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The Storyteller

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by Party_Animal, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. quixotic

    quixotic Active Member

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum here and have lingered a while but hi I'm posting. I was brought into my awe for puppets by The Dark Crystal and my favourite, The Labyrinth. Watching the making of featurettes, and seeing all the hard work that goes in, (i used to know someone who made annimation making puppets and stop motion etc) just flaws me, how you can believe in something that is reallly an image pulled out from your mind is truely amazing.

    I tried to find a thread suitable to put this question in, so i hope it gets some attention here. Is anyone from the UK? Im really trying to find The Storyteller to buy here, and apparently its out of print! Does anyone have any suggestions. I caught most of the episodes years ago on TV, but they linger in my memory and I really need to have them for myself!! But :eek: when i discovered that they are out of print!! Is region 1 playable on a laptop in a region 2 area? Sadly my technology knowlege isnt much up to scratch.

    Someone please reply., i just hope this is noticed here. :excited:
  2. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    I dont know about a UK release but I believe they are re-releasing both the regular Storyteller and the Greek Myths on one collection. Check out amazon.com
  3. quixotic

    quixotic Active Member

    Oh wow, someone replyed, thankyou, :) ;) Where did you find out such information? I will be checking for this constantly, I 've been searching like a crazy lady already. thanks again. :excited:
  4. crazed gonzo fa

    crazed gonzo fa Well-Known Member

    I believe it is coming out in May.
  5. quixotic

    quixotic Active Member

    owhhh yay!!!!!!! I hope thats uk too, but even if its not then I guess theres hope for a new uk release if there are releasing over there!!! ;) :excited: :) thankyou you have given me hope!

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