieces of stone that were coming down on us. While we were desperately trying to keep ourselves alive, I looked up at the people on the damaged balcony that were doing the same; it was only a matter of seconds before that one crumbling section of the balcony would gave way, taking poor Mary Jane with it.

    I looked around to see where Peter Parker was, only to discover that he was nowhere in plain sight; wherever he was at that moment in time, he was either alive or dead…and I hoped that he was still alive.

    (At one point, I had the idea of my character putting the pieces together on Peter's connection to Spider-Man, from the random disappearances during dangerous circumstances to Peter's similarity in height and build with the wrestler known as "Spider-Man". However, this idea was dropped, because I wanted the reaction of finding out the truth to be as dramatic to my character as it would to readers who are not familiar with the Spider-Man mythology.)

    Meanwhile, the Green Goblin had again flown over to the damaged balcony and unleashed another small, round device that landed in front of the board directors. I watched in horror as the device exploded in a brilliant flash of green light, and the bodies of the board directors were singed into skeletons and ashes in a matter of seconds. After their death occurred, the Goblin then hovered near Mary Jane, and I only dreaded to think what he’d do to her. And that’s when…

    “Look! It’s Spider-Man!” A woman exclaimed, and we all turned our heads to the direction that she was pointing in to see Spider-Man swing out of nowhere and kick the Goblin right off his glider, sending him falling right into a nearby tent. Gonzo and Lori started taking several photos, as many exciting moments began to unfold right in front of us.

    (In one deleted scene from this part of the tale, Sean and Kermit encounter Rachel Bitterman, who admits to having interest in what'll happen to AeroQuest and OsCorp, after firing Norman Osborn. It was cut due to keeping readers unaware of the mystery that shrouds Rachel Bitterman in the "MARVELOUS" universe, which will be unraveled in the "extended cut" of the second crossover and further explained in the third one.)


    Kermit: A mystery shrouding the wicked Rachel Bitterman from the "Very, Merry Muppet Christmas" special? What could that mean? It's shocking enough that she actually appeared in the first story, but to be one of the most mysterious characters in the series is another story...literally! Stay tuned.:)

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